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  1. Goan Aldin notices a parchment hanging on the tavern entrance as he carried in supplies for the masquerade. He smiles, “I will try my best.” He notes as he heads into the tavern.
  2. Goan Aldin sips his mug that contained Aldin Hot Cocoa(TM) now served at the White Stag Tavern.
  3. Goan Aldin raises his right arm, pretending the flex his bicep. “I’ll help out the inn just as much as the tavern! Count me me whenever you can!”
  4. The innocent Goan Aldin reads from the comfort of his bar. “I just want to make drinks.”
  5. Seuss

    rwko's art thread

    Amazing art.
  6. Brog Dhoon clears his throat in the hall of the Duma. “Apologies, but I cannot run another term. I am getting far too old, and must relax in these final years.”
  7. Little Mal'onn is stepping up! I cannot wait to see the good he can do!
  8. Ker’ayla, Lliran! It is the better twin here, Goan Aldin! News has spread that positions are available for the Silver Council and I am here to announce my candidacy for Okarir’mali! Nothing is more heart warming than a beautiful city filled with lliran. I see you all as lliran, especially grand elder Noix! As well as fluff guard, he is amazing. If taking the role of stewardship across the city must be upheld so that more friends can stay with us, then I wholeheartedly accept the responsibility! Taking care of all the current and future residents of Elcihi’thilln would only bring joy to an already joyous Mali’aheral! It is my pleasure to put forth my time, effort, and respect to you all through the work of Okarir’mali. I hope you can all support me through this, and if not, let us still be friends! Oh, and the new district. It is without a doubt that as a member of the Council, I will push for the faster creation of the new district, along with assisting the future Okarir’akaln with gathering the proper tools, materials, and wonderful aid for the improvement of our home! I am here for my friends! Signed, Goan Aldin Second Son of the Aldin Family Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Lliran!
  9. Brog Dhoon reads the journal in his studies. The room brightened by a small candle beside him. “This lad has some good ideas brewing up in his head. Horen’s past is still a mystery, as well as his brothers’ lives. There is more to Arcas than a few ruins though.”
  10. NAME: Brog Dhoon AGE: 84 (Born in 1635) RESIDENCE: Sigismund Court 3 OCCUPATION: Farmer and Willing Fighter for Haense POSITION INTERESTED: Alderman
  11. The Grandmaster taps his index finger on the arm rest of the throne, reading the response “Must this truly become a battle of wits?” he looks up from the paper “Although, that would suffice more than battle of strength. I would just hope he comes to understand these “facts” he claims to be real are false.”
  12. The man sat still while reading the information laid out in front of him. He calls for a knight, “Ready a response.” And the knight is off. Seems he will have to make his motives clear. (Good read. Will make a response post soon!)
  13. There were no words from the man. His hand covering his eyes as he read the will under his name. A tear fell on the paper, followed by another. The grand hall of his fortress was haunted by the soft whimpering of an old man. Not a word was spoken.
  14. The old uncle shed tears he often did not as he learned of what happened. “All the little ones are leaving before I am. . .” his voice was hoarse.
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