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  1. Haense >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. “Wow, what a great message! No one will have the courage to undermine the sovereignity of our country.”
  3. Like leaves from the vine [PK] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu9Bl4ZMOd0 A lone figure could be seen near the mountains of Valwyck. The woman would walk slowly, the thin layer of snow of what would become a thick layer in the North. She would hold her abdomen tight, her hands and part of her blue dress tinted with the red that would be so characteristic to blood. The carriage would shake slightly, as the wheels rolled over the uneven forest floor. Juliya Gant and her son Robert were on their way back to the Duchy of Valwyck. They had just passed what had been known as Graiswald and were surrounded by thick forest when suddenly the carriage stopped. Juliya would stop walking, exhausted from her flight through the mountains. The middle-aged woman would turn around. In the distance, she could see the towers of Valwyck Castle. “Godan, give me strength-” she’d whisper. “Why have we stopped, coachman?” she’d ask, sticking her head out of the carriage window. “Do nie worry, m’lady. A tree is blocking the road” The Gant would nod briefly, before joining her son in the carriage. “Do nie worry, Robby. We are going to continue briefly.” she’d give her son a gently smile. The young boy had grown up quite a bit and she knew that he was to take over as Baron of Gant soon. Juliya opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by a sword being unsheathed and shortly after a loud thump coming from the front of the carriage. She would limp forward. Her breath had begun rattling a few miles ago and her body felt sore and stiff. The bloodstream could not be stopped and the harsh winds of the north would make her fingers hurt. She could feel her powers leaving her body. Juliya’s face grew pale. She knew that this could only mean they were ambushed by bandits. She also knew that the Coachman was the only other person on their side. “Listen to me, Robby.” the Gant would grab her son by the shoulder “You need to be quiet now! As soon as we leave this carriage you will run to Valwyck and call your Papej for help, da?” The young teen would nod. It was obvious that he was anxious, but he was determined to be brave and make his father and mother proud. Juliya herself grabbed a disguised dagger from her dress, intending to keep the bandits back so Robert could run off without being chased. The bloodstain on Juliya’s dress would’ve grown immensely since she had started heading towards Valwyck. Blood would drip from her hand, stained with both dry and fresh blood, leaving a trail in the snow behind her. The bloodloss had turned her skin turn paler than the Gant had already been. Juliya would stumble and drop to the floor, one hand still on her wound, the other on the floor, leaving a red mark in the white snow. Her surroundings would start to spin, slowly fading away and made it impossible for Juliya to stand back up. “Juliya!” her head would turn to the front, where she could make out riders heading her way, with them her husband Emerich Gant. A wave of relief would come over her and she reached out for her saviours. This could only mean Robert managed to reach Valwyck. “Juliya!” she’d hear the echo of her name, dampened by the veil that had formed over her senses. A tear of joy would stream down her face before the Gant would draw her last breath and the life leaving her body. Juliya Emeline Gant (neé Vanir) would open her eyes. In front of her, her fallen brothers and her Cousins Sofiya and Brandon, greeting her as she joined them in the seven skies. “Soon.” she’d say, before turning around, ready to wait for her husband and son to join her. REQUIESCAT IN PACE Juliya Emeline Gant 1742 - 1784 “The Sea bows to None”
  4. A frown would form on Katherine Ruthern’s face as she read the letter from her cousin, that had been sent to her after his passing. And as she sat in her room in Metterden, her hands folded in her lap and her view drifting into the distance, an all too familiar feeling spread throughout her body. Grieve and Sorrow seemed to be a constant companion of the aged Stafyr. She had lost many loved ones and one would say Katherine should've gotten used to it by now, but it didn't tend to get better. Her gaze wandered away from the letter resting in her hand and outside the window facing the small lake behind Metterden. Konrad had been a father figure to her late brother Erich and her. When the siblings were all alone in the world, he sacrificed part of his youth to take them on. She remembered their families dinners. The Games she played with them and the letters that had been exchanged during Konrads travels. Konrad was a spark of light that guided Katherine through the darkness that was called her life. Someone familiar in a Kingdom that had grown distant over the years. After her brother passed Katherine swore to herself that she wouldn't cry again, but as she sat there salty tears would start streaming down her cheeks. And like so many years prior, after her father's demise, you could occasionally hear a sleeping Katherine crying out for those lost.
  5. As Juliya heard from the Mad Dukes a smile would form on her face. “Godan brought justice once more!” she’d exclaim as a wave of relief would flood her body, finally being able to sleep knowing justice had come for the Wife Murderer. “Nie Sparveed, Nie Peace” She would walk into the Gant Apartments and changed her mourning attire into her usual gowns, as a sign of celebration. ”I outlived him and I will outlive all of them!” An elderly Ingrid Baruch would say, as she prepared for her 100th birthday.
