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  1. Just open the borders and let the kebabs come through
  2. For God's shake, can the Orenian leadership keep their children soldiers off the forums? Memeing is fun but lame overused memes are not. Thank you. Also, AVE ORENIA (Oh wait, how many times did Urguan get conquered? ahahaha, Oreners get good or get rekt,grr grr)
  3. Frerir Irongrinder grins as he hears Barradin. "T'at kid speaks t'e 'arsh trut'." he would try to hold his laughter but fail as he moves back in his cave.
  4. Αλλ αβοωε αψψεπτεδ. Ρεπορτ το τηε Λορδ Προτεψτορ φορ τηε οατη. Translation: All above accepted. Report to the Lord Protector for the oath.
  5. GJ Harold!
  6. Frerir goes and stores all the Orenian armour. He then would wonder how Orenian arrows dismounted his men as most of the Orenians who dared to chase them were dead.
  7. It was a good fight. Thanks for the fun!

  8. One of the best dudes you can find. +1
  9. Yes please
  10. Sorry for the delay. Report to the Lord Protector ASAP. Report to the Lord Protector ASAP.
  11. Frerir remains deep inside his cave, occasionly listening to travellers who bring him the news of both sides. Dwed from both sides asking him to join either side, his answer always the same. "A dwed should not be killing another dwed. We are not that many nowadays." he would say to himself as he then shakes his head and continues on his work.
  12. Pieman is a chill dude. He would be a good pick +1
  13. good dude and level headed. +1
  14. I like his builds. +1
  15. Frerir watches Dormin who sharpens his... hammer.