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  1. “wow this definitely needed to exist,” said jude
  2. “****, tha’s edgy.” Jude would say in regards to Sulraell.
  3. Name: M’name’s JUDE Partner’s Name (If Joining As A Team): Icarus’s Team Name (If Joining As A Team): Quavinir’s Insecurities Do You Wish To Sign Up To Be Apart of Sutican Citizen Healthcare?: Yes What Is The Square Root of 27i times 728x^3 over 2ab?: The amount of times my dad blinked.
  4. “I do ‘ope Cyrene finds somethin’ more valuable t’put time into t’an Llyria,” Jude commented with a frown upon reading the letter, “stay safe, pal.”
  5. gross ascended finally gone,,, nah but for real, good luck man.
  6. As my brain is too small for lore, I cannot give a 100% answer. Simple answer is that thanhium is hated by LT because there’s only like 2 people out of the probably 50 players that can RP thanhium correctly (the other 48, you know who you are), as well as the fact that Lore Games are going on. Not sure what Flambo wants done about thnahium or ruibrium. So short answer: playerbase and lore games.
  7. Work on frost witch lore you spaz.
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