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  1. Anton II Rovin would shake his head as he reads the titles. “It seems that once more, those Haensetians who have been calling us “friends” are so eager to steal our titles.” He would then attach a document on the bird before sending it to Andrik. “The Title of Grand Duke of Vanderfell belongs to my father as the eldest of the Rovins. Lets not repeat the same old story a third time.”
  2. 12th Malin’s Welcome 1742 From this day forth, Varan Atmorice is official unbanished from the Princedom of Fenn. Signed, Grand Prince Aelthos Tundrak III
  3. The Fennic Grand Council Aelthos Tundrak III Grand Prince As the Grand Prince, his duty is to lead the Princedom of Fenn as their Leader. He is sworn to maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Wyrvun’fiyem and the worship, discipline and government thereof, as by law established in the Princedom. And to solemnly promise and swear to the people of the Princedom, to lend his hand and generosity at all costs. ((Ioannis)) ================================== Hadolph Tundrak Grand Chancellor The Grand Chancellor is responsible for the Grand Council of Fenn and the Treasury. The Grand Chancellor’s duties are to maintain order within the Council and to make sure that every Councillor are doing their work. The Grand Chancellor is also by default the leader of Fenn when the Grand Prince is not present. Lastly, the Grand Chancellor is also responsible for all trade within the Princedom’s territory. ((premiumroleplay)) ================================== Tenvar Aelthos Atmorice Arch Vigilant of the Wyrvun’fiyem The Arch Vigilant is the head of religion. They are also known to be the real leader of the Temple of Wyrvun, for it is they that own the lands under the control of Wyrvun’fiyem - they are in charge of induction, promotion, and conversion, and run the day of the Temple. They are the only ones qualified to occupy the Wyrvun’fiyem seat on the Grand Council of Fenn. ((Evonpire)) ================================== Aroiia Drakon Grand Marshal The Grand Marshal holds their own position within the Grand Council itself and leads the Ivae’fenn. Their duty is to oversee all defenses of the Princedom and maintain internal functions within the Ivae’fenn. ((Sygnus_)) ================================== Chrom’ilvya Atmorice High Emissary The Diplomat’s duty is to be conducting negotiations between representative nations and to form and maintain international relations with regards to the issue of peace and war, as well as trade and economics. The Diplomat also has the ongoing responsibility of collecting and reporting information that could affect national interests. ((Europan)) ================================== Taveric Sylric Grand Exchequer The Grand Exchequer is the leader of the Bilok’thuln. The Grand Exchequer is in charge of accepting and promoting members. He also is in charge of resource management, inventory and the distribution center as well as fulfilling any citizen or government requests for materials. ((GrimDeValhalla)) ================================== Tenvar Aelthos Atmorice Grand Steward The Grand Steward is responsible for all the housing within the Princedom of Fenn. ((Evonpire)) ================================== Thalion Drakon Grand Architect The Grand Architect is responsible for maintaining the city and forts of Fenn, for the contruction of new buildings and for anything that needs to be built. ((beng363)) ================================== Hadolph Tundrak Grand Treasurer The Grand Treasurer is responsible for the treasury of the Princedom and for all trade operations within Fenn. ((premiumroleplay)) Council Updates: Hadolph Tundrak steps down from Grand Chancellor. (1722) - Arevthor Tathvir is the new Grand Chancellor. (1722) + Aesilnoth Annungilben is the new Grand Marshal (1724) + Emeline Tathvir steps down from Grand Steward (1726) - Somhairle Sylric is the new Grand Steward (1726) + Hadolph Tundrak is the new Grand Treasurer (1730) + Airebys Sylric steps down from Grand Exchequer (1732) - Hadolph Tundrak assumes the role of Grand Exchequer (1732) - Aesilnoth steps down from Grand Marshal (1732) - Taal is the new Grand Marshal (1732) + Somhairle Sylric steps down from Grand Steward (1733) - Arevthor Tathvir steps down from Grand Chancellor (1734) - Chrom’ilvya Atmorice steps down from High Emissary (1734) - Hadolph Tundrak assumes the role of Grand Chancellor (1734) - Aldred