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  1. Lair PRO MC Name: Max_Danger Lair Name: Temple of the Flaming Covenant Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Preferably we would position our lair on a cliff-face - however, if neither complete circles are obtainable, we would hope to establish a base somewhere about the dotted area or its extending beach Lair Lore (could link to an existing creature or other lore) (1000 words minimum): The Lectorate of Owyn, having vowed to avoid the politics of secular “normals”, have at last decided to strike out on their own in hopes of establishing
  2. "It may be wise, then, to ensure that the HRA does not absorb these rebellious rascals into its ranks! I would hate to see these malicious and disruptive individuals ruin the proud Kingdom of Haense! I for one know my superior welcomed me with open arms, and that's dangerous!" comments John Etcheverry, former Sedanite terrorist.
  3. Lord Podrick Cunnington plugged his left nostril with his thumb as he snorted a delightful amount of intoxicating powder from the knots within his bobbed powdered wig. A priggish smirk formed across his visage, highlighted by a rubied lip balm, as he rose a porcelain cup in jubilation. “MMM, yes, I can now whiff my beetle-snuff without catching the ghastly scent of of those unhygienic barbarians!”
  4. “The irony of ratifying the toleration of this heresy in Owyn’s namesake town pains me like the snapped neck of many a Canonist victim swaying from an ablaze Nordling tree” comments Declan, former Owynist acolyte.
  5. if ur gonna post the meme can u do it in a way that I can actually see the characters pls
  6. “Wait, Sutica ‘ad a fohkin’ govahment? What a load of floogal shite mate, this announcie’s gotta be a joke loike that admineestration on druggies. What a rvse pals what a foohkiiin roose! Yah know, though, I reckons its still anarchy out there and I think I can find meself a drow wife whaddayathink pal. No? **** wells some otha kind of drow otta do it” comments Declan, P.F.I. to himself.
  7. “******* Godfrey worshippers, how dare they have a human transcend to Godhood before we, the perfect beings, could.” Comments P’hil Collins, historic Sohaer-sympathizing battle-bard. “We will reclaim the White Gold tower from the hands of those dreaded imperials and undo the world if it’s the last thing we do. Now I have to check on that adventure and see if he got that staff for me...”
  8. Can you guys not use one of my skins that you painted over sloppily please
  9. St. Robert smiles from the seven skies
  10. Those threads aren’t political though the entire rule is based around people being political and irrelevant to LOTC
  11. Then it wouldn’t fall under Telanir’s political discussion thing because there’s a subforum called Feedback...
  12. “Are you aware of the spam of ‘Free Hong Kong’ is to bring attention to the ban on political speech? Was there a massive outcry for Hong Kong before? Not that I’m aware of. It’s only being mentioned to prod and poke at the rule. We’ve seen this a good thousand times on Lord of the Craft’s forums, people prod the rule to bring attention to it.“ For some reason your message is glitched BUT objectively you’re wrong I’ve been a shitposting vet on the forums for years and never ONCE can I recall people genuinely spamming the forums about IRL issues. I’ve been content
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