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  1. WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A SCYFLING SEER COLBORN WOMEN WHO ARE SPIRITUAL LIFE GIVERS ____________________________________________________________________________ Published by: The Seer, Kasja Colborn On this 16th day of Msitza and Dargund of 534 E.S. ____________________________________________________________________________ The meaning of being a Seidr or a Seer is to be wise through spiritual readings such as fortune telling, bone scrying, soul compassing, auric alchemy, wielding wands or staves, and knowledge on supernatural creatures. It is also a position that only women can hold in Scyfling culture, as women are seen as naturally connected to the spiritual forces of the world—they are life-givers. What I aspire to do is introduce a new way to read fortunes as I do now, and give advice through it all: gathering intel on monsters, creatures, and beings both good and bad to assist our army with proper knowledge to fight and reduce our losses on the battlefield. I cannot see the future, I want to make that clear. I do not see visions, just discernment through the stones and gems I have. The way I process them is to either sink them into the waters or let them bathe into the sun as I pray to God for blessings to those I will speak to that day and at their request. When it comes to alchemy, I am still looking for a teacher, and when I do I will learn to help healing mostly and to weaponize the army as well such as projectile weapons that explode on contact. I know that Lady Emma Kortrevich is learning it as well so I hope to work alongside her and share ideas and such with her. I likewise study under Patriarch Villorik, about monsters and creatures, gathering a better understanding of their nature and how to best combat them. The Oyashiman’s library has a vast series of tomes and scrolls pertaining to those topics as well. As for my staff, it would be made of dark wood with moonstones embedded in it for balance and quarts for clarity of mind. I need this while I give out my fortunes, to balance my own luck and unluckiness. It is not a staff that will hold magic properties, nor would it be a blessed item. It is just a traditional item for a Scyfling to use on their journey of being a Seidr. I hope this missive will give clarity on what a Seer is from the Colborn family. Below, I give you twenty-five of my rocks and gems that fill my bag and are the core of my practice. Sometimes the meanings change based on the person, or similar meaning to the person who also received that same stone. The stones also vary randomly at my choosing, to change the meaning so people don’t expect the same reading or a similar reading to another. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Agate - Soothing at times but can switch quickly to anger. Amethyst - Protective of others and mood balancing. Aquamarine - Healer who tries to heal the body and the mind. Aventurine - Balancing good luck, wealth, and health. Bloodstone - Purifying and energizing health. Carnelian - Stabilizing and being creative and motivating others and oneself. Celestite - Uplifting one's self, always calm and collective. Citrine - Manifestation positivity and healing. Clear Quartz - Clarity and focus while being protective. Fluorite - Sometimes negative and have a hard time communicating. Hematite - Grounding and focused. Jade - Protective and yet peaceful about it. Kyanite - Meditation and healing to ground the mind and body. Lapis Lazuli - Enlightening and self awareness. Malachite - Immunity to negativity; protection. Moonstone - Balancing the good and bad. Soothing. Obsidian - Protection against negativity and staying grounded while doing so. Opal - Purifying and balancing one's self. Good luck. Pyrite - Healing from an abundance of negativity. Rose Quartz - Joy and love, calming of the heart. Selenite - Clarity and purifying of one's well-being. Tiger's Eye - Courage and protection. Topaz - The truth seeker. Joyful and soothing. Tourmaline - Balancing toxicity and being well grounded. Turquoise - Detoxifying negativity and depression. Calmly. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signed, HER LADYSHIP, Kasja Colborn ‘The Scyfling Seer’
  2. - Animatii Addition - Automaton ‘Nervous Systems’ — An Ingot of Photite, ready to be worked! — Lore Treating Cat’s Eye, Heat Sight, & Arcana Flow to certain metals allows the heightening of touch for Animatii-based Prosthetics & Automatons. Due to the limitations on what metals are able to take on properties from the potions below, it’s often worked into a thin mesh to wrap the plates of the automaton or construct- though making an automaton’s plating out of these metals entirely is possible. These materials will work so long as it’s somehow connected to a Gearheart or Intelligence Module, often in the form of wiring in a manner that crudely mimics the nervous system. — General Usage These metals must be implemented in an Automaton machine or prosthetic to serve their function by being wired to the Gearheart/Intelligence Module in some manner. While implementing them on smaller automaton devices is possible, they require an external means of communicating their state