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  1. Halp. Am bor3d. (Josh's 2nd Gm App)

    Do us a favour and change the colour. Too hard to read.
  2. [Trial]Bloodnight's GM Application

    Good guy. Give him a chance.
  3. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

    Good kid. He does listen and knows his way around. Give him a chance +1. Third world country support.
  4. Inquisitioners' LM Application.

    Good guy and he likes to study. +1
  5. Peace in our times.
  6. Urguan the Unconquerable

    Both nation leaders, please add me on Discord.
  7. A New Era

    Frerir Irongrinder simply listens. He does not respond, the smile on his face vanishing. He would remain by his men, watching them as they cheer. His mind races to other domains. He would think of his Ireheart friends, of the fellow dwed who dies for Urguan. He would simply listen. He would simply listen..
  8. Denouncement of Urguan

    Frerir Irongrinder bursts into laughter as he receives a copy of that paper. "War then." he would then continue laughing. "Yer own man attacked one of mine by throwin' his spear at him, now ye call me dis'onorable for defending ma lands."
  9. The Battle of the Bridge

    Peace in our times.
  10. [✓] Devyl's Ban Appeal

  11. I am a PvP goon. I spend my time either on TS or jumbing around on this server. I support the PvP default. PVP PVP PVP. But jokes aside, I believe 10 people is too much. You can barely keep track of the emotes in a 6 person fight. I cant imagine on a 10 person fight. I got yelled at by my boss so I wont write much more.
  12. im a street ******, yeah im famous im a rapper ****** and im gangbangin' -.-

  13. Prince Philips War

    The Holy Orenian Empire and their allies are victorious.
  14. Mercenaries can't be trusted

    Victory for Santegia.