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  1. Under cover of night, an old bat swoops in and drops a slightly crumpled form into the box, only once they'd read the debate and after filling it out. However, below the vote, a short note is written. ((MC Name: Stumppt)) Name: Aiera Sullas Vote I: Eistalyn Othelu'maehr Vote II: Eistalyn Othelu'maehr Tell her not to make me regret this, what ever the outcome. If greed and imperialism persist in Haelun'or, it will fall no matter how high into the clouds it reaches first. Only a firm, moderate, balanced mind can ever hope to bridge the minds so hopelessly turned against one another. I wish things had turned out differently between us in that way. -A
  2. Not sure if you're still around, but I miss you and hope you're doing well! ❤️

  3. Discord: _stump Skin Name: Green Aristocrat Bid: $35
  4. First and foremost it is easy to trace the prestigious Sullas bloodline back into Aegis, the birthplace of all Descendant peoples, and most likely directly onto Malin’s Council; some thing widely believed to be much larger than any Elven governments since, so this was not exactly an unusual position to be in. Nevertheless, an important job, if perhaps not the most exciting. The unfettered peace of Malin’s time was just so that truly skilled politicians must have fallen into disuse over more showy, domestic sorts. Not to digress, nothing of historic note happened to Sullas for perhaps centuries, until Larihei Lomahnih arrived. As is already well-recorded, this controversial icon was cast out for her beliefs, some thing no High Elf should have to face. She divided from Malin with her associates, and in discovering the Golden Pools her faction became the first ‘bathers’ that eventually called themselves the High Elves. This is the path Sullas chose to walk, casting off their mundane paperwork for scientific and arcane frontiers; or at least, these are the wonders Larihei revealed to them about what life’s work could truly be. Sullas became High Elves. How ever, skeptics that they are, Sullas did not join Larihei on her ill-fated journey to colonize further continents. As many of Haelun’or’s surviving families did at the time, they felt severing from all other Descendants was not a way to obtain or preserve knowledge but rather leave it behind. Whether they were correct is still some times debated, was dying beside Larihei Lomahnih an honor or a tragedy? Larihei and Malin gone, the progenitors of the well-known patriarch Lucion Sullas carved out a meager upbringing for him and his two siblings, Zarious and Kessinia Sullas. Deigning to work under Men in order to survive, Tirinia and Alkorim Sullas raised the family unit in Al’khazar where they served organizational and managerial jobs against their better interests. They perished during the flight from Aegis to Asulon, a perilous journey that also took the lives of Lucion’s brother and sister. All this struggle eventually bore fruit when Lucion Sullas stumbled upon the ancient ruins of Cihi’thilln, finding them populated with a gaggle of refugees not unlike himself: Other High Elves. The rest was history from there, the excavation of Larihei’s College and studies of her Eternal Library’s ancient, preserved collection giving rise to a cultural rebirth unlike any seen before or since. Lucion Sullas had his hand in this personally, taking an active role in the local Asulonian politics and becoming a stalwart supporter of these recovered traditions, the ‘old’ ways as well as encouraging his own brand of moderate, dutiful behavior for State and People. One of the first Okarir’indor of the modern Silver Council, the first appointed Sohaer, as well as a Maheral, he is a scholar, politician, and even known magician after discovering and wielding the formerly known evocation of lightning. His writings on all three topics are well known and appreciated to this day in Haelun’or. In his time he established the groundwork of rational thought and scientific research for all of his peers, chastising needless violence and excessive emotional displays. Even while holding no positions his word carried weight and only the unwise did not heed it, which has been true ever since his active years. He, too, attempted to continue his bloodline and so his legacy, by joining with one Celia Windsworn to sire several children- Four, the original count until nearly all of them, ended their own lives. If that was not enough, Celia Sullas too, taken by a wretched murderer. Things appeared bleak for prolonged Sullas prosperity, centuries afterward. Even the brief return of Lucion’s nephew did not put a dent in the drought of new blood. That is, before the 18th century arrived. While the patriarch had been absent for some time, blazing into the picture was Aiera Seregon, a gray woman suddenly and passionately claiming to be an overlooked child dating back to Asulon; the illegitimate daughter of Lucion Sullas and Aelia Adrenn-Calith, conceived after the death of his wife in a misguided fling. Aiera Seregon released a request for clarification across the realm of Arcas, reaching many, including her intended target: Lucion. In the end she was declared with humility to be a Sullas, her children and spouse permitted to take the name, and even guardianship of the Sullas Talonnii passed down to this woman so boldly in pursuit of the truth. Matriarch Aiera Sullas went on to obtain a seat on the Republican Silver Council by