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  1. Kanadensare

    Enforce Aging or Remove Age Limits

    damn erping scum...
  2. Kanadensare

    Merry Christmas 2018

    you make that in ms paint corp?
  3. Kanadensare

    First Letter to Parliament

    Tonto contemplates tech-lock. @FlamboyantRage
  4. Kanadensare

    The Second Summit of Curon

    Tonto wonders if the Duchess has a solid grasp on Common as he reads the missive.
  5. Kanadensare


    was a pleasure to talk to ya, we’ll miss you on the pixel battlefield. sad that the RP we had going won’t materialize but see you on the flip side bro.
  6. Kanadensare

    Goldifish's Noob Skin Shop

  7. Kanadensare

    A feast for victory

    Ser Dominic chuckles. “Why don’t you just ******* die already?”
  8. Kanadensare

    [Accepted] [Trial][P] Nectorist's Game Moderator Application

    dont worry, that’ll go away pretty soon brother +1
  9. Kanadensare


    ROLEPLAY Name: Dominic Grimm Age: 35 Race: Highlander Status of Blood: Nobility Past Experience: Brotherhood of St. Karl and the Knights of Bihar Place of Residence: 3. Marius’ Court, Markev OOC Username: Kanadensare Discord: Kanadensare#7103
  10. Kanadensare

    Suggestion to '/vault'

    transition is happening late january, early february at the latest
  11. Kanadensare

    [Accepted] MinusOneMorale's Event Team Actor application

    how does (guilty myself) save you from being a hypocrite? and the comment was more towards the norland playerbase, not just u sweetheart
  12. to whichever forum moderator removed my signature and replaced it with an outdated spongebob gif: 🖕

    1. Lockezi


      that means the image doesn’t work. .

    2. Kanadensare
    3. Lumiin


      if you uploaded the image to directly lotc and not to an image hosting website like imgur then it’ll expire after some time and be replaced with the spongebob gif. it’s what happens when lotc cant find ur image.

  13. Kanadensare

    [Accepted] MinusOneMorale's Event Team Actor application

    blatant hypocrisy is the best kind of hypocrisy, after all! norlanders senselessly belittling people because they bring up good points, where have I seen this before?
  14. Kanadensare

    Invaders' End