Tundrak assumes the role of Grand Steward (1734) + Aerilith Oakenarrow assumes the role of Grand Advisor (1734) + Taal steps down from Grand Marshal (1734) - Thalion Drakon is the new Grand Marshal (1734) + Aroiia Drakon is the new Grand Marshal (1737) + Chrom’ilvya Atmorice is the new High Emissary (1740) + Aelthos Tundrak is the Grand Prince once more (1741) + Current Council (1741) - Aelthos Tundrak as Grand Prince - Hadolph Tundrak as Grand Chancellor - Aroiia Drakon as Grand Marshal - Chrom’ilvya Atmorice as High Emissary - Aerilith Oakenarrow as Grand Advisor Thalion Drakon is the new and first Grand Architect (1741) + Tenvar Aelthos Tundrak is the new Arch Vigilant (1741) + Taveric Sylric is the new Grand Exchequer (1741) +
  4. Mali’fenn Bloodline Reforms, 1741 For centuries, the ancient and sacred bloodlines of Fenn have been instrumental in the running of the Grand Princedom. However, in recent times, these holy families have fallen ill to infighting, rivalry, and a lack of patriotism for the Fennic state. In order to combat the recent misfortunes of the bloodlines, Grand Prince Aelthos III has deemed it fit to reform the structure of the Fennic bureaucracy and rewrite the rules governing the bloodlines. ARTICLE I - THE SACRED BLOODLINES ARTICLE II - THE DUTIES OF THE SACRED BLOODLINES ARTICLE III - THE RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES OF THE SACRED BLOODLINES ARTICLE IV - THE LAWS GOVERNING BLOODLINE DISPUTES ARTICLE V - THE LAWS GOVERNING BLOODLINE HEADS ARTICLE I The Sacred Bloodlines The bloodlines of the Grand Princedom of Fenn are families which have shown their dedication to the Fennic state and the Tundrak family for many years. Though this devotion usually manifests in the form of one particular service of outstanding merit, many bloodlines play an important role at different levels of the Fennic government and society. The current bloodlines are as named: I - Tundrak II - Atmorice III - Drakon IV - Tathvir V - Sylric VI - Oakenarrow ARTICLE II The Duties of the Sacred Bloodlines Although, as stated above, individuals within a bloodline are free to choose a career as they wish, each family shall have one specific duty that they are charged to perform. This duty will typically be one that they have performed for centuries and thus have perfected their craft in. It is the responsibility of the bloodline head to ensure that their family is upholding the specific task assigned to them. I - To the Tundraks, they are charged with leading the Grand Princedom of Fenn. It is only by the Grand Prince’s guiding hand that the Fennic state shall prosper. II - To the Atmorices, they are charged with the spiritual guidance of the adherents of Wyrvun as well as leading the clergy. It is only through faith and devotion to Wyrvun that the Fennic state shall be holy and blessed. III - To the Drakons, they are charged with being leaders among the Ivae’fenn so that it may be well-led and disciplined. It is only through courage and an iron will that the Fennic state will be strong. IV - To the Tathvirs, they are charged with learning the medicinal arts and serving as healers both in the Ivae’fenn and in the clinic. It is only through knowledge and reason that the Fennic state will advance. V - To the Sylrics, they are charged with running the mines and smithies of Fenn, for they are to be the main workforce. It is only through hard work and determination that the Fennic state will be able to grow and expand. VI - To the Oakenarrows, they are charged with protecting Fenn and its people from beasts both natural and otherwise. It is only through safety and security that the Fennic state will be able to look inwards. ARTICLE III The Rights and Privileges of the Sacred Bloodlines For their exemplary service towards the Grand Princedom, the bloodlines are to be rewarded with special privileges that are unique to them. These privileges, however, are at the expense and mercy of the Grand Prince, so should a bloodline fail to perform their duties properly they may have them revoked at any time. Because of the bloodlines’ importance in the governance and maintenance of the Grand Princedom, these privileges primarily center around their historical, and present, ability to serve as leaders within Fenn. I - For the Tundraks, one of their line shall always sit atop the throne and be named Grand Prince. In kind, a Tundrak shall always be preferred for the position of Grand