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  1. Gunpower lore the third

    I don't mind the cannons but muskets not a huge fan of maybe pistols but either way my main point of dislike on this post is that it's not really historically accurate. First gen weapons like the muskets or more like the pistol had a chance of blowing up in the users face i feel that should be involved in this to have some risk. Bullets can pierce through plate mail but it depends on the kind of plate mail whether it's crappy low quality plate mail or top of the line plate mail. In modern days we tend to use the cost efficient types of works not the which is of a lower quality to the medieval times quality of armor, not to mention we are in a fantasy world were we have races skilled at smithing like the dwarves or the orcs blood steel. But let's just say a musket can pierce through top quality iron plate armor what about other types of plate armor like steel or black ferrum or blue steel, or carbarum and the orcs blood steel which is two times the durability of black ferrum making it on the level of blue steel/carbarum. Overall i think it's great you did this but it could be worked on more and have more examples of rp situation with armor so people can get a better idea heck maybe even bullet types i might want to make my bullet out of a different metal. P.S i believe muskets and pistols were very inacurate from a far range maybe even mid and was mostly made for people who didn't have skill with the bow or cross bow it was used to save money and time on training soldiers and relied more on numbers instead of quality and skill. I don't mind having gunpowder and cannons that are of a lesser quality of rune cannons but please let's not have mortars or guns because let's be honest if people get guns they are gonna rp the hell out of it to make it as close to modern guns which is op. You know what they say give a man an inch then they will start wanting a mile next.
  2. Selling dragon scale helmet recipe

    So far the highest bid i've gotten is 10k minas if anyone wants to beat that be sure to msg on the forum or pm, I'll announce the winner in two days
  3. Selling dragon scale helmet recipe

    The title pretty much says it msg me your offers if you want :)
  4. [Bounty] Troll Terror [Moderate]

    Sorry but me and some acquaintances already killed this troll and taken the loot
  5. Community Meeting

    How come alot of the crude ores at spawn been removed? Just seems strange since no post about it and it was sudden and makes mining less appealing now for some. I also believe diving helmet is still bugged so you can't craft it, any idea when it might be fixed?

    Wait it out matches black ferrum, is this to say it's on the level of bluesteel or carbarum in durability/defense? and if that is the case how sharp is it? like black ferrum is good for weapons cause of how sharp and flexible it is and then daemon steel is even sharper than black ferrum but more fragile so only thin weapons like rapier's can be made with it. Thank you for your time and i look forward to rping with a bloodsmith who has been blessed by the spirit of smithing and blood. P.S Does the type of blood make any difference in the crafting like say from a strong beast physical wise or magical wise or durability wise?
  7. [POLL] CA for Ologs?

    what is CA's?
  8. [Reminder] Alchemist's Fire

    What happens if you pour alchemist fire on someone or use it in rp blacksmithing will it have a burning effect or any benefit effect in blacksmtihing?
  9. [Bounty] The Double Dagger Cutthroats (Hard)

    is this bounty still open?
  10. [Bounty] Feral Bog Rats (Easy)

    is this event still open?
  11. [Bounty] 'Gilgamesh's many requests: "Magma-Slinger"' [Hard]

    is this bounty taken yet?
  12. [Bounty] Voidal Distrubances

    has this bounty been taken and if not is it a pve event?
  13. [Lore Submission] Bloodsteel

    is it possible to use this method with other materials besides iron/steel?
  14. ~~~=The Mining/Smithing Guild=~~~

    -=Application=- MC Name:bluepheonixfire RP Name: Jorgan Grandaxe Are you applying for Mining, Smithing, or Both? Mining What is your level in Mining?: Adept What is your level in Smithing?: Skype name: blue pheonix ((look for the skype icon with a blue fire bird)) Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes What is your timezone?: BST Will you be able to fill your quota? I have tons of free time so yes
  15. The Grandaxe Clan

    MC Name: bluephoenixfire Character Name: Jorgan Character Age: 200 Profession (See below): miner Appearance: Stout, 4.7ft, bald with a fluffy black beard and bushy eyebrows (looks like his brother thorir) Bloodline: Grimaxe An image of the skin you intend to use: Discord (If you have it): bluephoenixfire Timezone: BST