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  1. Evelon, with her hair in a woolly mess and still sleep in her eye, awoke to the collapse of her world. As she read over the numerous missives that had made their presence overnight she found her gaze phasing past the words inking the pages. She was still asleep, of course, she thought. This was nothing to wind up over. It took hours for the reality to finally settle in, and as it did she strolled past the new posting – Azorella’s last letter. Emotions of conflicting nature stirred within, but ultimately, melancholy took over her visage. As was custom, she held a monologue drenched in emotion in memory of the late mali: “I liked your headband.”
  2. [!] A brightly decorated missive inked upon smooth ebony parchment had been pinned to the Haelun’orian notice board. Its large, white font was sure to catch a bypasser’s eye along with the ornate drawing of two elves presented next to one another in equality. - THE BLESSED UNION OF MURIEL URADIR AND EVELON TELPERION - 1766 Citizens of Haelun’or, A historic day is upon us. Within this Elven week shall an Uradir be wed, namely the formation of the blessed union between Muriel Uradir and Evelon Telperion. The event serves as an end to the accusations of disregard for eltalonnii’sae that the Uradir have endured, indicating an optimistic beginning of a dawning prosperity of a distinguished talonnii. Furthermore, the marriage is a symbolic unification of two talonniian that have become unmistakably intertwined with recent history, one that is to set the longstanding Uradir-Telperion union in stone, a revitalising force for the Telperion and the Uradir alike. Let it not be forgotten that it is also an occasion of celebration, for our blessed citizens have long deserved the jubilance of a wedding. This letter serves as an invitation to the supreme honour of attending the blessed union of Muriel Uradir and Evelon Telperion, of which is to be held at the Eternal College of Haelun’or within this Elven week. All citizens of Haelun’or are expected to attend. - THE URADIR-TELPERION BALL - A CELEBRATION OF OPULENCE AND SPLENDOUR In a spirit of festivity following the serendipity of the day, a ball is to proceed the marriage ceremony at the Uradir-Telperion manor of the Northern expansion. The ball is to be held in celebration of the union, with all attendees expected to be in their best attire, embodying the themes of purity and grandeur. Shows of culinary finery shall be provided to esteemed guests, along with an endless stream of only the finest local brews that shall only serve to succour flavour with piquant zest. Other pleasantries shall be entertained as well, such as tasteful music to compliment the mood and a breathtaking venue for pleasing the eye of the beholder. Signed, Evelon Telperion Muriel Uradir [[ The event takes place at 3 PM EST on Saturday, 16th of May at the Eternal College for the marriage ceremony, Uradir manor for the ball.]]
  3. TELPERION WELIER REWELIER’EHYA The crest of the Telperions of the Silver Isles as completed by Evelon of that same family, 3 Snow’s Maiden 1752 I The Family Tree The Bloodline of the Telperions in Part. II History and Etymology The history of the Telperions of the Silver Isles, as recorded from their re-emergence in late Atlas. III Traits The defining characteristics of the Telperion bloodline, of which there are few. { OOC: Originally written and formatted by @edelos! Graphics and some of the added information by myself. Reposted so I may edit this entry in the future as my character has become head of the family. Currently not looking for more members, but if you have any questions about getting started in Haelun’or do let me know. }
  4. A Letter to The Silver Council and Diarchy of Haelun’or Regarding the Duties of the Okarir’leyuan 3rd of Snow’s Maiden, 1761 On the day I proposed the position of elokarir’leyuan to be introduced into the Silver Council my conscience held great faith in its significance - that the undeniable importance of the arts, and most of all, beauty, would be witnessed and elevated to a higher position through the actions elokarir’leyuan was entitled to take. It has been my neglect which has caused the potential of this council seat to suffer. I committed the failure of never expressing to the citizenry and the beloved Silver Council and Diarchy the obligations elokarir’leyuan ought to hold. Though this was attempted once during an assembly held within the citadel, it also fell vague - inadequate. Thus I bring forth a comprehensive exposition of the tasks I believe would be beneficial to contrive as elokarir’leyuan, for the progress of our blessed silver bastion and the prosperity of elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya. As the title “Okarir’leyuan” suggests, the beauty of all things in Haelun’or is the utmost priority of elokarir’leyuan. This would encompass the tasks that are needed to improve the aesthetics of official documents, invitations, letters, books; paintings and banners within elcihi’s buildings; even compositions of symbols and stamps to help identify Haelun’or as herself, a necessary purveyance of mali’thill finery in all our works. The design of clothing is another specialty of myself, in conjunction to a discerning eye for proper ‘thill presentation, which I believe are natural responsibilities for an okarir’leyuan to uphold. I shall reiterate that elokarir’leyuan is the state’s servant in beautifying whatever is required for mali’thill excellence. The second duty elokarir’leyuan takes up is the leadership, management and satisfactory organisation of a Haelunorian artisan society; a project long underway with great promise for nurturing the prosperity of mali’aheral culture through the promotion of art which naturally embodies it. A missive regarding the commencement of this establishment is underway. The Artisan Society shall be a haven for artisans and artists alike to mingle, reciprocally educate, mutually share pieces and receive encouragement - an establishment that most certainly will be a unifying force in advancing Haelunorian artistry. As one may expect, it is an imperative of the society to guarantee the motivation, productivity and