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  1. Reminder you specifically came into Celia’nor vc with me and twi to propose dismantling Elysium, giving us their land, amd playerbase, just so you could remove tigergiri and crines. Don’t start throwing rocks at glass walls unless you wanna get into it.
  2. given they brought up the fact the Vale supposedly got ‘harassed’ just shows this was oocly based. Twi, and celianor have expressly avoided the vale for the entire duration of the nations existence due to knowing how toxic the community’s leadership is, and how much the Vale ST have been bad mouthing Celia’nor and twi for months in staff chats, just goes to show that this was oocly targetted. Good work providing further for one community at the expense of others.
  3. Unfortunately, just quit doesn’t work. People come back because they become attatched to these servers. It’s happens throughout all other servers. The only way those servers end up dying, is because admins just keep ignoring to make changes. So if they won’t fix their conduct now, results will occur within time.
  4. As many have seen on Twinny's ban post, a response by the admin team has been finally filled, and further--it was the response everyone already expected. A hollow, overextended excuse for the admin team to remove someone they didn't like. An excuse to abuse their station, and overextend past the rules and checks of this leadership community, all for the sake of dredging two members of this community through double standards because several of the administrators to their heinous, hypocritical obsession over bias towards other nations. This post is going to be locked, most likely, and I will either face punishment, or a blacklisting for even speaking out against administration. The admin team has shown not only have they abused their station by overstepping the mod team's say, but they have provided no evidence, no substance, and no proper quality to their decision. They have effectively banned two players on the schizophrenic concept 'if they stay they will destroy everything', with no evidence besides 'they were being mean, according to other people'. Lets get into the details of the admin response. "While the Administration does not permit bias toward any nation, we do care deeply for each individual player group, and if something would threaten to wipe out their existence as Twi had stated multiple times, this is a problem. This leads to some of the more publicly problematic behaviors Twi displayed which were extremely worrying to anyone with roleplay in their best mind." The team has provided us as the players of Celia'nor and Malin'or a genuine face they have treated us fairly. We were pushed out of a community we held alive for the sake of giving a dead nation back to the same people who kept it under, then let it flounder and die under that same administration. We have been treated unfairly by admin team, who has denied us the same opprotunities other nations have been given. The fact ItDontMatta had came to threaten Twinny that 'I will not allow you to touch Haelun'or' in dms, yet Krugmar dismantling Elysium because 'their leadership is bad' is perfectly allowed. The double standard that the community of Elysium, providing 10% of server activity at the time, wasn't valued at all, compared to Haelun'or, that didn't even pull 2% to keep their nation check allowed. "However, despite this, Twi still would engage in several ooc plots to suit their agenda. OOC threats, ramblings on destroying various nations, their cultures, their playerbases, both in target of an unrelated handful of people and their characters, and simply (with quote) because they could. Twi stated verbosely how they would not stop attempting to destroy other playerbases to the best of their ability until they were stopped by Administration/Moderation, and would then continue to push the limit." If this, loose claims of 'ooc agenda plots' not only are given no details as to what, or evidence, then deserves a deeper investigation into the 'ooc plots' of every nation leader. Krugmar, Haelun'or, and further nations and settlements have, with screenshots ready and available, engaged in 'death war' plots, threats, and insults directed at other nations, with leaders engaging in ploys to oocly manipulate, and bully their way into dismantling other nations. This is not a Twinny, or Monkee exclusive thing, so if you're going to ban them over such a reason, the whole server needs an investigation then. "They would harass members of the Vale and Haelun’or publically pre and post the war, constantly trying to get them to join Malinor through bullying, OOC pressure, blackmail, and other means. When they refused, Twi stated their intention to then conquer them. They’d mention this constantly oocly about how they wanted to destroy them. This need to destroy communities and harass their players off the server, is without saying, unacceptable. The harassment of these players and nations, to make them conform to their demands is against our Mission Statement of Roleplay First. By acting with all these ooc plots with no roleplay intention, driven entirely by ego and manipulation, it is clear that they don’t care for any of the other communities and just want to exert OOC pressure onto other players and destroying their communities whilst manipulating their own into being a platform which enables so." The vale, expressly, has remained out of the mouth of the Malin leadership for months, due to the knowledge the Vale had been insulting us in OOC, staff chats, and treating us poorly, knowing if we even spoke up, this sort of situation would occur. Haelun'or equally, is responsible too for 'ooc toxicity' in which the entirety of the 'republican plot' was a ploy to dismantle the Haelun'or leadership at the time, an OOC plot and ploy that dredged into IC. Where is their bans? Where is their punishment? Where is their fair treatment? The admin team has shown an unfair bias, an overstepping of their powers and checks by ignoring the mod team fully, and deciding to base an unfair ban and treatment of select people they have harassed for months. This requires the Mod team must step in, and demand change, because this will not be the last 'harassment' ban the admin team will conduct.
