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  1. Clearly this is all part of a Sutican deep psy-op to weaken all nations involved so that they may rise again to stop people from reading books.
  2. A vagabond holds up the flier a moment before placing it back upon the board "One could wonder if they're still looking, the parchment seems rather old."
  3. gaurdman

    Swamp Rules

    tl;dr So, if you butt into an event to take people’s ****, you shouldn’t have to follow the event’s rules? because that’s what I’m hearing from you. We were informed by the ET that we were required to have the gas masks in order to survive going so deep into the swamp. Being able to run in and trounce the event by just fiat-ing some bullshit with RP and not having at least put in the effort to make something and call the ET to make an item for you if you’re worried about or unable to use renames is bullshit. You shouldn’t be able to cause conflict in an event you’ve not announced your intentions to be a part of with the ET managing it beforehand in most cases, let alone doing so while also ignoring the environmental and other restrictions put upon the people who were actually there for the event. There’s nothing fun about spending days planning/waiting for an event and having it be spoiled by a bunch of people who refused to play by the event’s rules. Especially not when they so blatantly have no intention to RP, given that two of them are statused as they walk up. It’s not conducive to roleplay and provides no positive experience for anyone except the people that are trying to get more pixels for their pvp chests. I will agree that mass CRP in most cases isn’t fun, but if both sides have people that actually know what they’re doing and are willing to take L’s it would probably be fun, I think using PVP past 10 people is reasonable, but I think CRP should be an option, rather than locking advantages people should have (I.E. Magic, CA race benefits (Golem, druid morph, Olog, etc.) or whatever else.) away simply because some dudes rallied enough people to force clicking so they don’t have to deal with being RPly weaker. But that really has nothing to do with this, it just came to mind since it got mentioned and it’s something I feel strongly about. Personally, I think we need an alternative to PVP, but making a standardized system for it for such a large server would be so difficult to implement ? Anyways, Grog out boys, that’s my 5 cents on this ****. holy **** that quote box glitched out
  4. In the current rules, you have to pay minas for your forts to be valid
  5. Mcname: therealgaurdman Talent: singing/songwriting
  6. bois, let’s just ambush our own raiding party

  7. Actually, flexible metals have a variety of uses in medieval times and in our modern age. Also, Titanium and Iron make a real life equivalent. Currently helping reformat and get the redlines in one place
  8. Wow, very witty joke that totally wasn’t touched on by my original post, how very funny and awesome of you to make it.
  10. After 4 years, the non-awaited return of one complete idiot, new and improved by 4 years of TTRPGs and general dumbassery. I am here! So yeah, I’m just generally a giant meme, I can usually be found building when I’m not in RP, and I’m always looking for something cool to do. My discord is MG#9334 so HMU.
  11. (I have joined IC already, just thought I would put this in Given Name: Leonidas Bardeen True Name (MC Name): therealgaurdman (Skype Name):therealgaurdman Race? Dark-Elf Doth ye aspire the path of The Knight, The Mechanist or The Magician? Mechanist but I also aspire to delve into the realms of sorcery. Doth ye solemnly swear to protect your Crimson Heart brethren?Aye
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