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  1. For those of you wishing to apply for staff, please make sure you read the pinned topics that tell you how to apply for staff properly as they tend to be regularly updated to accommodate new information. Don't use a heavily outdated and vague format that you found whilst digging through the Denied Applications section. Beyond this, if you're applying for a team that requires investigatory skills, it improves your chances by showing initiative in locating threads that hold relevance to your application rather than just saying you can't find it. This is especially the case if it can be found in a matter of seconds because it just reflects poorly on your future reliability with investigations. It also doesn't help your chances and/or your tenure if your reason to join is antagonistic in nature, I had to learn this firsthand but it's a lesson worth knowing. Stay calm and mop floors.


    On a side note, who thought it was a good idea to hide away all the old staff **** in the Denied Application section instead of making an old staff archive. The forums are a mess.

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