  6. Juliya watched from one of the windows in the Gant’s Apartments. The woman would stand completely still, frozen in horror as she saw the lifeless body of her dear Cousin being recovered from the water, torn apart by the waves throwing her against the cliffs beneath Valwyck. The usually composed woman would stumble backwards away from the window and towards one of the tables. She would slowly sit down as her surroundings would start to spin and her hands would start to shake. After a while she would reach for a bottle of carrion, taking mutiple shots when memories of a happier time would pop into her head. Juliya would remember Sofiya and her playing as young children, dancing at Masquerades and the many balls they attended in their youth. She would remember the time shortly before their weddings and how happy she felt when Sofiya told her, that she was going to join her in Valwyck. Though they left House Vanir behind, they still had a part of their family with them up in the North. Juliya remembered a time of joy and happiness without the burden and pain House Baruch brought into their lives. And suddenly anger and regret would occupy her mind. Regret about marrying into House Gant and taking Sofiya with her, exposing her to the vile creature, the Mad Duke, the Wife and Childbeater, the so called husband who made Sofiya and her children feel miserable. The unhonourable son of a harlot who beat his wife with a bottle, whilst she was carrying his child and who, in her eyes, pushed Sofiya over the edge of the balcony himself. ”May Godan be my witness! I will end this Rat.” R.I.P SOFIYA ALEKSANDRA VANIR 1745-1777
  7. *Juliya Gant would quickly hide the paper thrown at her door, before her son Robert could find it*
  8. As Juliya entered the main hall of Valwyck,she noticed her Cousin Sofiya Baruch (neé Vanir) with a frown on her face. Worries would Flood her minds. “Did something happen to Emerich? Or Petyr?” she’d speak her thought out loud. “Niet.” her Cousin would answer, tear gathering in her eyes, like they did so many times since her brother Brandon Vanir told her. “Papej…” Juliyas face grew pale as she realized what her Cousin just said to her. In the past months her Uncle Henrik had become terribly sick. Waves of terrible caughs had made it harder for him to breathe properly. His Family knew oh too well. Unfortunately all they could do was to wait and pray to Godan, that he would let Henrik defeat this illness, so he could see his grandchildren and grandnephews or nieces grow up. And so did Juliya. Even though their relationship never grew over being Uncle and Niece, she had a place for him in her heart. Her parents were barely around Reza and Henrik, even if he has never been as caring to her, as he has been to his own Children, he still had an eye on her. As she comforted Sofiya, she’d start to feel nauseous, an almost constant companion for the last week. Her Nausea grew and as she left the hall to catch some fresh air, a few tears would starting running down her cheek . “Farewell, Uncle Henrik. May Godan guide your soul to the seven skies.” And with that she would quickly run towards the Gant Appartments.
  9. “Just another election Mrs. Angelika will nie win.” she’d mumble to herself, as she read the flier. She’d shrug and goes on with her day
  10. Union in Valwyck, 315 E.S. Join us and witness Lord Emerich Gant and Lady Juliya Emeline Vanir as they cement the Union of House Gant and House Vanir in holy matrimony. Their marriage will be officiated by Bishop Bram in the Duchy of Valwyck. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds will carry on with their celebrations Valstadt Castle where all may indulge freely in the many pleasantries the Duchy has to offer. LIST OF INVITEES: His Royal Majesty, Sigismund II of House Barbanov, and his pedigree His Excellency Otto Sigmar of House Alimar, and his pedigree His Grace, Petyr of House Baruch, and his pedigree The Most Honorable, Viktor of House Kortrevich, and his pedigree The Right and Honorable, Alaric of House Stafyr, and his pedigree The Right and Honorable, Konstantin of House Ruthern, and his pedigree The Right and Honorable, Erwin of House Barclay, and his pedigree His Lordship, Ruslan of House Amador, and his pedigree His Lordship, Yuri of House Kovachev, and his pedigree His Lordship, Henrik of House Vanir, and his pedigree His Lordship, Fredrick of House Ludovar, and his pedigree OOC: Tuesday the 07th of April, 2020 6:30 pm EST Signed His Lordship, Baron of Gant Emerich Gant HER EXCELLENCY, the Chamberlain of the Court Juliya Emeline Vanir
  11. The bells rang and could be heard throughout the city of New Reza from the Basilica of the Fifty Virgins. Many citizens, nobles and the King would arrive within the basilica taking his seat within the hall. Once the organ began to play, everyone within the halls of the Cathedral who were seated would stand as the bride, Lady Katherine Marie Stafyr, being escorted by Ser Konrad Stafyr headed towards the altar. Lord Konstantin Ruthern, Count of Metterden would smile at her as she approached the altar before he’d take her hand. Once the ceremony was finished the two would then be joined in marriage, as people throughout the halls began cheering and clapping for the newly wedded. May GOD protect the newly wedded.
  12. Kathetrine would start laughing, as she read the post. Tears of joy and laugther running down her cheeks. "Good Choice, Andrik. Milena will make a good Queen, not a whiny ***** ((b-word))"
  13. Ingrid Linnea Lethes would sit in the Manor, a tear streaming down her face. "Rest in peace, Grandpa"
  14. Mcname: sirenscall_ Category: Art Attach Content: Katherine Marie and her cousin Leana Stafyr riding along the shores of Haense (in like +7 years LOL )  I cant attach it as file... so here ya go
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