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  1. Can you ever consider yourself an artist if you haven't done a highly overweight dwarf ;). I love your art style hence a piece of my first proper character would be dear to me. Bjor 'Sugartits' Cottonwood was pked in an event earlier this map. https://imgur.com/a/qDqtdmu Are some quick references This could be helpful if you would like a deeper look. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g8mEOOcuKNH_mQT8NP20uGR8nQ7UUTl-HFYadPAo_b4/edit?usp=sharing
  2. "The Metalfests ere 'onorareh folk fer sure.. wet' t'eir lel beadeh oyes t'eh 'ave done great t'engs fer our kin, datin wah back to t'eh age of Agnarum." Beorn would cheerfully grumble to himself before returning to his work. With a swing downward, wielding a small copper rod, he'd chip off a large flint flake of the chunk he carried. "Pebble-oye.." He'd softly mumble with a gentle chuckle and memories of old times.
  3. "Ah t'eh foke fund 'es purpose.." The older hooded dwarf would grumble forward a chuckle deep and true. Proud Beorn was of the path Darinn had set upon.
  4. [!] As a cold morning breeze would roll over the farmlands of Hefrumm and rush through its fields of wheat and carrots, carrying golden leaves of Autumn, the petrified body of Bjor Cottonwood would be returned to the roots of the tree of Ancestors. The Paragon’s remains were returned to the ground above, carried by his sons as they saw it fit during these calmer times. The amber hue of a rising sun would set upon the solidified Paragon, who’d once again look over his lands. Lifeless and cold the body of Bjor Cottonwood stood regardless of all the warmth the sun were to give him, yet his soul would be feasting in the halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm, one would assume. With an ale horn, unrealistic in size, in his bulky hands, the stouty dwarf looked down at his kin, with great joy filling his loving heart and his adoptive father Boldrumir joining his side. Old memories were brought back to his mind of times simpler yet beautiful. It was the Confederation of Hammers that took in the lost boy, saving him from madness caused by solitude and deprivation of his kin. A home he was given within the remains of the now-empty Cottonwood village. In the halls of Azgaryum they welcomed him like their own. A grin of a warming joy would curl under the dwarf’s mustache at the thought of these times. He did not solely feel grateful, but also proud to see what his kin and closest brotherin had become. [!] A meeting of Hammers within Azgaryum ⧫Utak Ireheart he had known as a brother, both clanless and filled with youthful foolishness when they met. Bjor remembered the times when their kin were at an all low, and many had departed from Azgaryum’s halls, it was Utak Goldylocks who had stayed with the young forest dwarf. From these simple times, Utak had grown both in physical might and political insight. Leading his kin as king of the reformed Urguan through wars greater than they as boys could ever imagine. Bringing glory in conquest to their dwarven kin, something that hadn’t been seen in a long time. Utak was the brother that had taken in Bjor, bringing him to his home and new-found family, for this Bjor would be ever grateful to Utak. ⧫Gimli Metalfist, the one that showed Bjor around in the halls of Azgaryum at his arrival. He was the most dwarven dwarf Bjor had ever to know, filled with honor, pride, and love for his kin and halls, he had led the Confederation through political stances. Gimli Metalfist, would be a name Bjor saw spread across the realm of descendants, for how could one not, heil the mighty Gimler of Azgaryum. ⧫Norkai of the Hightower was a dwarf mysterious to Bjor at first, yet when he later rose to the position of Keeper the mighty dwarf led with an eye for culture and ways. He organized feasts and taught the young dwarves about the ways of the Brathmordakin, lessons to ever stick with the forest dwarf. Norkai sadly came to his end before the departure of Atlas, yet his wisdoms stayed with the kin of the Confederation. ⧫Thumril Metalfist, one of Bjor’s greatest comrades. Together the two traveled to many places, like the lands of Dunshire, doing good yet often youthful mischief. Thumril showed Bjor the vast plains and cities beyond the forests he had wandered, and a friendship to last until the end of their days. ⧫Jorvin Starbreaker, yet a mere simple scout of Agnarum when Bjor resided in his rather empty village at the time. The young Starbreaker often visited the forest dwarf on his daily patrols over the hills of Agnarumm’s valleys, saving the dwarf from crippling loneliness within his village. Though Bjor never got the chance to say so, this was something he carried within his heart till his death and was grateful for beyond death itself. The once simple scout had now risen to Kingship of Urguan under Bjor’s watchful eyes. A king that leads his