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  1. Ioannis

    [✓] [Server] supreme-kami Ban Appeal

    Appeal accepted. Player unbanned.
  2. My Discord is always available if you need assistance!
  3. Remember that you can get flowers with bonemeal now!

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    2. Reinam


      whats raid coooldown on flowers tho

    3. Wrynn


      You can also kill the skeletons in the cloud temple crypt to get bonemeal!

    4. MyLittleUnicorn


      Omg yes!!! ♡♡♡♡

  4. Ioannis

    The Rise of Industry

    Frerir wonders of what Southern Keep Zahrer is talking about as there are one in the West and one in the East. He would stand ontop of the Eastern keep, smiling at Kalviin. "Quite the statue."
  5. Ioannis

    Changes in the Rules!

    Hello everyone! I would like to notify everyone that a few rules were edited while a couple more were added. The edits on the current rules are: The raiding party may initiate 3 attempts of lockpicking/breaking in/thievery, with a maximum of three rolls per attempt. The victor may choose to revive knocked out players following the end of combat. (/d40ing to avoid being captured once downed is not allowed). You must have sufficient role-play leading up to mechanics-combat. The attacker must be close to the person they wish to attack and emote trying to stop them. (Halting alone is not sufficient role-play, emoting blocking their way//tackling them after halting is). You must /countdown 10 once mechanics combat is agreed upon both sides. Both sides must be ready for the countdown to begin. Failing To Uphold Treaty Terms MAJOR -> MINOR The new additions are: In order for a player to spectate a raid (/status recording), the player must be at the general area of the raid and already statused before the PvP begins. While with status recording, the player may not try to interfere with the PvP at all. (Let it be reviving/blocking arrows/place blocks or supply items). If you die during a raid, you may not return the the settlement while the raid is occurring. You must wait for the raid to be over in order to return. If anyone wishes to suggest another edit or addition to the rules, they may always PM me on Discord. (Ioannis#0001)
  6. Ioannis

    Raid Rules

    Update A section on raid spectating was added. A section of returning to the raid area after dying during PvP was added. A clarification about lock-picking/thievery was added.
  7. Ioannis

    Server Rules

    Update Clarification on what efficient roleplay leading up to mechanics combat was added. Clarification on /d40ing while downed during mechanics combat was added.
  8. Good guy. He knows his lore. +1
  9. Ioannis

    GM Update Log - April 2018

  10. Administrator.

    1. Ragnio


      Aye, Ioannis deserves it!

    2. Ioannis
  11. Ioannis

    Server Rules

    Update Extensive usage of buttons on a settlement/castle is not allowed. Only a layer of buttons may be placed at the base of each wall, representing spikes or for decoration/redstone usage only.
  12. Ioannis

    Raid Rules

    Update A section on Raiding-Ladders is added. The raiding couldown is increased from 3 to 5 days.
  13. Ioannis

    Changes in the Raid Rules!

    Hello everyone! Following the end of the poll I made a week ago, I would like to announce some changes on the rules. First change is on ladders during raids. “Raiding-Ladders may be used in any territory. Each raider/s may carry up to 6 raiding-ladders each. (18 ladders max). Before the raid-ladders are placed down, the raider/s must emote placing them and roll(Sensible ladder placement only). For Nation Tiles/Regions, the ladders will be given to the overseeing GM in order to get placed down. Raiding-ladders can be accuired from the Cloud Temple War Camp. To successfully place the ladders upon the walls, you need to roll 7+ (The roll affects the whole ladder column, not every ladder placed.” After reading the poll comments, we noticed that button placement is overused, not just because they make the walls ladder-proof but also because of aesthetics. So the following rule is about buttons! "Extensive usage of buttons on a settlement/castle is not allowed. Only a layer of buttons may be placed at the base of each wall, representing spikes or for decoration/redstone usage only." And last change is on raid couldowns. “You may not attack a settlement for 5 days following a raid. Defenders should use /modreq to have a sign placed indicating when a raid has occurred”