in order to be useful like an automaton's voicebox alongside being linked to a Gearheart or Intelligence Module. The potency of the Intelligence Module may also limit how much the device can communicate, following the official Animatii post's Tier system. They also must be exposed in some manner to work, meaning clothing or armor will impede a construct’s or prosthetic’s ability to feel much like a regular person nor can they be placed on the interior of a construct’s plating to feel things outside. It may be necessary to run a wire along the interior of the craft, however, to link up with the Gearheart or Intelligence Module. They also share their parent metal’s weight and durability, making Neuroum the weakest given it’s magegold base, & Photite Metal the toughest of the three being mainly composed of nickel. — Creation The creation of these metals is a simple process- simply heat up the metal once you have made it into a part that is suitable and quench it in its corresponding potion- letting it sit there for a narrative day. Reforging is possible, but will follow standard reforging rules found in the Official Material Compendium. Colorstone may also be added to dye it, though must be applied prior to quenching. A single potion’s worth of Cat’s Eye/Heat Sight/Arcana Flow will be enough to make a single limb’s worth of metal. If worked into a mesh, one potion’s worth can be used to cover an entire automaton. If used on T1-T2 Automatons, it can be used on up to 4 separate creations. Redlines - 1 potion’s worth of Cat’s Eye, Heat Sight, or Arcana Flow will be enough to make 1 automaton limb’s worth of plating/wiring. If worked purely into a mesh, it may be used to cover a full automaton. If used on T1-T2 Automatons, 1 potion can be enough to be used in 4 separate constructs EXCLUDING prosthetics. - Requires an active Alchemy FA to be made, and an active Animatii Smithing FA to be applied to an automaton. - It can exist on it's own, but must be soldered to an automaton's functioning gearheart or intelligence module in order to work. Otherwise they are just expensive variants of their base materials. - If any potions used in the creation process are shelved, the corresponding metal will no longer be able to be forged. - Incompatible with Smoggers and their Gear Stomachs without an MArt. — Photite - Photosensitive Metal [Common] Nickel quenched in Cat’s Eye Potion - (Light-Dependant Touch) — Thermaldite - Thermosensitive Alloy [Common] Bronze quenched in Heat Sight Potion (Temperature, Heat-Dependant Touch) — Neuroum - Neuro-sensitive Composite [Rare] Magegold quenched in Arcana Flow Potion (Magic-Dependant Touch) — OOC Reasoning References Credits PrimaQuorum - Gave valuable input on Neuorum, suggested that it should test not the category of a magical item but rather the potency of the magic in it (tiers).
  3. The Lord Bless You and Keep You, Canondom. In the interest of aengudaemonology, I am requisitioning the abled and entrepreneurial to discover any and all lightstones that may exist in the free-markets of the world. These aengulic artifacts of not only Xannic, but broadly celestial origin, are of increasing interest for the study of heavenly energies. You will identify them by a typically golden color, a quality of absorbing the light around them, and appearing structurally similar to quartz or some similar opaque mineral. You will know with certainty what you've found, if by tapping the stone a little light is shone outwards. To each man who should find themselves successful in this endeavor, my Cardinal Callahan and I have set aside a fund to award 150 mina per stone. Seek me out, by bird or body, and be well rewarded in this exchange. It is by the efforts of the faithful shall we leave these mean times and enter fourth a period of mercy and joy unlike any other. Be blessed, and hunt well! Cardinal Callahan Bishop Alexios
  4. “Crazy? No, never was I crazy, never locked in any room before with field rodents.” -The Author of this missive Hello Aveos land of the brave. It is nice to meet some of you and others nice to see you again. I’ve been meaning to write this missive for a bit but I just was a lazy writer and finally set aside time for it to be honest with you dear reader. Now enough padding time for my message to you. I WANT TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS! For years I’ve been sitting on my abundance of vast knowledge, hoarding more and more for it but never finding use for it how I was going about it. I have learnt miracle cures. The means to halt saddened hearts (the feeling. I don’t stop hearts unless). Limb replacements. And more that I could use ink writing, but there is no fun in that. So I give you all this offer. Send me a bird or talk to me directly about getting your problems solved and trust me I will solve them. Think there is some catch or hook? Well I know some of you are skeptical to believe this and well good on you for looking out for yourself and those you love. I might ask for something on a case by case basis. Nothing extraordinary or crazy but most likely candy in return. So send a bird my way or find me personally. I await you troubled and problem-riddled people of Aveos. I await you. — Sincerely, Spuds
