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  1. THE CALEDONIA ACCORD Issued at Year 168 of the Second Age CONTENTS: ARTICLE I: On Rights ARTICLE II: Non-Aggression and Protection ARTICLE III: On External Relations ARTICLE IV: On Internal Relations ARTICLE V: On Sovereignty ARTICLE VI: On Duration ARTICLE I: On Rights I. The Most Serene State of Lurin, henceforth referred as Lurin or the Most Serene State, and the Barony of Caledonia, henceforth referred as Caledonia, agree to enter a vassalage pact. II. The Most Serene State will grant Caledonia land within its borders, in exchange, the Barony of Caledonia will pay an elven weekly tax of 80 mina. III. The Barony of Caledonia will be granted the rights to form their own Government and to write their own laws. IV. The Most Serene State will reserve the right to hold the national army, the Centurions, and thus Caledonia will not be able to form an armed force. ARTICLE II: On Non-Aggression and Protection I. The Most Serene State and Caledonia agree to enter a Non-Aggression pact, where both parties agree to never start conflict with the other. II. Lurin and its Centurions agree to protect Caledonia from external conflict. III. Caledonia agrees to contribute to the numbers of the Centurions, enlisting any denizen that wishes to be part of the State army. ARTICLE III: On External Relations I. The Barony of Caledonia will be granted the right to sign friendship and non-aggression pacts. II. The Barony of Caledonia will be granted the right to sign trade pacts. III. The Most Serene State of Lurin will reserve the right to sign defensive pacts with other nations and vassals. IV. The Most Serene State of Lurin will reserve the right to form new vassals. ARTICLE IV: On Internal Relations I. The Barony of Caledonia agrees to hold a cultural event once every elven month. II. The Most Serene State agrees to invite a representative of Caledonia to their Government meetings in order to give them voice. III. The Most Serene State agrees to invite Caledonia denizens to their events and cultural events. IV. The Most Serene State of Lurin and the Barony of Caledonia agree to join forces to hold an event together, once every elven month. ARTICLE V: On Sovereignty I. The Most Serene State of Lurin and the Silver Lubba grant, from now on, the title of Baron of Caledonia to Conor Belanus Tsecsar. A title that will be hereditary. II. The Baron of Caledonia and their denizens agree to swear fealty to the Silver Lubba. III. Only under extreme circumstances would the Most Serene State enter Caledonian lands with force, including but not limited to; rebellion, harboring of darkspawn, preaching of forbidden religions and others that might be voted on by the Lurinite Council. ARTICLE VI: On duration I. This pact, upon signature, will be made indefinite. II. If any of the signatories wishes to break the pact, they must notify the other party two elven weeks before-hand. III. The Barony of Caledonia will not be penalized with a mina fee in the case they wish to receive independence outside of Lurin lands, as long as that request is made after ten elven weeks since the pact was signed. If they wish to gain independence before that time, they must pay a sum of 1000 mina to the Serene State. Signed, The Silver Lubba, Lumia Anarion Hand of the Lubba and Prime Minister of Lurin. Baron of Aevum, Edvard Kervallen Baron of Caledonia, Supreme Lubba Knight, Conor Tsecsar
  2. IGN: Josif Persona: Conor Description/Introduction:
  3. Conor grumbles, wishing only that the battle hadn't happened so late at night for his skygod so he may have taken part.
  4. RAM RUMBLE Registration MC name: Josif Wrestling name: Fire-Fist Conor Discord: utterbellend Can you do a cartwheel? Of course ah fooken' can.
  5. A cheery Mali'ker grins, scratching lightly at his growing stubble "Aww fook yeh! BATH HOUSE!" Conor grabs the missive, stuffing it into a pocket so he wouldn't forget!
  6. [!] A very crude drawing of Conor, aswell as Lurin, on a piece of paper that's been nailed to multiple places across Aevos.
  7. Read through this while they were working on it, very cool, much needed. +1
  8. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PLANT? Name: Josif Elliot Va'eylul Age: 144 Race: Dark Elf / Epiphyte Last seen: Nor'asath
  9. Issued on the 18th, of Snow’s Maiden of 145 SA. The Wedding of Alden Ashby and Zielle Va’eylul! Finally! Aeltarys’ favorite couple have decided to be wed! After being engaged for many years, Zielle and Alden, with the blessing from the Va’eylul clan leader Anerian, are settling down and spending the rest of their long lives together! A Strange Series of Ceremonies Due to the Va’eylul clan having their own ceremonies, and Aeltarys, the place Zielle and Alden live, having completely different wedding traditions. The decision to have two ceremonies taking place over the span of two elven days has been made A Va’eylul Wedding To begin, on the first of the two days, we shall be gathering together in the Aeltarys temple to witness the wedding traditions of the Va’eylul clan! This involves the couple tattooing each other with something meaningful to the two of them. A Aeltarosi Wedding A second ceremony will take place the day the first, this one taking place yet again in the Aeltarys Temple. The difference between this and the first one, is we shall be following the Aeltarosi wedding traditions! Invitations Personal invitations go out to the following: His Majesty, Maegor I, and the citizens of Aeltarys. Anerian Va’eylul, and her clan. His Majesty, King Cyris I, and the citizens of Dunfarthing. Juniper Rose, and the citizens of Lurin. Anatoliy Ilya Alyovich Godunov, and his family. Mari’stella, and her family. Fredrich Ludover, and his family. Felix and Andrik var Ruthern, they must come together. Inferno of Servitude of Aeltarys
  10. A SERIES OF QUESTS Issued on the 7th of Snow’s Maiden of 144 SA. Dear readers, you may know me as the owner of the Alden’s Bakery™ chain of stores. However today I write this missive as the Inferno of Servitude! The man in charge of keeping our wonderful city of Aeltarys clean, and our royal family fed! I am in need of ingredients, specifically rare ingredients from animals that aren’t the easiest to catch! Below are quests detailing what I need, and what you get for getting them for me! THE RIBS PT.2 Needed: An adult Stoneback-Aveta’s ribs & tusks. Payment: A meal, and an ornamental axe. FROST BITES Needed: Two Frostrum Vipers. Payment: A meal, and a set of kitchen knives. A MANTICORE’S END Needed: An adult Manticore. Payment: A meal, and a Manticore pelt coat. THE THREE GOLDEN'S GOAT-GRUFF Needed: Three Golden Goats. Payment: A meal, and six golden ale horns. GRYPHON? BUY ME A DRINK FIRST BUDDY! Needed: A Regalis Gryphon Payment: A meal, and a bundle of gryphon feather arrows. Inferno of Servitude
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