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  1. It’s been a good run GAMER. Come join me in the red prison...

  2. goodbye my son

    1. Callum


      Gamer down. I repeat. GAMER DOWN!!!

  3. Thanks, all I’ve been looking for amidst all the drama. I haven’t doxxed anybody, and I’m willing to prove that to anybody who cares enough to ask me about it. You want a screenshare of everything I have on my computer? Sure, I have nothing to hide. I just want to put this stupid **** behind me. It does come off like that, yeah. I think you’ve been fed lies and that has severely ruined your opinion of me and my reputation in general, and I don’t blame you for that. Again, thank you for the genuine advice. I want to improve my behavior because I feel like it’s drastically decreased as of recent in terms of friendliness, and I’m working towards that. It just takes time and effort, which I’m willing to give. I’ll try. Thanks! If something like that is going on then it should be brought up to an Admin, I agree. But bringing that into the comments of an application is wholly unproductive. If there’s a child predator, or any illegal **** going on in general, and you have good evidence of such, then you should 120% report it to the Administration. It’ll get dealt with from there.
  4. lol, a bit. my bad man! fr tho. why shouldn’t you be able to respond to criticism if the intent of criticism is constructive?
  5. So if it’s entirely fact-based, why would you want to hide your criticism? The point of criticism is to help the person improve. If you’re anonymously reporting them, they don’t have the chance to improve. What you’re describing is a system where you would be encouraged to tear people down with little to no reason given, and with no checks in place to make sure that people that are disliked by a certain group aren’t mass-downvoted. C’mon sandk1ng, I know I’m a big deal, but you don’t have to make an entire system so you can continue to harass me over lies! ?
  6. If you want this then you’re clearly afraid of having your criticism responded to. ?
  7. Hey! As someone usually associated with the PvP-esque “warrior guilds” that you reference, I think I can speak on this. While those types of things are commonplace if you look for them, I’d argue that we’re definitely a minority – as Ankan said. Slice of life isn’t really my deal, but I can point you towards some wonderful places to get that done at. If you play a Human, I know that Adria has some good stuff going on, Haense as well, and Rubern to a lesser extent (from what I’ve seen, they’re definitely the more PvP-orientated out of the trio). And if you play an Elf, then I know Llyria prides itself on being an RP hub for slice of life roleplay. Haelun’or as well, though I don’t have much experience with that playerbase so I can’t speak definitively on it. Other than that, really any settlement has plenty of slice of life to offer. Even nations that are seen as more militaristic and conflict-orientated, such as Fenn or Urguan, have plenty of slice of life opportunities to offer if you seek them out. So if you don’t want to take a PvP or conflict-orientated route, there’s still plenty of options for you out there – more so than the alternative, I’d say. If you want to toss me a message on discord at kanadensare#7103 I can try to help you out further. Good luck! ?
  8. You damn mad man.

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      can u specify which flay

    3. frill


      he can specify them so much he could even tell u where they live

    4. Kanadensare
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