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  1. Tox’s system is more limiting than Phil’s. Although it highlights weakness, you’re still capable of wearing half-plate armor and casting simultaneously. Tox’s bars off armor as an option entirely while casting. Phil has also clarified several times that Mages were never suppose to be starved children, but just weaker than the average warrior by a noticeable interval.
  2. This. Voidal Magic has gradually declined into being a mostly entry level Magic that just serves to give players an introduction to how Magic and non-mundane feats work on LotC. As a result, the theme of Voidal Magic being a detrimental force to the user and wellbeing of the world has faded away and become unbeknownst to newer Mages who entered the community anywhere past the release of the Lore Games Void Project.
  3. It doesn’t though. The reasoning behind Tox’s lore literally states that casting is interrupted because Mana interacts poorly with iron when we literally have the ability to enchant Magical effects into swords of the same material. It goes against the pre-established underlying truth that Voidal Magic is corruptive in a sense and that it’s Mages really aren’t good for the world.
  4. Phil’s by a long shot. Mages should not be clad in full plate. The point of the Void prior to lore games reforms was that it was a more dark-leaning corruptive force even though Magi wouldn’t necessarily employ it or see it as such. By going with Tox’s Weakness lore, there has been a huge inconsistency in the lore which makes zero sense. I literally don’t care if it’s just for balancing, you’re creating a contradictory line that deems iron to disrupt casting and neutering Voidal Magic of it’s already minimally present theme of really not being good for you. It’s corruptive. It’s suppose to be corruptive. You’re tapping into a metaphysical outer presence transcendent to mortal understanding, it’s not gonna leave you unscathed. That being said, I think Phil’s lore should be reimplemented and adjusted. State that Voidal Mages cannot swing weapons while CASTING to shave off the old days of spellsword abuse (unless specifically stated otherwise in lore) and give Magi the ability to wear amounts of plate armor, such as half plate, chain mail, etc. It’s very box-buildy to retcon it into draining stamina when the entire point was that the Void granted you power based on the depletion of your physical form. Don’t make Mages starving children, but don’t make them capable of wearing gear on par with a seasoned warrior.
  5. What the title says. I hear this thrown around quite often: should quantified mana/power systems be implemented in Magics and nonmundane lore applications? This isn’t a post that shills for either side, but rather a place to discuss the pros and cons of such an idea. Consider the following questions: - Does the implementation of quantified Mana/power system limit creativity? - Would the implementation of a quantified Mana/power system reduce powergaming? - Is the implementation of something akin to this not worth the hassle/work? Please keep the thread civil, I don’t wanna have it locked B^) edit: grammar in title
  6. Warding and Abjuration The following red-lines will be adjusted: - You cannot Ward and Abjure magic that you, or someone accompanying, do not have an MA in. - You must master a magic (Be tier 3 at least) in order to ward/abjure it. You cannot pick up an MA and drop it a week later and be capable of warding/abjuring it. New red-line(s): - You cannot Ward and Abjure magic that you have not possessed an MA in. - You must master a magic (be Tier 5) in order to ward/abjure it. You cannot pick up an MA and drop it a week later and be capable of warding/abjuring it. - You may only enchant Ward Shields onto objects that you possess an active MA in. Purpose In the original Transfiguration lore, it was stated that a Transfigurationist could Abjure or Ward a Voidal Magic so long that they had an MA in it, active or inactive. This was removed in the currently accepted lore. Although a minor detail, it allowed for a sense of power-scaling to be created that differentiated Mages from one another. A spellcaster who’s delved into their art and has a history of various Magics versus someone who just got 3 MAs thrown to him by his friend with a TA. Abjuration/Warding on its own as a Magic is not formidable in combat and the branch itself is extremely situational due to the slim chances of running into and fighting a Mage who share an active MA with you. The implementation of this change would recreate that differentiation among Mages and would shift the presence of Abjuration as a near useless cantrip that could be utilized once in a blue moon to a competent spell that old and new Mage characters alike can put to use. Credit Phil’s original lore: Currently accepted lore:
  7. Not really a jack of all spells. It’s focused on the School of Alteration and requires at least T3 Transfiguration to learn. I appreciate the feedback though.
  8. You’re right. That’s why this Johann-Isaac Production ® (all rights reserved) is sponsored by Rewordify.com. Rewordify is a free to use online website that allows you put in typed phrases up to 10,000 characters in length for free members, and 50,000 for paid members to simplify the language and make it easily digestible. To show you Rewordify’s power, I’ve put the entirety of Praetor lore through its powerful program to simplify the language. Check the spoiler below.
  9. This is not the guide. Should this lore be accepted, a more straightforward and less tonally focused post will be written.
  10. Maybe the real archon rewrite was the friends I made along the way. Was fun working on this with Johann. I like to think merging our ideas was beneficial in the end.
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