incentivisation of this valuable collective. With this comes an assured sense of confidence and an inspiring environment where those with favourable artistic ability may flourish. The exchange of ideas is to be encouraged. The society would congregate all of our innovators and artisans, expediting any future commissions that the state may require, such as improving diplomatic ties through Haelunorian finery, sewing uniforms for the Orders in Haelun’or or overseeing the proper decoration of venues for events. The many potential duties of elokarir’leyuan could compliment those of elokarir’akaln, elokarir’tayna and elokarir’nor; overseeing and encouraging trade and participating in beautifying the local scenery, decorating events, tying the council together. In addition to acting as a mediator for the creative minds of the motherland, the okarir’leyuan shall heed to its trivial duties and become one of the decisive forces of aesthetic decisions concerning design of official documents and portraits - assisting in maintaining a certain standard of outwardly presentation, including but not limited to ensuring all mali’thill display themselves with poise. A mali’thill should dress their best, groom oneself and take much care lest they bring disgrace to the blessed elves of Silver. These standards should be guidelines over laws that precede punishment, however, and of course the okarir’leyuan will be merciful and assist in finding the right resources for one to present oneself with dignity. On top of all else I intend to, as elokarir’leyuan, see to the orchestration of lavish and opulent parties, events during which our citizenry can truly witness the magnificence of Haelunorian culture - which will be exemplified through the displayed works of the Artisan Society in these gatherings. As is expected, these parties will certainly be of recreational value with elokarir’leyuan ensuring that all its aspects are to embodify mali’thill finery, aesthetics and beauty ad exemplar. With this proposal, it is of my utmost expectations that I have not demeaned the position of elokarir’leyuan, but instead have adequately promulgated on its undeniable importance in Haelunorian society and culture. As an avid patron and practitioner of the arts myself it is within my sincere hopes that you are to retain the integrity of this position within the council, purely for the sake what is logical and righteous - advancing mali’thill culture. As per elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya, if there are any alterations to the duties of this role you may see fit for favourable progress, I look forward to further discussions between myself, the blessed elsohaer, elmaheral and elheial’thilln. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Evelon Telperion, your Okarir’leyuan
  5. Name: Evelon Faeliel((MC Name)): rwk0Age: 48What magic are you trained in, if any? Arcanism.How do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali'aheral? I am a mali’thill by birthright, offspring to a Silver Councilor and ward to the Sohaer. I am of pure blood, pure intentions and loyal to Haelun’or and her people.How long have you resided within Lareh’thilln? Since birth – 48 years.Will you follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? Yes.What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? I wish to expand my knowledge on arcanism and eventually become one to teach it.
  6. The 9th of the Amber Cold, 1740 Blessed Citizens of Haelun'or, on this jovial day shall we take our first step towards freedom from the festering greed of our enemies. For mali'thill do not need their fruit, their produce, their coin to survive, for we are more than capable of thriving with no more than the efforts of the purest of elves. Okarir'akaln Evelon Telperion shall thus announce the foundation of the Economic Reform Committee. This committee consists of three organs which each hold their own, unique purpose. To each organ a leader shall be nominated from 'thill who dare to step forward and announce their candidacy. This leader shall oversee the recruitment and employment of workers and will log the efforts of each worker to ensure fair compensation is received from the Okarir'akaln. Missives shall follow containing additional information about each unit's functions and obligations. Nelgauth Maehr'tehral holds the leadership of the Farming Collective. All other positions are open and awaiting nominations. In addition, to commemorate the teachings and great service of Dio Astòre, founder of Haelun'or, the Silver State shall detach itself from the crumbling economy of Arcas and introduce the sovereign currency ibar (Common translation: white, owl) with great pride. Ibar - a sovereign currency with no ties to the rotten minae, but with symbolism for wealth and wisdom. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya  Okarir’akaln Evelon Telperion
  7. THE HAELUNORIAN BEET-RELIEF TO NATIONS STILL SUFFERING FROM HOMOSEXUALITY issued on the 9th of The Deep Cold, 1733. In an act of sheer and pure benevolence, the Silver State of Haelun’or has decided to offer BEET-RELIEF to nations deemed crippled by the anti-Elven concept of homosexuality. Okarir’mali Azorella Elibar’acal’s successful scientific pursuit to treat and cure the deviancy have already been noted and applied within the Lareh’thilln. A box of beetroots has been placed at every Mali’thill’s doorstep, warding off the plague from tower and hall well. The Blessed Diarchy and the Silver Council, in an effort spearheaded by Okarir’nor Evelon Telperion, has decided to generously supply the following suffering nations with a fresh crate of beetroots from the Haelunorian farmlands: The Free State of Sutica The Princedom of Fenn The Druidic Order May we unite our efforts to quench this anti-Elven notion. The delivery of the crate will occur in the following Elven day. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Okarir’nor Evelon Telperion
  8. Evelon's nose wrinkled up as she scanned over the pamphlet. "I'm way too old for this," she delivered through a scoff, then depositing the paper into a shelf full of notices and miscellaneous documents, never to be seen again.
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