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Found 4 results

  1. CONCERNING THE PASSING OF TALIA FILEYUNE SULLAS As written upon on this 8th of The Amber Cold, 131 S.A. From The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil To the Esteemed Council of the The Silver State of Haelun'or: Seth Calith - elMaheral of elcihi'thilln - @Samler Luthien Maeyr'onn - elSohaer of elcihi'thilln - @BlueBudgie Celestia - Okarir'maehr - @Amelica Malithor Nullivari - Okarir'tir - @Papa_Nook Idendril Elassidil - Okarir'nor - @Widu Elarhil Sullas - Medi'ir - @riorr Aiera Sullas - Laurir - @Stump Honorable ‘aheral of the State, With a heavy heart, I formally write to inform you of the untimely demise of Talia Fileyune Sullas, a cherished member of the prominent Sullas Talonnii, within the Silver State of Haelun'or. It is with deep regret that I share this sorrowful news, which has left an irreplaceable void in the hearts of her loved ones and the community as a whole. Talia was a revered figure in many of the places she came to live, known for her unwavering commitment to the principles and values that form the foundation of Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya. Her dedication to the care and learning of the mali’aheral inside and out of elcihi’thilln was truly unparalleled, and her contributions shall forever be remembered as a testament to her noble character and indomitable spirit. As I personally mourn the loss of my lari’onn, Talia, I would be remiss to not extend my heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the rest of the Talonnii I once bore the name of, especially her beloved mal’onn, Kileath, first cousin Iyathavir, and Laurir Aiera Sullas who would be with the deepest feelings of profound pain with her absence. I offer my unwavering support and, despite our differences and my standing, pledge to stand by them during this difficult period, providing solace and assistance in any way I can. In recognition of my sister’s untimely demise at the hands of Mori’quessir in the final defense of Almaris, I urge that you hold a commemorative vigil and funeral pyre in her honor. To not only mourn the loss of a pure-blooded ‘aheral, but to celebrate her life, her achievements, and the enduring spirit to learning and teaching that she leaves behind. During this time of bereavement, let the citizens of the esteemed Silver State of Haelun'or unite in solidarity and extend our support to one another and the Sullas Talonnii. Together, you can honor Talia's memory and ensure that her passing is not in vain, but that her commitment to the Eternal Library and that of Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya remain an inspiration for generations to come. May her soul find eternal peace in Ebrietaes and find a metaphorical embrace of Larihei. May her memory forever grace the halls of the Silver City and of the Sullasian Manor. Sincerely, Saoren Seregon of The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, Steward of the Exilic Kingdom of Númendil, Scribe to the Court of Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of the Royal House Arthalionath, Tutor to the Court of Tar-Númenatâr Foronathor of the Royal House Arthalionath
  2. The Pyromancer's Ballad From the table of Laurir Aiera Sullas, 1910 Malin’s Year. ito elthilln iylcihi’ito, No Laurir desires to have to write this, except perhaps the greatly depraved. It is with heavy consideration that the disownment of one Saoréan Sullas need be made public knowledge, his name to be scratched from the Bloodline Archive, former and future accomplishments unattributed to the Talonnii. This comes in light of his failure to present for trial, within which grave terms were to be settled, namely that of his attempted assault or even murder on the Maheral. To move to harm Our domestic conservator of culture, it is an embarrassment to the diligent name of Sullas and showcases an utter lack of self-control that one can only hope will be healed with time. Do not twist the words here as a sanction of any action from one group or another, as this is a legal and personal decision serving only one purpose with no political agenda. No further action is required from any party. kaean hileia’ito enet’leh? o ilandria’luern barbu’ito chul’oyallrae? mal’maronn adont’ahern tillun kae ker’ento. nae’leh adont’ahern tillun. Dio tillun tuva’kaean.