  5. Warforger’s Paint [T2] Origin/Backstory Not too long ago, a Dwarven artist and alchemist used his combined knowledge of the creation of tattoo’s and the creation and usage of Warforging to create a mixture, an oil that could be used to imbue the effects of the Warforging into the skin. This knowledge, long hidden within his books has finally reached the outside world now. Recipe Base: Warforging Oil 1x Water: Impediment 2x Mundane: Slowness 2x Mundane: Growth 1x Mundane: Life 3x (optional) Creation To create the ink, one starts off by heating up the Warforging oil, stirring it to make sure the heat is applied evenly. After this, one first applies the Impediment and Slowness Symbols, keeping on the stirring until the oily base has turned sluggish, after which they can add in the Growth Symbol. The Alchemist must then continue stirring to allow for the oil to become a smooth consistency. When this happens, the Alchemist should add the Life Symbols to make sure the tattoo doesn’t fade. This isn’t required, but if this isn’t done, the tattoo will fade in [4] weeks. Effects The result of combining the additional ingredients to Warforging Oil will result in an inky fluid that can be used to make tattoo’s. This oil, when injected into the skin, will give off the same effect as the original creations, though this effect will weaken overtime if a specific step isn't taken during the crafting process, this step being the addition of the Life Symbols into the oil. One potion can create a tattoo up to the size of a limb before running out and requiring another vail of potion. Lava-Tattoo A tattoo crafted with this recipe will seem to be made of fire after applying it once, or like molten rock after applying it for a second time. They give off a slight bit of light, betraying one's location in pitch black darkness, but this doesn't allow the carrier to see in it. Lava Tattoos will also be slightly warm to the touch, though this isn't to extreme levels. Star-Tattoo Star-tattoos will take on the characteristics of the ever-shifting night sky, making it look like the skies above, though not accurately following the movements of the stars. The tattoo itself will either become near-black or deep purple with stars in a range of colours which move around and may even flicker out. Frost-Tattoo These tattoos make the tattooed area look frozen over, and they may even feel cool to the touch, though not to extreme levels. The ice can take on a range of colours ranging from nearly clear to deep blue or white with the full ranges in between. Storm-Tattoo A Storm tattoo will seemingly create a slightly shifting storm cloud on the skin of the carrier, sparks of lightning moving through the clouds. They will give off a little bit of light which may betray the location of the carrier in extremely dark places, though they cannot help the carrier to see in the dark. Light-Tattoo These tattoos are the brightest of the available tattoos, creating a soft light from where the tattoo is applied, which looks like it comes from within the skin itself. They will give off a fair bit of light which will betray the location of the carrier in extremely dark places, though it cannot help the carrier to see in the dark. Redlines/Restrictions - The tattoo’s that are a product of this craft cannot give any combative or mechanical advantages. - The tattoo’s, when giving off light (e.g. Lightforging, Lavaforging or Stormforging) cannot create enough light to give an overview of an area. - When the Life Symbols aren’t added to the mixture, the tattoo will fade in [4] OOC weeks. - Only [2] effects can be applied to a person at a time. - Tattoos require OOC consent before they can be placed. - One can only craft a tattoo after learning the Warforging Potions IRPly. - This lore follows all the lore of [✓] [Rewrite - Alchemy] [War-Forging]. Purpose OOC I was reading into tattoo lore, and found out there aren’t many non-magical means, nor is there a lot of RP for it, thus I wanted to do such. It was a nice exercise of practice for some other pieces of lore I’m trying to work on. Citation Spoiler
  6. Dust and weird colored particles stain these tightly organized chapter. A strong smell of pure alcohol and burnt leaves comes when turning these pages. Extraction Tests (Phase 1 to 5) 1-Air Symbols Extraction (Nightglow) I turned on the stove and put a large copper dish, with a grill on it, on the fire. Then I spreaded evenly the Nightglow bundle on the grill, and waited for it to dry completely, watching closely the fire to prevent it from cooking or burning. As the nightglow dried, I transferred it in my trusty turquoise mortar, and crushed it without grinding it too fine, leaving a thic blue powder in the process. After the crushing, I took a clean glass jar, and put the powder inside it. I sealed the jar hole with elastic cured goat belly and hard wax, then pushed the belly inward to compress the powder and pulled outward after to decompress, lifting the powder still inside the jar. I opened a bellow side an put the bellow side and put the volatile powder inside, making sure no leaks happened, and blowed the bellow in front of him, releasing the particles in the air. I then precisely arranged the particles with small