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  1. Frerir Irongrinder signs. ((Ioannis)) Before we go, lets nuke Harold and the rest of Urguan though.
  2. Its just Chaw +1!
  3. Come back to us!

  4. Join the Irongrinder clan. Be the special snowflakes of Urguan.



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      10/10 pitch

  5. Does Nigan die in Walking Dead?
    Damn that dude is a ****.

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      nah i know what happens to him i read the comics

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      Read the comics...! Good stuff

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      I'm glad people find him a ****, it's a sign he plays the villain role well

  6. Korhaz Grandaxe X Zharkaz Doomforged Dwalin Irongut Aldal Ireheart Frerir Irongrinder Grumbis Frostbeard
  7. Application Minecraft name/s: Ioannis Age: 19 Timezone: GMT +2 Skype/Discord: giannis19976/ Ioannis#3896 What is your availability: Around 2-6 hours per day. Usualy late time for me. Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: The only issue are the bans. Players are getting easily banned. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: Game moderators are our police officers. That means we love and hate them at the same time. Being a Game moderator is time consuming and most of them dont even have time to Roleplay at most of the times. A Game Moderator needs to listen to every player and make sure that he never wrongs anyone. That is tough as even computers make mistakes. The Game Moderator needs to have his mind clear from any feelings so he can opperate with fairness and justice. That means that sometimes, a Game Moderator must distance himself from the player base. But if he does that, then players wont be able to reach him that easily, so the GM must balance the two. They need to be serious and yet funny, strict and yet show compassion. Now as I stated in the previous question, players are getting easily banned. Being a Gamemoderator gives you the power to ban people. That doesnt mean that you should use that ability often or with rule players break. The purpose of the ban is to make the player understand his mistake. But just banning the player doesn't do much. The moderator needs to spend time with the player, explain to him of what he did wrong and make sure that the player understands. If the player shows regrets, a short period ban will suffice. If the player doesnt show regrets, a medium period of ban will be necessary. For players who keep breaking the rules, the long period ban will have to be forced on them. But perma bans shouldn't be a thing. Everyone deserves a chance no matter what happened in the past. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: Good communication between the members and a firm leadership. Each member with its own task so nobody gets burned out from too much work. Please list three players who will vouch for you: Josh3738(Been with him since I joined the server), Sir_Niccum(Cant even remember when I first talked to him) and arockstar28. What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: I havent fought with any of the current GMs nor I had any problems with them. I mostly talk with Sir_Niccum and I would like to help out with his work. Also I could cover the GMT players and their modreqs. I am just trying to prove myself to Josh3738 really. What are your finest and worst traits?: I wil start with my worst traits since they are easier to come up with. I make racist comments once in a while without understanding that it will hurt people. There are times I simply cant understand English at all and Im just remove from everyone. I might leave for the navy again in a few months but thats not a trait but I have to mention it. Sometimes, I support my ideas or beliefs to extreme levels and I dont want to admit I am wrong. Sir_Niccum can easily brainwash me. I wont write more bad stuff about me! As for the finest traits, I am a living donkey, I have lots of patience. Then I like to work a lot (Cant say the same for the rest of my countrymen). I am a no lifer at the moment so I will spend a good amount of time on the server. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: I joined the server in Athera, 2 years ago. Overland was the one who handles my application to the team. My first application was denied and then after talking to him, I read all the lore I could find and then finally got into the server. I started in Aesterwald, a human Kingdom in Northren Athera. There I found Nerezza, a small town with GMT players(ihb, Ventios, Nolan and lots more). Being friendly to me and since I was having lots of fun I stayed there for a good amount of time before leaving them to make our own town with Glocky18. While building the town, I met with James(I have no clue what MCname he currently has as he keeps changing it every month) and Draeris. Good people and had lots of fun with them. We tried to form our own Kingdom but it didnt work out. Somewhere in that time I met with Vegetarianism and Woodenapples, the two rebels. After that I joined the Wood elves for some time but then left and joined the dwarves (Back then, dwarves were at war with Oren(No people I aint lying!). As I didnt know much about the server, I was only seeying the dwarvish prospective. I spent lots of time just pvpving and breeding horses. I got really impressed with Dunamis and I was following them around until they disbanded. I joined the Grandaxe clan and met lots of people. In the dwarven lands, me and a few more friends(Bartohyeah, Algoda, Spartanred and Croleo) decided to build the town of Kal'Ordholm. I got to know the Snow elves in Athera aswell. After the war with Oren was finished, the dwarves and Uruks decided to have a war between them. Thats how I got to know a good amount of people who were playing an Orc back then. I took a break for the summer and got back in Vailor. I joined the dwarves once more since I didnt know much about any other faction of the server. I rebuilt Kal'Ordholm near the Capital of the dwarves and tried to keep it active. I was helping the Snow elves aswell as they had their own Kingdom. After spending a good amount of time, a friend(Lordbobby) invited me to actualy join Dunamis and thats what I did. Dunamis was more of a family than a mercenary band and I felt like home with them. We were mainly raiding and just pvping all over the map. At one of my bandit trips, I met with the Edicts. They were displeased with their Prince and wanted to move out. Since I had the town and such, I invited them over. They were good people and became friends until some my behaviour displeased them (it was my fault) and they decided to move out. I used to explore a lot back then. I made friends in Sutica and Oren ;). I stayed with Dunamis until they disbanded. I joined the Irongrinder and made my first dwarf character ( I was playing a Wood elf for a really long time). Then I left for the navy for around 6-7 months. Once I got back, I didnt do much at all except joining the Wiki Team and Arcadia. And then I got banned for 2 months. The ban did me good thought as I cleared my mind and started anew once the ban was lifted. I joined the Westerlands, a really nice and friendly community. I started roleplaying once more and made lots of new friends. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: Modreqs and the War GM Team (I like wars). Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team?: Onslaughted, Vegetarianism and Kipples. I know them for a good amount of time and they will be a good addition to the team. Link me a good song:
  8. Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): Land Charter Island: (Tahn- Oren/Dwarves/Elves, Ceru - Sutica, Asul - Haria): Tahn Point A: (Name of city, settlement, capitall, etc.) Exact co-ordinates of Point A: 884, -1646 Point B: (Name of city, settlement, capitall, etc.) Exact co-ordinates of Point B: 1406, -1905 Its 583 blocks distance.
  9. Ave Courland. They poked the BEAR and then killed it!

