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  1. RO-Agentea Handia, "Brick," sipping from a cup of tea from his vacation cabin in the woods, scrunches his brow as he read the missive, confused to what the Repubican Army is, alongside the writers misunderstanding of Mother Mercatore. "Hm, Waltz must be having a blast. Mother surely thought this mans martyrdom very noble." He'd mutter, before going back to his serenity.
  2. =________+________= Order 37 In light of resent events, it has been deemed fit for Order 36 to be revoked, due to hostile acts by the Holy Orenian Holy. We, with heavy hearts, announcement a end to the cease-fire and resumed hostilities and attacks against the Empire of Oren. The Church of Canon will be not be attacked, or harmed, in any way. We did not want a second conflict. Partisans from the Northern Front will be redeployed accordingly, operations within Norland will end, operations in Oren will begin. ---+--- Mother Save Us Mercatore. Viva La Mercatore! --------
  3. =___________+___________= Our Most Holy Lady Matriarch of Honorable Death A Paint of Mother Mercatore in her most fine of white dress's Brothers, Our Holy Mother blesses us in victory, a watches over those traveling to Seven Sky's, the Mercatore in the wake of victory pray to our Madam. She has granted us the most Holy of deaths in the most grand of conflicts to prove our faith to her, as she provides us with the strength to continue our struggle for the establishment of a Motherland for our people within the realm of Mankind, we pray to Her, we pray to GOD, we pray for
  4. Gambit

    Notice NO. 23

    ------M.R.A. Notice NO. 23------ -+- Brothers and sisters of the Canonist population, The M.R.A. does here hereby renounce any accusations that we are, or were, operating under the purview or permission of the Imperial government. While we believe the Imperial cause, defending itself against pagan invaders, is righteous, our operations, in whole, do not include any Imperial directives. The following activities, we take full responsibility for, and discredit any attempt to attach their causation to Imperial purview or assent. ---The Branding and Assault of one
  5. "I'm terrified, I pray to GOD the Mercatore are spared."
  6. [!] Another missive was sent, with "Brick," questioning in fear how this bird got here, but he hope it got back to its owner safely To whom this letter concerns, of which wishes of good health to thy Your birds ability to find my exact location scares me, though I respect it, please to do not bomb my home. As stated, Corpsmen Henry was among civilians caught in the cross-fire of our squabbles, he might have owned a firebomb on him, or perhaps he lent one in exchange for settling his dept, as he had stated he owed much money to the others there. I beg a differ to your differ, and hope
  7. To who this letter concerns - From, Agentea "Brick," I regret to inform, in a very confused state, as no agents where sent to Norland as resent, with many of our concern being internal as of late, these three "MRA soldiers," where most likely men who'm where concerned from dept, not agents of the MRA, or the Holy Chapter. You are not hunting us. You hunted three civilians. Will you be waiting? For what? More bickering friends on a road? We wish them luck. Maybe bring forty soldiers next time, just to make sure one of the four does not escape. The only connection these men had wit
  8. +ORDER OF ESTABLISHMENT+ ________________________________________ ____________________ THE COMMITTEE OF LIBERATION, henceforth declares the creation of the Holy Chapter of Mother-Mercatore, in the MRA's, and now the Chapters, struggle for freedom and national representation. The Holy Chapter of Mother-Mercatore, henceforth refereed to as, 'The Chapter,' is to be open to all and any recruits who meet the following standards set: ANY RECRUIT MUST, be over the age of Twenty-One ANY RECRUIT MUST, be versed in combat ANY RECRUIT MUST BE, a God Cannonist and have fait
  9. "No Pagan is innocent, they have committed the sin, the crime, of belief in another, another who is a barbaric heretical verse of our GOD."
  10. Unwrapped the crumpled missive, scanning the document, “I disagree with these methods, are they seriously treating the pagans this well off, comrade?”
  11. Our Admiration ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -+= M.R.A Missive [27-A] to the August Crown of Sutica =+- ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Mercatorii Revolutionary Army, in sight of recent events within Sutica, and its region of concern, Hyspia, and the rapid changes made in its governance, has now seen fit to swear loyalty to the new Augest Crown of Sutica. As such: Support the Augest Crown if called for in t
  12. RESUME: Discord : Serbsky#2990 MC Name : AGardenGambit RP Name : Hjalmar Fridolf RP Race : Human, Hearlander Timezone : Est
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