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  1. Benelux

    A Transfer of Power.

    The following papers decree that I, that Baroness of Austrasia, shall be transferring all my titles, land, and ownership of Austrasia to my 1st in heir, North Bellatrix Stow, advisor of Austrasia. I have simply grown too old for politics and the like, and have given it to someone who is younger and has a passion for such. From now on I am simply Estelle Enthelor, and my advisor is Baroness North Bellatrix Stow, ruler of Austrasia. She shall have the highest of power and the make any decisions she may choose. The people sworn to me are now sworn to her. Hail Austrasia. Signed and published by Estelle Enethelor, former baroness of Austrasia.
  2. With the Orenian Empire taking its place under the sun again. Estelle decided to head to Carolstadt to pledge her Barony of Austrasia to the reemerged empire. Knowing Austrasia’s walls would not be the only thing needed to defend her Barony. Humanity shall be united again to defend itself from the aggressors that surround them.
  3. Benelux


    Erika Mittlekompf was born in Renatus. Her parents where Caravan merchants that traveled the lands of Atlas. They were killed by Wendigos during a trip through the mountains. Erika would live off the small amount of money she had left in her home. She sought solace in religion and for a while became a faithful follower of the Church of Canon for 2 years until she decided she would leave the Church. Not wishing to continue a life of servitude to a god. Wishing to decide her own faith.