Treasurer. II - For the Atmorices, one of their line shall always serve as Arch-Vigilant of Fenn. Should there be one present, an Atmorice will always lead times of prayer, blessing, and sacrifice. III - For the Drakons, one of their line shall always be preferred to lead the Ivae’fenn as its Grand Marshal. The position of Sentinel shall be reserved for the Drakons, but the Grand Marshal can grant said position a non-Drakon if they deem their service worthy of such. IV - For the Tathvirs, one of their line shall always be put in charge of the city’s clinic should they be capable of such matters. Should they need any supplies or materials, the cost will be paid for by the Fennic Treasury. V - For the Sylrics, one of their line shall always be preferred for the position of Grand Exchequer of Fenn. All means of production shall be run and operated by the Sylrics and their employees. VI - For the Oakenarrows, one of their line shall always serve as beastmaster of Fenn. They will be allowed to construct a den or dungeon to keep any creatures they capture, so long as said creature does not pose such a threat that demands its immediate execution. ARTICLE IV The Laws Governing Bloodline Disputes It is no secret that the Mali’fenn are a militant and outspoken people. Although they produce fine soldiers, thoughtful councilors, and zealous priests, Mali’fenn are apt to fight and bicker amongst each other. Most of the time this bickering is no worse than a few petty arguments and insults, but on rare occasions certain ‘fenn of a heated temperament may resort to violence. Thankfully, no deaths as a result of bloodline violence have occurred in recent memory, but there have been a number of injuries that have resulted from these rivalries. In order to prevent blood from being spilled in the future, Grand Prince Aelthos III has created a list of regulations for bloodline disputes. I - If two bloodlines have a dispute, the conflict will first be mediated by the Grand Prince. Violence and further fighting will try to be avoided at all costs. II - Should the Grand Prince deem the situation serious enough to warrant it, the two bloodlines will be allowed a duel to determine the outcome of the dispute. The two primary instigators of the conflict will engage in a duel to first blood. Whichever bloodline wins the duel will be allowed to impose their terms, after confirming them with the Grand Prince, upon the other bloodline. III - Should there be no two primary instigators of the conflict, the bloodline heads will be allowed to name a champion for the duel. IV - Once the duel is complete, the two bloodlines will partake in a feast of reconciliation overseen by the Grand Prince. Gifts will be exchanged, talk will be made, and the feast shall not end until the Grand Prince deems that amends have been made. ARTICLE V Laws Governing Bloodline Heads The leaders of the Fennic bloodlines, better known as bloodline heads, are tasked with guiding and directing their families so that they may serve the Grand Princedom with distinction. Therefore, the expectations of the bloodline heads are even higher than that of their normal family members. In action, conduct, and word, the bloodline heads represent the Fennic state and are thus expected to act as such. To better-establish the legal and cultural position of the bloodline heads, Grand Prince Aelthos III has written a list of laws to govern the bloodline heads. I - When the head of a bloodline dies or is stripped of their position, their family is allowed to choose a member within their bloodline to become the new head. This nomination is then either confirmed or denied by the Grand Prince. II - Bloodline heads must make an active effort to involve themselves and their family in the affairs of the Grand Princedom. Should a bloodline head not be making genuine attempts to contribute to the Fennic state then they are liable to be removed from their position of bloodline head by the Grand Prince. III - Bloodline heads must reside within the Fennic capital. They are allowed to own properties outside of the city, but their primary residence should be within Fenn itself. Should a bloodline head choose to move outside of the Grand Princedom, they immediately forfeit their position as bloodline head. IV - Should a bloodline head go absent for a period of seven Elven Days without first notifying the Grand Prince, they are liable to be removed from their position of bloodline head.
