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  1. The Crimson Praetoriam Has Captured A Filthy Canonist And Will Kill Her In 20 Saints Minutes If Her Ransom Of 500 Minae Is Not Paid! Send A Message From Your Negotiator To Agni (OOC: Voldock) Image Enclosed
  2. His name, although many forget it, was Josef Hartjensteyer He had been a chandler, a maker of candles and torches, by trade. By fate however Josef was forced to become much more, he had fought in the Third Atlas Coalition war when he was but a boy, lighting the fuses of dwarven cannons. He went on to dabble in everything from blacksmithing to carpentry, adventuring to homesteading, even astronomy. But alas Josef was a gullible one He was a short lived informant for a budding bandit guild, he had joined the Cheloveks under the codename “Rabbit”, a band of murderous revolutionaries whose cause was tainted by atrocity after atrocity. And while seeking redemption for his heinous war crimes during his time wearing the burning cog of the Chelovek union he joined a cult of all things while pushing 50 years old. It would be that last one that would end him. Desperate for redemption he took a mission doomed to failure, and unlike his new comrades followed it to its suicidal conclusion, he held off 7 others in single combat for several minutes, alone, and came so close to finishing the mission, although he failed, even pushing 50 Josef proved himself formidable beyond doubt. Now his body lay on the cobblestones of Helena He had learned a trade, fought in a total of 3 different wars, treated with nobility, kidnapped an Orenian lord, earned a codename, spied on an estate, betrayed a revolution, lost a hand, invented his own prosthetic, joined a cult, and died at the ripe old age of 54 in battle. Josef was a good man gullible enough to be led to bad things, and now? He was food for the rats
  3. The Cheloveks. Were they a group of ambitious and righteous peasants and low class citizens fighting for a better future? to find their place in the sun and get out from under the thumb of cruel nobles? or were they a band of murderer’s, arsonists, rapists, sadists and worse who had turned a worthy cause into an excuse to practice their terrible crafts and fulfill their horrifying dreams? The former agent of the Cheloveks, known by his codename of “Rabbit” honestly wasn’t sure anymore. When he had joined, a humble lamplighter dealing with a lack of honest work, it all seemed so simple. They were going to depose the corrupt and greedy nobles, spare the few who were good to the people, and install a regime to provide for all. But then the oddities started to pile up. The first sign was his very first assignment, to spy on the D’Arkent family at their famous Selm Estate. The D’Arkents were good people by all accounts, disdainful of their fellow nobles and their old boys club customs and firm believers in the fact that any man could rise to become anything he wished provided he had talent and put in hard work. So why of all the peers of the empire did the D’Arkents need an eye kept on them? Then there was Millstone, a peaceful town attacked by the Cheloveks in the name of ‘Justice’, as their mayor had supposedly sold out his citizens futures for a fat sack of Orenian marks. The evidence however was flimsy, the ‘trial’ given on the spot a farce, and the butchering of innocent civilians after the fact did not reassure “Rabbit” at all. And then yesterday he heard that some of his fellows had taken some of those frog people, who were innocent of any crime, and vivisected them alive... He was shocked, he was horrified and he was grief stricken, and even the news that their leader had condemned the action and gone into exile could not alleviate his nausea as he realized that all along: He was the villain So “Rabbit” filed off the Chelovek symbol on his armor and swore he would do something to redeem his terrible deeds. He could only hope his immortal soul could be saved before Orenian authorities put him to the noose.
  4. Josef decides to send a letter to this company, hopefully they can help him out “Ackland Arms Company I am a humble lamplighter currently looking for work, unfortunately I find myself without my lighting stick. attached is the order form, I hope you can send me back a price estimate Sincerely, Josef Hartjensteyer” ORDER FORM, GOOD Name: Josef Hartjensteyer (IGN: LordCrowe) Type of Good: Lamplighter Stick Description of Good: A simple metal pole topped with a crossbar, on one end is affixed a candle snuffer, on the other a mounting to put a slow burning wick/fuse/cord. ((OOC SECTION STARTS HERE)) So hopefully this will work, heres an image example by the way Lamplighter Stick Image
  5. Honestly these other people above me have all made great points but I think the one issue your forgetting to address is this Considering previous events I think we do need a semi-solid ETA, im not saying put in a hard deadline (that will just lead to rushed and sloppy work), but give us a guesstimate of how long it will take and keep people updated on the process
  6. [!] A simple flyer is posted around Arcas [!] [!] a poorly made image adorns the flyer [!] The Lonely Veterans Fund Want to support injured veterans? Want to make sure your loved ones have a chance after a battle injury? Want to support a charity organization that supports all races, religions and creeds? Then Donate Today! Contact Sylvester Creightonshire ((OOC: LordCrowe)) Today To Donate! The Lonely Veterans Fund is not obligated to use the money given to us for any purpose set by a third party excepting of course the law, we are not responsible for any damages caused by your donations, no refunds
  7. LordCrowe


    Josef Hartjensteyer was born on the 7th of the Grand Harvest, 1678 to a somewhat poor family of chandlers (candle makers) who practiced their trade in the settlement of Southwood, in the kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah. He was quiet when young, but did all the things a boy his age generally did as he grew up, he played with the village kids, learned the family trade and also learned a thing or two from the dwarven blacksmiths when they had the time to spare. Indeed Josef took a shine to blacksmithing, and while not learning the art of chandlery he was often found by the forge, trying to create various blacksmithing products like horseshoes and knives, of course being a boy he usually failed. As Josef grew up however war was on the horizon, and when the Third Atlas Coalition War broke out, he was among those who volunteered to fight. Apparently his experience in chandlery translated to experience with the fuses of rune-cannons, who knew?. His fighting career came to an end after the Siege of Kal’Tarak, where he only narrowly managed to escape with his own life and limbs intact. After that fateful day Josef wandered the world for a bit, doing odd jobs for minas and eventually moving to Arcas like so many others, so it is that today (should this app be accepted) he stands in the Cloud Temple, ready to take on the world.
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