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  1. NAME: Viktor Sigismund var Ruthern NOBILITY (Y/N): Y RACE: Highlander Human PAST EXPERIENCE: Captain of the Black Company (c. 1720-1724) and descendant of the founder, Rhys var Ruthern (clout 😎 )
  2. The Despotate of Tarentum Alexandros and his advisers were gathered, as usual, in the war room of Taras. With a map splayed across the table, the ruler and his council pondered their next move. Word had reached them just the day before of the stalemate with the Romans. Greek and Roman dead alike littered the countryside as the war raged on further, and Alexandros hastily, yet wearily, prepared his next move. “Replenish our numbers and our supplies. This will be a long, bloody one.” Those words were all that Alexandros had to offer on this day. He looked over his council, men he had entrusted with his life, and with the lives of his people and his country. The man solemnly considered all that had gone on in the past few years for but a moment, before soon returning to the works of preparing for the brutal battles to come. Actions One thousand five hundred men are drawn from the countryside to serve in the growing Tarantine host. [1 Unit of Medium Infantry T2 Regular (6,000), 1 Unit of Light Infantry T2 Regular (4,000), 1 Unit of Medium Cavalry T2 Regular (8,000)] Two new ships are ordered by the growing Tarantine navy, to be constructed post haste and immediately drafted into service. [2 Galleys (4,000)] Total: 22,000 Setting aside: 1,300
  3. Viktor Sigismund var Ruthern wonders where all of these unoriginal names comes from. He also notes that the de in both of the latter examples is supposed to be lower case as it means ‘of,’ and of is not usually capitalized in titles. Hence ‘Empire of Man,’ ‘Kingdom of Haense,’ ‘Duchy of Adria,’ et cetera. The teenager then retires to his chambers. wondering why a seventeen year old boy has to correct adults on their grammar and originality.
  4. The Despotate of Tarentum The Despot of Tarentum, Alexandros Callias, began today like any day he would usually. He awoke in his chambers, dressed himself, and immediately set off to his council chambers to get a better understanding of the affairs of the state for the day. The man called forth his advisers and started getting everything in order. ”My liege, the Romans are advancing on Lombardy! They’ve approved war against them in their cute little Senate of theirs and are preparing an invasion.” One particular man informed him. He drew in a long breath at that, pondering his options. ”We cannot let them advance freely on the peninsula. They’ll take Lombardy to bolster their strength, their numbers, and then who will they turn on? The Venetians, perhaps, to get a port, merchants, and some ships under boot. But then it’s us. We cannot let this slip through.” Alexandros wisely lectured to his council, soon followed by applauds from several of his advisers, friends or not. He was a well liked man to be sure. ”Here’s what we’ll do. We need to ready our military. I toured through their barracks just the past year, I know their vigor is admirable but their equipment is lacking. All troops that I command will not be forced to scrape by with mere cloths, rags, and pitchforks as we were forced to do during our fight against the Frankish oppressors.” And, once more, he was met with claps and cheer – in stark contrast to the war meetings of Rome or Lombardy, Tarentum was making a game of it! Alexandros ordered his Strategos, Antonios Petras, forward. Just as he said, he ordered all troops under his command, totaling near 3,500 in number, to be outfitted with at least basic iron furnishings. Alongside that, one thousand five hundred men were to be drawn from the countryside and trained over the course of several months to become a force rivaling that of the great militaristic might of Rome. Not only that, but a further galley would be constructed in the freshly built port of Taras to supplement the Tarantino navy. To afford such expenditures, Alexandros and his council empties the Tarantino treasury of 5,000 gold, wisely set aside the past year from excess that was planned to build roads, and puts it into the army and navy. Alexandros resigned to his chambers soon after, the war meeting and its deliberations having ran well into the afternoon, going on evening. He sat at his desk and, for the first time in years, wept over the going-ons of the realm. ”Will this be enough, or will I be dragging my countrymen into a war we cannot win?” He murmured to himself. Truly only time would tell, as even then, only an hour or so after the meeting, riders were being sent into the countryside to pick and bring forward men for training, and pack mules were dishing out finer equipment to soldiers purchased at market in bulk. While it may or may not be true that Tarentum would come out victorious, one thing is for certain – this would be a difficult time for all of the Italian Peninsula, not just Alexandros’ portion of it. Actions Recruits are drawn from the countryside, totaling 1,500, to be trained as Medium Infantry. (3 units, T2, Regular [18,000]) Equipment is purchased at market in bulk and drawn from several stockpiles to outfit the entirety of the Tarantino army. (4 units of Medium Infantry T1 > T2 [4,000], 1 unit of Light Infantry T1 > T2 [1,000], 2 units of Skirmishers T1 > T2 [2,000]) A galley is constructed in the port of Taras, the capital city. [2,000] Total: 27,000 Setting 900 aside.