unanimous vote in late Arcas, after the Visaj-Elervathar Diarchy fell. This was one of a few tenures as Okarir’maehr for her, the administration of which became a cornerstone of cultural sanctity through darkened times. Chief of these, The Pact of the Titan. Azdromoth’s grip was swift and damning to the hopeful young Republic, and Aiera Sullas’ jurisdiction was one of the few factions to publicly resist. In general, her doors offered safety and broad acceptance for keen and level-headed Mali’thill, inspired by Lucion’s teachings of ages past. What came after the reign of the Drakaar over Haelun’or was not much better however; and led to a quiet period of mourning as Laurir Aiera Sullas retired from her position as an Okarir. Presently, she presides as a scholar on the ancient language Mali’san, tongue of the Elves. It is up to the new generation to safeguard their traditions, now that they are the wedge between life anew and extinction of a bloodline. Whatever the case, they will be diligent. Those of the Sullas family tend to have tall faces, with hair ranging in lighter-greys to whites. Individuals coming from the line of Zarious Sullas might emerge with blond hair, or very rarely from the so-called patriarchal bloodline of Lucion Sullas. Either way, their expressions behold sharp features and strong brows with blue or green eyes of any tonal range, typically cool rather than warm, but including in between colors. Their heights remain average for high elves, around 6'0"- 6'6'', and tend to be thin, with a pallid complexion. A Sullas is slow to anger, but easy to irritate. Magic, being only a modern addition to their family repertoire by way of Lucion Sullas, is not one of their strong suites despite the small success of the former patriarch in several disciplines of magic. The sciences tend to interest them far more in general observation, as their usually slight bodies and calculated minds do not agree with martial activities, combat and physically harsh labor. Nothing prevents them from participating in the Sillumir but poor attitudes, how ever. They have an eye for research, are outspoken politicians, philosophers or public speakers and have a highly inquisitive, head-strong disposition. Sullas is observably similar to the Mali’san (or Elven) words for light and seeing. One can only deduce that this has some thing to do with their astute ways, or an old belief about the power of astral bodies, such as the sun. It could just as well be connected to a lost word for emitting light from within, as ‘ilum’ is generally believed to be restricted to reflections of light on the outside. In the end, all being theories before facts are known. Contact can be made with the current Laurir and matriarch, Aiera Sullas ((Stumppt or Starrywoo IG and stump#1949 or _stump on Discord, I am always recruiting new members of any experience level!)) for any additional information about Sullas Talonnii or if one is an estranged relative looking for reunion into the fold. Mrs. Sullas is prepared without question to accommodate any and all having the Sullas name.
  5. A young Elf of no particular renown could be spotted digging up patches of Artery Grass, not that he knew its common name, but yet finding it a desperately needed condiment for otherwise subtle tasting mushroom foods.. How fortunate!
  6. I think I got confused somewhere. Is there an official day for the transition to happen? It usually takes multiple days, but still. I need to know two weeks in advance so I can make time for it 😭
  7. As someone who has drifted in and out of human circles but was familiar with a lot of these or even had direct involvement in some, this helps clarify some of the connections between them haha thanks also thanks to fishy for fixing some of the minute details
  8. Aiera Sullas sat in the square of Asul’hileia on one of the mornings Valazaer was missing from, writing away, when she looked up and noted his absence. The way he no longer darkened the corners of the place, which Aiera realized had been the case for a day or two now. Her brows lower inward, and some old feeling clawed out of her mind, a centuries-gone confrontation that hadn’t poisoned her thoughts for decades. The matriarch glances up again, and considers what now envenomated him. “heya iylenet ernae?”
  9. The Pyromancer's Ballad From the table of Laurir Aiera Sullas, 1910 Malin’s Year. ito elthilln iylcihi’ito, No Laurir desires to have to write this, except perhaps the greatly depraved. It is with heavy consideration that the disownment of one Saoréan Sullas need be made public knowledge, his name to be scratched from the Bloodline Archive, former and future accomplishments unattributed to the Talonnii. This comes in light of his failure to present for trial, within which grave terms were to be settled, namely that of his attempted assault or even murder on the Maheral. To move to harm Our domestic conservator of culture, it is an embarrassment to the diligent name of Sullas and showcases an utter lack of self-control that one can only hope will be healed with time. Do not twist the words here as a sanction of any action from one group or another, as this is a legal and personal decision serving only one purpose with no political agenda. No further action is required from any party. kaean hileia’ito enet’leh? o ilandria’luern barbu’ito chul’oyallrae? mal’maronn adont’ahern tillun kae ker’ento. nae’leh adont’ahern tillun. Dio tillun tuva’kaean.
