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  1. Excellent post my man. He was a good persona. I believe Viktor with all his flaws let you truly shine as an Rp'er, and with that he has opened many future doors for you in terms of RP quality.
  2. Peter Smith Furiously Shouts "ALEC, HERO OF DE COMMONERS!" Alongside His Fellow Peasant Comrades!
  3. This post is correct. And as someone who used to play back then I can relate to this and understand the frustration. However people nowadays are more sensitive about their mineman nation falling so you know..... Hayho Hayho off to plan another mindless ball and soiree I go.
  4. Looking for family within Oren for new persona slot.... The character I am looking for preferably to be male. Preferably I'd like this character to start off in the age range of 16-19.
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