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Found 16 results

  1. Skinforging is essentially, the combination of two recipes from Alteration Alchemy and Warforging. A mixture of rare recipes not often shared amongst alchemists, now to put together into one to create an all new effect. This concoction of recipes allows for the effects of warforging, which usually only apply to metal, to permanently apply to the flesh using the alteration recipe for the skin. The effects are permanent, though.. Never to be reversed again, except temporarily with a skin potion. Skinforging was discovered by the alchemist named Leniandir Lorenthus, in the 2nd ag
  2. -A Mitzuul Alchemical Lottery!- [!] Exotic birds carry the flyer to various receivers, who are meant to publicly spread the news as well. Aside of that, they are also publicly delivered in public areas, mostly within Iron Accord territories. [!] Recently, the alchemist Rha'kir can be seen preparing instruments and herbal plants around his home. It is evident, he is preparing to soon teach a class of new alchemists. However, this privilege was supposed to be only allowed for inhabitants of the Mitzuul Grove. Though, due to discussions with a friend,
  3. Hey, looking to do something similar to JustMeMorgan, to try and see what forms of Alchemy need to be boosted, and how active each form is. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Q9VCP18yPpbV4JXArx4FWk8t_iPaEqX76iZ3ef8j840/edit
  4. The Witch's Supply Stop Our Current Stock: Alabaster Leaf - 3 minas - These beautiful white leaves are great for making dye or paint once they’ve been crushed. Athin - 5 minas - Difficult for us to obtain yet worth the risk, this algae is used to make small materials flame resistant. Blissfoil - 2 minas - This small collection of blue flowers is a must have for every medic thanks to the pain relieving properties. Blood Lotus - 3 minas - Each rusty-red vine is guaranteed to be packed with nutrients! Clutcher's Straw - 3 minas - A pitc
  5. ~<(Chorus Fruit)>~ The fruit of the taint --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Physiology Chorus plants are the result of a rose bush slowly being tainted, infecting the plant like a parasite and changing its appearance and shape. The stalks of the rose bush turn a shade of purple and are engorged, enlarged, and spread wildly if given enough room like a small tree, shooting upwards more so then out. The plant will start out like a small stump of a plant and slowly produce bud like roses. After some
  6. The Draught of Incite “All you need is but a little… spark, to light your soul back up.” [ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/144322-the-darkhollow-the-yoresigil/ ] Note: This lore has been updated via: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/160255-update-the-draught-of-incite/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/169122-draught-amendment-proposal/ It will be merged into one piece soon. For now, make sure you read the update followed by the amendment as it alters how the draught functions. To Know True life is a
  7. As you ride a cart to Al-Wakrah it comes to a halt a bit before the bridge, you are asked to get out by the driver. The camels have flies buzzing around their eyes as they crane their necks down to drink the water from a trough. You would see a cart opposite you about to set off it is blue and white and looks rather cosy. After a rather shorter journey you arrive upon a hill overlooking a town. A man approaches you he is wearing a shawl over his shoulders and head, his face is in shadow due to the time of day. He pushes past you and a glass bottle falls out of his bag, it smashes on the floor.
  8. ~Notices are posted at the docks~ Sutica is selling large amounts of herbs: Blood Lotus x6 Halfling Grass x31 Tippin's Root x35 Elf's Hair Vine x6 Total Available: 78 Herbs Either post what you wish and the price you offer or send word to Lilyana of Sutica. First come, First serve. Should multiple notices be received at the same time for the same items, highest bid wins.
  9. Selling alchemical ingredients to whomever needs it, if you need more do tell I can get you whatever one would be in need of!
  10. A small notice is hanging upon the local trading board. It details the requirement of a rare plant, found in the harsh desert climate. Buying Item(s): "Drake's Tail" Amount of Item(s) required: There is no minimum or maximum, as the item can be a rare ingredient to come by. Price: Willing to buy for 50 each as I intent to buy in bulk, but will discuss further with the seller. Meeting Place: Can be arranged to suit the seller.
  11. The University Several posters advertising the University are found around nation capitals. The University is a place of learning, knowledge, discipline, and enlightenment. Here you can pursue your dream career and get a formal education on just about every subject you can imagine! Our job is to connect hardworking students with prestigious teachers and to enlighten the population across Athera. Everyone is welcome to learn, and those qualified enough are invited to teach. -=- The University is founded upon these basic principles: 1) Everyone is at the University to learn
  12. [Ogradhad's Alchemist] Beros Oathcast ~ ((JavaWizard)) [Wisdom] Elvira Mantisuku ~ ((Farryn)) Rhewen ~ ((Rhewen)) Dorin Irongut ~ ((Thaddeus12)) Solaris ~ ((KibagoKid)) Aeras Ibar'ker ~ ((InfiniteMind)) Fili Grandaxe ~ ((Cpt_Noobman)) Vidar Frostbeard ~ ((YankeeHD)) Claus Reiter ~ ((IceWalker)) Gauldrim Irongut ~ ((RedBench_)) Dagor Starbreaker ~ ((iAlexxxx)) Khel ~ ((hydra28)) [Please Post Your Application Here]: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AQyrSerG9UNOVZE5A3xjgEUjM-G0CxPG53EzJ6izgXQ/edit#
  13. Posters are setup around Vailor showing a list of Alchemical ingredients for sale and contact information of the seller. (Price are discussed either through the forum: Juliusaakerlund, skype: Juliusaakerlund or MC: Julius55.) List of Ingredients Alabaster Leaf Crimson Vase Crouching Feather Clutcher's Straw Goblin's Ivy Halfling's Grass Larihei's Fingers Mandragora Serpent's Stalk Thornbark Tippen's Root (Items still available will be marked with green and items out of stock will be marked red.)
  14. - While visiting the Drunken Monk, you hear the two bartenders chatting to each other excitedly. Curious, you go over and ask them about what they are seemly excited about. The blond haired bartender, who you learn is called Elvira Naromis, explains to you about two new Alchemy ingredients she had stumbled upon and hands you two pieces of parchment for you to read. You decided to read, wanting to know what the ingredients were and what they do - Charos Blossom Vios Fyto OOC: Well, these are two Alchemy ingredients I decided to create and write lore on. ICly, Elvi (my mai
  15. LM Edit: Only Fiends are playable by normal players and most be created IC. Deviants and Dopplegangers are for ET only, or special permission. Just as I did with the first "Tales of a Traveling Alchemist" I have composed this lore into something of a book as I find that to be the easiest way to put it all together. This is a more comprehensive and in-depth look into the Homunculus aspect of Alchemy, something the first volume of Tales of a Traveling Alchemist only touched upon. There might be a few grammatical or spelling errors, and I'll fix those as time progresses but other than
  16. Name: Nether Tendrils Appearance: The small plant consists of a bulb and shallow root system, which grow around stumps of trees and decaying wood. Multiple snaky tendrils emanate from the bulb, black in color with fiery orange spots. It is recognizable by its unique, musty odor, which can be detected even when the plant is processed. The liquid extracted from the plant will always be a pinkish-red color. Effects: When the drug extracted from the bulb is consumed, it produces a happy, fuzzy feeling in the user. As more is ingested or absorbed, a joyous, happy feeling arises. Too
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