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  1. Kanadensare

    bagelseed's Application Team Application

    +1 his breath smells funny though, might cripple the player retention
  2. Kanadensare

    The Exhaustion of War

    hot + first
  3. Kanadensare


    Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Dominic Grimm Age: 33 (b. 1656) Knighted By: King Robert I of Haense Moniker: None Liege Lord: King Robert I of Haense Lands: Barony of Lizat Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: Yes. Coat of Arms:
  4. Kanadensare


    I don’t care if you type 10 words a minute, shout carries 64 blocks in either direction. That is more than enough time to type ‘/s “Halt!” He yelled, moving to tackle the (wo)man!’
  5. Kanadensare

    GM Monthly Update Log - October 2018

    Like Corpean said, most (and by that I mean the vast majority) of GMs decided not to use the bonus point form.
  6. Kanadensare

    Political Division

    Ser Dominic nods.
  7. Kanadensare

    Political Division

    Ser Dominic Grimm sighed, offering a brief nod of the head as he read the missive. “I agree that I’ve let the competitive nature of politics get the better of me. I hope that at the debate next Saint’s Day we will all be able to focus on the betterment of Haense together, as a united people.” The man thought aloud in his study.
  8. Kanadensare

    Common Sense

    “At least we know where you stand in regards to protecting the common people of Markev now, Lord Ruthern.” Ser Dominic chuckled in passing, “Save it for the debate, you might lose your breath writing out all these missives.”
  9. Kanadensare

    Reaffirmation of Candidacy, 1688

    “I don’t get what you mean, Lord Enthelor. For a man who put out his own name and immediately withdrew it for the past two major elections in Haense, I wouldn’t talk about me not knowing what I can and can’t achieve.” Dominic retorted with a scoff.
  10. Kanadensare

    Reaffirmation of Candidacy, 1688

    “I’ll give you three words: Vote for Dominic.” The candidate said in passing, campaigning among both the commoners and burghers of Haense.
  11. Kanadensare

    Reaffirmation of Candidacy, 1688

    Ser Dominic scoffs, “You trying to invalidate my views simply because of my party affiliations is precisely why you aren’t fit for representing our people, Rhys. I am sorry friend, but you must move aside to make room for the young.”
  12. REAFFIRMATION OF CANDIDACY 11th of Sun’s Smile, 1688 [!] Ser Dominic speaking to the masses outside of Markev. I fight only an uphill battle from here. Rhys var Ruthern wishes to keep himself in power, and discourage anyone who wishes to challenge the status quo in place. Even now I have made myself a target, for those at the top are fearful of a man with the interests of all Haensemen. The political establishment of our Kingdom has only passed edicts to cement their power. Lord Ruthern looks down upon the masses as people to keep complacent, or even use them in his foreign conflicts. My opponent, Rhys var Ruthern, espouses what he believes will keep him in power. I do not blame him for his pandering, for in his age his mind fails him, as exemplified by his previous resignation from his posts in Haense. For a former marshal, his policies are passive, if not submissive, in nature. The Imperial economy is stagnant, yet he wishes to benefit foreigners, who would jump on the opportunity to stab us in the back, with our resources? As for minorities, the only minorities Rhys Ruthern has in mind is the nobility in Haense, who will be apt to rig our election for his success. He talks of alleviating tensions because that is his last resort. His military career shows he cannot win battles, so now it seems he wants to talk his way out of them. His speech is littered with vague platitudes, offering intangibles and unfulfillable promises at best. Our Kingdom does not need an old man who will twiddle his thumbs idly, reciting what his political overlords command of him. It needs a man of action, a man with promises that he will fulfill. Support me, and I shall give you what Rhys var Ruthern has not, and will never, provide. I will give you the health standards that the Haenseti elite greedily clutch for themselves. I will bring money into the economy by ensuring that a tariff is passed for trade outside of the Empire. I will help establish reforms within both the Imperial Legion and the Brotherhood of Saint Karl so that they serve to protect the interests of all citizens of the Empire and not simply the rich noble class. Rhys Ruthern, and the CCP, offer you all hopes, but I, Ser Dominic Grimm of the Priorist Party of Haense, will give you a future. Signed, His Lordship the Baron of Lizat, Ser Dominic of the House of Grimm, Lord Maer of Markev, Knight of Bihar, and proud servant to the People of Markev.
  13. Kanadensare


    “I hold nothing but good will towards my opponent Lord Ruthern, but why should we invite a man who has previously resigned the Marshalship of Haense due to his old age to fill a position that has only recently been vacated by a fine man resigning for the same exact reason?” Ser Dominic comments to a passing constituent in Markev, before continuing on to further campaign. @Imperium
  14. Kanadensare


    Full Name: Dominic Grimm Prefecture: Markev Address: Krepost Palace, Markev Political Party: Independent
  15. Kanadensare


    (very good RP post 10/10 +1 rep yes)