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  1. The Raven smiles, it is not a nice smile, nor a cruel one, it is the smile of someone smugly knowing that their victory is assured.
  2. So i've read through all the posts thus far, and ive come to one conclusion: We Need To Accept That To Have A Good Villain Means A Loss Of Control Looking through the rules, and these posts, has really pointed this out to me, our rules and systems emphasize that you need permission of your victim to do anything beyond the completely superficial and meaningless, but as people have pointed out who is going to take that risk? sure if your lucky you might find someone willing and maybe you'll find a PRO willing to let you do something major, but it just doesn't happen, it doesn't matter how many times you shelf, rework, unshelf, remix, redo whatever villainy rp stuff there is because you won't let villains do their damn jobs in the first place. all i'm saying is, fix this systemic, fundamental problem before you start asking for ideas, stop treating symptoms while the disease ravages our server.
  3. Reading a copy of the declaration, MoJ Sergeant Charles Walker looked over the document with dismay "I told them" he muttered "I focking told them this would happen, and now the innocent shall drown in blood for the sins of my idiotic 'comrades'... may GOD have mercy on us all" Sharpening his sword, and readying his armor, Charles's face goes from dismay to grim determination "Now I suppose all I can do is save what innocents I can from their blood price.... here goes nothing"
  4. It seems to me that people think villains are either basic criminals or cultists these days, and not very good ones either, what happened to the third category people? I want to see unethical doctors, mad alchemists, and anyone willing to play igor for the former two I want to get a group together, for I see no point in doing it alone, so im looking for anyone willing to try and make a villain group of SCIENCE! with me. Lets see how far we can push the tech-lock, how many inventions we can make, and how many people we can terrorize in the process! If I can get say, 3 other people other people, ill start up a group for us all, get a lair app going etc.
  5. Just need the head, but if you feel like making the rest of the black nurse uniform feel free feel free to skip the spiky hair ornaments if you can't fit them
  6. A little over a year ago I presented my Cliche Character Music thread, it can be found here So now its time for LordCrowe's Cliche Character Music Thread Two: Electric Boogaloo Featuring: Chill Ambient Character Themes Awesome Battle Themes Galore Incredibly Unnecessary Extra Music General Idiocy and Memery Allow Me To Begin: Charles Walker Ambient Theme: Charles Walker Battle Theme: Charles Walkers "So Oren Is Doomed?" Music:
  7. Charles Walker picks up one such letter while patrolling, scoffs, and then throws it into a nearby trashbin "flying goats, what will they come up with next I wonder, insane ramblings are easier to deal with than the 4 different serial killers around the city at least" he mutters
  8. Name: Hendrick Mengelestein Residence: The Bastion Barracks, Providence ((MC Name)): LordCrowe ((Discord)): LordCrowe#3154 ((Timezone)): EST
  9. It was early morning, the birds were singing, the morning dew glittered like gems in the light of dawn, and under a tree an old man was packing up his campsite. He was clad in full plate, with a sword on his hip he struck at first glance the image of a gallant knight on an adventure, but look closer and you’ll see a different story, what was once a symbol displayed proudly on the chestplate has been crudely ground off, with no sign of what once was there, and a tabard once present is now torn to shreds, whatever symbolism it held long lost, only ragged red cloth. The man held up a piece of parchment to the light, on it a familiar symbol to the people of Oren, a golden schooner, and the words “Justice X Fairness”, the symbol of the Ferry Men, who seek to depose the old noble order. The man’s left fist clenched, adding more crumples to the already worn sheet, before his first words of the day were forced out of chapped lips “Fools… the same, ideals, the same mistakes, its just like so long ago…” The old man looked to the horizon, a breeze catching at the tattered remnants of his tabard. He raised his cold right hand to the horizon and shook it with the fury of one who has seen the same mistakes repeated again, and again. “These Ferry Men, they are the same, and if they remain that way, they must be stopped” The breeze picks up, flinging a medallion out from underneath the man’s breastplate, on it, emblazoned a symbol that once held the same meaning as that in his left hand, but now means nothing, not anymore. “But perhaps… perhaps they can be taught, perhaps I can fix those old mistakes, once and for all” The man glanced at his right hand, his missing right hand, rather he glanced to the symbol etched into the unfeeling iron prosthetic, lovingly engraved by a dwarven smith, that of a chain, symbolizing penance. He then glanced to the symbol on his medallion, a red gear, the symbol.... of the cheloveks “I swear on the name Joseph Hartjensteyer, I will find you Ferry Men, and I will make you better" "For you.... dearest Maria, I shall ensure my penance is done"
  10. Private Hendrick Mengelestein laughed as he thought of what Ensign Velu would do to this poor unfortunate fellow "he doesn't stand a chance...." he says, shaking his head, imagining the burned body and shallow grave to follow
  11. Welcome, to LordCrowe's: Extremely Cliche Character Theme Music Thread Featuring: Ambient Character Themes Character Battle Themes Other Incredibly Unnecessary Character Music General Stupidity I shall begin: Hendrick Mengelestein - ISA Soldier and general pragmatist General Character Theme: Ambient Character Theme (What you hear when talking to Hendrick): Battle Music!: Battle VS Undead Or Supernatural
  12. The Crimson Praetoriam Has Captured A Filthy Canonist And Will Kill Her In 20 Saints Minutes If Her Ransom Of 500 Minae Is Not Paid! Send A Message From Your Negotiator To Agni (OOC: Voldock) Image Enclosed
  13. Josef decides to send a letter to this company, hopefully they can help him out “Ackland Arms Company I am a humble lamplighter currently looking for work, unfortunately I find myself without my lighting stick. attached is the order form, I hope you can send me back a price estimate Sincerely, Josef Hartjensteyer” ORDER FORM, GOOD Name: Josef Hartjensteyer (IGN: LordCrowe) Type of Good: Lamplighter Stick Description of Good: A simple metal pole topped with a crossbar, on one end is affixed a candle snuffer, on the other a mounting to put a slow burning wick/fuse/cord. ((OOC SECTION STARTS HERE)) So hopefully this will work, heres an image example by the way Lamplighter Stick Image
  14. Honestly these other people above me have all made great points but I think the one issue your forgetting to address is this Considering previous events I think we do need a semi-solid ETA, im not saying put in a hard deadline (that will just lead to rushed and sloppy work), but give us a guesstimate of how long it will take and keep people updated on the process
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