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  1. SURNAME: Melphestaus FIRST NAME: Thucydides ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Melphestaus Estate MUNICIPALITY/ARCHDIOCESE OF CANDIDACY (State 'National' if not running in a specific municipality): National YEAR OF BIRTH: 1796 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Municipality or Archdiocese you are running? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the Imperial Diet, as per the Edict of Furnestock (1838)? No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Diet, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): Salvius
  2. TREATISE ON THE MYSTERIOUS BLESSED MAURICIO OF AZOG Written by Thucydides Melphestaus Esquire, from The Supreme Order Of Exalted Owyn A thesis as tasked by Holy Dame Faux Amati. “An orcish champion who by popular legend is said to have entered the pits of Hell itself, and did battle successfully with the forces of Iblees.” This is the reason why Mauricio of Azog was beatified. Yet the Church speaks nothing else upon the orcish warrior, the only info we have being this, and later on the church even simplifying his accomplishments more changing it from doing battle “with the forces of Iblees” to “many of the Enemy’s servants” An orc blessed, one which supposedly walked through the gates of hell to fight the forces of Iblees head on, is quite unique yet it as if such a story of a orc is kept silent, hidden in plain sight. Information cannot be clearly gained about the story of this orc, or the legacy he left behind. I am not in a position, nor have the knowledge to say whether or not this is the intention of the Church. However, I deem it fit to have such a story shrouded no more. Through the use of old records, letters, decrees, and many other documents found in libraries throughout Almaris. I have been able to compile a rather basic, and in truth not in depth overview of Blessed Mauricio of Azog’s life and feats from public information. The beginning of his life is shrouded in darkness. Nothing is known of his upbringing or even when his early adult years began. One can assume however due to other sources that Blessed Mauricio of Azog was originally raised within Urguan, a unique upbringing as such for an orc, automatically hinting at perhaps the tolerance Mauricio of Azog may have later on his life. The time between then and his first years within the United Aegis Coalition (U.A.C) are shrouded behind a lack of records. What we do know is that Mauricio of Azog, perhaps either lived with Kal'Urguan, or visited the capital city of the Dwarves. For there is where Mauricio of Azog would be recruited into the United Aegis Coalition. During his time in the U.A.C it was nothing but hardship, a most notable occasion being where himself and a group of his fellow soldiers were tasked with infiltrating an undead keep. This would prove to be unsuccessful, resulting in many of these soldiers dying, and many of those who survived deserting the U.A.C all together. When the failed rebranding of the U.A.C to the Followers of Aeriel occurred, Mauricio left due to his view upon what the U.A.C had become, bringing along with him gold and diamonds he stole from the vault of the Followers of Aeriel, granting him enough funds to purchase himself a residence within Al'Khazar. His time within the capital of Oren is like his upbringing unrecorded, according to other accounts seemingly not being anything of note. Undead continued to ravage the lands however, many fleeing because of it. However, Mauricio remained where he was until he was invited to join the Teutonic Order led by Gaius Marius. Once joining the Teutonic Order, Mauricio received backlash due to his race, many within the order disapproving of him due to Mauricio of Azog being an orc. The Teutonic Order compared to that of the U.A.C was vastly different for Mauricio. Because of this, the orc began to question what his true home and place was within the world. Receiving permission to take a leave of absence, he traveled to the home of the orcs, Krugmar. Here he saw what he supposedly described as primitive savagery. Disapproving of the actions and beliefs of the nation of Krugmar. Unable to accept the belief that all orcs acted in such a way he ventured on to try and find orcs more similar to him. Whether by luck or by the will of God, he stumbled upon that of his brother, Urik Azog, a man who he had been separated from since his time in the U.A.C. His brother brought him back to Fort Azog, the home of the Orc Clan of Azog. There the clan chief took a liking to him, and offered to adopt him into the Azog Clan. Obviously the Blessed would accept the offer, taking on the name Maur Azog. He assisted the clan through the practice of engineering creating defenses that allowed themselves to even fend off attacks from the likes of the Dwarven Military. Along with this he also helped in making of the laws of Clan Azog, which ironically enough were simple and seemingly of orcish nature. The singular law stating “Azog Shall Never Kill Azog” He spent some time with that of his newly found family and clan, yet eventually he would be called back by the Teutonic Order. Almost as soon as he returned he would be ‘shipped out’, but rather ‘shipped down’, down to the Nether. He was chosen as one of the few who would represent the nations of Aegis against Iblees. The group proceeding fast, yet infighting quickly began with the chosen of Renatus, striking against the chosen of their rival nation Hanseti, Mauricio being one of these chosen of Hanseti. A chosen of Renatus would be killed by one of the Hanseti. Yet the conflict ceased as more undead began to attack them. The Hanseti would be separated from the main group, eventually returning to find that all chosen of the Elven, and Orc nations gone. Yet prior to the life of one of their own being lost to save the other two. When the Hanseti returned to the main group, now within the citadel in which they were tasked with destroying, only the dwarves, Renatus, and Hanseti remained. The Renatus chosen, accused the Hanseti of striking first, the dwarves however ignored it and wished for them to focus upon the task at hand. The dwarves would continue on first, yet as soon as they did the doorway which they entered would collapse leaving the dwarves separated from the rest. With the dwarves gone, the chosen of Renatus struck upon the Hanseti once more, the only two of them remaining being Maur Azog and a fellow orc. The fighting was brutal, filled with hatred from either side against the other, due to long lasting rivalries, leaving both sides to forget about why they were in the Nether. Eventually the fighting ended with only Blessed Mauricio of Azog standing. Walking towards a cliff where he had seen his fellow orc fall, he saw this orc grasping onto the cliff, with a chosen of Renatus wrapped around his legs. With a few final words reminding Blessed Mauricio of Azog of why they were done here, he bid him farewell, and then let go. Thus, bringing both the last chosen of Renatus and himself to their deaths. Now only Mauricio of Azog and the dwarves remained with the chance of defeating the forces of Ibless. Mauricio along with the dwarves fought against undead conjurers, travelling farther down and deeper into the citadel. Through their efforts the citadel had began to collapse, the mission was a success. The dwarves quickly began to escape, but Blessed Mauricio of Azog, could no longer move on. He was filled with grief and yet also accomplishment. He had completed the mission, and yet he had lost his fellow Hanseti. He lay prepared to die, yet by the will of God, he was given more time. He was brought back to Aegis, tended by members of the Teutonic Order, and lived his remaining years amongst his family, Clan Azog. In 1698, upon the 16th of Horen’s Calling. The Azogs would be given badges in which he served and were rewarded during and after his service in the Teutonic Order. The orc left behind something for his Clan to be proud of, that made them more than just another mere band of war loving orcs. Mauricio of Azog would receive more accomplishments too, rather than just being one of the chosen to go to the Nether. Such accomplishments being; first orc OrdenMarshall and Hochmeister of the Teutonic Order, first orc to obtain a land title in Hanseti, led the exodus of Sariants from the rule of Hochmeister Black. Along with to my knowledge being the only, or at least one of the only few Blessed who were a part of the orcish race. I encourage others to delve deeper into the story of Mauricio of Azog, along with other Blessed and the likes. For these stories are ones which somehow remain shrouded began fog, even when such stories hold great relevance as to why we stand where we are today, and why we stand the way we are standing today. Signed, Thucydides Melphestaus Esquire Squire of The Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn
  3. The Speaker of the House looked over at a coat which hung within his closet. "It is rather cold up there, I wonder if I should travel North to see why they despise me even though they don't know my name, my face, or my beliefs. Let us see how much of a radical this young prince is." Thucydides pulled out some parchment and ink, writing down something for who knows who.
  4. The Speaker of the House read the missive giving a shake of his head as he placed it in a drawer. "I worry that this druid has been allowed to eat too many of their precious shrooms... He stated in his own missive that just living with other cultures and religions does not make you a traitor. How then can he confirm myself and others within the estate are so called race traitors, but only knowing our names?" Thucydides paused his monologue to himself as he peered out his window. "Perhaps this druid would be interested in taking a visit to the estate and speaking rather than ranting into paper. So long as he was capable of remaining civil, I am sure he would be delighted to hear of the druidic friends we have happened to make..."