  5. The Mali’fenn of the Princedom of Fenn and the Mali’ame of the Forest Realm of Irrinor would like to thank those of the Silver State of Haulun’or for the good gesture in offering us the beetroots, even though we have not yet received the shipment. Now, since you are our dear friends and allies, we would like to provide some sorts of help aswell as thats what great friends do! The Princedom of Fenn is willing to provide you with a few copies of our family and bloodline books, where you can find on how we track our bloodlines and families as we heard you have some issues with cousins marrying each other. Also, we would also like to offer you fresh horse manure so you can use it as a fertilizer for your beet-root farms. It is also the desire of the Forest Realm of Irrinor to extend a similar gesture to show our gratitude to the Silver State. While we were not signalled out to receive a shipment, our dear friends and allies in the Princedom have pledged to share the bountiful gift they expect to receive. As such, the Forest Realm of Irrinor will send to the Silver State a crate full of wreaths made of various rainbow coloured flowers. It is the assurance of my druii that these wreaths shall invoke the Mother’s blessings in efforts of bringing love to you and your people. HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Aelthos of the Tundrak Bloodline, third of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun Lyemar Aureon, Blessed Descendant of Elenwë, High Chieftain of the Forest Realm of Irrinor, Sovereign of the Mali’ame, Chieftain of the Aureon Seed, Brother Red Panda, Priest of the El’Narnsae’ame.
  6. The dazzling banners of Aegrothond, Urguan, Haelun’or, and Fenn flurried and intermingled in the frosty, yet relatively warm, square of Tahu’Lareh. Additional envoys from Lorraine, Kaedrin, and the Hou-Zi were also present, though their role was merely as observers. Soldiers and diplomats from the respective nations spoke freely amongst each other- sharing stories and jesting in good spirit. However, the prevailing topic of the hour was the diplomatic conference that was soon to be had, one that would unite the four nations in their collective endeavour against Llyria. After several minutes of idle chatter, horns blared from the Citadel, signaling to all that the meeting was to commence. The respective entourages ventured to the conference hall within the Citadel, each taking a seat at the long table before them. Grand Prince Aelthos, sitting at the head of the table, initiated the talks. “So, Llyria,” he began, looking to Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj, seated just across for him. “It seems they’ve made the decision to tempt fate once again,” he continued, glancing at both Sea Prince Feanor Sylvaeri and King Utak Ireheart, both seated to the left of the Sohaer. “We all have our grievances with them, but it seems in their vainglory Llyria has brought war upon themselves. With their recent breaking of the treaty we made with them, our alliance is left with little other option than to pursue military action.” Those in attendance murmured in agreement. “They aren’t just tempting fate- they’re tempting all of us,” snickered Crown Prince Vytrek, helping himself to a sip of the wine before him. “Poor them, I suppose. I quite liked the city until the Empyrion lost a chunk of his brain.” “I do not know how you could bear to stand that city,” the Sohaer sneered, shaking his head in evident disagreement. “It is a place riddled with dark mages, demon-spawn, and the lesser life forms we are all obligated to rid this world of.” The table fell quiet, for most there were in agreement. However, the matter of how the war would be conducted still remained. “Just charge in and DESTROY THEM!” cheered the young prince, Aldred. “I believe naval supremacy will be paramount to winning this war. Llyria is a port city- if we cut their supplies then we ought to be able to starve them into submission,” argued the Sea Prince. To further illustrate his point, he procured a map of the Llyrian area, pointing to its harbour, then tracing a line to his own city at Aegrothond. “Look at how short of a distance that is. We would be able to effectively support a besieging army via sea without worrying about the hassle of a long voyage,” he concluded, looking to the Grand Prince for affirmation of his plan. The Grand Prince remained quiet, studying the map intently. He rubbed his beard, before pulling a worn charcoal pencil from his pocket. Marking an ‘x’ at the tunnel leading into Llyria, Aelthos began to speak. “I agree