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  1. Yes... Join me little bro...
  2. +1 to support local business, down with big business that make the frogs gay! Support your local shop owners today! #NorlandEconomics
  3. Welp, now if I don’t see people when I log on around me I might as well log dab dab.
  4. A call for celebration; New Magara’lin A feast of unity and progress Rejoice kin of Ash, a new era for the Mali’ker draws near! With the reconstruction of New Magara’lin finished, a celebration is to be had. We invite all Ashen Folk, all Renelians and our allies to celebrate with us. During this festival there will be plenty of food and drinks, along with various games and entertainment. These games include an archery competition, and a scavenger hunt throughout New Magara’lin, both with rewards! Merchants seeking to sell their wares at this celebration will be given the option of setting up stall, must contact Twilight Qua’req, the Renelian grand steward. Special invitations are sent out to the University of Vael, The Rexdom of Krugmar, The Lunar Domain of Asimu’lei and the Principality of Vira’bay. Leyu Luara
  5. Benelux

    Coming Together

    Pugsy that Covid gamer!!! 💪💪💪
  6. Discord: Benelux#2558 Item: Classic Red Gown Bid: 3k
  7. Discord: Benelux#2558 Item: Classic Red Gown Bid: 2.5k I must continue my red dress collection.
  8. Yes, but very old versions like hand cannons, etc. Pre 1500 stuff essentially.
  9. Benelux


    Katerina sat within the fields of flowers, radiating their bountiful colors of reds and blues, the sun shining brightly throughout the land as she quietly whistled to herself a small tune as she wove flower crowns together as she had when she was little, multiple already resting at her side as it seemed she had been at it for quite awhile now. Before she then looked upward to offer a smile toward Aleksandra, Karina and then Maya. She slowly moved to stand up, taking hold of three of the many crowns she had made, going to place one atop of Aleksandra’s head as she then went to hug her. “It is nice to see you.” She said softly with a cheerful tone in her voice, before then pulling away. “We really should get to baking that cake we said we would so long ago, but it seems we have eternity to decide when, hmm?” She said with a soft laugh before then taking a step to the right looking toward Karina. Moving to place the second of the crowns atop her youngest sisters head, going to than pat the top of her head before embracing her in a hug. “Even if I was just a bastard to you, it is lovely to see you again little Kari, you taught me to always be strong during struggle.” She said with a nod before slowly pulling back from the hug, going to then take another step to the right as she smiled to her younger sister Maya, some tears beginning to well up in her eyes as she went to set the last of the flower crowns atop of her head. Going to speak with a choked up voice at this point. “You were the strongest of us all my dear sister, and I am sure your children, will grow up to be just as strong as you were.” She said with a small nod as she then went to hug her once more after so long, going to place her head against Maya’s shoulder as she sobbed. “We can finally make another cake together, my favorite little crow.”
  10. How epic are your glasses gamer
  11. Lunela let out a sharp exhale, only having just arrived to Renelia to support her family. She stared down throughout the throne room as she frowned, blood seeping down the steps of the throne with Daiachia’s passing. She went to shake her head as she went to stand beside her cousin Ailmar. Going to pat him on the shoulder. “I am sorry for your loss, I am sure he was a great man. May Luara embrace him into her everlasting light.” She said quietly with a sad tone. Going to then bring her arms back down to her side as she took a step back, turning her gaze back to the bloodstained steps, her gaze not leaving.
  12. Oog thinks of the little red haired man that lied about giving him steak, his giant maw snapped shut in anger as he smashed his giant callused hands onto the ground. ”OOG EAT’Z LATZ! YUB YUB!” He yelled in a fit of rage, though his giant maw carried a wide grin. He was soon too begin his training in making sticks to make his ginger kebabs with.
  13. Benelux

    The Union of Mates

    Oog can’t read. But he awaits the grub to eat. ”Yub Yub!”
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