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  1. Dunamis Pride Worldwide!


    Also Hi.

    1. SquirtGun


      You're a bad bear tank.

    2. The South

      The South

      disgusting dirty dirty  click master organization, dunamis masterclick incorporated, disgusting dirtydirty L Industries, dirty sickening raid ruining dunamis L printing solutions limited. Disgusting absolutely disgusting dirty dirty salt level indicators

    3. Dreek


      Quebec is a great country

  2. John Revlis stands ontop of the walls "Dunamis Pride Worldwide" he says as he leaves.
  3. Dunamis Pride Worldwide

  4. I dont know if my opinion counts since Bobby is a good friend but he would do well in the ET Team. +1
  5. If you find any area on the map that needs fixing (Terraforming or whatever), please send me a message in-game or on the forums. Thank you. 

  6. @Harold


    Stop sending me nudes ffs. I will delete my skype.

    1. Harold


      You wish!

    2. Smaw


      ... can I have them?

    3. Nolan_


      @Smaw wanna share?

  7. Accepted. Report to the Marshal ASAP.
  8. Denied. Accepted. Report to the Marshal ASAP.
  9. Accepted. Report to the Marshal ASAP. Report to the Marshal ASAP.
  10. Accepted. Report to the Marshal ASAP.
  11. Accepted. Report to the Marshal ASAP. No Kha.
  12. Reign Revlis nods. "Ma son is lazy af. Cant even write a proper post"
  13. Reign Revlis lets out a wide smile as he picks up his rusty Dunamite armour, his hair now white as snow.
  14. "Narvak oz Urguan! Nevah forget Avar!" yells Frerir Ironginder and laughs as he remembers that he didnt even have time to reach the enemy before all the Norlanders were slain in minutes.
  15. who are you