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  1. Jarvis, you're alive, what do you see?

    2. RandomRhunes


      Oh my gosh, it spoke again 

    3. Turbo_Dog



  2. iron+man+gif+images+on+mithileshjoshi.bl


    Jarvis, kick their asses.

    1. UnusualBrit


      Jarvis, post pvp compilation video 

  3. Keep being based brother.

  4. lambast the admins at every opportune moment, and claim the server is evil and horrible. sigh dramatically as you eagerly await the next drama thread, as this provides us with the opportune moment to virtue-signal to ******* oblivion and farm millions upon millions of rep points. we don't like the green points, necassarily, more the idea of a lot of people agreeing with me. oh - of course the person who posted the thread was justified in their posting. you're quite naive, JARVIS; we're all traumatised in our own way. it's us versus them. what do you mean we can all work together in a spirit of mutual respect? greentags are evil and I hate them, especially the lore team. NLs are horrible ooc schemers as well. druids do nothing but erp, obviously. the admins, of course, are evil people who don't care about the little people like me. they aren't human. I can't see them from a human perspective; I can't work with the admins, they're evil and everyone knows it. admins aren't people. whatsmore, don't permit conflict. god, I hate conflict. I don't play characters, I just play self inserts. then, when my character is denied, I can act all offended and miffed; because it's me they're insulting. I can't see past that; I can't see what conflict roleplay is. there are personal slights, and tea-sipping rp. anyways, log me back on. I need to 'roleplay' more.
  5. Jarvis please we love you.

  6. Jarvis, it seems that some staff members are afraid of giving feedback without reprimand. Expose them. Leak their IP's. Dox them. Hang them upside down by their socks. Force feed them baked potatoes. Drop them in a vat of boiling sprite.
  7. Jarvis we love you


  8. come back jarvis we miss you

  9. Jarvis, we must attain green arrows on a server about roleplaying on minecraft. These matter because of the reasons why. Make a deez nuts forum post specifically to gain these arrows; they are precious to me, and we must collect them. If someone exposes our evil plan, quote them and make a passive aggressive comment as a counter.
  10. Jarvis, if Josh says we are, we aren't.
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