  5. The Despotate of Tarentum Aleksandros began his morning with a rather lengthy court session to get his affairs straight. While wholly uneventful, it gave him a better understanding of the country he ran, the power he held. He continued on, starting into the barracks and spending time alongside the men he commanded, the men he fed, the men he entrusted with his life and the lives of his people. He was impressed by their discipline, their rigor and their spirit, and left content with the men he chose to command them alongside him. Then began his day as a ruler. He called forth his advisers and his council, ordering forward the nation’s ledger. His first act, he decided, was going to be getting a cartographer to map out his area. What do I rule if I don’t even have a visual of my territory, he reasoned, and his council agreed. And after several long days of waiting his cartographer delivered. What he saw was a surprise, to say the least. Three occupied villages along the boot and that was all. He shook his head, sending for his council once more. Aleksandros ordered two more villages to be populated by men and women taken equally from the villages his cartographer had stumbled upon. It was their duty to expand the influence and hegemony of Tarentum, he argued, a duty they were bound to fulfill with glee if ordered to. He was only partially right, but they begrudgingly agreed to leave their home and populate the coastal countryside – with a stipend granted to each of the families and supplies offered forward by the state, of course. I’ll be a just ruler, Aleksandros said, one who won’t force a man to do anything he wouldn’t do himself. And so two more villages were formed along the southern coast of his territory. Farmland would be settled in the countryside to feed his people and his troops alongside these villages. A port would further be built in the capital city of Taras to support trade and domestic tranquility, and roads built about the capital to further this goal all the same. He then tackled a different issue of the day – trade. While his stately affairs as well as his martial ones were largely settled, his inter-stately affairs were not. He would settle this by summoning forth several men to serve as mounted messengers and bring forward a message to the nations surrounding him. Aleksandros had had his days of war and conflict, and this only spurred forward his decision to try and bring peace to the area, just as he had brought peace to Tarentum when he led the revolution against Frankish influence in the area. This offer of trade and mutual prosperity would reach the following countries in the area: Rome Epirus Macedon Byzantium even Egypt and Judea, by sea! The message sent would read eloquently yet concisely, straight to the point. Tarentum offered trade and peace alongside a promise of nonaggression for a period of two years ((2 turns)). If such an offer was denied then the messenger would make his leave and move on with his duties. A further offer is attached to Aleksandro’s letters to Epirus and Byzantium. It reads: “ Hello, my friend. I am the Despot of Tarentum, de facto ruler of the Boot of Italy and bringer of peace and prosperity to my people. Though I am a man born of war, I am quite tired of it. While my army hungers for a conflict to engage in, I know best of it. I know that my people are tired of such things. And so I decide it best to offer forward a defensive agreement between our two nations. If I go to war, you’ll be called forward to defend my people and my nation, and so the same will go vice versa. Our nations will fight for one another should a wolf come by looking to prey on our people. I urge you to consider such an offer and send an envoy to my court in Taras should you be interested.” - His Despotic Majesty Aleksandros Callias, Basileus of Tarentum, Guardian of the Boot of Italy, and Protector of the Tarantino Peoples ” Actions Two villages are founded utilizing excess population from the current ones! ((20,000)) One additional tile of farmland is plotted out to support growing population. ((5,000)) A port is constructed in the capital city of Taras to support trade relations with their neighbors. ((10,000)) Roads are laid in the capital city to further support trade. (([Level 1, +2 Trade Relations] 20,000)) Total: 55,000 Setting 5,000 aside. Trade requests are sent to: ROME, EPIRUS, MACEDON, BYZANTIUM, EGYPT and JUDEA Defensive pacts are sent to: EPIRUS and BYZANTIUM
  6. Nation applying for: The Despotate of Tarentum History of your Nation: The area Tarentum occupies is one of rich history, born first of Greek colonization of the southern Italian coasts. Tarentum, otherwise known as Taras, was one of the only colonies ancient Sparta ever chose to form and was met with war at several occasions. While stagnant during the Peloponnesian War, it participated in several other conflicts that would eventually cement its place as a regional power in the area – at one point ruling over many of the Greek colonies in the boot of Italy. It, in light of independence from the Empire, has opted to return to its roots and embrace a return of ancient Greek culture in stark contrast to their centuries of servitude under the Empire. This is all led by the beloved military leader Alessandro Calban, a man who paved the way for Tarantino independence from the Empire and is adored by the people. He has since adopted the regal name Aleksandros Callias and rules his territory in perpetuity under the pretext of stabilizing the region. Though internal conflicts have been largely subdued due to the approving citizenry, wealthy ex-Senators have flocked to the area demanding a return to democracy – a situation Aleksandros and his council are weary of. While Tarentum may enjoy a semblance of stability at the moment, this is certain to change as these ex-Senators and gentry return to power. Some may say it is a powder keg, but Aleksandros says it is his home, a place he is desperate to return to power and prominence at the regional stage. Leader: His Despotic Majesty Aleksandros Callias, Basileus of Tarentum and Protector of the Tarantino People Discord: kanadensare#7103
  7. Rupert de Ruyter is confused by his memory of killing the man once outside Curon and watching him be executed by one of his fellow Holy Knights in Curonian Court in front of twenty people for traitorous scheming. ”I thought this schmuck was dead already?” The Knight remarked before returning to his business.
  8. Viktor Ruthern signs. Dirty Goon signs. Rupert de Ruyter signs. [pls add 3 individual signatures for my 3 characters that will be roleplaying there ty ty]
  9. Kanadensare