with the Sylvaeri’s suggestion, though I would like to take it a step further.” Aelthos pointed at his ‘x’, glancing up to King Utak. “Have your dwarves block this pass here. I want nothing in and nothing out. In the meantime, the Ivae’fenn and Sillumiran will besiege the city itself. Have we any disagreements here?” King Utak, who had seated himself in a small basin of water in the center of the table, shook his head. “T'ere will b' teh loot, aye?” he inquired, his eyes growing wide with the thought of plunder. He then splashed some water on his face, washing out some of the grime. Silir Uradir, Okarir’san of Haelun’or, snorted. “Sounds like a typical dwarven concern,” he chortled, furrowing his eyes at Utak’s bathing. “However, there is another matter. I revel at the opportunity to strike down the Llyrian corruptions, but what of the normal citizens there? Plenty of innocents reside in that wretched city. Would we be just to treat them the same?” “I say we allow those who wish to leave the city pass through our siege lines. I suspect that the dark mages will wish to defend their home, for it is the only place that openly harbors them. That said, what of those that abandon their city anyway and masquerade as a normal person?” said the Sea Prince, biting his lower lip. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat upon noticing Utek’s bathing, but held his tongue regardless. “Then we will hunt them down again and again, as is our duty,” affirmed the Haelun’orian Okarir’san, flashing Feanor a cocksure grin. “Besides, I don’t think any of us have seen them put up a half-decent fight before.” Dimaethor Visaj laughed clearly and heartily, though more sinister undertones were evident. Then rising from his seat, the aged Sohaer addressed those at the table. “Fortune has it that we are all on the same side this time around. We shall make quick business of this petty enemy. Now, the hour is getting late, and we all have armies to ready for war. I shall depart for today, but I will return with an army beside me- ready to join you.” With that, the Haelun’orian retinue said their goodbyes and left. Soon after, the other envoys followed suit, each saying a few words in farewell before leaving the hall. After a few moments, only the Grand Prince and his two sons remained. Vytrek was the first to rise, walking over to the map left behind by Sea Prince Feanor. “It’s a viable plan,” the Crown Prince noted, studying the battle plans that had been marked down. “That it is. No doubt the Llyrian state will crumble at our might, but how many losses will we suffer? Hundreds?” Aelthos responded, joining his son in examining the plans. Vytrek took a longing glance outside of the window behind him, looking to the training Ivae’fenn below him. Recruits sparred, officers shouted orders, and standard-bearers stood stalwartly with the colors of Fenn in-hand. War was soon to come to all of them once again. “I don’t know. Maybe ten?” WARCLAIM Attackers Princedom of Fenn & Allies Defenders Llyria & Allies Wargoals: The Llyrian city pillaged. Location & Proposed Time Add me on Discord to discuss this further Ioannis#9788
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  8. The clash of bloodied steel and the screams of men pervaded the Grand Prince’s senses, drowning out his young son beside him- a youth of twelve tugging on his father’s sleeve. “Father! Father- are you even listening to me?” Aelthos blinked, suddenly darting his head over to see his son. He saw the young prince, Aldred, peering back at him with concern, but also the curiosity that was characteristic of all children his age. “My apologies, son. I’ve just been preoccupied with business lately. Forgive me, for I don’t mean to ignore you,” he confessed, taking a few deep breaths as he turned his attention back to the fireplace before him. How long had he sat there, staring into the same flames he had seen so many times before? How long would these memories intrude his conscious at every waking moment, fill his mind at even something as mundane and routine as the Ivae’fenn sparring in the Citadel? The War of the Two Emperors was no far-flung memory. Although Tahu’Lareh had avoided the wrath and bloodshed of the war, its people had not. Many still bore the scars of the conflict, whether external or, as was the case with Aelthos, internal. The Princedom had recovered miraculously in the decades after, but imprinted in its history and conscious was the folly of joining Joseph’s war. “What’s wrong, father? I’m not a little kid anymore, you can tell me,” Prince Aldred insisted