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  1. Benelux


    Goodbye my dude! Good luck on future endeavors.
  2. Benelux

    [Accepted] Aquaquean's Application Team Application

    She makes everyone feel like a friend. She is an amazing person bringing smiles to everyone. And I think she would make an amazing addition to the AT team! Plus 1 for my best friend.
  3. Benelux

    The Coronation of Louis II

    Amelia would smile. Happy for her little Prince. Then she sighed going to draw him a bath.
  4. Benelux


    Erika Mittlekompf was born in Renatus. Her parents where Caravan merchants that traveled the lands of Atlas. They were killed by Wendigos during a trip through the mountains. Erika would live off the small amount of money she had left in her home. She sought solace in religion and for a while became a faithful follower of the Church of Canon for 2 years until she decided she would leave the Church. Not wishing to continue a life of servitude to a god. Wishing to decide her own faith.