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  1. Ioannis

    The Ever White Blindness

    The city of Fenn was cold as usual but something was missing. The crazy laughter of a certain mali’fenn. Aeluin would try to find the missing cousin but he then realised that Sigirath is too insane to even talk to people nowadays and decides that its best to leave him stuck in his tower. He would tell a few servants not to talk to the beast in the tower and just throw the food through the window instead.
  2. Ioannis

    Carrion for the Crows

    Aeluin finally finishes hanging another dead body from the gates as he then shakes his head. “If they keep going like this, even our sheep outside the gates will fight them back.”
  3. Ioannis

    [Denied][I] Callum13072's Game Moderator Application

    Good kid. Really active aswell. With some training, he will do fine +1
  4. Ioannis


    Once upon a time, a group known for its PvP skills was using alts to raid other nations in order to kill their RP. That group was mainly focused on killing Haense and Curon RP. Then, they decided to from an Empire. We should stop accusing people of raiding with alts because everybody did it at some point. 😄
  5. Ioannis

    [Pending]blackpilled's Lore Moderator Application

    Got a question about Lore? Yeah, just PM him about it lol +1
  6. Ioannis

    The Ivae'fenn

    Accepted. Please report to the barracks.
  7. Ioannis

    Waldenfest, 1686

    Anton Rovin, being awaken by his sons, hears of this and laughs. He then nods as he goes back to bed.
  8. Oops I wont -/+ his app since he does not really need it. His work speaks of itself.
  9. Ioannis

    this is a new level of dumb

    hahaha +1 Charles the Bald is everywhere
  10. Ioannis


  11. Harold is for the first time active, why complain about his activity haha +1 even though he wants to be an Admin again. . .
  12. Ioannis

    GM Veterans Club

    What can go wrong? I support this.
  13. Appeal accepted. Player unbanned.