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  1. :OOC: MC Name: Illiran MC name of those living with you: uwuusowarm, jacobcraft04, periklis02, dill_manYT, and possibly a few more depending on whether or not they will be active. :RP: Head of household: Illiran Drennan Family/individuals staying: Valerica Drennan, Anarion Drennan, Elirion Drennan, Virion Drennan, another child coming soon Number of Children: 3 Side note: “A sizable home would indeed be preferable as to reflect the titles bestowed upon myself and my family by the Maheral and Okarir’tir. Do send a bird at your most convenient time. ~Illiran Drennan”
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    This was short notice.....
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    The Great Creeper War

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    This map sucks...

    clickbaiting ***** ❤️
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    [Feat] Vivification

    I like this
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    [Your View]Coups

    I voted no on this for the same reason that others above did. It should be left purely for the players to roleplay. This process of making apps and having strict requirements seems more like a chore than something I’d want to do for entertainment. Having all of these rules takes away from the plethora of different scenarios that can play out and instead narrows it down to something more along the lines of ehat seems to me like a crappy quest. “Do this. Make this. Get this many people. Do this....” rinse and repeat yata yata yata, you get the point. What I’m trying to get at (but probably failing miserably at) is that when things like this are put into place, they take away from the unpredictability and overall quality of the roleplay that is possible without things like this. Coups should already be a thing but without all the guidelines and rules.
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    Love u devdog 🙂
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    The Vihai | Sentinels of the Silver State

    OUT OF CHARACTER Minecraft Account: Illiran Discord Name: Illiran#8255 Timezone: est IN CHARACTER Name: Illiran Drennan Age: in the 300s Gender: Male Are you a citizen of the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or?: Yes Do you swear to live and die to safeguard maehr’sae hiylun’ehya?: Yes Do you swear to protect the sovereignty of the Silver State of Haelun’or and its enclaves?: Yes
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