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  1. THE GRAND GUILD OF MERCHANTS ᛒᚨᚴ-ᛒᛖᚱᚷᚢᚴᛚᛁᚱᚢᛗᛗ Dwarves are known for three things: their short stature, their underground strongholds, and their token lust for valuable items. The Royal Guild of Merchants focuses on this last primal trait to acquire vast sums of coin for themselves and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. HIERARCHY The Grand Merchant, stylized as Armakak’s Coin, is the principal leader of the guild, responsible for all that it encompasses. The Grand Mechant must ensure that the guild is well-supplied and merchandise is sufficiently appr
  2. Girgin Grandaxe finally reaches the Metinan Keep, after a long and exhausting ride from Urguan. He would sit by the gate for a while as he then dismounts and laughs. "When we start the killing?" he would then laugh even more as he takes out the map he was carrying to study the roads to Talon's Port.
  3. IGN: Ioannis RP NAME: Stonefish CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  4. Hello there friends of Malinor! I would like to say a few things as LT = bad people. The Snow Elven lore was never a “cannon” one, as their origin was never really cannonised to begin with. RP wise, nobody knows how they came to be, the royal family (Tundraks) have their story to promote their propaganda and then the rest of the people have their own stories. It was a legend of its own, a fairytale for the children. So yes, you dont have to tell us about that but I doubt you even had a single snow elf in those discussions. After the whole origin fairytales,
  5. Release date 2025 and the map will still be half finished by then
  6. Council Changes of 1773 Since the first reign of Aelthos III Tundrak, the Fennic council has remained mostly static. Initially designed with the intent to satisfy the demands of Aelthos’s time, the changes in our world bring about new challenges, therefore demanding that Fenn adapt in kind. In order to embark on this new direction, Grand Prince Aelthos III Tundrak has set about reorganizing the Fennic council. With the above in mind, the following changes will occur: Due to being deemed unnecessary, the office of the Grand Chancellor is abolished forthwith.
  7. HEUSSEN-TUNDRAK CONTRACT Signed 1772. A contract between Grand Prince Aelthos Tundrak III and the Heusstandarte Company shall be ratified with immediate effect. The contract, mutually negotiated by both parties’ liaison corps and by credence of their masters, entails the following stipulations; The Heusstandarte Company shall henceforth act in a leal capacity at the direction of Grand Prince Aelthos Tundrak III. A sum of fifty-thousand Minae shall be consigned to the Heusstandarte Company coffers. A permanent outpost shall be e
  8. A young man dressed in a black and yellow uniform would appear infront of the two, a letter on his hands. He would be soaked from running all over Arcas. ”To my old friends Varan and Alenia Atmorice, due to the recent change in leadership, you are both invited to Fenn once more as your loyalty has not been forgotten. May Wyvurn guide your way to our Princedom” The letter would have a blue flower in it. -Signed Grand Prince Aelthos Tundrak
  9. The letter would be delivered to Aesilnoth by a young man dressed in a black and yellow uniform. “To my beloved uncle Aesilnoth, I would like for you to join me in Fenn to remember the good old times. It has been a while since we last spoke.” The letters would be poorly written, indicating it was personally written by Aelthos. -Signed Grand Prince Aelthos Tundrak
  10. Grand Prince Aelthos Tundrak would send a letter to Martin Heusmann, inviting him to the Princedom of Fenn.
  11. Hey King, You Dropped This “A bit awkward to be meeting in a tavern of all places for something like this.” Aelthos grumbled, helping himself to a sip of his wine. He looked around, appreciating how much nicer the place was since he had left, but still feeling almost uncomfortable being out in the open like this. He could at least take solace in knowing that it was a slower evening, and there were only a handful of patrons below. “Better than that stiff throne.” his son, Grand Prince Akkar, laughed. “Come on, admit it, you hated sitting on that damn thing too.”
  12. Aelthos thinks that the poster is highly detailed as he couldnt have done it better himself.
  13. Frerir nods with a smile! ((Checking if I can post here))
  14. The Dwemmunist Party of Urguan (DPU) Thamar var nevrumm Vroth!(We will never lose!) Thamar var nevrumm Nazka! (We will never break!) Forevruum ljoroth! (Forever Orange!) Khrum Fraed da Rikkin! (All back the Leader!) Khrum Nogazen da Rikkin! (All love the Leader!) Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master, and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight. A fight
  15. Aelthos Tundrak would look at his uncle Hadolph as he then shakes his head. He would then nod as he grabs a parchment from his table. “To my dear son and his so few snow elves remaing, Aesilnoth is a Tundrak and you cant change that. Please refrain from doing so or I will make sure to find time and visit you to teach you how our family works.” -Signed Aelthos.
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