tweezers in three distinct patterns close to each other. Symbols: Light x3 Swiftness x2 Peace x2 2-Fire Symbols Extraction (Blood Lotus) I turned on the stove and put a large copper dish, with a grill on it, on the fire. Then I spreaded evenly the Blood Lotus bundle on the grill, and waited for it to dry completely, watching closely the fire to prevent it from cooking or burning. Once dried, I chopped the herb with a kitchen knife until the consistency of sawdust, then transfered the reddish powder into a cast iron wok. I set the powder on fire with some wood shavings and a flint and steel, and waited until it turned all to pink ash. I then used a heat resistant tweezer and wore leather gloves to pick out the symbols and arranged them in 3 different bonfire-like piles. Symbols: Strenght x3 Vigour x2 Rigidity x2 3-Earth Symbols Extraction (Diddyfunkle) (note to myself: this was surprysingly the shortest description but with the longer process, because I messed up many times before reaching the desired powder consistency) I grinded the Diddyfunkles with my mortal and pestle with a half-ratio of salt equivalent to it, until left with a rough powder of salt and crushed flowers. I then carefully sieved the powder to separate the salt from the Diddyfunkles, until i was left with 4 differnt chunks of symbols. Symbols: Dark x3 Lethargy x1 Poison x2 Fear x2 4-Water Symbols Extraction (Mandragora) I prepared a large bowl and filled it with distilled water, then put the mandragoras there and left them submerged until fully soaked. I then crushed the roots with a flat rock on a cutting board, until i was left with a mushy (and stinky) paste. I spreaded the paste evenly and thinly in a large copper plate, and left it there for a full day, until it was fully dry. I was left with 4 irregular sheets with the symbols in it. Symbols: Separation x1 Impedement x3 Fear x2 Lethargy x1 5-Aether Symbols Extraction (Ponderlot) I finely cut the Ponderlots with a halfmoon knife, then put it in an aurum mortar from the alchemy lab, and crushed it into a fine powder. A pot filled with acqua vitae was preapared and put to simmer with the whiteish powder inside, until fully saturated and turned into a dense liquid. The liquid was then filtered until only the powder was left. I then put the powder to boil, until the liquid evaporated, and finally arranged the 4 different symbols into separated petri dishes. Symbols: Clarity x3 Chaos x2 Rage x2 Sound x1
  7. [!] A few plainly penned letters are sent out at crossroads and caught in muddy door frames of tavern-bars. Unremarkable by many accounts. Seeking to further along alchemical studies, in light of my former teacher's disappearance. Write if you can, I lodge nowhere. Last thing I recall was creating Land's Nurture before the worm disease made me go mad in the woods. Not fond of wandering battlefields and graveyards, but capable to make due with what I can. - Elven, almost 370 years old. Once-cleric. -Eris
  8. Pages are torn and scattered together, full of unintelligible scribbles and unfinished phrases Notes on Project Date: Unknown I FINALLY DID IT! Well, sort of... At first I tried following Silth's advice, and went looking for an evil ghost to slay, but unfortulatley i'm not a strong enough lutamancer and not experienced enough to try. I travelled looking for an alchemist that could have sold one, but with no avail... So I went fishing. Sorry readers, I'm so exausted I forgot to explain myself: for my project I need a way to see through objects, and my current method does not produce a clear enough image of the separated layers, so i asked for some guidance and Silth suggested to use ectoplams, i guess because ghost are pretty much see-through, so by using it I would have also made my target object see-through. My few years of fishing now brought me to discover various different fishes, crustaceans and other sea critters that share a similar see-through ability, that can make them camouflage in plain sight in the deep sea. I considered using land animals, but frogs (glass frogs to be exact) are only amphibian and cannot stay underwater for very long, and obviously butterflies (the glasswing butterfly type) cannot survive in water. So, as I was writing, I went fishing, and tried to use a lot of different species, including but not limited to jellifishes (those stingy sea moppers..), glass squids, baby octopuses, cleaner shrimps. But in the end, there was one creature to do the job: the barreleye fish, the only one that surprisingly had a reaction to the separation of layers. it turn out his eyes are the key, as they are "inside" their head, like a closed transparent helmet, and when the immobilised fish eyes met the ray of light, it scattered through the prism, and projected sort-of-clear images. they are a little wobbly as if they are underwater and seen from outside the surface, but otherwise the borders are clean and the image is barely colored (notes on accentuating the color? may be needed for medical application). I spent months fishing without stopping and testing the fish, I need to sleep, and a shower, and...[the notes there stop, as the pen trail goes wild on the pages, along with some signs of drooling and sleeping on the page.]
