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  1. MC Name: UnStone Character's Name: Mossbeard Character's Age: 87 years young Character's Race: Forest dwarf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Druidism - Nature's Communion and Control Teacher's MC Name: Archipelego Teacher's RP Name: Trout druid Kasfer Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No, I dont. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: I agree. Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: I have not applied for this magic before.
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    MOSSBEARD "T'ere's an ol' wind in teh forust, a breeze rulls up teh sky T'ere's a new rain in teh forust, comin' down so hig'. Ah see teh c'ange, but everyt'ings teh same, and ah dunnae w'y. T'ere's an ol' cent in teh forust, et tenders mah moind, t'eres a new sound in teh forust, it com's frum be'ind. Ah feel teh c'ange, ah'll stae teh same, mahself ah'll foind." A song, by Mossbeard. As a forest dwarf, Mossbeard finds all living things loveable - an utterly curious fellow, with a peculiar mind of twigs, leaves, mead and nature. You might have seen him, giving out apples to passers-by, or having trouble with his donkey, or both... But there is more to him, than meets the eye (as always). Not much is known from his childhood, as he does not talk about it. He grew up in a small hut, in the middle of the forest. Raised by his mother, who found solitude deep in the forest, hiding from the curious eyes and hateful minds. As a herb-witch, Mossbeard's mother taught his son nothing of the craft, being afraid that the boy will stay in that hut for all his life, learning the ways of herbs. Mossbeard's name, given by his mother, is Gorem. Only his closest friends know his first name. The name "Mossbeard" just stuck, when people of the world started calling him that way. Childhood home of Mossbeard. Very, very few people know, that Mossbeard is blind. He has never seen a thing, he does not know what is to "see" - his mother knew, but she did not told about it to his boy, being afraid that it would change the young beardling. Being blind does not sadden Moss, because what he does not know about, he cannot be sad about. Instead he feels the world - smells it, hears it, feels it, thats all there is for him. This is also one reason, why he always walks bare footed, like hobbits, he likes to feel the ground. When questioned about his mossy beard, mostly "how is this possible, to have moss for a beard?", the answer would be simple - As a beardling, he started growing first facial hair in the age of 10. The hairy chin would often be dragged around in the dirt, shrubbery and foliage, as the boy played animals for most of his time. While in the middle of his playings, a special type of moss would grab onto his beard - the type of moss, which does not need to grow in dirt to live. It grows on the one side and dies on the other side. All it's nurture it gets from Mossbeard - mead droppings, peanuts etc. The most important thing for this moss is water, this is why Mossbeard always sits in the rain..although he does not know anything about the life that goes around in his beard. The reason, why the beard is so tall, hides in special kind of shroom, he uses for...seasoning(magic shrooms of beardgrowth (trademark)). A lot of different things grow in his mossy beard, mostly cranberries, but also beard weed, tippen's root might be found hanging there..everything needed, when healing someone. He finds it peculiar, that people call him Mossbeard, usually goes along with peoples jokes, thinking some funny tale about it. (Link to the moss, from where the inspiration for this has been taken - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphagnum) As Mossbeard grew older, and came to be 60 of age, his mother died. Her son left her into the death bed and left, leaving the nature to retake his mothers body and home. By doing so, Mossbeard fulfilled his mothers greatest wish - to go out to the forests of the world, and to become a druid. As a straight-up dwarf, who's greatest enemy is stressing, he went to the druidic Mother Grove, and asked the archdruids straight, to teach him. Luckily they agreed to this, stating that Mossbeard must find himself a teacher. So he sat down and waited for the right teacher to come, ate some cranberries and made up poems. When his teacher came, he could start his teachings to become a druid. It was at this time, when Mossbeard took up his favourite hobby, which is as follows - He likes to roam around forests... ( 0.o ) ...and cut down old, or ill trees. In the meanwhile, he collects the most beautiful apples he can find, stuffs them into his beard, and them gives them out to the people of the world. One of his last tasks, as a dedicant, was to choose himself a companion for live. Firstly, his donkey found him, and refused to leave the forest dwarf. Always giving trouble to Mossbeard. But in the same time, gives a good company. Secondly, when roaming the Deadlands of Golin'dar, he heard a peculiar screech of pain. When investigating, he found a wounded big 15ft bird. It was poachers and skinners who shot the magnificent bird down, and they were crawling closer. Moss managed to get there in the right time, and as a specialist at making animal noises (remember, he loved to play animals as a boy) he started screaming a terrifying howl-roar of an Owlbear gone berserk. Luckily this drove the hunters away, and the bird was safe. But sadly the creature died to its wounds, its body turning to ashes. While being utterly amazed of this event, Mossbeard found a golden egg from the ashes. He realised, that this creature was not just any bird, but a Phoenix. He made a nest into his mossy beard for the Phoenix and started to raise it as his friend, brother and companion for life. When the egg hatched, the Phoenix was reborn as a Ligno Phoenix, nature elemental. Mossbeard's phoenix. Now Mossbeard has teamed up with some other dwarves of the forest, to build a grove for all their kin - a place to call home. And they await all Forest dwarves to join them. Mossbeard himself.
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    The Grandaxe Clan

    MC Name: UnStone Character Name: Raur Unstone Character Age: 100 Profession (See below): Stonemason (blacksmith, mining) Appearance: Brown eyes, thick ginger red beard, with 4 knots in it. Medium dwarvish height, bulky. Got a deep raspy, gutural voice, from living underground. Bloodline: Blackaxe An image of the skin you intend to use: Skype Name (If you have it): Kr1stjan2 Timezone: Eastern Time Zone UTC +02.00