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  1. Kin nodded as he heard about the treaty
  2. Victoria d'Arkent sat in her rocking dressed in black at the age of 78, quietly sobbing into a handkerchief. She has out lived her husband, a grandchild and now her own child. She couldn't live in peaceful bliss anymore, no longer could she think she'd be able to see her son again. She remember holding him in her arms as a baby and rocking him to sleep, watching him play with his brother and sisters. "oh, How much trouble they use to get into." she thought to herself as she moved to wipe away her tears. Soon though she started to chuckle a bit a small and weak smile coming to her older features as she started to talk out loud for a bit "Caspian darling, If you can hear me." she started "punch your father in the arm for me while you're up there.... At my old age I'll see you all soon enough. I miss you my boy." tears went down her as she tried to swallow her sobs but to no avail, she still cried mourning her baby boy.
  3. Kin took the poster off the table it was left on in Yong Ping rolling it up to show his higher ups later
  4. Duizhu Kin looks through the hand book and gave a big thumbs up to Ryu for it knowing how long he worked on it, for months this man slaved over his desk for hours upon hours trying to make this masterpiece come to live. Now this new hand book was born from the blood sweat and tears Ryu had poured into it.
  5. Kin couldn't help but chuckle a bit hearing the news though he felt bad for those who lost their nests in the fire "This is why 'money' is bad and you should only barter" he thought to himself sitting in his flower shop struggling to make more bone needles for tattoo work due to his stiff shoulders. "I still hope they can get their moth man"
  6. Twilight couldn't help but chuckle at this "After all these years I still can't get away from that name... "Renelia...." she thought for a bit "Renelia was a joke build on hope and fantasy only to die out with a man who stayed inside until his dying day" she said with a bitter taste in her mouth remembering how she needed to leave because of this the town abandon because he couldn't pick a other person to rule "We go where we are allowed to go, we wonder. It's just the way of life. No one race can stay in one place forever" she said sigh a sigh looking into the koi pound she sat her in the Sakura forest of the Jade State of Yong Ping happy with were her life was. "It's sad to see people with such narrow minds"
  7. Kin looks forward to going to the rest So did Twilight
  8. Kin just sits there in saddness with his ears back. Wishing things played out differently longing for the old days before anything happened.... maybe if they had more guidance and the others weren't forced to survive from the things they had to deal with when they were children they would have been okay. Lex would still be alive.
  9. Kin patted his uncle on the back
  10. Kin got word of the moth man from his bed in the med bay in the keep "hope Oijin gets this thing....I wonder how it tastes?" he said with a small chuckle to himself
  11. Victoria d'Arkend would stay in room in the sunhold manor looking into the fire pit watching the flames dance, living in utter denial that her grandson has passed away. the old woman growing a tiny bit senile in her old age. Knowing her grandson would home any day now. All they had to do was to be patient. Kin would get word a few years later after his death after his friend's death. Looking out on the pirate camp that had been there for a few years at this point he's just sigh laying against the wall leg hanging out in window that he sat in. A tear when down his face as he thought about one of his longest friends he's had since they were kids. Gambling in the streets of oren when they were about 7 and 9. John coming to visit him on his coming of age trail, talking about the tattoo he was going to give him one day they just had to sit down and design it. "How do you like the farm house John?" he said out loud while the rest of the people who lived there were out. Moving his head to look down the hall to see the rooms of the small hallway and down the stairs soon pulling his leg in and resting his head on his knees knowing John wanted to stop by one day and see it only to find out that day would never come.
  12. Twilight looked at the invite fondly thinking how funny it would be to see the palanquin only move like 3 steps.
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