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  1. I am a PvP goon. I spend my time either on TS or jumbing around on this server. I support the PvP default. PVP PVP PVP. But jokes aside, I believe 10 people is too much. You can barely keep track of the emotes in a 6 person fight. I cant imagine on a 10 person fight. I got yelled at by my boss so I wont write much more.
  2. im a street ******, yeah im famous im a rapper ****** and im gangbangin' -.-

  3. The Grandaxe Hold of Tal’Azmar and their allies are victorious.
  4. The Holy Orenian Empire and their allies are victorious.
  5. Frerir Irongrinders receives the reports and bursts into laughter. He would look to his servants as they clean the mugs from his Flay visitors and would just continue laughing. "Finalleh some shoite happenin'"
  6. Frerir hears the news from a visitor in Sitarae and shakes his head. "Killing innocent women huh?" he would then continue shoveling the horseshit from his stables into the cart.
  7. Victory for Santegia.
  8. The ban will expire shortly. Next time, dont log off but rather get a GM to help you.
  9. jannis really stands where i stood now

  10. When everyone on this server powergames throught magic and then complains about PvP is well bad. Mages who can kill 5 people easily in RP is just retarded. RP fighting should be just arms vs arms not some silly magic. So yes, dont complain over PvP when infact the RPers abuse their magic. Thanks.
  11. -=- The Santegian-Urguanite Tournament -=- "Its been a long time since we hosted a tournament or any celebration between our two nations. Our warriors need something to do and our young ones need to test their strenght. There is not better time than now to host our first joined tournament. Every other nation on the Coalition is welcomed to join." "Everyone is welcomed to join the tournament between the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Santegian Kingdom." Friday 28 of July, 5 EST. The winner of the tournament will receive the prize of 2k minas and a custom made weapon/armour of both Urgua and Santegia. -=- Special Invitations -=- *Kingdom of Norland. *The Silver State of Haelun'or. *The Federation of Sutica. *The chiefdom of Warhawks. *The Principality of Veris. *The Orenian Empire. *The Princedom of Fenn. *The Orcish nation(No idea the RP name of it). ((You dont sign, its an open tournament, you just show up for it. Thanks)) -Signed, Frerir Irongrinder, Grand Marshal of Urguan. -Signed, His Majesty, Abdessamad de Savin, King of Santegia, Prince of Evreux, Duke of Savinia, Eastbourne, Courland, Eruthos and Cascadia, Marqués of Valencia and Seville, Count of Veldin, Castell, Cheshire, Aleksandria, Riga, Westmark, Wett and Eastmark, Baron of Curonburg, Lord of Biscay and Mt. St. Tobias, Grand Knight of the Order of the Veldin, Sovereign of the Order of Eminence and Defender of the True Faith.
  12. The Grand Marshal stands in his keep as some Uruk messengers appear. He would stroke his beard and grin.
  13. Good guy knows his stuff +1
  14. Just ask to be made an account since you will just edit the Aesterwald pages. But if you plan to join the team, then a +1 since you pretty much know everything.
  15. Frerir Irongrinders walks in the streets of the retaken Kal'Omith. He is hoping to find Belegar himself so he can end him. After he fails to find him, he simply leaves a note. "The next stone day, honour duel. You and me."