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  1. Take care Xalid, you were a wonderful friend. And I wish you the best of success in life! ❤️
  2. Stella would smile brightly at everyones cheery attitude, the little girl held up her sword, still covered in Renatian blood, “Glory to Muscovy!” She exclaimed.
  3. Estelle Kortrevich Raises her eyebrows to her father, giving a small sigh as she signs it “So protective” She rolled her eyes a little mumbling.
  4. *Estelle tapped her feet on the ground with a smile as she whistled the tune along with her quick movements with the bow along the Violins strings, the young girl trying to keep pace with the music.*
  5. Estelle smiles brightly as she plays her violin to the song, hoping her dad will come home safely after the war.
  6. Liana Cadenza de Alba frowned as she heard the news. “May god take you into his embrace.”
  7. Well Nectorist, I guess I am yours now since my mother gave me to you! ❤️
  8. She was a wonderful person, sad Enarvyne never had a chance to say goodbye.
  9. *Enarvyne Arator would receive it with a bright smile.* “H-Hopefully my m-mother will b-be able t-too attend with m-me! Maybe I-I will s-see Morgana!” *She said with a giggle as she went too get a dress.*
  10. Goodbye my dude! Good luck on future endeavors.
  11. Amelia would smile. Happy for her little Prince. Then she sighed going to draw him a bath.
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