  5. Literally 1984'd rn

  6. A blatant misuse and overstepping without consultation of authority, ends up with either a jaded community or team. So if not going to inform this server with a little bit of respect or transparency with how some players are treated and even the courtesy to consult your team and subordinates, maybe stop trying to destroy ~15% of your server activity with target bans. Terrible business model.
  7. THE CELIAN ACADEMY: SEMESTER GALA 19 th of The Grand Harvest, Yr. 84 With the great war in the west coming to an end finally, an era of restructuring and renewal comes with the warming summer air of Celia’nor. As such, a new head and new semester for the Magic Academy of Celia’nor is brought forth, as the Academic semester draws closer for our most intelligent and bright of our academia. Thusly, with the inclusion of a new staff of instructors and tutors on their way into the full time position as mentors to the youth and scholars of Fi’Andria, we are proud to present a reopening event for the academy. The event shall host a short speech from the new head of the academy, a schedule for classes and criteria for graduation, and a small gala party with drinks and dancing for the families and adults of attending students (Water accommodations for youths will be made). We of the academy look forwards to your presence, and attendance in the following semester. Attendees from out of state are invited to join to partake in attendance of the semester. [OOC: 6 PM EST Monday, 7/11/22 At the Celian Academy]
  8. This info is not public knowledge IRPly: Post contains horror content Squid Market
  9. “They must be really desperate if they, genociders and purists, try to facilitate themselves as a ‘beacon’ of asylum for the homo. When I see every beetroot in Haelun’or destroyed, I will maybe believe this is more than a desperate death call.” She rolled her eyes at such a missive.
  10. “Oh—so they admit that Haelun’or is no longer if there’s nothing to claim. Equally—funny how they keep talking about the Valwynns seeing as they ceased to exist.” The Ibarellan sighed at the notion, muttering to herself at the missive. “They’ve already embarrassed everything that was Haelun’or over centuries to where even the likes of Braxus—their ‘republican’ movement founder is out of favor with them. It’s embarrassing they’re still whining about the same things. For Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, they really don’t seem to be in health or prosperity when they’re both dying, and dying under orc leadership like lesser thralls.”
  11. The elfess stood upon the balcony of one of San’Velku’s highest points, much an observer of the fight than a proper combatant yet present to aid San’Velku’s occupation. Her gauntlet traced along the official documentation of war, her gaze almost finding humor as she looked over the bloodied city, before shaking her head as she spoke “We gave them a warning. A shame it just had to come to this, where Mali have strayed so far from the path that their blood lays with these some ten-thousand we have laid to rest.”
  12. Welcome to HavsbrisArt's auction -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I will be auctioning off a full-body, digital art commission The auction duration will last 3 days, where bids will be made in 100 minas increments, so by 6/2/22 at Noon PST, the auction will close and the last/highest bidder will be awarded the piece. I will draw all kinds of characters, including Orcs, Humans, Armor, and others, however will only being doing SFW content. The piece will be done with semi-shading instead of full Special circumstances, such as multiple characters will be determined based on the final price. *THIS AUCTION IS SPECIFICALLY MINAS PRICED AND MINAS ONLY* To bid on the auction, comment below on the post your bid, and tag the last highest bidder. Bid raises at 100 minimum. Buyout price: 8k Minas Starting Bid: 2k Minas -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Once selected, I will contact the recipient through forums and likely discord for extra details. I will accept Minas before the full res/unwatermarked piece is sent. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Reference pieces in the Doc Below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11ba5RME7yQePFnH902ILrD4UT_HlgoaOoqLWCy2Vkdc/edit?usp=sharing STARTING BID: 2k Minas
  13. Published: 19th of the Deep Cold, 75 S.A. Theater, one of the oldest and most classic artforms of cinema and performance, the theater is a home to many great performances of dancers, singers, actors and others alike in which the play stage is seen as where creativity and deep storytelling come to meet together. Where storytelling can reach a new height from the books to the words and actions of play actors towards a greater audience. With comedy, tragedy, mythos, and romances, the play sets for a world of storytelling. The Celia’nor theater would like to cordially invite you to a night of drama and suspense, to a night of Tragedy for the story of Ivullar. Hosted in the evening, the Tragic story will be shown to all attendees of the grand theater for the first time. All are invited, and all are welcome to this show. The theater would like to personally invite these guests: Ivarielle Ibarellen, Princess of Celia’nor and her citizens Vytrek Tundrak, Prince of Fenn and his citizens Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath and his citizens Evar’tir Oranor, High Prince of Elvenesse and his citizens Mika Anarion, of Lubba Keep and it’s denizens Frederick I, King of Oren and his citizen [OOC INFO: SATURDAY, MAY 14TH, 6:00 EST]
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