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  2. Winchester would love the idea, simply for how wacky it was.
  3. Winchester, the Goat Farmer of Du Loc, not having kept up with the ongoing crisis, would be in shock upon hearing that the Irehearts, of all Dwarves, attempted to collaborate with the Orenians. Before immediately going to bother his wife with the news.
  4. To the: - Holy Father, His Holiness Everard VI, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant to the Faithful and Vicar of GOD. Keep it up, we're proud of you, you can do this. From: Winchester, The Goat Farmer, God Lover A poorly drawn happy face would be drawn:
  5. A Gravel Miners Prayer --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- ‡ Dear Lord Each day I descend into the deep - cutting stone to earn my keep I pray to my Father, in the Skies above - That I return to the ones I love If somehow in death, and I should meet my end - As even the grave-pits need to feed I want my loved ones to be sure - in Saints arms I am secure. --------------------------------------------------------- Praise Be God, and his Holy Exalted. Amen.
  6. "Death to the taxman and his short evil men." Proclaimed Winchester
  7. Winchester, the Goat Farmer, dawned his gambeson, before secondly adorning his chainmail body armor that his father's father's father's father wore during the Great Crusades. Aggressively polishing the rust off of an old family sword, and brung his goats to the city of Du Loc. "Now this, these are the faithful I can rally for."
  8. A (goat) FARMER ULTIMATUM _______________________________________________________________ The "people" of Yong Ping, I, the Goat Farmer of Almaris, mighty and handsome that I am, see you in your hour of need. For the fee of 500 interchangeable monetary legitimate funds on a yearly bases, I, the (very attractive, and strong) brave soldier will come ensure that your grass DOES NOT, rustle, and that NO man attempt to put a darkly colored (One could even say black) vale over you, or any loved ones! I will also bring my flock of "healthy" goats, to renounce all demons and re-enforce my Garrison of myself and several men who help me write this. (I cannot read or write) _______________________________________________________________ SIGNED The Goat Farmer, farmer of goats, master of herding, handsomest man, Baron of my Hut!
  9. A young Mercatorii read the news he had collected from local missive boards to his veteran aging, crippled, Father as he lay in bed.. ”A Bishop, the family, has passed away, a letter addressed to our kin follows, Father.. Do you wish to hear it?” “A Bishop..? Who- His name, what was his name, Ezicul?” ”Luka, papa, Luka Bishop.. Shall I read his letter now?” The Father choked on his words, but gave a slight nod nonetheless, and the Son read the letter.. The Father shed a single tear rolling over so his Son could not see his moment of weakness. ”I would like some alone-time, Ezicul. Please.” ”Of course, Papa.” Till death do I part.
  10. Lucien De Lenkov, hearing the news of the death of the original Prince of Savoy, the man whom he had listened to give great speeches, struck deals, forge alliances, felt soared, though he wasn't a man of strong emotional outburst, he felt as if the original euphoric sense that he first experienced when he enlisted in the Brigade, when he dawn the winged helmet and then the golden skull of Sun Wraiths, vanish. He now stood alone, well, he had for a while anyways, however, now he was lost as well as alone..
  11. Can you remove the copious amounts of warnings on my account?
  12. “They should’ve given it ta’ me.” The Goat Farmer said allowed as he read the missive to his goats, frowning.
  13. I don't do Elven rp, but I always love reading these post. Very nice, +1
  14. That’s crazy but can you find the Notch face mountain next
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