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  1. "You sought to place a free and independent town under your domain and then threatened to raze the city if they refused. Plough off." commented a simple Lector who was embarrassed at the revisionist attempt.
  2. I agree fundamentally that it's OP. I would just remove the numbing/frostbite effects when it manages to cut a target. The entire shtick is that it's an Anti-Mage weapon so I'm content to let it absorb spells and disable the flows of mana akin to Auric Oil. I have a potentially terrible take though: BUFF other materials. It would allow for more variety in weapon choice. For instance, low density Boomsteel is basically just an expensive blasting potion, medium density is weaker than steel and can only produce flame for 6 emotes and high density is just budget bluesteel/carbarum. I would just increase the overall fire time on the weapon to provide fire aesthetic and use in crp. Lunarite could receive a massive buff by taking on the properties of Aurum while having the strength of steel. Azhl is completely worthless IMO as it bends easily and doesn't even inflict azhl anemia during the combat encounter. I would make it so Azhl takes on the limb disabling aspect of Thanhium during CRP.
  3. "Fake news." commented a meat-faced Lector as he read the missive. He looked to a hefty document titled the TSUTENKAKU REPORT which asserted that it was not the Lich who transported Dobrov, but was instead the result of a deal made with evil vampires! Perhaps he would publish it early...
  4. "Embarrassing, that third grievance. For I, Watchman Steve, witnessed first hand as the Grand King refused to make agreements on behalf of the Ireheart aggressors. To claim that the good citizens of Du Loc would have their way with the Irehearts is laughable, considering it is the Irehearts who provoked conflict with threats of conquest. Du Loc adheres to the glorious N A P and to now BAWL AND WEEP about those they threatened to destroy shows immaturity and weakness." spoke the famed Du Locian watchman. WATCHMAN STEVE DEEMS THIS MISSIVE CRINGE
  5. GULMON DUKAT, worlds first recorded Stryder Jockey and citizen of Quarryville, readies his M24 Arbalest to defend his mount.

  7. "IT'S HAPPENING, IT'S HAPPENING, I HATE THE TAXMAN, I HATE THE TAXMAN!" Shouts Arch-Lector Dante from the roofs as he loads his arbalest.
  8. Going to provide genuine feedback since I play a [T4] Templar. I think the concept of making twice ordained Templars is faulty at its premise, even if its flavor. If someone is going to be connected in the first place, they should be granted any and all ability (tier dependent) purely due to the fact that they were marked. To me, it seems out of character to mark someone if they weren't already trusted or courageous enough to use the magic responsibly. Ordaining someone a second time implies that it was only AFTER they were granted the boons of normal Templarism, including the elimination of fear, that they could be trusted with the full deal. I think this simply encourages mass recruitment and ideological brainwashing. Secondly, I'm not a fan of the prayer section. Using magic to ward off magic, poison and MUNDANE fire seems counter intuitive to the concept of courage. By the time you would be done charging the Prayer of Deliverance, the kid in the burning building may have already been burnt to a crisp. Spiderman ran head first into burning buildings in his movies, even when he lacked his powers. The Prayer of Salvation also encourages that you stare at the enemy awkwardly while you charge your own spell instead of just cutting them down or using other strategies. That said, I am a huge fan of the banner system and the AOE group buffs that can be applied. I think it's a niche that could raise the overall value of having a Templar around as they can act as beacons of inspiration and leadership. To conclude, the way Templarism was described to me by Dingo and Titanium: Malchediael doesn't really care if you worship him at all - he just wants you to be courageous and to be out in the world killing bad things. I think bogging down this premise by encouraging prayer circles and power boosting diminishes the concept of being a truly courageous individual who earns merit on their own strengths. That said, I may have misinterpreted the lore and it could be fair to say that I am acting contrarian due to my own take on Templarism and disdain for aengul-cuckery. I think all that Templarism needs to be viable is total immunity from fear hexes and the ability to make whatever weapon is bound to take on the property of Aurum.
  9. "BY OWYN... The Lectors were truly born in Dobrov after witnessing the late Ostromir's cadaver... For years we've suspected foul play in those wretched woods. We bore witness when Ando Alur rose, and then crumbled with continental devastation. I've seen flying castles... Something is wrong here, terribly, terribly wrong!" commented a concerned Lector.
  10. 20%, not 40%? Why you eating so much prime rib!

  11. c-crown sale when?

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