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  1. Kanadensare

    On Staff Disconnection: The Lore Team

    that's me babes
  2. Kanadensare

    blue tag needs AMA

    I don't really want this post to purely become a political discussion, so feel free to contact me on discord if you want to go into more detail. In short, he wasn't the worst of the worst when it comes to communism. He opposed Stalin in many ways, though that doesn't acquit him of the negative things he did while under him.
  3. Kanadensare

    blue tag needs AMA

    then what does that make you , , , 1. I think you misunderstand. I'm not saying that democracy is bad, though it is flawed, just that I personally align myself with the right half of the political spectrum. 2. Colonialism left much of the former colonial regions heavily disenfranchised, yeah. It was a bad thing that happened due to personal greed and ambition, but what can ya do? 3. Absolutely disgusting. 4. Smart leader, horrible politics. You seem like a cool guy.
  4. Kanadensare

    blue tag needs AMA

    Nexus was the absolute worst thing to happen to LoTC, and the removal of it was done in such a poor and laughable way. Still waiting for that skills plugin, tech team... Above my paygrade, boss man. 1. You're a cool guy, we get along in my opinion. You gotta finish that suspected issue regarding that certain someone, though. 2. I have no experience with Derrick, but he seems neat. 3. There's a lot of things that go into my opinion of LoTC, too much to go into here. Overall, it's a neat server that I like playing on the majority of the time. People get on my nerves though, but that's true everywhere. 4. no... 1. Everything left of centre is inherently bad. 2. Dunshire is a cool settlement I guess, but it's gotten rather inactive since school started up. Could use some work, all in all. 3. I don't have much experience with you, to be honest. 4. Tons man, tons... I have been corrupted by my peers , , ,
  5. Kanadensare

    blue tag needs AMA

    you copied me, , ,
  6. Kanadensare

    blue tag needs AMA

    hiya y'all never thought of making one of these before, but since just about every other game mod has one, why not you know the deal, ask me anything EDIT: why would I copy lackless, he's stupid
  7. so doesn't it just end up back at 0????? stupid... In all seriousness, Elrith is a great guy and although I never had the pleasure to work alongside him on the Game Team, I hope I will in the future. +1
  8. little fricker

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      log on and ill show you GM abuse , , ,

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      /ban Kanadensare you snot.

      i'm showing up with my halfling sO

  9. Kanadensare

    Red gets elfen malaria and retires

    hail chump
  10. Kanadensare

    The Council of Alderman

    Magistrate Safwa arrives, taking a seat amongst the Council. It's been rumored that she not only wants a seat on the Council, but to be picked for Speaker as well.
  11. Kanadensare


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  13. Kanadensare

    Art stuff is Art

  14. Kanadensare

    A very mushy love letter to a very special half-halfling.

    A passing Belvitz official seriously questions what that 'P.S.' is supposed to mean. 'Are these half men participating in prostitution?' she wondered, soon making her exit from the odd town.