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  1. Carolus Ivan Colborn spits up on himself
  2. Godric Adrian Colborn looks down from the Seven skies and thinks Karl III is truly Based and Haense Pilled
  3. Godric Adrian Colborn looked down from the seven skies with a smile. Seeing Lorence grow and become a true Colborn by name brought honor to their family.
  4. Godric Adrian Colborn met Madeline in the seven skies. He dabbed her up with a smile. No words needed to be shared between them, since, after all, their first meeting was between a pen and paper.
  5. A Man's Personal Heaven _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The muscles that strained the man's face into a contortion of rage soon loosened. His eyes widened, and his pupils dilated - the blood in face having drained through his wounds. Over to his left, his disembodied leg that was torn and shredded from his body, riddled with frostbite. His slayer-steel knife stopped short at the Orc's neck as the large war-axe found home in the side of his chest. His desperate attempt to keep a young child safe from the harshness of villainous trespassers would not work in his favor a second time. As his body fell from the little effort the Orc used to hold him up, his eyes managed to shift towards the other end of the square. The BSK, and close allies, were in the midst of battle. He was sure they would succeed, and all will be right within the Red Walls once more. As his eyes steadily fell, the man felt a coldness he was not used to. Despite living in the North all his life, this breeze shook his bones and made his limbs quiver; at least, the limbs he still had. His consciousness faded out with the cries of battle and the roars of magic soaring across the sky between forces. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ His eyes shot open as his head sprung up from the pillow. His breathing spiked as he gripped the side of his chest where the wound would have been, but he was met with unharmed flesh and smooth skin. He looked around, finding himself in his home on Koenastriet. Confusion wracked his brain as the door opened, and his wife, Makenna, entered. "Good morning, Godric." She expressed with the kind smile he had seen on her since they met so long ago. "I was going to wake you up sooner, but you were so deep in your dream." He was bewildered, his heart settling as he tried to get past his nightmare. "Ah, ya should have woken me up sooner. Ah could have helped eym with breakfast." "Don't worry your sweet heart about that. Adrian made sure to wake up sooner than the others to help me out. Now get dressed, big Adrian came over." "Gramps is here?" he managed the covers off of himself, sitting up on the side of the bed. He stared down at his leg, as if he could not believe it was still there. He got up and dressed. Today, he did not feel like gearing up his usual outfit - cape, wrist guards and all. He walked down the hallway towards the stairs where his children, Adrian and Ada, were chasing each other around with toy swords. They ran around him for a moment and disappeared down the hall to their room. He made his way downstairs, the smell of different foods filled his nostrils as he turned the corner. "Godric, my dear boy!" called out an old man by the window. He stood with the help of a cane, and by his side on the window sill sat the third child, Cedrick. "Gramps, what are eym doin' around here so early? Is everythin' alright?" "Why do eym always assume my arrival brings bad news? Can I not visit my two Great Sonsons and my Great Dottirson?" He could only respond with a chuckle at that. Makenna made sure to come about and pull Godric by his arm towards the table. His kids and grandfather joining him for breakfast. The room was filled with laughter, childish screams, and food thrown about like a war-torn battlefield. Godric had a smile as large as the Koengzom. As breakfast finished up, his grandfather took the kids to the living room to play. Godric was left alone, assisting his wife with cleaning up the table. "I will take care of the rest, love. Could you grab some more lumber from the backyard? We will need more." "Ah got it." Godric responded with haste, planting a kiss on his wifes' cheek as he passed by. He took a few turns from the dining room until he reached the back door. He glanced back at the sound of his kids playing around, and the hearty laughter of his elder kin. He opened the door and walked out. As he turned, he was only met with white. A literal white void, where nothing else was visible. He turned back, his mouth opening to speak, but choked on his words as the door he walked through was gone from sight. His wife, his kids, his grandfather and his home were gone. The realization settling in that he did not wake up from a dream, but was having one. His breathing hiked up as he turned once more, and turned again. He spun around trying to find the door, or anything to get back to his family. Alas, there was nothing but eternal void of whiteness. He felt his core fall