  5. OFFICE OF THE HEAD CLERK OF REDENFORD 11th of Horen's Calling, 1843 AUCTION OF CASSIA HALL, 1842 Approved by the Rt Hon. Thucydides Melphestaus The Office of the Head Clerk of Redenford on behalf of the Head Clerk, The Right Honorable (The Rt Hon.) Thucydides Melphestaus, is proud to announce that an auction for 0wnership of Cassia Hall, the former estate of the O’Rourke family, shall occur. The auction shall occur on the 7th of Tobias’ Bounty (10/23 2 PM EST) All are invited to come to try at winning the grand Cassia Hall. Bidding for such an estate shall start at 75 marks. May the best Orenian with the deepest pockets win. The auction shall take place in front of Cassia Hall in Redenford at the specified time. Signed by, The Rt Hon. THUCYDIDES MELPHESTAUS, On This 11th of Horen's Calling, 1843.
  6. "Conscription laws, but for the church... What fun." Thucydides Melphestaus stated as he read the edict which stood alongside this new society. Now causing the Speaker of the House to question what the next thing Orenian citizens shall be forced to join.
  7. Thucydides gave a shake of his head as he read the announcement. "Trying to take the idea of bread and games in Oren from under my nose, eh?" The High Elf stated with a smirk. "Well we can't have that. I suppose I will just have to try and one-up you at your own event." Placing the piece of paper down which read the announcement, he would holler out his door. "Whichever one of you servants can hear me... ready the carriages, all of them, we are making a food delivery to Providence."
  8. Canonist Fascism A Study of Ideology By: Thucydides Melphestaus INTRODUCTION Canonist fascism can be regarded as a variant of the political ideology fascism. In which it incorporates the tenets of Fascism into a canonist society. Such a combination can be beneficial to a specified populace within a nation, but for foreign affairs, immigration, and differing culture groups it can be detrimental to a nation's growth and prosperity. EXPLANTATION Canonist fascism in truth is similar to that of the more broad political ideology of fascism, except it transfers pride of one’s nation, pride of one’s nationality, and pride of one’s race, also to that of pride of one’s religion, specifically canonism. The pride in one’s religion on it’s own is capable of not being transferred to that of canonist fascism, but more so it is capable of being a stepping stone towards canonist fascism. For the pride of one’s religion can be turned into a belief where other’s must be of your religion too, and at this point it is only a short few steps to take on the other beliefs of fascism, race superiority, nationalism, chauvinism, and especially due to the common governmental structure of modern day nations, authoritarianism. EXAMPLE To better understand such a political, and one could say religious ideology, one must look at examples, or similar occurrences. This is so that a defined definition along with a reason for such a definition can be justified. Such an example can be found in today’s society with that of the independent Principality of Savoy. The Principality of Savoy, even at its basic core is riddled with fascist tendencies. One can reference the Lex Savoia, the Savoyard law, as evidence of such a claim. ‘Book I’ and ‘Book IV’ can be used as evidence to fascist tenet of machismo which has ingrained itself into Savoyard society. Focusing upon how men of Savoy are by law required to carry a weapon upon them at all times, and be properly trained in combat. Then the Lex Savoia seemingly encourages trials by combat, and duels. These laws and encouragement can easily relate to the core beliefs of machismo. The Lex Savoia also makes beliefs of a core tenet of fascism law too, social order. The Lex Savoia, along with The Springtime Edict, make the use of feudalism ideals and beliefs for that of their law. Beliefs and ideals which fall under that of social order, a tenet of fascism. There are a multitude of other statements and laws placed within these official documents which I could write upon, however I would instead encourage others to read it for themselves and determine their thoughts upon such matters. Rather, I shall speak upon current events of such a nation which suggest to me that canonist fascism is within not just Savoyard law and documents, but also Savoyard society. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to tenets of fascism which are within Savoyard society would be racism. It is a common sight to see elves of all sub-races burning within the square of San Luciano, and citizens emitting racist tendencies towards that of any races other than that of Human. One may claim that these tendencies are because of the church, yet then the claim towards a canonist fascist society would be even more apparent. In their construction of a colosseum, the relation to masochism and heroism can be easily found, and dare I say I need not even explain in words regarding such a relation. Instead shall entrust the reader to understand such a relation and instead move onto that of economic interventionism and its relevance to the ‘Lower & Middle-Class Infrastructure Edict, 1839’. Economic interventionism is the action in which the government intervenes into the market. The ‘Lower & Middle-Class Infrastructure Edict, 1839’ blatantly speaks upon how the government of Savoy is involving itself in the development of an area of land within Savoy, arguably due to market failure. Fascism within Savoyard society I have defined, yet I have yet to define the point at which canonism comes into play, the piece of Savoy that sits in the center of its society. A devout nation which uses fascist tenets within the religion of canonism, racism, indoctrination, and direct action. CONCLUSION It is not up to me to say whether such a political ideology such as canonist fascism ingrained into the society of a nation is not of a positive or negative, that is up to each person and their own beliefs. However I believe I can permit myself to state that on certain matters such an ideology will greatly deter a nation, while on other matters it may assist a nation. Whether or not if the positives and the negatives were put upon a scale the scale would be balanced or lean in favor of the positives is not something that can be declared by one and unanimously believed by the rest.
