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  1. The very young Aurelian von Audrick giggled, not knowing what half of the words on the missive read. "Hehehe, we wuz Waldenians."
  2. Rian Moghadam would've read over the missive that he'd spotted on public seating, "So all of the Maelstrom claims are unjustified. Not that they had any reason to be in the first place."
  3. Rian caught a glance of the missive as it changed hands. "So it seems the story gets deeper." He chuckled to himself, stroking his beard as he walked off.
  4. Rian would read over the missive that he had spotted, "This seems to be an interesting turn of events from what I heard so much about." He'd stroke his beard, talking to himself quietly, "Now the one who had the loudest mouth has the least power."
  5. "It seems as the failures of the Maelstrom family will once again bring this city to what it was never meant to be." An older adunian chuckled, "Where was the democracy and unity that once brought this nation together? It seems as though times have... changed. Not that it's my problem anymore." The man coughed heavily, walking away from the poster.
  6. Name: Almar Avery Race: Elf Age: 29 Gender: Male [[OOC]] Username: Riftiro Discord: Riftiro#9118 Timezone: EST
  7. James Avery read over the piece of parchment that Eletha had gotten regarding the death of Gail. He'd read it several times over, seeming to disbelieve what he read before his eyes. After having seen his wife's reaction, he knew that the worst had happened to his old friend. James gripped the letter tightly, his lips turning into a slight quiver, "It was quite the ride with you, brother." He spoke quietly, a light tremble in his usually steady voice. "I wish I could've been there to protect you."
  8. Clearly orange juice is superior in this situation, the tartness of oranges in orange juice are refreshing, while apple juice leaves you feeling hydrated, but dull.
  9. I hope you guys have a wonderful day!

  10. Always here to support ya! : ]
  11. I don’t mind wasting my life away on LoL again 👀
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