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      'poked the bear' Haense isn't really a bear its not big enough yet lets not get ahead of ourselves

  10. Frerir finds himself in the dwarf city, slowly heading towards the throne room. He stops as he sees Bastion and then lets out a weak smile. "I know I have been away for a long time my old friend, but I wish to finally return to my kin. I wont talk too much as it is not needed. I have been loyal to our Kingdom since Athera. My greatest achievement was breeding horses." He would then laugh and head towards Kal'Sitarae to continue working.
  11. +1
  12. Minecraft Name: IoannisSkype ID: giannis19976 Time-zone: GMT +2Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: Wiki Team Where do you grab inspiration from: Games mostly and my country's old buildings(We have too many of them).What type of building are you best with: Medieval castles, siege weaponry and terraforming. I just like building!What are some of your most treasured builds: I didnt build much on Axios yet. The Dunamian Drug Lab in Vailor is my most treasured build . How long does it take for you to complete a build: Depends on the build's size. For a rather small build, up to 2-3 hours. For a castle sided build, 1-2 days. For a bigger project, up to 3-5 days.Additional details: Redstoning is fun. World Edit aswell.Tell me a trick about building: The automated arrow firing machinery! Tell me a joke!: Greece is a country.
  13. I am in coach!
  14. Heraclius von Aesterwald reads the letter given to him by a guardsman and smiles. "Better to die as a man zhan a coward" he would then lower his shaders, waiting for Quarryville to start exporting salt.
  15. Is this a World of Warcraft idea submission? Shadowfiend 40 yd range Instant 3 min cooldown Requires Priest (Discipline, Shadow) Requires level 40 Summons a shadowy fiend to attack the target for 12 sec.