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  1. The Arch-Lector, the author of the modern Owynist Rite, reads the essay from who he believed to be the Sword-Bearer with the most heart. He nodded approvingly with a rare grin, for Mathurin had summarized his own views on the subject with eloquence and pride. Truly, GOD was proud as well. "Perhaps we need to conjure a litany for the Alchemist."
  2. I HATE the Dragon-Man! Says Lector Dante.
  3. THE GREAT DU LOC INFERNO 4 Mensis Godfreditis, 2A45 It was a day like any other in Du Loc. The birds chirped with glee while the citizens screamed out in mental anguish. For a year or more the madness of the city had been growing with indifference; the citizenry often spoke of Aengul-Daemonica, Palebeasts, Dragonmen and all sorts of kindred venal beings. It was the cryptid Moth-Man, however, who foretold of doom. With the Du Loc Boogie came the loss of mental competence. Disaster was certainly on the horizon. And so it was that disaster came. A humble priest ventured into the bustling marbled metropolis that was Du Loc seeking to redeem the elusive and prized “Brae Buck”. For years this cryptic currency had lain dormant, a mere scheme hatched by Lord Brae and the Banker Union to siphon mina from the citizenry when they sought to exchange their coin for useless paper. Lord Brae was witty, refusing to give in to the priest’s desires for monetary exchange- at least, he was witty until a woman of the East came bearing a sack full of Star-Steel. She had whiffed the oncoming economic bubble that were Brae Bucks and sought to provide them a basis of value by backing them with the Star-Steel Standard. In but a moment Brae Bucks transformed from a worthless piece of paper into something truly valuable. Quentin was cornered. Immediately, the Eastern Woman demanded that she be permitted to purchase Quentin’s Roof. Quentin obliged because he was a believer in the free market. This sealed his fate. Soon everyone in the town sought to redeem their Brae Bucks - it was a frenzy. The citizenry demanded recompense which Lord Brae knew he could not provide. The Banker Union made their appearance, attempting to assure the populace that the bubble was destined to pop and that the Wheat Standard was a more stable basis for Du Locian currency. This INFURIATED the crowd. Shouts of hanging and destruction ensued. The Banker fled to take as much gold as he could before vacating the citizenry entirely. The crowd set ablaze to the bank, shouting “Kill the Bankers!”. Ker and Men alike swarmed into the inferno to fill their pockets with valuable coins, oblivious to the disaster unfolding. The decorative banners connecting the bank to the rest of the town caught spark and ignited; soon, the entire town was burning. It was the greatest catastrophe to have ever occurred in the history of descendent-kind. Du Loc lay in ash, burnt by the greed and wroth of its own citizenry. A Hyspian wept, Lectors barked out in defiance and Lord Brae accelerated his descent into madness. The doom foretold by the Moth Man now came to bare. Du Loc is Dead - Long Live Nu Loc.
  4. "JACQUE, NOOOOOOOO!" exclaims Lector Dante as he discovers the hanging body of his hunter acquaintance. Alas, there was no suicide note.
  5. Du Loc Green Boars? That tasty? Can't be real...

  6. Birds, for years, have been used in conjunction with people stalling emotes in order to get reinforcements. It's especially strange when people have their creatures locate the person they're attempting to contact with zero effort even if that creature has never met them before. People also use other types of animals, such as penguins, ducks, wolves, etc. to deliver their messages which violates my fragile immersion. If people want to send letters to their friends that's fine - but make it so it's delivered to a mail hub in a city rather than the individual. That way, letters can only be sent if one is either out of conflict or at the town's aviary. The recipient would be unable to receive the bird if they are in conflict or otherwise busy as they've yet to check their mail. It's annoying to have someone break RP suddenly with an emote of a great falcon landing on their shoulder delivering a message. Invest in mail, not heat-seeking torpedos.
  7. Can the ST provide a changelog for the Reagents/Herbs they modified? Some seem to be the same and others have changed. Are we allowed to use reagents if they have the old symbols?

    1. SquakHawk


      the signs/symbols changing is a bug, i have no clue why or how it's occured though ive reported it

      refer to the lorepiece which has valid signs and symbols and is the solid, if you have an st signed herb, correct symbols or not, its applicable to the lorepiece and utilized

  8. Lector Dante of Denesle spits upon praises the enlightened chairman of the Du Loc Sanoist League; blessed be the divine and all mighty Chairman Quentin Brae, Lord of the Free Peoples Commune of Du Loc.
  9. Alas, unbeknownst to the combatants of that fateful day, the Lector Dante did leave Ramsfield in search of the Dame not more than a Saint's Minute after she had departed. Upon a coal-black steed did he search the countryside from Ramsfield to the beachhead of Camp Ember; he found neither the Dame nor that of his former mentor, Galway. In a cruel twist of fate, none in the Third Mission even knew the existence of the Church of the First Ember. Perhaps, the Lector thought, she returned to Providence to cool off and plan her wedding. Another theory crept into his skull - that she may have been intercepted by one of Sarena's many scouts. The last thing he wanted to believe was her encountering the Wise-Brother and meeting an untimely demise. Regardless of what the Sword-Bearer dreaded, he knew only one truth: He would duel Galway and end the bloodshed. Whether he would succeed was only known by the Creator.
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