folk with an unseen passion and love for his kin to the very core of his being. Where his kingship will lead Bjor is uncertain, for Bjor is dead not a seer, but that Jorvin will do all for the better of his kin he knows for sure. ⧫Boldrumir Cottonwood was the only forest dwarf Bjor was to meet during his youth. A dwarf scarred by his past and left with an empty village. Regardless of this Boldrumir took in Bjor into his village as a son of his own, telling great tales of the Cottonwood clan. This would be a great influence in Bjor’s later ambitions towards his forest dwarven kin. Even though the old forest dwarf later departed the lands of the Confederation because of his past, in search of redemption, Boldrumir sparked a love for his forest dwarven kin within the heart of Bjor. ⧫Dwarger Silvervein, the dwarf more eager to woop someone's ass that Bjor had ever seen. A warrior that has stood ground many times against the Frostbeards for the lands of the Confederation. Evenwhen times were less certain he had joined the Silverveins in their departure, the friendship between the two was never broken. ⧫The Hammerforges that had come before him, he knew less, yet he knew very well the halls he resided in were carved with the help of these great dwarves. The axe and sword he had wielded to defend the home of his kin had been forged by their hands. Joy it brought Bjor to see these dwarves had returned to their kin. Though Bjor met many more brothers and sisters in his coming years, the brothers and sisters of the Confederation were those that shaped the young dwarf. All good he was later to do for his kin, would have never been possible without these mighty dwarves. With ale at the ready, Bjor Cottonwood would follow their brothers with watchful eyes, waiting for their rejoice once again. Expecting some of these great dwed to join him in Paragonhood. Bjor would Confed-salute his brothers from death. https://imgur.com/a/kKwlE2l https://imgur.com/a/SZVQjy7
  5. The Treebeard’s Division By Scribe Beorn Cottonwood Written in the year 1789 [11/10/2020] Historical Remembrancer Record of Hefrumm It was in the year 1782, under Karl Blackroot’s reign as High Chief, that a group of 4 Treebeards made their return to Hefrumm under the leadership of Ulvi Treebeard. They had once lived in the lands of Hefrumm many years ago under Beorn Cottonwood’s High Chieftainship, but it was also back then that they had voted to return to their nomadic ways and scatter once again into solitude. Yet not all Treebeard kin had followed them, Thorin Treebeard stayed within Hefrumm hoping to keep the knowledge of the Treebeards alive with the younger beardlings of his kin. It was after many years of Ulvi’s absence that Thorin rose again to the title of clan father in an attempt to bring glory and respect back to his clan, which was recognized by Beorn as current High Chief. It was with this that Ulvi and her Treebeards found disrespect when she returned to such news 2 High Chief reigns later. At her return she brought this discontentment to Karl Blackroot, demanding the legitimacy of Thorin’s clan fathership to be questioned. To back her claim to clan mothership Ulvi brought up two arguments. Firstly she was the one elected as clan mother during the clan meeting before their return to isolation, and secondly, they were in possession of the so-called ‘Elder staff’. Besides the matter of Ulvi’s claims, questions arose within Hefrumm regarding Lekso’s claim to eldership and this ‘Elder Staff’. Their so-called relic being the walking stick of Ozneat Treebeard from during the midst of Atlas, one realm ago, with Ozneat being a controversial figure within the history of the forest dwarves. Karl was doubtful of Ulvi’s Treebeards and claims, yet he wished to resolve this peacefully and through bureaucracy, for that is the old Treebeard ways he had read about. He called for a High Court where both parties would present the arguments to back their claim to clan leadership of the Treebeard elder clan. This was surprisingly unpleasing to Ulvi and her Treebeards, for she departed with her group, not caring to attend the court for unknown reasons. Because of the departure of one party, the Tribal Court was called rather than the High Court. As a result of Ulvi’s inability to bring forward evidence and the fact that Thorin brought forward the Staff of Gloin himself, the following verdict was called. Ulvi’s claim to clan mothership was deemed illegitimate and Ulvi, Lekso, and Norazod would go under the name of Leafheart together with their descendants rather than Treebeard. A verdict thought to be harsh by some, righteous by others, that had been passed by Karl Blackroot and his chief council of Bordavir Cottonwood and Thorin Treebeard. None has been heard of the Leafheart bloodline ever since, yet they are believed to still live scattered and in solitude within the forests of Arcas. ~The return of Ulvi’s Treebeards 1782~