  9. these are extract from notes of Fagh's current project. The pages look soaked and a bit transparent Notes on Project 6th of The Amber Cold SA 163 My experiments on my project are reaching a dead end. Silth recommended me to start working alone on this project, and it's been very stimulating so far: I want to create a tool, or something, that lets others see inside of a living body without cutting it up. The basic theory I have for now about it is this: if I need to see through something, I might have to imagine it like made of glass, or transparent like a ghost. The problem is, how to manifest that transparency? I did some more simple experiment with inanimate objects: If I have, for example, an rough and sanded piece of glass (that cannot be seen through), and I put it in water, then it becomes see-through, but normal water for normal living beings won't work. I investigated the usage of water to separate and dissect, and found for example that a ray of bright light (i mixed blue red and green fire to achieve a white light) that passes through a prism full of water becomes divided into all the spectrum of colors seeable by uruks and descendants. The next step after this discovery, is changing that beam of life with a normal inanimate object, and that prism with something more complex to separate each layer of the object. Now, the problem is that the objest is indeed separated, but just by its colors, and not its substance and structural composition. I'd also need in the future to make it more portable and compact, compared to the entire dark room i need to use for now. I need to share these results with my teacher and ask him for some guidance. A small sketch of the usual objects used in the purified water jar as a footnote, there's written in a small font: Note: Some herbs to use to hallucinate? Viable?
  10. Manic Stimulant(Rare | T3) Background/Description After years of continued manic study, a young dark elf by the name of Knox would find himself tired of being… well tired. As one casts magic, it consumes mana - be it from the self or the ever-consuming void. This can leave the mage exhausted after a single performance, causing those who practice the arts to space out their studies or risk injuring themself from overdraw. With this in mind, the elf would consult his students who, though they may not have as intimate alchemical knowledge, provided support and feedback. After careful study and testing, Knox would have created the first of many batches of Manic Stimulant Recipe Base: Fresh Liquid Mana Mundane | Order x2 Aether | Clarity x2 Aether | Endurance x3 Aether | Life x 2 Creation Add one-half draw of Liquid Mana, and to that, add 2 part Aether Clarity and 2 part Aether Life. Gently stir, careful not to set off any reaction. In a second container, mix two part Mundane Order and 3 part Aether Endurance with no base. Once thoroughly combined, slowly add a half-draw of Liquid Mana to the mix, one or two splashes at a time. The alchemist should now have 2 mixtures. Slowly pour them into a vial while trying to keep their concentrations roughly equal. Try to create as little disturbance as possible, and do not stir. Effects Upon consumption, the mage would start to feel more antsy and outgoing than what may be usual. Voidal hiccups and small, aura-colored sparks may jump off them or their wand. The mana’s natural draw against doing harm would be strengthened during the duration of the effects causing a mage to be unable to cast any combative spell types. Doing so would cause the potion to immediately fade, and leave the mage drained for the next 15 OOC minutes, and unable to cast any spells at or above tier 3 for an OOC day. Under its effects, one would be able to cast a near endless amount of non-combative magic. So long as the user is able to concentrate one what they are doing, they are able to continue this euphoric experience for up to 1 and a half OOC hours. After the potion fades naturally, the mage would be filled with a final surge of excitement before a small jolt of mana would almost pop within them. This would cause no harm, but would tire the user, making them unable to cast any tier 5 spells for the next 30 OOC minutes. Creatures of mana would feel the effects stronger than their descendent counterparts. Though it would not give any greater advantage to casting, when consumed, they would have a much stronger urge to interact with others, and cast their magic. It could work to calm them to a small extent, but by no means