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  1. General_Wartface


    Pius smiles to Commodus from the seven skies, unable to tell him that he was almost a victim as well.
  2. General_Wartface

    On Imperial Godhood

    Brother BOB mumbles something negative about Aurelius and claims to divinity from the seven skies. Pius mumbles something positive about Aurelius and claims to divinity from the seven skies.
  3. General_Wartface

    Ascension to Pontiff

    not bad
  4. General_Wartface

    Feedback: Events and Lore

    Personally I don’t trust LT worth a dime with racial lore. One dumb thing and an entire canon is erased. If anything, they should be kept to Aenguls and Daemons.
  5. Full Name: Frederick Pius Horen City of Residency: Carolustadt Year of Birth: Sixty some years ago Address: Palace
  6. General_Wartface

    Land Auction Annoucement

    show us a map WHERE they are please 🙂 for people who don’t know, this is what I assume the map is like currently:
  7. General_Wartface

    An Artists Depiction of the Recent Battle, 1690

    I don’t approve of your toxicity Otis
  8. General_Wartface

    hero prodigy loses to a controller player

    Most of the ppl who are bronze in PC use a controller too, so it’s not too surprising
  9. General_Wartface

    [Denied][I] TheDragonsRoost, HellfireOfficial's Game Moderator Application

    if u use a youtube tier minecraft avatar as your forum avatar you dont deserve gm -1
  10. General_Wartface


    EVENT REQUEST FORMAT Players/Group Requesting: The Empire of Man, Order of the Red Dragon What kind of Event are you looking for?: I seek to establish a bounty board of monsters that people in the Empire can kill for prestige without us having to break the rules and play them. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: To be discussed. Organizer's Discord: Zhulik#7438 NOTES: If this works Temp and Grim get all the credit.
  11. General_Wartface

    Imperial Wedding of 1689

    SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNAMENT MC Name: Zhulik Name: Hans
  12. General_Wartface

    The Words of a Victim

    “Both Renatians and Haensemen died in that war, and we Priorists do not blame the peasantry. We blame your misguided politicians, but its clear to me you are one. Grow a pair before you spout about muh seven thousand lost peasants. Actually, maybe you don’t have to grow a pair – you might be able to suckle upon Toby Junior’s. Oh wait – with that mentality I bet you did. Go back to irrelevancy, putz, pissant. I spit on you and I spit on your family – but that would imply you have one.” Replied an angry Renatian politician to the absolute jobber.
  13. General_Wartface

    The Words of a Victim

    “So now you defend Robert Sigismund for aiding in the slaughter of Renatian soldiers? The same soldiers who were once family to the voters you attempt to appeal to? I say to thee, sir, to say this to a widow’s face, or a Renatian who grew up without his father. Shame on you. Shame.”
  14. General_Wartface


    Party Name: The Priorist Party [The Priorist Party of Renatus] Chairman: Hans Rovin Mission Statement: The Promotion of an Imperial Meritocracy and a return to traditional Renatian Values that favor the Common Individual. Platform: 1. Ensuring a Greater Renatus for the benefit of the Renatian man. 2. Establishing Human-only-Citizenship throughout the Imperium and Human-Only-Membership within the greater Renatian Conglomerate. 4. Ensuring that only citizens of Renatus may vote on matters of a Parliamentary capacity, legislative changes or governmental enactments. 5. Establishing the grounds for a healthy middle class, through the lessening of powers vested in the lower gentry. Enacting a new Knightly protocol which assigns Knighthood to those who have shown merit rather than bloodright. Merchants who deal with/from foreign territories shall be tarriffed, with the profits they would have made being redistributed for the public good. Regulations on Renatian Merchants shall be lifted so that wealth and prosperity may bolster our working class. 7. Ensuring that the State protects suitable health standards by: Offering protection for mothers and infants Preventing children from working in unfavourable conditions or under low income. Making a law for compulsory sporting events to help strengthen Renatian tradition. Helping to support or create sporting guilds for young men and women. 8. Establishing reforms within the Imperial Renatian Legion, as to look after the ordinary Renatian citizen and not solely protect the rich noble class. 9. Establishing a law that prevents politicians from being anti-Renatian, and bulletins from writing about them. All pieces of legislation, art or books which support foreign, non-human ideals shall be banned.