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  1. Arlo Cooper would open the letter as he read, he'd place it back with his calm smile. "Well, seems like our Agnes is getting married."
  2. Arlo Cooper says "Both are great friends of mine, best luck to them."
  3. Arlo Cooper would place the paper on his desk after reading with a blank expression as he said "Another organization down."
  4. Arlo Cooper would read it saying "Right choice to reduce the crime."
  5. CunneR


    Marcus was born in the kingdom of Renatus. He has great times with his parents and his friends. Marcus wants to be an adventurer. He wants to be a skilled person. He found an adventurer that could be his teacher. The adventurer accepted his request. Marcus has been trained by the adventurer and became a brave and skilled adventurer. Marcus is very interested in this realm, and wishes to uncover it's secrets and solve it's mysteries, uncovering it's hidden past and exploring it's uncharted places.
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