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  1. MC Name: Twinndolin Discord: Twinny#7018 Image: (tried to send this twice, nub work, take link.) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/848213745535549440/995386460159086592/dumb_elf.png Description of Image: A painting of young Ivarielle. Dimensions: 1 wide 2 high
  2. "The west is not yours to meddle with." A royarch remarks
  3. A schizophrenic monarch would begin to dust some arcane cannons off the shelf...
  4. @GMRO@Lionhzok but what if you do a war where you both risk it all... 

    1. aiden0023


      but if i lose it all, slip and fall
      i will never look away

  5. THREATS OF THE DARK EMPIRE An unnatural threat far more powerful than the ferocious dragonkin has thwarted the continent of Almaris. I have seen visions of a great maze surrounded by darkness; it is empty and derelict, haunted by images of great horrors scrawling across its decrepit walls. This ‘Dark Empire of Evil and Greed’ seems to be a show of comedy, though I would warn my valiant Principality to be wary. The Dark Emperor Malik first struck in our homeland, and conquested our palace. All witnessed his devious and egregious sorcery, and the darkspawn was able to escape. I have seen visions of a pot with a countenance warped by greed, stolen by the hands of another. I have seen visions of ferocious battles of winged-men in the skies, and great portals succumbing armies into an ever-black maze. The Greed Emperor Greedmane devoured these visions whole. They have masked their intentions behind a façade of pranks and jokes. This dark-lord has twisted the minds of descendants by offering cursed relics. I saw visions of a great, ebon-black oil lamp crashing into the ground, for it to be held by another evil hand. Amidst the coalition that is occurring in the continent, I fear that war against the Dark Empire is paramount in securing the future of the descendants. I would ask all who devote themselves to warding off such things, ask all who care to maintain balance, to pick up arms and prepare themselves for war. They claim to have devoured the very gods, and have proven brotherly connections to Aengudaemons. The Azdrazi threat is minute in comparison to what this may ignite. I would ask my allies to raise banners and also join in my fight against this wicked existence. Do not be fooled by their humour, for I have witnessed evil and peering upon them I see no difference TO THE DARK EMPIRE EVIL WILL LOSE ONCE MORE. Signed, Ivarielle Ibarellan, Arch-Princess of Celia'nor, Princess of the Silver Princedom of Haelun'or, Arch-Mage of the Pale Tower, Commander of the Celiadiraar, Princess of Malin'or and of the High Elves
  6. "but.. i'm an elf.. i'll just go.. find a deity or something.." The elf comments.
  7. Ivarielle grabs a bat, sensing a disturbance in the kitchens..
  8. "Hm." A humming monarch.. hummed.
  9. That's my retirement home. What the hell?? @Milenkhov

  10. "That's my land. Tread carefully." A royarch commented from the west.
  11. @itdontmattaone side wants 3 the other 4, your call. Probably wont be an agreement. As for the siege what will we be sieging? We were under the impression no major changes were allowed to occur and hope that is to persist and since nor'asath pasting wasn't agreed on/answered to i would it so the edits done will not be present for the siege (the most recent changes).
  12. Ivarielle stood at the base of the mountain with Willy Horen's comrades.. listening to the sounds of a man screaming orders so rapidly his words were wrapping like a Tornado.. and soon after warhammers 'pon helmets like that of a church bell. Some even caught her sipping from a wine bottle..
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