eagerly, habitually resting a hand on the hilt of the shortsword given to him just two Elven Years ago. “Look at the young warrior you are,” Aelthos laughed, seeing so much of himself in the child. However, that self had been shattered upon the realization of what war truly was. Good leaders saved their people, allowed them to live in peace and prosperity. War was the opposite of any of that, thus it was the course of action no monarch should take. That said, a far greater duty of a monarch was to preserve the strength and pride of both himself and his people. Llyria, a decrepit state which had been on the verge of making peace with the powers aligned against it, had now decided to renegade on the treaty it had established not even a year prior. In this act, the Empyrion showed that he cared naught for the safety and pride of his people, only personal vanity. This weak, fledgling state would soon learn what it meant to trifle with Fenn and break sacred pacts on a whim. “I won’t lie to you, Aldred. We are on the path of war once again. The Llyrian Concord has turned its back on the treaty that we had made not long ago, and thus spat on our very faces. I, as Prince, must fulfill my obligation to defend our honor before those who try and trod upon it,” he explained, ruffling his son’s hair. “Do you understand?” Of course, a broken pact was not the sole reason for the war at hand. The Empyrion of Llyria had made many enemies in his short time as a ruler. The Sohaer of Haelun’or, Dimaethor Visaj, had so passionately decried the dark mages, demons, and degenerates that Llyria harbored within its walls. He had played a great role in helping convince Grand Prince Aelthos to declare war upon the Izalith-state and purge the world of the scourge that the descendants had fought against for so long. King Utak Ireheart has his own grievances as well- the Underking had accused the Llyrian Concord of holding several relics sacred to Urguan. “I think I do,” Prince Aldred said reluctantly, fidgeting with the hilt of his blade. “Will I fight?” he asked, puffing out his chest to try and make himself look stronger. The child was still idealistic, ignorant of the realities of war. All who marched to Helena were the same way- up until the first volley of arrows flew from the walls of the city. “No,” Aelthos spat harshly, slamming a fist into the arm of his chair as he looked to his son. The boy had turned pale and begun to back away from his father, tears forming in his eyes. The young prince sputtered, trying to speak, but could only whimper a muffled “sorry”. The Grand Prince’s gaze softened, and he rose from his chair. He had not meant to scare his son, but the thought of losing his youngest child to war struck an even greater fear into his heart. Walking over to Aldred, the Grand Prince embraced his son, patting the child on the back as he too apologized. The young prince, no longer near crying, stood silent, dutifully listening to his father as he spoke. “I won’t have you carry the burdens that I do with every step I take. Learn to laugh, learn to love, learn to live, for once you make the first step towards the descent into violence, these are all you will have to keep from succumbing to the draw of battle,” Aelthos muttered, as much to himself as to his son. He then let his son go, patting the boy’s head as he began to stride away. “Go to bed now, Aldred. We will speak again in the morning.” The boy obeyed, waving ‘goodnight’ as he trudged up to his room. For the Grand Prince, however, the night was still not over, for he had a letter to pen: “To the Empyrion of Llyria, Your pathetic attempts to turn your back on the treaty we made but a few Elven Days ago have not gone unnoticed by myself. We demanded that you cede the tract of land occupied by the spider cultists, a term that your council agreed to. Now, in autocratic fashion, you have turned against their good judgement and are trying to placate us with a paltry sum of minae. It is now clear that you do not seek a resolution to this conflict, thus it falls upon us to bring one to you. Your vile, malevolent citizens will fall by the blades of our united front, and I will personally mount your head atop a spike in the middle of your square. The malformations you harbor will be slaughtered to extinction, and you city will be returned to the mire from whence it came. There will be no negotiations this time, you have already seen to that.” HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Aelthos of the Tundrak Bloodline, third of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun, etc.
