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  1. « ᛍᛚᚪᚾ ᚮᚱᚡᚪᚱ » « Fleyja Sevlla, Fleyja Fjarri. » Unae huksa faer ro heimskur til gera slik en vetna, Brodir; vit unae einnig skilja faeryd thurf na desire til gera fit. Unae villi aldrig beygja fe aukja til fe keisaradaemi, vit unae villi avalt stol fyrirutan faer ir sveit faer gera laeta ert kyn. Ef thaeti er sveit faer trutu er beztr laeta ert fyrdar, tjal unae et behind faer. Vit vita thaeta ef thaeti gerir aptr eldur, unae efni fit er ull onae til stingur uppi sveit piece'ja thaeta unae kan. Sem vig Orvar, fit er minn faeding rettr til velja fit aptr uppi. Unae gera ki vijane til, svo instead unae villi hjalp faer talr aptr sveit vi hafdi, na meir. ----------------------------------- -------------------------------- ~ ᛜᛡᛜᛡᛜ ~ Ungur Hundur’de – Saoirse Ungur Ravja af Orvar Translation: I think you are stupid to do such a thing, brother; but I also understand your need and desire to do it. I will never bend the knee to the empire, but I will always stand beside you in what you do for our kind. If this is what you believe is best for our people, then I am behind you. But know that if this does back fire, I feel it is upon me to pick up what pieces that I can. As an Orvar, it is my birth right to pick it back up. I do not want to, so instead I will help you take back what we had, and more.




    1. Demigryph


      we already were smh, but yes OFFICIAL friends woo

  3. Hei, Jaeden. Ily, I miss you, RP ON RENN MORE. VenymNyx Dees two, peez?
  4. I absolutely love this. Will always love your lore, Owyn.
  5. http://www.tinyurl.com/MenoftheNorthwood If you want the prettified, and aesthetically pleasing one. We try to update this often. You can also go to that link to add some comments or suggestions! We appreciate all of the lovely comments posted this way, by the way, guys! I hope more people will be interested in playing a Gorundyr when 5.0 comes out!
  6. This site on a phone is the definition of Hitler for me. D;

  7. http://tinyurl.com/LilithsLoTCForumPost I want your input. >:


    If you like it, 1+ and a post? <:


    Also, I haven't seen you on in forever. Just a warning, we gave away your house because of inactivity.

    1. Bluedude10


      That's cool, I recently moved and we haven't had Internet setup yet so I haven't been able to get on.

    2. Venym Nyx

      Venym Nyx

      We have apartment like complexes now, so you don't have to worry about moving away. <3

  8. http://tinyurl.com/LilithsLoTCForumPost I want your input. >:


    If you like it, 1+ and a post? <:

  9. MC Name: VenymNyx RP Name: Sonaak Ketiley “Strong-Heart” of Orvar Skype Name(You may PM it): banpaiaonna Teamspeak?: Yes Timezone: PST Profession(s)(Include level): Masterful Chef, Apprentice Alchemist Will this be a main character?: Yes
  10. Aside from me also helping Owyn write the Lore, and come up with some of the rituals, foods, and such, from an unbiased perspective, this Lore is Fanstastic. Ive had the most fun playing a Gorundyr than any oother culture or race. Not only is this Lore eextremely well written, but, it's very well planned out and I legitimately think Owyn's creation is the best culture.
  11. Ketiley Strong-Heart of Orvar would raise a slender brow and take her quill to the Charter, adding her signature.
  12. So, I'm having this extreme issue ever since Vailor came out, and never had this issue beforehand. The problem is, when using Conquest (which I refuse to not use), to get the connected textures, I'm required to use either Optifine or MCPatchers. Well, this is ONLY with LotC, but after a few moments of sitting in a suspended loading and staring at a frozen screen, I'm immediately disconnected. It either says I've been booted by a remote host, timed out, or outright disconnected. In one of the instances, at the time I was writing this, I got another type of message of how I can't be in LotC. Now, when I say it'only LotC, it truly is. I have NO issues with any other servers on Minecraft, included with single player. Is there a way this can be fixed? On the occasion that I do not use the recommended MCP and OP, I can join with no issues, aside from my own personal internet and laptop issues.
  13. Ketiley would slam her fist against her chest, curtly nodding."Praise Gorund!"
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