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  1. Edict of 5th of Malin's Welcome, 1633

    Name of Tenant:Jorgan Profession of Tenant:Leatherworker, farmer, Miner, stonemason Soldier of the Legion (Y/N):No Time living in current residence:an irl month Clan affiliation:Grandaxe
  2. ~-~ A Great Celebration ~-~

    *Jorgan would give verthaik a pitied look at his bomb pun and continue his drink leaving the dwarf king to his maniacal Disney villain pirate laughter and monologue* ((just a joke no nastiness intended :P))

    Wait it out matches black ferrum, is this to say it's on the level of bluesteel or carbarum in durability/defense? and if that is the case how sharp is it? like black ferrum is good for weapons cause of how sharp and flexible it is and then daemon steel is even sharper than black ferrum but more fragile so only thin weapons like rapier's can be made with it. Thank you for your time and i look forward to rping with a bloodsmith who has been blessed by the spirit of smithing and blood. P.S Does the type of blood make any difference in the crafting like say from a strong beast physical wise or magical wise or durability wise?
  4. [POLL] CA for Ologs?

    what is CA's?
  5. Lower the amount of spooks?

    I'm sorry i thought this was an rp server not a call pvp every time you get attacked so you can get loot for more pvp :/. Anyway my view on this matter probably won't be counted as much but i like variety and so i like all these different kinds of undead and like the person said before try doing something about it in rp everyone hates undead for the most part so why not raise a undead/necromancer hunting team could be great fun in rp planning and hunting.
  6. [Reminder] Alchemist's Fire

    What happens if you pour alchemist fire on someone or use it in rp blacksmithing will it have a burning effect or any benefit effect in blacksmtihing?
  7. Quests from the King!

    Hello me and a few dwarves would like to take on the highway men/ bandits quest please
  8. In search of phoenixes

    *Would read Torens scribbles* Bah! Someone doesn't know 'ow ta read, da poster didn't say t'ey wanted it fer a pet but fer researc' fer der common people dun be so selfis' it's no wonder w'y dis person or any ot'er would wanta find out more bout dem it's just descendant nature ta find out more bout da unkown. *Jorgan would give a humph and walk off*
  9. [Bounty] The Double Dagger Cutthroats (Hard)

    is this bounty still open?
  10. [Bounty] Feral Bog Rats (Easy)

    is this event still open?
  11. The Dying Kingdom of Urguan

    *Jorgan would laugh in the comfort of his home and say to himself his comments on this matter* "Seriously da king is an undead ye sure it wasn't monk deity magic, Seems da folks were roig't dem frosties an silvervein w'ich are just frosties dem selves are lyin decietful power 'ungry. S'ame dat my cous t'inks 'e is 'onourable w'en really 'e just a puppet an da opposite of 'onorable an a 'ypocrite" *he take a gulp of his ale and head out*
  12. A Grudge Declared

    oh shut up wrenik your not even honorable yourself as edel if anything your the least honorable person out of the dwed lying to your clan leader about winning a battle when you didn't trying strike an orc in the leg when his back wasn't facing you call that honorable pfft what a laugh
  13. [Bounty] 'Gilgamesh's many requests: "Magma-Slinger"' [Hard]

    is this bounty taken yet?
  14. [Bounty] Voidal Distrubances

    has this bounty been taken and if not is it a pve event?
  15. Vote for the next Clan Father of the Grandaxes.

    Aye vote fer me Broth'a Thorir -Jorgan grandaxe