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  1. Flickering sights of days prior dawned in the 'aherals mind... "if you need my aid, all you need do is ask; and so I shall gather whomst I can" The silver elfess' tone bounds across the hilltop, met only by the the relentless whipping winds of the blizzard and that of someone she would come to believe her llir, Prince Vytrek. (@Monkee). "You are no different then" Now bounds the voice of his mal'onn (@Fekr) amidst a lengthy conversation betwixt the walls of the frigid keep one late night, prior to the battle's eve, before it so twisted in tone and volume. "Yet you are the first.." - "To care for 'fenn I mean" He so concluded upon words exchanged thereafter, the woman sitting in silence as her attentiveness diverted from his words.. once more shifting. And yet.. one memory took ahold. "Ally of yore, of my lari'onnan, my mal'onnan.. bestow upon me one request; to march alongside side me, my talonii.. my distant kin to suffer in the barren peaks, to suffer in their isolation.." Pleaded the porcelain paletted elf to the Nephilim before her "If Diarchists taint your view of my people, have bestowed upon you this falsehood- then so grant me the chance to earn my kins redemption for a future.. march with us on the dark" At that, the Nephilim's chin angled downward (@Milenkhov). By her pleas did he show.. Yet.. it had all played out so differently from what the mali had envisioned in her mind. The Start. A fennic vanguard to struggle against a tide of those twisted by the dark, making ground only as the blizzard's flakes parted for the hail of projectiles. For a moment the horrors of war prior; of strife and torment, fractured memories now whole, painted in the clearest of forms bared their fruits- only broken by the yelling of Fennic Commanders. Her veiled gaze gave unto the figure at her flank her attentiveness (@Venomous_Pup). "And so shall the proving grounds of our generations to come be proven here, in fenn. So shall the mistakes and idleness of Diarchists and High Princes be fought by 'aheral and 'fenn here today.. come.. let us join them" So spoke the Shepard as she descends from the hilltop- before from her sleeves did the manifestation of an endless stream of flaking embers come to exist. Deaths.. wounds.. all were blown as the blackened banners advanced toward the crater where upon once a time the Fennic square stood.. and from which did IT emerge.. the presumed amalgamation of the mystic's work, a titanic aberration of twisted souls most confused. The elfess bore witness as her ally, Diome ( @Orlanth) were near rendered asunder, ripped in half.. broken and bruised.. yet all in favour of the growing collection of smoke and dwindling embers above. And so it came to fruition when the Aberration dwelled above the crater; at last.. a hellish torrent of voidal flame piercing through the shroud of thick white-obscurity; hundreds of fiery droplets the size of coins would streak down with the consistency of a typical rainfall- no signs of wavering or halting.. simply a mass scorching of the pit- yet from the Barrowlord a screech resounded that would instil the descendants of malin, the followers of the titan with fear- prompting their flee.. her connection severed- her work lacerated. Yet it were not over.. exhausted were her form- her beads of sweat freezing over as the night grew colder.. harsher.. though by means of shear will, foul play or mayhaps simply the thought of failing her distant kin.. did the sorceress press her known bounds- one final spell. "Distant Lari'onnan, mal'onnan... I've done all I can" Confessed the silver elf, and so now in the end of her casting's reign, the magi whomst had stood as the primary wreaker of havoc upon the aberration's form with her fire would sling her last stint of flame. Her last actions were noted as the panning of countenance to the aftermath, her living allies. Her scarred lips curled upward for a faint, brief, smile.. before the elfess than collapsed amidst the square, her frame fell limp.. idle.. unresponsive. Those to hear this in history would surely know this as a fennic victory.. yet those there knew who were present...
  2. "Achieve mali unity.. let us start by breaking it down into steps. First and foremost, the disbanding of the state which is composed of Imperial Elves, traitors to Malin and their descendency. Secondly the stepping down of a Diarchist government in Haelun'or. Thirdly.. the removal of the false title held by 'Elvenesse.'" Rasped a mali in the north.
  3. Caderina stirs, a servant of her estate heralding news of utmost importance. A lengthy sigh were had of her when its contents were revealed- but a single tear would follow. "No man were kinder, no man were stronger in my eyes. In truth i'll miss you, Cyrus Mareno. Those to come have great boots to fill yet cast now in marble with your forefather will you be, to watch over those present, and those to come after." A shakey breath were had, her speech lacerated. "From henceforth I pledge to do my best for your successor, be the best I could be, win stories and promote a future for Myrine. I'll miss you, I truly will.. and when my ship sets sail in old age and we meet again I'll be glad to buy you another drink, make sure you are ready for it."
  4. "Ti but, at the end of the day.. Imperial elves are anything but the descended of Malin. To reject one's nature as a mali and roll in the filth of a culture most foreign to you means you have rejected your nature. The Fabrication that 'Irehearts' are clipping the ears of elves are most definitely false, under the aforementioned. As a mali'aheral most free and proud to be of Malin's descent, I even approve of their behaviour and have not once been threatened by these dwed." Commented a Shepard of Mali passively to a certain 'fenn during their talks, as she heard the news of this. @Monkee
  5. "Balthazar's watchful gaze spread far and wide, truly the best way to end such pettiness from orcs." Chimed the Aediles.
  6. chemise :) Twinny#7018
  7. @Lionbileti cant keep getting away with this.

  8. "Reasonably priced, as all things should be" Remarked she who dwelled within the southern-country.
  9. A myrinian woman simply sweats at the concept of a boy throwing men about as if they were idle, lifeless, figurines.
  10. MC Username: TwinnyDZ RP Name: Caderina Marlene Tournament: All
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