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  1. Kanadensare

    Reaffirmation of Vassalage

    Ser Dominic signed the paper.
  2. Kanadensare

    Reaffirmation of Vassalage

    Ser Dominic raised a brow.
  3. Ser Dominic remembers how Henrik snaked him of his title without bothering to try and contact him. He also ponders how long it will take before the titles revert to the Crown anyhow.
  4. Ser Dominic chuckled, “The runt of Haense put into such a powerful position. Nobody could’ve guessed this would happen just fifteen years ago.”
  5. Kanadensare

    Farewell! :)

    bye dad
  6. lol u look funny

    1. _Hexe_


      shut up vegamn

  7. +rep or you’re gay


    1. Lockezi


      I guess I’m a raging homosexual then

    2. Snowypaw


      sksksjksksks no

  8. Kanadensare

    Enforce Aging or Remove Age Limits

    damn erping scum...
  9. Kanadensare

    Merry Christmas 2018

    you make that in ms paint corp?
  10. Kanadensare

    First Letter to Parliament

    Tonto contemplates tech-lock. @FlamboyantRage
  11. Kanadensare

    The Second Summit of Curon

    Tonto wonders if the Duchess has a solid grasp on Common as he reads the missive.
  12. Kanadensare


    was a pleasure to talk to ya, we’ll miss you on the pixel battlefield. sad that the RP we had going won’t materialize but see you on the flip side bro.
  13. Kanadensare

    Goldifish's Noob Skin Shop

  14. Kanadensare

    A feast for victory

    Ser Dominic chuckles. “Why don’t you just ******* die already?”
  15. Kanadensare

    [Accepted] [Trial][P] Nectorist's Game Moderator Application

    dont worry, that’ll go away pretty soon brother +1