  9. GRAND PRINCE, Aelthos Tundrak III signs.
  10. A Missive to the Llyrians Issued upon the 13th of the Amber Cold, 1727 ___________ It seems that in your eagerness to avoid war with us, you failed to properly accept any of the demands we set forth: We demanded that you evict the spider cultists yourselves, rather than allow our armies passage through your lands. Seeing as how these cultists are inhabiting your land, it is the responsibility of the Concord of Llyria to deal with these brigands. Intervention by the Ivae’fenn would mean a declaration of war on Llyria; for if Fennic boots must trod to Llyria to handle an infestation that the Llyrians are complicit in for harboring such cultists, Llyria will be punished accordingly. We demanded that the Ivae’fenn be allowed to fully occupy the cave that the spider cultists have taken residence in. Although you did give the Ivae’fenn permission to enter Llyrian lands, you failed to clarify whether you agreed to its continued occupation of the lands taken from the spider cult. It is evident that you are incapable of policing your own land, and thus, for the safety of Fenn and the realm, such a duty ought to be relinquished for the given area. We demanded that the Concord of Llyria issue a formal apology for the actions of the spider cult. Regardless of if you were truly unaware of their presence on your lands - an unbelievable notion itself - it was by your negligence and incompetence that our citizens were harmed. Your response lacked an apology entirely, and you only repeated the claim that Llyria did not know of the habitation of their lands by the spider cultists. However, we are not a people without mercy, and we recognize that the overtures you made were in good faith. Instead of reiterating our demands, we wish to discuss a proper settlement of the issue at hand within the walls of our grand city. The Lordly Council of Llyria is hereby invited to the Princedom of Fenn in order to negotiate the terms of your submission. Unless a new set of terms is agreed upon, the time limit to accept the current demands remains. HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Aelthos of the Tundrak Bloodline, Third of his Name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun, etc.
  11. It has come to my attention that these ‘spider cultists’ which we have so recently declared war against are being harbored by the Llyrian Concord. Though it comes as no surprise that the Llyrians would so cowardly employ others to harm our great nation, rather than taking to battle themselves, this blatant transgression against my people will not go unanswered. Therefore I, Grand Prince Aelthos Tundrak III, call upon the Monarch or Leader of Llyria and the Llyrian Concord to: Immediately expel the ‘spider cultists’ from their lands and allow Fennic forces to occupy the territory given to these hellspawn. Issue an official apology for harboring enemies of the Fennic state. I grant you three Elven Days to accept these demands, lest I be compelled to deal with these abnormalities through more violent means and take the land upon which they reside by force. If you seek to stop our culling of these spider-worshippers, then you too will face the wrath of the Ivae’fenn and the people who have been wronged by you and the murderers you have supported. A Crowned Dwarf stands next to the Grand Prince. HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Aelthos of the Tundrak Bloodline, Third of his Name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun, etc. Grand Marshal Aesilnoth of the Annungilben Bloodline, Drakon Valkyr of Fenn, High Justiciar of Tahu’Lareh
  12. The windswept halls of the Citadel rang silent as the convocation of the Fennic Grand Council sat, awaiting the arrival of the Grand Prince. Snow flurried outside in a great torrent, one that made the warmth of the hall all the more welcoming to the Grand Councillors. They had been called in the middle of the night by their Prince for reasons they knew not, though the inviting, hospitable atmosphere inside of the Citadel soon turned the tired quietness into a lively chatter. A few good minutes later and the heavy footsteps of the Grand Prince could be heard just outside the door. With a heavy groan, the door guarding the hall from the blizzard outside opened to reveal His Majesty- Aelthos Tundrak III. Adorned in the finest of plate, with a thick yet soft woolen cloak to defend him from the frost, the imposing Tundrak entered the hall, a look of pure fury upon his features. The Grand Prince’s chilling gaze turned the veins of the Mali’fenn in the room to ice, a freeze far harsher than even the blizzard. As he sauntered to the edge of the table at the center of the room he