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  1. Saoirse would stand before the casket, staring at it with reddened eyes, tears staining her cheeks. Utter, unnerving, silence came from her as severe pain and depression seemed to ooz from her being. It was clear to all that Edward was someone incredibly important to her. Someone high on her list of importance. After a long while of silence and staring, she dropped to her knees and began to weep silently; her body trembling as she did so. ”I nee’ me bes’ frien’… I cannae do t’is wit’ou’ ye’… please…” She begged, despite knowing he wouldn’t come back. Her left hand came up to press to the wooden burial bed, shaking with extreme sadness. ”Dunnae wworry, fahdon… I will see ye’ again in a few years…” She stated between stifled sobs.
  2. Venym Nyx

    Nidr Af Rahdonir

    MC Name: VenymNyx Discord: VenymNyx#3180 IRP Name: Saoirse Ungur Ravja af Orvar Age: 24 Race: Highlander Social Rank: Orvar
  3. Venym Nyx

    Taking What is Ours

    Saoirse stared at this, frowning rather heavily. She then ripped the paper up and scowled once finishing, issuing a gentle growl. ”I knew Oren never died. Tha’ very same people ‘o feikin’ ripped me people from our ‘omes an’ tied ta’ ligh’ us on fire. All because we’re differen’ from tha’ normal. Because we dunnae follow tha’ Cannonis’ faith. Feik dis.” She spat to the side after dropping the missive.
  4. Saoirse would stand proudly next to her Father, Ruari, remaining quiet as she listened to everyone speak. It was clear the girl harbored an utter hatred for the situation and resented the people who side with those who attacked her home, unprovoked. ”No one came to us, offered words of wisdom, any chance ta’ ‘redeem’ ourselves. No’ that i’ would necessarily ma’er. Jus’ as a Cannonis’ wouldn’ change their ways an’ le’ their beliefs waver, why shoul’ we? Wha’ gives anyone tha’ righ’ ta’ tell us wha’ we can and cannae worship and believe in. I ‘appened ta’ jus’ wake up af’er everyt’in’ ‘appened, an’ ‘ad ta’ tend ta’ me Fadir,” She suddenly gestured towards Ruari. ”An’ try ta’ make sure ‘e di’n’t feikin’ bleed ta’ death. ‘E explained tha’ ‘ole ma’er ta’ me an’ me Aun’. An’ me Fadir is nei a lyin’ man. Bu’ i’s nei like our words ma’er, righ’? ‘Cause we’re some’ow pagan scum, aye?” She turned her head away and spat at the ground, glaring.
  5. Saoirse would smile widely as she read the notice, quite pleased with this. It was clear Graham made her proud, offering a heartfelt “Agreed, Rikr Brodir. Kogaan.” Towards the paper.
  6. Venym Nyx

    The Afturkvald Festival

    Saoirse would seem to stare at the person who stated about the church and blinked loudly. ”Methinks yer blind. Tch.” She scoffed softly and moved to stand next to Torleif, shaking her head.
  7. Venym Nyx

    [✗] [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    I absolutely love this. Will always love your lore, Owyn.
  8. I love the builds you do. I personally believe you're much better than myself; I completely support this! +1
  9. Venym Nyx

    [Culture] The Gorundyr, Men of the Northwood

    http://www.tinyurl.com/MenoftheNorthwood If you want the prettified, and aesthetically pleasing one. We try to update this often. You can also go to that link to add some comments or suggestions! We appreciate all of the lovely comments posted this way, by the way, guys! I hope more people will be interested in playing a Gorundyr when 5.0 comes out!
  10. This site on a phone is the definition of Hitler for me. D;

  11. http://tinyurl.com/LilithsLoTCForumPost I want your input. >:


    If you like it, 1+ and a post? <:


    Also, I haven't seen you on in forever. Just a warning, we gave away your house because of inactivity.

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      That's cool, I recently moved and we haven't had Internet setup yet so I haven't been able to get on.

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      Venym Nyx

      We have apartment like complexes now, so you don't have to worry about moving away. <3

  12. http://tinyurl.com/LilithsLoTCForumPost I want your input. >:


    If you like it, 1+ and a post? <:

  13. Venym Nyx

    Clan Orvar and the Warband of the Haukvengr

    MC Name: VenymNyx RP Name: Sonaak Ketiley “Strong-Heart” of Orvar Skype Name(You may PM it): banpaiaonna Teamspeak?: Yes Timezone: PST Profession(s)(Include level): Masterful Chef, Apprentice Alchemist Will this be a main character?: Yes
  14. Venym Nyx

    [Culture] The Gorundyr, Men of the Northwood

    Aside from me also helping Owyn write the Lore, and come up with some of the rituals, foods, and such, from an unbiased perspective, this Lore is Fanstastic. Ive had the most fun playing a Gorundyr than any oother culture or race. Not only is this Lore eextremely well written, but, it's very well planned out and I legitimately think Owyn's creation is the best culture.