  9. MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM Name: Thucydides Melphestaus Age: 44 Sex: Male Statement of Expertise: I have served for two consecutive terms now within the Diet, this term serving as the Speaker of the House. I currently serve within the MoJ for some time now, winning the most cases out of anyone currently with MoJ, a trial of notable note being the one regarding The Crown v. Carrion. I have knowledge upon magic and similar arts.
  10. OFFICE OF THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE 10th of Horen’s Calling, 1840 GIFT TO OREN, 1840 Approved by the Rt Hon. Thucydides Melphestaus The Office of the Speaker of the House on behalf of the Speaker of the House, The Right Honorable (The Rt Hon.) Thucydides Melphestaus, announces that in light of the recent forming of the 27th Imperial Diet, the Speaker of the House shall be gifting the Holy Orenian Empire. The Rt Hon. Thucydides Melphestaus shall be giving six silos worth of the grain to the public (6 chests worth of hay bales). Along with this, to thank the 4th Brigade for their service to the Emperor, and guarding him with their lives, the Speaker of the House shall be awarding each member of the 4th Brigade a weapon customly made for each of them. For the Imperial Majesty himself, The Rt Hon. Thucydides Melphestaus offers to have whatever His Imperial Majesty wishes made into that of a Living Doll, to serve as a loyal servant to him, his family, and his successors. Info regarding the distribution of grain shall be supplied at a later date. Signed by, The Rt Hon. THUCYDIDES MELPHESTAUS, On This 10th of Horen’s Calling, 1840.
  11. Thucydides read the treaty and gave a shake of his head as he got to the signatures. "This signature made by this Elysium Heir Regent, it looks as if they are writing in two languages at once."
  12. THE CROWN v. CARRION 14th of Sigismund’s End, 1839 THE CROWN, Represented by THUCYDIDES MELPHESTAUS of the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY TO COURT; ILYA CARRION ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: 204.01A- Where an individual commits acts with the intent to compromise the integrity of the Crown and its constituent institutions by waging insurrection and seeking the destruction of the Imperial State by impugning the character and person of the Crown through subversive means such as collusion with enemy entities and actors against the State, this shall be the crime of treason. 202.02B- Where an individual intentionally commits upon another an unlawful act of violence which brings about lasting but not permanent injury, incapacitates for any length of time, or utilizes a dangerous weapon, this shall be battery of the second degree, a misdemeanor. 202.04B- Where an individual intentionally and with premeditation causes the death of another, this shall be murder in the first degree, a felony. 209.03A- Where an individual actively attempts, but fails to commit, a crime, the individual shall be held liable with a mitigated punishment according to the crime which was attempted. Oren Revised Code, 202 ‘Injury Against the Person’ Oren Revised Code, 209 ‘On Inchoate Offenses’ Accused lured the Archchancellor to stand in front of the Bastion, to then be fired at by two other accomplices. WITH THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING RELEVANT PARTY OR PARTIES: ARCHCHANCELOR DRASUS DeNUREM IMPERIAL GENERAL ERIK VAR RUTHERN ON THE DESIRED DATE OF: 15TH OF SIGISMUND’S END, 1839 YOURS HUMBLY, THUCYDIDES MELPHESTAUS on behalf of THE CROWN, MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, BASRID CIRCLE COURTHOUSE, PROVIDENCE Salve#3641
  13. Thucydides read the decree with a shake of his head and a smirk. "Well I suppose the Pale is always open for High Elven asylum."
  14. SURNAME: Melphestaus FIRST NAME: Thucydides ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Melphestaus Estate DISTRICT/MUNICIPALITY/ARCHDIOCESE OF CANDIDACY: National YEAR OF BIRTH: 1796 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Municipality or Archdiocese you are running?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Furnestock (1838)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): Salvius
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