    Swamp Rules

    8 Blackhill v 20~ Orcs give or take btw PvP is a fast, efficient, and simple way to resolve encounters between small and large numbers alike. Removing PvP from the equation in these sites will result in absolutely ****-tier CRP 10v10’s that’ll end up getting defaulted to PvP by a pitiful mod anyhow. I have no issues with Rancid or his eventline, but this all seems very counter-productive. Killing anyone who doesn’t have some subjective item that could/could not represent a gas mask and forcing all encounters to CRP is a genuinely bad way to deal with any of what went on today or with what will go on in the future. All this will lead to is 10v10+ CRP that is hard to manage, will never end, will not be enjoyable, and more toxicity than the alternative.
  10. i bet he’ll comfort her alright erp does stand for elven roleplay after all
  11. I don’t get it, what’s that throwing shade at? please elaborate
  12. can you please have someone proof read the spelling in future updates? this isn’t even me being toxic, I genuinely had to pause and think at the meaning of some of this bc of the grammatical mistakes
  13. damn cool sigil bro
  14. His Majesty Goon of the House of Dirty, King of the Roads, approves.
  15. lmao telanir’s comment on youngie’s doxxing post is the best non-response i’ve seen from staff so far

    1. Telanir


      Probably because I’m not really responding. I’m only suggesting what not to do. I believe the other staff in the topic addressed the issue pretty well and I don’t want to reiterate the same stuff.

    2. Kanadensare


      I mean the other staff in the topic (for the most part) were opposed to the decision to ban Callum too. I just don’t see the reasoning behind banning someone for two months (three months if you include how long it’ll take for the appeal to get looked at + voted on) for linking a username around. Pun didn’t even have any private information linked to the account last I checked, and if she just didn’t add people she didn’t know there’d be no issue to begin with.


      Overall this is a really shady ban that is pretty disputably looking like it was just a blatant target ban. You’re more than welcome to explain your reasoning but otherwise this just looks like more targeting imho.

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