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  1. “T’e snail seems to have found its shell” The ancient little snail Druid mumbled toothlessly.
  2. "T'es es mhe a darn tragedeh.." The elderly little dwarf Knud wept.
  3. "Whe s'uld do some song together..." The elderly forest dwarf mumbled with a toothless lisp, reaching for his old and poorly held together banjo. "Even the frogs wuld turn to dancing, and theh 'ate dancin.."
  4. "Now t'is es mhe ah true tragedeh.." Knud the ancient little snail druid mumbled with a toothless lisp upon hearing this most terrible news.
  5. ♫ Ya meaneh rude rat. You’d look betteh flat ♫ ♫ Squoshed boi a ‘alfling’s shovel. A fate in whech whe revel ♫ ♫ T’e farms ya’ll raid nae more, for t’e peace we well restore ♫ ♫ Now listen to mhe battle tune, fer ya’ll bhe flat soon ♫ [!] Knud would softly repeat these lines in a hum, guided by a slow calming melody brought forward by his banjo. He laid under the shadow of an old oak comforted by the returned peace of Honeyhill as the forest listened to his song.
  6. [!] While Knud sung this song, he'd play his trusty old banjo. ^ A Knud's tale song: ♫ Dwarf and gnome ♫ Through a night most eerie and dark Forest deep and over mountain far There was a duo, small of kind Of great age, they were nearly blind They set out on a mighty quest To aid the druids with their pest This was no joke nor a jest The druids needed two of the best The earth was cracked, the soil split Even the grove was torn to piece and bits The volcano laid no longer dormant Being the druids greatest torment Knud and Forest said it shall not be From these troubles you’ll be free Give us direction and a day of three And we will travel over land and sea ((0:42)) Dwarf and gnome Far from home Yet never alone A volcano to be overthrown With great haste A volcano to face Put him in his place A great peril awaits ((Chorus x2)) And so the dwarves, took their leave Commenced a journey, which would not be brief Into land, devoid of all green One would only believe, if they had seen Up the raging mountain ever steep Over cracks with a leap Weary of travel yet no sleep For they needed to fulfill this mighty deed Chorus x2 ((1:17)) Great heat, the two endured Smoke thick air, and vision blurred They passed rivers, of molten rock Yet had not finished their adventurous walk With their arrival, the mountain was displeased It roared and rumbled like a great beast But at last, the two reached the crown Yet this was no king to which they’d bow You volcano did the druids wrong The two spoke in the volcano’s tongue Stop it now, they said clear and plain Or you’ll suffer the wrath of my cane The mountain roared no, the dwarves said yes The volcano responded, oké perhaps Its malevolent rule was no more Under the threat of a cane he so swore The realm saved from great distress The dwarves had completed their mighty quest The two sailed back, in need of rest Back home again to their nest There come a day the promise be broken Had the mountain’s vow been misspoken One be reminded who to call Be they in need of company mighty small Instrumental solo followed by more chorus [!] A depiction of the two elders facing off the raging wrath of the volcano. In honor of Harold, the best halfling druid boy, rip.
  7. "His contribution to t'eh cause will nae bhe forgotten" The elderly druid Knud sighed after word had reached him. "Mah t'eh snails carreh 'is bodeh 'ome.."
  8. "Arhh.. the Blackroot clan, mhe cousin 'asn't done so badleh." The bulky older Beorn Cottonwood grumbled with a laugh. "Ah foine addition to our kins historeh.." He mumbled, putting the writing away in his great records of all that is Hefrumm.
  9. "t'eh grow up so fast.." An elderly dwarf mumble with a toothless lisp, saddened yet proud at the beardling.
  10. [!] With this news, Beorn Cottonwood was reminded of times long past. Yazmorra had turned to their kin's village during the age of Acras, under his very own ruling at the time. The beardling still young and naive was new to all things dwarven, yet was eager to learn. From this little seed Beorn would come to see a fierce flower to grow and flourish as she, many years later, had taken on the responsibility of High Chief. A title not many had come to carry a long time in the past, giving up on their kin and their responsibilities, nor do justice. However, Yazmorra was different, her ever lasting love for her kin had driven her consistently, in which he could not help recognize his father. Even though there were years when the number of forest kin had sunken low, if even one would remain, so would the loving Yazmorra. A High Chieftess worthy of title in the image of his famed father Bjor. Beorn could only be proud at such achievement of his adoptive daughter. Let it be known that Hefrumm flourished right before Yazmorra Blackroot's descend from the wooden throne, and let us hope it will remain so for many years to come. Narvak oz Urguan. Narvak oz Hefrumm.
  11. "Mmhhh good work.." The elderly druid, Knud, would hum with a wide toothless grin approving of his agent's work.
  12. "Oh oie do lof ah guud parteh.. aunt Barbara alwahs broug't loveleh pumpkin poie oh oh" he'd hum toothlessly smacking his lips.. "aye partehs are koinda mhe t'ing.." The ancient dwarf, who sat on a little mossy bench near a muddy pond, would turn his gaze towards one of the pond's frogs. "ello?.. oie'm talking to ya aye.. bhe more attentive froggeh .." he'd mumble shaking his head at the little slimy frog which would mindlessly stare away.
  13. "oh joyful lettle wee folk ah" An ancient dwarf would toothlessly chuckle peering down at the little drawings.
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