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  1. Father "Sim" Goderyc would throw up the Cross for his brother-in-arms, "All my man needs." Smiling, he'd think of all the times he teased Augustus on his prospects of betrothal, still smiling too himself, he'd withdraw his book of matrimony, praying for the young duette.
  2. Lo, in the name of the Lord GOD the Most Merciful, Singular, and Omnipotent, listen and attend with pious heed to this inspired text. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ☨The Seperation of GODs Hood from the Canonist Church.☨ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Father Goderyc, enjoying Hyspias finest crystal export, would walk to the Temple of the Eternal Flame, taking a hammer and his paper, hammering it into the door of the Temple, stepping back he'd stop and pause- Wait, damn that's an Owynist one... He'd shrug, taking his paper down, walking to Haense instead... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TO the frail Tylos the III. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ While you sit in your WEAK crib up in the north with yo, I slave away in Vienne, to a populous unreceptive to your preaching, maybe that's cus you weak and got no game? Huh, ever think of that, "Tylos III?" Bet you didn't fool. It is on this ground, I declare that the Lord GODS most honorable and collection of His Hoods - Otherwise known as GOD Gang, or Lords Hood, declare its appearance from the Church of the Canon and that its members not welcome in the Hoods of His Lord, though we, of course, know that you, Tylos III, would never have the gul to step foot in my, His, Hood. You'd sooner cut up with Iblees before putting yourself in danger in the name of any other than yourself. I wish you to recall when you offered me the title of Bishop in Rochefort, and I denied it, that's cus my crew is in Vienne, but you Tylos III, you have no crew. No heart. No game. So I encourage you best protect your neck the next time you and your weak drip even set foot near me, otherwise, you may find a banger in your double chins. You simply use the Holy Mother Church to make bank, not prayers. -Father Goderyc. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE DECLARATION OF THE SEPARATE HOODS OF THE LORD GOD. ☨ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The HOOD rejects the false 'Blees infiltrated Church, clearly, his supposed Holiness has been infiltrated by 'Blees and his devilish crew. Those found reppin' the cloth of the Church will be dropped, cus it's on sight, Tylos. Thinkin' otherwise you're clearly wacked on some green. The Separate Hoods of the Lord GOD here declares as a loosely structured association of smaller street Chapters, known as Holy Hoods. Each Chapter will elect its own Street Father and generally operates independently from the others. A city itself may have upwards of five Holy Hoods, and these Holy Hoods may have large decrees of autonomy, with the ability to rage Holy Gang War against each other if a major diss is provided to the City Street Father. That is all I need to preach, gotta keep it simply for you, you know who you is, real ones already know. You got a problem, Tylos? Do somethin' about it then. FATHER SLIM OUT.
  3. Unironically could add limitless new types of meaningful rp on top of looking dope. My wine vineyard dreams...
  4. ☨ An Open Plea of Assistance directed to his Holiness, Tylos III. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ And all others willings to make way to Vienne to assist us. "Evil the Lord will free him; Lord, we have trusted in you; free us from this plague. God, you are our refuge; because we have trusted in you, free me from this plague. Salvation: heal the pious, and the pious will be healed; save us faithful, so should we be saved." Amen. Your Holiness, in your recent visit to the Royal Capital of Vienne you witnessed the Great Rot's grip on the city. As the Hospital of St. Amyas's Sanctuary fills with ill, dying, and dead, we are overwhelmed by the disease, and though you yourself may claim the plague is divine retribution, the sickness has spread unto the pious and faithful, so it is now they die like the sinners meant to be punished. We at Metropolitanate of Providentia are understaffed, both clerically and medically speaking, we are losing the faithful in mass and their bodies must be buried in mass graves. I beg to you, your Holiness, send unto us more men of the cloth, more faithful who may help us save those afflicted, so these sinners may repent and forever serve the Lord God with their immortal soul, and so the already saved, pious men, may continue to do so. You yourself have seen the suffering on the streets, you yourself have worn the mask to keep yourself safe, you know our suffering, so it is now I ask you to send forth men who will assist in our salvation. ‡ __________________________ __________________________ The City of Vienne is suffering, and though, and the pious mobs who have followed me like any good man to assist in its healing, we are too few men amongst man. God have mercy on us. ‡ -Father Goderyc.
  5. The Order of the Red Eagle will never have drip-


  6. Free Build bad. For all the reasons listed above. But a more 'laxed settlement application process? Could be cool.
  7. The Father walked out of the Temple in Vienne, the gust of wind from the Dragons wings blowing unto his face. He had just finished a baptism of a Leper. He'd look to the sky. "I'm going to kill that unholy, idiotic, abominable, Dragon." He uttered. ______________________________________________________________________ A depiction of two despicable beast fighting ______________________________________________________________________ A PUBLIC LETTER TO HIS MAJESTY, KING FREDRICK I, CONCERNING THE DRAGON OF ALMARIS AND LACK OF DEFENSE FROM THEREFOR OF. ‡ Your Royal Majesty, I, Father Goderyc, request that a proper defense be erected in order to slay the scaled, winged, demonic, and disgusting unintelligent beast. If it could read, which such a brainless beast cannot even understand wording, however in a warped, impossible reality where its rotted mind would even understand basic words, it would see my hate for it. And it would weep. It is so, I hope you understand, however, my mind is not clouded with hate, it is cleared by Faith and love for my fellow Vienners. It is such, that I see it necessary for a 1,350-ton Cannon, with a barrel of 32.5 meters, a width of 7.1 meters, and a height of 11.6 meters. ‡ I present your majesty; the blueprints: I propose the gun be put upon the top of the Temple of the Eternal Flame in the city of Vienne, where the Petran Legion may always man it, night and day, with a priest in order to bless its crew and ammunition constantly. ‡ God is ever watchful. ☨ -signed humbly, - Father Goderyc
  8. RESUME Name: Henry Place Of Origin: Savoy Background: Born in a water-side village in Savoy, Henry adopted Owynism after believing his Father to have healed from illness after a pilgrimage to Du Loc. Briefly becoming a traveling after the fall of the Savoy, he'd make his way to St. Felders Rock. Skillset: A decent swordsmen, and a somewhat talented cook. Reason(s) For Enlistment: A want to serve Owyn.
  9. https://www.grammarly.com/desktop/windows?&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=brand-ad-ext&utm_content=486649398671&utm_term=download grammarly&matchtype=e&placement=&network=g&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIorLtwouD-AIV-v3jBx2rjwi-EAAYASABEgKu8PD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  10. Best way to rep farm? 

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      ask for rep

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      Write at least 4 paragraphs about an unpopular opinion that you know everyone agrees with. No one will comment, and some will comment against it, but youll for sure get at least 30 rep out of it :shrug:

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      wait for 3 weeks, in that time make note of all the "hot take" posts


      after 3 weeks is up, repost these "hot takes"


      ez rep

  11. Winchester read over the battles of the Wig War, he noticed the 'Providence Tea Party' was included, but not the other two Ferrymen defeats the prior two Saint Days at Arichsdorf and Imperial Court... "Incomplete." He'd chuckle.
  12. "Be weary, Colonizers." The Savoyard Preacher mumbled in his mother tongue as he read the missive.
  14. The Savoyard Preacher in training looked to the missive, frowning. Outlaws? Father Melquíades was the opposite of an outlaw, he didn't even know if Melq was capable of violence. "By Pontiff Owyn III, surely he is rolling in his grave..." He'd utter a prayer to Saint Edmond in Savoyardic.
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