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  1. Remove the new tab in game. It’s ******* atrocious...

  2. Flamboyant lowkey pulled off the biggest power grab in LoTC history......


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    2. FlamboyantTyrant
    3. Elennanore


      Wait what did he do im not in the lööp

    4. christhemythical


      Merger of ET and LT. Now directly the admin for both divisions. I blame Telanir and his lack of communication with the community but honestly there is a hand to play for our Lord Tyrant. Love you Flam..

  3. Whoever manages the forums, please add a feature that allows players to delete their own old cringy posts without having to show it to staff to hide it >:[


    Edit: I am idiot

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    2. Illiran


      @Wrynn this is why I hate myself :0 :facepalm:

    3. Ford


      No. You ******* live with your mistakes.

    4. idk


      okay but what about old cringy comments :’)

  4. Username: Karpizzle I didn’t recieve a paper notification on any of my personas and none of my items were restored. My enderchest is empty save for items that I have added recently and my chest at CT is also locked and supposedly empty according to GMs
  5. Bank rp should be a thing. Actual buildings dedicated to keeping money that are actually manned by real characters. It’d be ImMeRSiVE!






    *(An rp bank heist would be cool**))00

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    2. lev


      we used to have an actual bank in Arethor, 2.0

    3. Destroyer_Bravo


      josh idfk how u got arethor from asulon, but yes, 2.0 did have a bank.


      this just meant that transactions happened in ct and nobody carried money on em

    4. lev


      arethor was the name of the city u ******* idiot 

  6. :OOC: MC Name: Illiran MC name of those living with you: uwuusowarm, jacobcraft04, periklis02, dill_manYT, and possibly a few more depending on whether or not they will be active. :RP: Head of household: Illiran Drennan Family/individuals staying: Valerica Drennan, Anarion Drennan, Elirion Drennan, Virion Drennan, another child coming soon Number of Children: 3 Side note: “A sizable home would indeed be preferable as to reflect the titles bestowed upon myself and my family by the Maheral and Okarir’tir. Do send a bird at your most convenient time. ~Illiran Drennan”
  7. Daily Banger



  8. I need to make a TA. Hurry up story team!! 😠

  9. This was short notice.....
  10. clickbaiting ***** ❤️
  11. A banger




    1. Rickson





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