to his feet as his legs buckled under him, collapsing him to his knees. He remembers what happened. How the Orc charged him, and the frost witch's spear that tore into his leg. He attempted all he could to bring the forces away from the girl they targeted, but he was made quick work of. He stared down at his lap, his hands unclenched and motionless before him, until he heard a voice. "If ye aren't the proudest child I could have eva' had." The man's voice rung out from the void. Godric's eyes widened at the familiar sound and turned around quickly to the sight of his father - Eskil Colborn. "My son. I can't believe ye got to live such an amazing life." Godric's eyes began to water, he struggling to get up to his legs, tripping somewhat. "Pa. . . is it true? Am ah where ah think ah am?" he asked, attempting to hold his tears back as he awaited the answer he already knew. Eskil nodded once, confirming without words the answer to his son's question. "It hurts, knowing who ye will be leaving behind. But now ye know where they will end up after." he held his hand out towards his son to help him stand, to which Godric accepted. "I have been waitin' for ye for so long." he exclaimed as he pulled his son into a warm embrace. "Pa. . ." was all Godric could muster as he wrapped his arms around his father, who died much earlier in his life. He pulled back some, looking his father in the eyes "Ah did not mean to leave them all behind. Ah am so selfish." The grown man spoke like a child in front of Eskil. He appeared helpless, and only wanted to go back to his family. "Ye were not selfish, youngin'. Ye did that which others could not, and threw ye self in front of danger without hesitation. I have been watchin' everyday, and ye have done nothin' but bring pride to our family. I am so proud to have raised a son like ye." With the heart-warming words of his father, Godric noticed the empty white void fade. In it's place, large white clouds stretched far underneath them, and a bright clear blue sky painted overhead. He turned, throwing an arm around his father's shoulder as he did the same to his son. "Come now, Godric. Let's get ye introduced to everyone else!"
  6. Godric Colborn found the body when a young boy came running into the tavern searching for help. As he turned onto the street, he was met with the bloody footprints that long since dried leading out of the home. With the door jammed, he broke the window to get inside. "Pyotr!" he called out, but there would be no response from the corpse. Godric could do nothing but examine his old friends' corpse, and on it, he found a letter. The letter claiming a man named 'Wu' wanted to meet with him. The name was burned into his mind as he took Pyotr's body to the clinic, where he could be looked over and placed into the morgue.
  7. Godric laughed as he read his daughters' missive. "All three of my kids are so outgoin'. It's astoundin'."
  8. "Look at this, youngin's." @dove @Limo_man @Minth_11 he held the letter in front of them so they could see too. He looked up and over to his grandfather who spoke to him. "Ah know more than anyone else how much this means to ya, gramps. And ah plan to work twice as hard so that our family only goes up from here."
  9. Godric Adrian Colborn fell back on the couch in the Colborn household. He let out the deepest sigh as he sunk deep into the cushions. "Do not ask me to make all that again in just a week. Ya almost killed me."
  10. Godric Adrian Colborn used a now brownish-red cloth to finish wiping the end of his longsword. His face was covered in sweat and dirt, and although his family celebrated, he had a more aggressive look on his face after the battle. "Ah would rather have had my youngin's grow to fine adults before they faced the tragedy of war." he responded to Adrian Colborn @JuliusAakerlund"But that is not something ah could choose to happen. Ah will take care of how my little ones react afterwards. Ya just got to be there for our Colborns without any parental figures."
  11. The slams echoed through the forge as the hammer beat against the red hot iron over and over. The light illuminated the face of Godric Adrian Colborn who looked back at his grandfather @JuliusAakerlund with a disappointing demeanor. "Let them threaten us, like they have done time and time again. They will only be met with the full force of the Colborn name. Let us remind them of what we can do." The hammer swung down a final time with the heat that once ignited the blade in color fading back to a darker shade.
  12. Godric Adrian Colborn was very upset with his son, Adrian, when he returned. Seemed despite his warning, the children acted out against his demand. What a shame.
  13. Godric Adrian Colborn read the signed copy that was left on his doorstep. He was beyond confused that his name was on it, but it was not his signature. It was not until he later came upon the Treasury with his resource ledger that he realized what really happened to the Kelp shipment.
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