  6. Bing bong your dwarven fleet’s relevancy gone.

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      hippity hoppity your ships can get to fuckety

  7. The form attached needs to be filled out and handed within the next stone week. MC Name: PapaBjor RP Name: Beorn Discord: Forestdwarfman#0322 Which part of the tournament do you wish to participate in (PvP/Archery/Both): Both Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.) GMT+1
  8. Nice post, was an interesting read.
  9. “Peacefelleh and t’roug’ bureaucraceh.. sunds more loike t’eh old wahs ef t’eh Treebeards t’at oie’ve read about” The stouty dwarf would mumble with a dip of his head holding the scroll with bulky dirty fingers. “Nae need fer furteh conflict, bot’ soinds s’all simpleh present their arguements to back t’eh legitimaceh of t’eir claims. W’o ever were to win t’es court, oie ‘ope all can work toget’eh aft’eh t’is towards t’eh return ef our kin’s gloreh.” Beorn mumbled with hope yet doubt, before he’d turn back towards his herb garden.
  10. Bjor’s Notes - Mossbeard, The Root Druid By Beorn Cottonwood Written in the year 1783 (26/08/2020) Historical Remembrancer Record of Hefrumm "T'ere's an ol' wind in teh forust, a breeze rulls up teh sky T'ere's a new rain in teh forust, comin' down so hig'. Ah see teh c'ange, but everyt'ings teh same, and ah dunnae w'y. T'ere's an ol' cent in teh forust, et tenders mah moind, t'eres a new sound in teh forust, it com's frum be'ind. Ah feel teh c'ange, ah'll stae teh same, mahself ah'll foind." A song, by Mossbeard. Mossbeard was a historical character from during the times of Hefrumm’s creation. To most forgotten, to others remembered as the maker of Hefrumm’s root-woven crown. This document, formed from the old notes of the paragon Bjor Cottonwood, will delve into this intriguing character and what role he played in the history of the forest folk. ⧫Founding We know very little of the mysterious figure and his younger year, what we do know starts with the young Cottonwood Chief, Bjor Cottonwood. Bjor had wandered to the lands of Ulrah in search of other forest dwarven kin. As he had reached the entrance of Kal’Tarak he passed a mysterious figure. He was blinded by his goal and ambitions, causing him to have no eye for this dwarf as he wandered into the Ulrahian capital. An hour later the defeated young chief returned from Ulrah’s hall for there were no signs of any of his kin within the dwarven hold. “Ya ‘ave t’eh oyes ef ah ‘awk, yet ya c’ose to bhe as bloind as ah mole.” Mossbeard mumbled with amused laughter as Bjor passed the druid. There the old forest dwarf, of the kin he was looking for, sat at the front steps of Kal’Tarak’s entrance, feasting upon the vibrant red berries, which had grown in between the green plucks of beard moss. Gray spiky eyebrows stuck up from above his eyes almost as if they had hardened through time. He wore clothes so torn and dirty that it almost looked like he had risen from between the roots of an old oak tree. Mad he might have seemed to Bjor’s naked eyes at first, though he carried wisdom for the young chief to soon discover. With laughter, the little dirty figure gestured the bulky chief to join his side. Bjor joined the Root Druid on the stairway, ashamed of his blindness. There the two sat for hours listening to the drops of water running down the dampy Ulrahian gate, woodpeckers hollowing out their homes and beavers letting their teeth sink into trunks of smaller birch trees. Giving the young chief time to reflect upon the current rather than that ahead. It was there that Mossbeard opened Bjor’s eyes for the young Cottonwood was constantly looking to the destination of his travels and the ambitious goals that drove him, that he had forgotten to give an eye to the very path he was walking on and the beauty of Anbella’s creations around it. Years later Bjor brought this wisdom of the blinding danger of ambition to the forest dwarven kin like it was brought to him by Mossbeard. ⧫Residence After the old druid had met the young chief and was informed of his quest, the Root Druid followed Bjor to the old Cottonwood village in the valley of Azgaryum. There Mossbeard would reside, during the youngest years of Hefrumm, in a makeshift grove inhabited by a giant mushroom. Thick clouds of mushroom spores filled this tunnel causing those who’d enter the grove to often hallucinate, adding to Mossbeard’s mystic appearance and tales. That’d be the oldest record of