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  1. "Sounds like High Elf propaganda to me." A disgruntled priest would say.
  2. Prove me Wrong Lotc should have a rp channel for crp. Where anyone who joins it is put into a random list. The list makes it so that you can only post in this crp channel after the person before you posts. Would be a way to help deal with big crp and people getting skipped in crp.
  3. The Cabellero Comendador of the Franciscan Order yelled even more after reading the response from Urguani. "Find the cabrón who made that missive and hang them! And you know what? Then quarter them!"
  4. "This is why I don't support democracy, because the commoners are stupid." Remarked a Hyspian military officer.
  5. Cabellero Comendador Pedro Fuentes, leader of the Franciscan Order yelled in anger after reading the missive. "Get Alexander Lopis in my office now! I am cutting his tongue out so that he doesn't speak such nonsense again without my approval!"
  6. "Dios mios! The orcs seem to be wiser than Veletz, at least the Orcs see that they cannot win this war and are trying to sue for peace!" A nationalist Hyspian would decree to himself once he finished reading what he saw as a description of a failed attempt by the orcs to ask for peace.
  7. "May you have many nationalist children who are ready and willing to join the army!" Pedro Fuentes would decree.
  8. Pedro Fuentes recalls how the Orcs didn't come there for tribute or people, but wanted to scavenge for armor and supplies, and shortly fled when they failed. He knows this to be truth better than most, for they captured him and then saw them flee in fear shortly after.
  9. MC Name: Salvius RP Name: Pedro Fuentes Persona ID: 83726
  10. I am almost certain this post won't gain traction, but I still want to complain for the sake of complaining. Because of this I won't be making sure this rant is formatted correctly or is grammatically correct, simply because I could care less. It is unnecessarily difficult to find lore regarding major religions, cultures, and etc that you know is real or true (especially old lore and such). This difficulty is only heightened for new players. The only significant update that I have noticed on the wiki since when I joined the server (2021) Is the pictures for the races were changed to look cartoonish. The Adunian page from what I have been told hundreds of times by old Adunian players when I have tried to get more involved in Adunian rp is "Ignore the Wiki. It's outdated." Instead, you have to look through the forums for this information. Yet to find this information you need keywords. And even if you use keywords sometimes there just isn't anything, like in regard to Creatorism looking up "Creatorism" gives you zero results. There also isn't any actual way to see if what someone posted is real and legit, or if it is just someone speaking nonsense for the sake of it. As a new player it was confusing and frustrating, and resulted in me just giving up trying to understand any in depth piece of lotc lore. I personally see two solutions to fixing this (reviving wiki team or making lore submissions like magic submissions. But it won't get fix cause seeminly no one on the staff team has remembered about the wiki and wanted to fix that issue.
  11. From a player that could still probably be regarded as a 'new-gen,' these are my personal thoughts. I personally view the server as very clique based. Groups be it from nations to spooks. Are very wary and some flat out deny entry of new people. It limits the roleplay chances of new players (players that are needed to increase activity and keep lotc going). When you look at the cycle of players in leadership positions in nations it presents itself very much as a cycle almost. New players obviously shouldn't be thrown into high leadership positions, but such a cycle suggest that this also occurs on the lower parts of the ladder. I believe the staff have not taken the proper steps to try and limit bias from themselves. Staff members can and should be involved with nations on their characters, but they shouldn't be dealing with issues as a staff member that relates to these nations. If a mod is called because of a crp dispute it isn't surprising that the mod would more than likely side with the side they have an irp reason to side with. Something like that shouldn't occur and decreases the trust between staff and the community. I see the server, especially how it is now, is very much weighted in favor of the nation in comparison to the player. Take the addition of Netherite for example. Nations have sole monopoly over the extraction of this resource. A player on their own isn't capable of getting it on their own. All the additions that came with this map (from what I know of) solely benefit nations. How does a cannon improve rp for a normal person? How does specific node locations primarily only nations have access to benefit the normal roleplayer? These are good additions yes, but nothing was added for the normal player. People are incapable of separating themselves from their characters (including myself at times). Conflict rp time and time again seemingly just ends up being conflict ooc. I don't know what the solution to this would be, but I see it as something that adds unneeded toxicity to the server.
  12. A loyal Norlander signs up for the reformed Ashguard.
  13. "The dwarves are blind to their actions." Frey said disgusted as he read the missive.
  14. "A house divided, albeit a small one."
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