stood before his councillors, clearing his throat as he prepared to speak. “They’ve tested my patience for the last time,” the Grand Prince began, his clear, peremptory voice rising above the raging storm outside. “ These ‘spider cultists’ are malformations- deserving of naught but the death we are to bring to them. It is a mercy, all things considered, as such creatures do not deserve a quick demise” he spat, his gauntleted hands gripping the edge of the table. The councillors said not a word, opting to simply nod in agreement. It was evident to them all that to test the Tundrak’s patience would be a folly. His temper was a beast to be feared more than any wyvern, twice so when the lives of his subjects were on the line. “I will admit that it was my fault in not dealing with this scourge earlier. My inaction has led to the kidnapping and killing of my people. However, this ends now. These vermin will be exterminated by the hand of the Ivae’fenn, their blood will fill the vile pits which they call home.” He then paused, biting the interior of his cheek as he studied the faces of each and every one of his councillors. Was he looking for weakness? Resolve? Hesitation? Whatever it may have been, he found it, for the Grand Prince smiled for the first time that night. However, his grin was not one of joy or warmth, rather it was of a cocksure determination. The vigor and boldness of youth had not yet left Aelthos, for within his heart was the passion, the desire to eradicate these foul murderers- to free his people from their worries when traveling about Arcas. “I inherited the most disciplined, experienced army in all of elvendom. It would be a shame if I were to die before utilizing their prowess at least once,” the youthful monarch mused, shooting a look to one his councillors, Aesilnoth Annungilben. “Grand Marshal, see to it that the Ivae’fenn is ready within the fortnite. These cultists may be diabolical, but I have full faith that they will break easily under our might.” “It will be done,” the aged marshal responded, rising from his seat. “Am I get to it straight away, Your Majesty?” “Indeed. I give you leave to begin preparations. I’ll not have a single soldier with a want for proper gear.” As Grand Marshal Aesilnoth strode out of the Citadel, the Grand Prince turned to face his remaining councillors. His countenance, now graced by a grin of satisfaction, eased the tension of the others. His Majesty, though prone to outbursts, was by no means difficult to be around. Procuring a wine flask from his cloak, the Grand Prince took a hearty swig whilst looking to the windows that revealed the world outside- which was now far calmer than it had been before. “The end of this blizzard has shown us a fine night indeed. I shall allow you to enjoy it in your homes and with your families. I will not bother you all with the details of this operation for now- just know that it will demand all of our efforts,” he concluded, giving a nod of goodbye as he turned to depart. As he reached the gates, the Grand Prince paused, allowing himself a final look back to his council. A towering Elf, shrouded in a blanket of shadows stood among the Mali’fenn councillors. The unknown Elf lifted his chin, to which a gem upon his crown winked in the light of a distant torch. “The Princedom of Fenn is at war once again.” When Wyrvun stirs, the little spiders will be trampled beneath his taloned feet. WARCLAIM Type of War & CBs (if applicable) Multiplue Attack on Leadership, kidnapping and openly attacks against the Princedom of Fenn Conquest War Goal Attackers Princedom of Fenn & Allies Defenders Spider Elves & Allies Wargoals: The destruction of the Spider Elf Stronghold Location & Proposed Time Add me on Discord to discuss this further Ioannis#9788
  13. Aelthos would nod as he throws the banishment decree in the fireplace. He would then notify the guards that Katrina’s banishment is over. “She should be given a second chance.”
  14. (+) Banishment Decree (+) Magnus of Llyria is hereby banished from the Princedom of Fenn for assaulting a Grand Council member and for conspiring against the Princedom. If he enters Fennic lands, they are to be brought in front of the grand prince. Where they will stand trial. Any found to be aiding them in the entry to the Fennic lands shall face harsh punishment. These orders are official as of 4th of the First Seed 1727. HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Aelthos of the Tundrak Bloodline, third of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun Grand Marshal Aesilnoth of the Annungilben Bloodline, Drakon Valkyr of Fenn, High Justiciar of Tahu’lareh, Patriarch of the Annungilben Bloodline
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