the usage of heavy psychedelics in Hefrumm history, which would later be reutilized by Karl Blackroot during Arcas in spiritual ceremonies. Being one of the first to stay with Bjor’s cause, Bjor often approached Mossbeard for his wisdom and lessons though they were always hidden in his madness and tales. ⧫Crown Perhaps the doing he is most famed for among the younger forest dwarven kin is the making of Hefrumm’s crown. That’d be the crown once worn by Bjor and ever since passed down from High Chief to High Chief being recognized as an official relic. The crown itself appears to be made out of a single piece of thick tangled dark oak root, being bend by the druidic magic from Mossbeard’s hands. It has two distinctive sides, one looks fresh and green, the other seems to be a bit decayed and covered in moss. On the front side, there appears to be a story carved into it - A dwarf coming from the forests, who will then work the land, eating the fruits he grew. More other dwarves will begin to gather around him. Eventually, he is handed a wooden Crown and made King of the Forest Dwarves, under this image with the name 'Bjor' would be carved. Some might notice the bright green leaf-like feather stuck into the heart of the wood. This was the feather of a nature elemental Phoenix which can be seen to almost emit a faint green light and gave the crown rumors of having minor yet strange properties. ⧫Nature Elemental Mossbeard’s most notable companion was the bright green little bird that lived in the mossy beard of the druid. This was a phoenix of the Ligno kind, also known as a nature elemental. With plumage of leaves and a tailfeather of veins, the phoenix was rather small in size when Bjor encountered Mossbeard. The druid informed Bjor that he mustn’t be fooled, that the phoenix once was and one day will be again of great and majestic stature. Mossbeard told the tale of how the mystic bird had carried him across realms and seas many years prior. ⧫Disappearance Mossbeard stayed many years with the young chief, bringing his son Muradin Deeproot and younger brother Nurin Deeproot to Hefrumm, revealing him to be of the Deeproot line. During the years of Bjor’s first proper success in his quest, he came to the conclusion that Mossbeard had departed. All was untouched and nothing was packed, which led to rumors and tales about his departure. ⧫Folklore legends There are multiple beliefs and legends surrounding Mossbeard and his mysterious departure. Most famous of which that Mossbeard was sent by Anbella herself, to be a guidance for the young chief with his quest just like the Great Boar of Atlas had been years prior. Others say that a Phoenix of leaves and vines will come down from the sky during times most dire for the children of Gloin, carrying the bearded druid. Mossbeard played a big role in the formation of Hefrumm, being among the first to settle with Bjor and bing the wisdom to guide the young chief. The root druid taught the kin of Gloin the dangers of ambition and how, if blinded by it, it can counteract the very goals you ambitiously strive for.
  11. “Funneh.. oie’ve nae seen aneh records ef t’ese elders in t’eh hall ef Gloin ‘imself in At’era. Mhe fat’eh told mhe abut t’ehs ‘Elder’staff, ah walkingstick frem t’eh realm ef Atlas, only a single sea voyage ago, gifted to Bjor Cottonwood w’ic’ ‘e took into ‘is grave, so fare yer elder relic. It deepleh saddens me as well t’at t’is return is done wit’ these claims to t’eh outsoide rat’e t’an simpleh discussin said complaints wit’ Thorin Treebeard and the Treebeard kin t’at staid for for t’eir remaining forest folk. For oie am certain t’at mhe brot’eh wuld bhe all ‘ears to come to a resolution.” Beorn would grumble disappointed at the handling of these matters and the attempt to once more divide their line in the Treebeard clan from other the forest kin, like they have tried many times before.
  12. Though it might not be what all dwarves believe I like how it explains things we see in the natural realm around us through story and sagas.
  13. [!] Beorn’s little rusty carving knife would run through the yellow bone of an unknown creature as the dwarf’s thumb’s pressure on the knife would increase. He seemed to be carving depictions of foul beasts in some new bone carved mugs. While doing so word had reached the sweaty dwarf. “Ah foinalleh” he’d grumble with an exhausted yet warm grin before returning to his work.
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