  3. LECTOR ALCHEMY PACK II KEEP FIGHTING AGAINST EVIL! CREDIT @Islamadon @Shady Tales @Wowj @venstreni [T1] HANGOVER CURE [OPEN] BACKGROUND Based upon an anecdotal Oyashiman hangover cure, Lector Oijin developed this remedy to act as a quick reliever for young Novitiates and Lectors who frequently engage in solitary/celebratory drinking. The intent was to enable these men to perform their duties with energetic clarity the following day. RECIPE BASE: Maple Syrup Mundane | Clarity x2 Mundane | Heat x1 Mundane | Grace x1 EFFECTS When added to water and sipped slowly this golden brown concoction will cause its consumer to feel mildly warmer while also alleviating a variety of symptoms associated with hangovers over the duration of twenty narrative minutes. These symptoms include dehydration, headaches, fatigue, gastrointestinal irritation and inflammation of the body. NOTE: If consumed without the addition of water, this recipe may lead to further dehydration and body aches. REDLINES Hangover Cure must be consumed with water to receive its benefits without consequences. Hangover Cure is incapable of acting as a meal supplement or a substitute for proper nutrition. Hangover Cure will not act as a source of heat when consumed. Hangover Cure, albeit relieving a body of fatigue, will not boost bodily energy nor restore exhausted individuals to peak potential. Hangover Cure will not alleviate magically induced fatigue. Does NOT require an ST signature. [T1] INSTA-PATCH [OPEN] BACKGROUND Developed by Explorator engineers to aid in the mending of leaking Automatons, this sticky paste was soon discovered to have use in other repairs. Have a hole in your bucket? A crack in your ship’s hull? A draft from your window? A simple application of Insta-Patch will do the trick! RECIPE BASE: Honey Mundane | Rigidity x1 Mundane | Curtailment x1 Mundane | Lethargy x1 EFFECTS Taking the appearance of a dull paste-like substance, Insta-Patch can be applied to a surface in order to fill potential cracks or punctures. The paste will harden and create an air-tight seal [1] emote following application, provided that it is exposed to air. The strength of the dried paste is roughly equivalent to that of a tanned leather; it is durable, but prone to lacerations and punctures. The substance can be removed via tearing or the use of aqua vitae and other alcoholic substances. RED LINES Insta-Patch cannot be used as a throwable potion akin to Tanglefoot. The paste would remain congealed. Insta-Patch cannot be used for long term medical treatment. The paste interferes with the healing of wounds and leaves it prone to infection. This said, it may temporarily stifle surface level bleeding. Insta-Patch cannot be used to suffocate another person by forceful ingestion; the fluids of the throat/stomach would keep it moist enough to not harden. Insta-Patch, if applied over a surface, can be pried off akin to wax. Alcohol will also dissolve the substance. Insta-Patch lacks the durability to keep objects stuck together. Insta-Patch can only provide one application per bottle. Does NOT require an ST signature. [T2] CARTILAGE BRACER [OPEN] BACKGROUND Designed by Lector Isaac who sought to remedy the flaccidness in the ears of one his Elven friends, Cartilage Bracer was discovered to strengthen all forms of cartilage. Through clinical testing, this potion proved useful in asserting the firmness of a boxer's nose and in protecting elven ears from being snipped away by preying angry knights. RECIPE BASE: Bone Broth Mundane | Rigidity x3 Mundane | Endurance x2 Mundane | Connection x2 Mundane | Order x1 EFFECTS When consumed, this light-blue potion would grant enhanced durability and strength [comparable to iron] to cartilage portions of the body for the duration of two narrative hours. Though the flesh itself is prone to laceration and burning, the cartilage itself would find itself acting akin to a strip of metal. Sharpened objects are unable to cut through the affected cartilage, albeit a heavy metal hammer or blunt object may find success in denting/crushing it. REDLINES Cartilage Bracer only grants enhanced strength to areas of the body that rely on cartilage. Cartilage Bracer is unable to reinforce one's throat or bodily joints. Cartilage Bracer does not increase the weight of cartilage. Cartilage Bracer does not grant the ability to make actual knife-ears or noses; it simply hardens the cartilage. Sharpening will not work. Cartilage Bracer makes cartilage able to withstand sharp objects, albeit surface level flesh remains vulnerable to damage. Hardened cartilage may still be bludgeoned by heavy metallic or similarly dense objects such as hammers, maces, clubs, etc. Fists and gauntlets do not meet this requirement. Does NOT require an ST signature. [T2] SCENT MASK [OPEN] BACKGROUND Formulated by the Lector Inquisitorium, this recipe initially sought to bolster the effectiveness of the mundane methods at hiding one’s scent. In clinical trials against monstrosities, it was discovered that adding this substance to mud or other masks was entirely unnecessary as the oil itself masked the scent of man plenty. RECIPE BASE: Lard Mundane | Blindness x2 Mundane | Endurance x2 