  10. let’s get this bread 12. Fairytale Greens – $10 USD 17. Green Robes & Scarf – $10 USD 18. Sunset Dress – $10 USD 19. Ludover Blues – $10 USD 21. Purple Gown – $10 USD 22. Fiery Robes – $10 USD 23. Aqua Dress & Red Cape – $10 USD Discord: stump#1949
  11. 1. Dark Adventurer – $20 USD Discord: stump#1949
  12. This was from a long time ago, but comes off as relevant. When I was Queen of Oren during the Duke's War (if you weren't around during/don't remember that period in Vailor, it was basically OG Savoy vs. what became Haense) I was frequently locked up inside the city and even disallowed from leaving the palace without protection, because if I so much as breathed away from the watchful eyes of the Amyas I was ambushed. One time I got physically locked, I think somebody literally privated the doors, inside a building just inside(!!!) the gates and attacked.. Lmao. So I had alts(given I was a child, it never occurred to me to come up with a more creative solution to being limited IRP), one of which was on the opposite side of the war. I had friends on all sides; the warring factions were fairly close knit as vassal and liege until the war, and each of my characters were created far prior to it. Come the war, there were suspicions cast at me from pretty much everybody OOC. I refused to leak for anyone or get involved in that way; eventually they were able to trust me but it absolutely took time, regardless of my history of neutrality beforehand. Ultimately I blame it on our collective youth. I may have been one of the youngest people entangled directly with the upper cliques, yet almost none of us were adults. I consider that explanation enough for the loyalism displayed. Although the following year after it all ended, Savoy was dethroned and the Kingdom of Haense was founded as a vassal under the HOE, I played in the latter's royal household. Ever the diplomat I hung around in the Orenian capital as an unofficial Haense rep, or at least that's what I imagined myself as. What occurred there that I do not like to discuss, resulted in my expulsion IRP and OOC. Things before and after that were overall tense between Haense and Imperial Oren, not too unlike Savoy and proto-Haense. It devolved into another civil war quickly from there, which funnily enough I have been told allegedly was kickstarted in part due to how my character was treated. I reckon it's possible the Imperial faction would have accepted me back on another character, perhaps equally as much not. Regardless, I felt rejected and ostracized- Years later those that pushed me out apologized profusely, which helps along with simply having matured since, but is telling of the mindset these situations can put people in. I speak nothing factual of nor comparatively toward the current events being I am entirely uninvolved, except to say that these kinds of problems seem inherent to civil wars. I think it's a feature, not a bug. isn't there an old stick figure meme about this "haha i was only PRETENDING to be stupid" and then no one laughs and everyone leaves? if it helps you as it does for me, on the flip side of things, some people are using what's known as tone tags or tone indicators. the most popular version of this is the /s for sarcasm even from people who don't use any and-or aren't aware of other tone tags, and i figure the second most popular is /j or /jk.
  13. rip. tear. mald. seethe. cope. every day i scour another mark on the wall for having not destroyed caelria yet (I have no intelligent thoughts about this topic, all I can say is I try to rp as much as possible with random folk that wander into my designated playpen and that often goes well, but as a hnor player I’m fairly disillusioned about venturing outside the walls thinking I’m just gonna get RKO’d. when I abandon this fear I still feel awkward in other settlements. I’d make another character but I don’t actually have time oocly to do much meaningful rp so unfortunately I have to continue to contribute to this problem whenever I’m just online for an event)
  14. A note is sent in, sort of crumpled, a smudge of dirt there and then, but the handwriting immaculate and clear(for what seemed like unideal writing circumstances). Name: The Author Will you be in attendance at the Sullas Soirée? Yes/No/Possibly: Yes, as far as one knows. Do you have any food or drink restrictions the Sullas hosts should be aware of?: Beetroot is unscientific, bland, and thine Author hates it. Do NOT serve it. Although, snails are quite good.
  15. Aiera Sullas simply wept in her seat nearby to Maenor, apparently at a loss for words on such topics these days, for how much she'd already said. Although eventually, she did mutter. "karin'oem anahnarnae, karinan'niut anohnarnae."
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