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  1. Hey please PM me. Altered Ruler#1322
  2. Clan Isilioleth History of the Isilioleths When the putrid aura of Orgon had swept into every aspect of the world around them, the Isilioleth knew that only destruction and decay would await those that remained on the doomed continent of Vailor. With this is mind, they made haste toward the boat that the clan had prepared for such instances; for an element made most clear in the clan is one of preparedness, whether it be for life or death. As the gathering of Mali’ker scrambled for their escape, the creatures of rot and destruction began to emerge from the fetid swamps around them, striking the slower of the Isilioleth that were lagging at the back of the crowd. Alas, with little time to spare the clan had no choice but to press on against the swathe of disease and entrapment that sought to ensnare them in their rotting fingers. As the enormous portal at the Docks opened up on the horizon, the Isilioleth knew that they would have to leave as soon as they could; and such little time they had, that they were forced to prematurely depart from the docks, leaving behind a number of Mali’ker that fought to the bitter end against Orgon’s army. Indeed, it appeared as though only the youngest and most agile of the family had made it onboard, as well as a few lingering creatures that had found their way through patches of decayed wood. As the clan fought against the remainder of these beasts, they made their way through the Spirit Realm that presented itself, absorbing the experience with adrenaline fuelled awareness. Yet in their attempt to understand the strange world they found around them, they failed to notice the point at which they emerged in Axios, crashing into a nearby coast and scattering the survivors who woke at different times of the day; if indeed they woke at all. It appeared the Isilioleth were not as prepared for the unknown as they had thought, a notion that would plague them in their desperate search to find one another. Philosophy and Religion General Life of an Isilioleth Credit to @Smaw and @Incandescent for writing most of the lore. I only imported things from each, edited, and added some small things. Majority is written by these talented writers! If you're interested: IGN: Discord:
  3. I think we should be pushing to see exactly what got her banned thoroughly instead of a vague reason. What specific rule did they break? What was the evidence submitted against them? This isn't a ban that makes sense for the evidence to be quietly swept under the rug to keep confidential information since it's literally just banter or toxicity depending on the view and context which we have 0 about. I don't believe we should just take the staff's word for it no matter if we hate or like the person in the community.
  4. Administration should step down at this point. Iblees wasn't casted into the void but instead the administration. Rip lotc
  5. The 'ker stares at this missive with a smile. "The heretics and heathens of Malin'or will meet Luara. The 'ker that have forsaken forfeit their lives and the rest of the heathens will soon follow. Abandon Luara, Abandon life." The 'ker threw her missive into the fire and threw it into the fire.
  6. [!] A 'ker woman ponders about the alliance shaking her head at the alliance with the 'thrill. "Racists, murders, voidal mages and heretics. Sounds like a recipe for disaster than worthy allies." The 'ker stands up from her seat as she prepares to hunt heretics.
  7. Name: Ciella Race: Dark Elf Age: 134 [[OOC]] Username: Altered_Ruler Discord: Altered Ruler#1322 Timezone: MST (Post application as reply)
  8. Alarcanis read the note with a frown, giving the second letter a glance at. After staring for what seems hours, she picked up both letters and put them into her pocket before getting up from her desk and leaving.
  9. A 'fenn read over the missive quietly taking a sip of wine in the process. "Those who submit to the will of another species are weak and an affront to Mali. Those who continue should be branded with shame that their own selfishness lead them to oppose their own." She shook her head, setting the missive on her desk and walked off.
  10. Altered

    The Ivae'fenn

    Name: Alarcanis Tathvir Race: Mali'fenn Age: 234 Gender: Female [[OOC]] Username: Altered_Ruler Discord: Altered Ruler#1322 Timezone: MST
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