Mundane | Impediment x1 Mundane | Dark x1 EFFECTS When this murky oil is applied to a person or object, the subject’s scent would dissipate to a neutral aroma similar to the surrounding environment. Beasts (monstrous and natural) and Descendents would find themselves incapable of discerning the scent of the affected entity. When contact is made with water, however, this oil would run loose and the scent would be freed once more. REDLINES Scent Mask renders applied surfaces scentless for the duration of the encounter or RP session. Scent Mask CANNOT be treated onto alchemical filters. Scent Mask will stain the applied object with a murky brown hue until washed away by water. This, in theory, will warn people from unknowingly consuming affected foods. Scent Mask cannot be applied to liquids or gaseous substances. Scent Mask will fail if an ample amount of water is applied to it; casual sweat and crying is not enough to overpower the oil. Extensive sweating, rain, bleeding, water spells, water splashes, etc. will. Does NOT require an ST signature. [T3] EPISTLE SMOG [RARE] BACKGROUND Concocted as a means to aid the Lectorate in crowd control during the infamous Culling of Mort’on, this Explorator brewed vapor seeks to corral wily civilians and potential hostiles. Having been employed to great success by the Owyn’s March Cohort, this recipe found its way to the Third Mission of Almaris by virtue of the Grand Explorator. Its name derives from the Scroll of Spirit’s “Epistles” whereby Owyn admonished the members of Harren’s court and forced them to repent. RECIPE BASE: Onion Juice Air | Chaos x2 Mundane | Death x2 Mundane | Poison x2 Mundane | Rage x3 EFFECTS When shattered and exposed to air, this yellow-hued gaseous concoction would expand rapidly and encompass a 3x3x3 area before expanding to a 5x5x5 area the following emote. Lasting a total of [3] emotes, those within the affected area will find themselves beginning to cough wildly whilst having their vision obscured by tears. This causes aim and focus to deteriorate significantly, leaving those within vulnerable to attacks should they not vacate the affected area. This would disrupt the charging of spells [enchants excluded], the aiming of munitions and effective swordplay. This vapor can be dispersed via air displacement or alchemical filters. It is noted that this gas will cease to obstruct the breathing and eyesight of afflicted individuals should they leave its area of effect. REDLINES Epistle Smog is not fatal under any circumstance. Epistle Smog will disrupt the charging of spells [excluding enchants], the accurate aiming of projectiles and the skill of swordsmen. In essence, one cannot “power through” the sensation to cough and tear up unless they move out of the way or have adequate counters. Unobstructed breathing and eyesight will immediately return to those who leave the area of effect. Alchemical filters, goggles, face masks, and other biological counters [ex. Tawkin Mutations/Siliti] can provide adequate protection from the gas. Epistle Smog can be diffused by means of air displacement [air evocation, etc.] or alchemical air purifiers. This potion is considered “Rare” knowledge and must be learned through roleplay. Requires an ST Signature. [T3] ORGAN MENDER [OPEN] BACKGROUND Developed in response to numerous botched medical procedures, the titular Organ Mender was designed to aid in stabilizing internal injuries without providing unnecessary risk to patients. RECIPE BASE: Mandragora Oil Mundane | Life x2 Mundane | Impediment x3 Mundane | Swiftness x2 Mundane | Order x2 EFFECTS When consumed, this elixir will begin to cauterize and mend minor internal damage that may afflict the body one emote following consumption. The consumer will find themselves being rendered unconscious and left in an incapacitated state for the duration of [1] OOC day on the provision that they suffer from internal injuries. It is noted that although this potion aids in stabilizing internal injuries, this potion will not aid in the repair of vital organs such as the heart or unstabilized lungs. REDLINES Organ Mender will not aid in the repair of vital organs such as Lungs [unless stabilized] or the Heart. Organ Mender will render the patient incapacitated, but conscious, for the duration of 1 OOC day. Organ Mender cannot be forcefully fed to a patient to induce incapacitation unless they suffer from internal injuries. Organ Mender will not aid in the mending of large gaps and/or sizeable holes in the body nor will it repair shredded and removed innards; it is effective in mending puncture wounds and deep lacerations. Does NOT require an ST signature. CHANGELOG: Insta-Patch's durability has been clarified as being similar to that of tanned leather. Insta-Patch has been clarified to provide 1 application per bottle. Cartilage Bracer redline added which clarifies that it will not strengthen the throat or joints in the consumer's body. Cartilage Bracer duration lowered to 2 narrative hours. Epistle Smog duration has been lowered to [4] emotes. Epistle Smog has been clarified as not affecting those who leave its area of effect. Hydrophobic Oil has been removed. Strength Serum has been removed.
  4. Hey-oh. It's Ford here! After coming back to LotC from a several month break, I've noticed the amount of RP has rose! However, it's quality has gone down significantly! So, I've decided to make this guide just because why not. To begin, know this is completely based on my opinion of how role-play should be...So, le's do dis. 1. Never. EVER. Emote your thoughts. This is the one thing that I've noticed happening more often. There's no point in emoting your thoughts, because no one else can even hear you. The point of emotes are to express your characters actions, whether they be simple or complex. Emoting your thoughts doesn't move role-play forward whatsoever. Not only that, but it clutters the chat and creates gaps between actual physical emotes, which makes it slightly more irritating. Refrain from emoting your thoughts, as said above. 2. Don't be afraid to die. I've seen a few new players who get into fights that either they did or didn't start and they never want to die even though the current situation that there in practically states they should be dead by now. Do NOT be afraid to die during a battle. You will be teleported back to the monks and healed, however you will lose only 30 minutes of your memory, which isn't that bad. If you value your new character so much to the point where you can't possibly let them take a stab, then you need to rethink some things.Also, when fighting, you don't always have to be a fighting master. Sometimes being inexperienced in close-combat fights makes for better role-play. Don't be afraid to lose. 3. You CAN be detailed when making your emotes. Many times I've seen newbies who rush their emotes to try and be one step ahead of their opponent or fellow role-players, but their action is somewhat vague and can create confusion. Detailed emotes really do add feeling to role-play, and trust me: Short emotes can be detailed. Take your time. And when someone rushes you, simply continue typing until you're finished. 4. Fighting isn't the only fun thing in Anthos. Though fighting is fun, there's absolutely no need to make that the only "fun" thing to do on LotC when there's still so much that you can do to have fun. If you only consider fighting fun, then that's just your character and I understand, but just realize that there are other ways of having fun. 5. Relax. That's a big one. There are people that get angry over games, and they're usually immature, but it's definitely much more immature to get angry over some Minecraft fantasy role-play with pixel characters. There's no need to get upset over a little role-play that doesn't go your way. However, if you realize that this is unfair and you feel that it's ruining your experience, tell someone. Call for a staff member, take screenshots, show how you were wronged, but ALWAYS try to smooth out the situation with whoever wronged you first. Never get frustrated over a role-playing server. Stemming onto this, if you do develop real-life frustration over some role-play, try as hard as you can to not bring it back into the game world. It has happened before, and it ends up in chaos. If you're really that upset, just turn your computer off and step away. 6. Don't use OOC for silly things like saying "Hehe, I like pie too!" Tells and messages to other players can be used for that. It becomes annoying when used near a scene where real role-play is happening. OOC also, once again, clutters the chat and adds unneeded gaps between emotes and dialogue. Just remember that instead of using OOC, you can do /msg and then /r and type in your message to someone. An inordinate amount of times have I seen back-to-back dialogue over pointless things between two people in OOC that ruin role-play nearby. Just take it to /msg's. One more thing is that the best time to use OOC is when you want to explain a certain emote or action to many around you who may not understand what you just did. OOC can also be used to correct spelling errors or grammatical errors. Use OOC wisely and rarely 7. Quoted by AlpineAl himself, a veteran player, comes another great tip. "Don't try to get out of things with OOC. Voiding RP is a last resort." 8. Try showing fear where it's needed. I can understand if you want to be a total bad-ass, but when everyone else is running away and cowering in fear, you don't ALWAYS have to be the hero that stands up to the big baddie without a single hint of fear. Showing fear and surprise is a good thing, and likewise being traumatized by little itsy-bitsy events shouldn't be role-played too much either. I'll add more. Depends on how popular this gets. Probably not too popular, though...
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