reliably. Additionally, it would free one spell slot from any magic that utilizes them such as bardmancy. If the user has more than one magic that utilizes spell-slots, only one magic's slot may be refreshed. If the user has used no used spell slots, one non-combative slot may be utilized for an hour after its effects have worn off (up to 2 hours after initial consumption). No slots my be utilized until the potion's effects have worn off, but if one uses a combative magic before utilizing the slot, it would disappear and be unable to be used. Redlines -T3 Alchemy required. -Does NOT require ST signage. -This potion is ‘rare’ and must be taught through sufficient roleplay. -Cannot be used in any malicious way including, but not limited to: Sneaking away or towards someone for malicious means, fleeing combat, entering combat, hurting someone, forcing someone to do something against their will, antagonization, ect. Moderators/ST may use their own judgement to include anything not specifically mentioned. -Dark mages/innate-evils are unable to utilize the potion, and would, at most, feel a small shiver. -Requires IRP willingness to be administered, and cannot be forced upon a user. If someone drinks the potion unknowingly or against their will, it's effects would be null, and the potion wasted. -During combat, so long as the mage casts no magic, the potion's effects would fade after 5 emotes, leaving the user unable to cast any tier 5 spell during the encounter plus an OOC hour after -If a mage makes use of the potion three times or more within an OOC day, the user may suffer overdose effects. This would cause their magic to become more erratic, and fuzzy, and leave them overdrawn and unable to utilize their mana for no less than 2 OOC days. -All urges and emotions may be ignored completely. This will not change the potions effects, but an emote must include the resistance towards such. I would like to thank the following people for their contributions and support PestyWarlock, SimpleGlitchBro, creamynoteblock,
  11. Temporary Remedy (T2, common) Alchemist’s notes: A concoction that may be drunk or injected, intended to slow down the body’s reaction time in order to pause the spread of disease, poison, or allergic reaction. Designed with the soul purpose of stabilizing a patient until they are able to be transported to a hospital or healer, it is of little help during a fight. Recipe: Base: Aqua Vitae Water: Freezing x3 Slowness x2 Impediment x1 Curtailment x1 Effects: When ingested, the mixture causes a chilling sensation to ripple through the body. Within two emotes if drunk (1 emote if injected), the potion would fully take effect, causing a multitude of things. Blood flow would be slowed, in order to prevent poisons from spreading quickly. Upon entering the blood, the symbols would seek and latch onto toxins and pathogens, temporarily halting the effects. This stalling lasts for 10 emotes following activation, or two narrative hours. However, this ‘cure’ is not without drawbacks. After the initial ‘cooling’ sensation, one would begin to feel tired and sluggish. Dodging or parrying attacks would become much more difficult, as well as halving their usual movement. Attempted attacks would also be rendered near useless. Cannot be used more than once an IRL day. (See redlines for more details) Accompanying this fatigue would be a sensation of pins and needles all across the body, further making it improbable to take part in combat. Numbing Mist (T2, common) Alchemist notes: Oho, my toes are tingly. . . Hehehehe. . . Recipe: Base: Diddyfunkle Oil Reduction x2 Silence x1 Chaos x1 Add the signs of reduction and silence to the diddyfunkle oil, mixing steadily until brought to a boil. Add chaos, then capture the occurring steam within a bottle. Effects: Upon inhaling the steam, the person in question would start to feel light all over- as if they were floating. They would find themselves a bit giddy, possibly finding the most mundane things hilarious. Alongside this giddiness would be a numb sensation all across the body and mind, causing any pain inflicted by medical means dulled, ticklish at most. Deeper surgeries or more extreme incisions/amputations may cause true pain, but in the drug-addled state this is only found to be mildly annoying, funny even. This effect is easy to fight off, the patient needing to be willing and somewhat calm for it to work. Due to the mental effects of the drug, it is not uncommon for folks to use it in recreational means. However, frequent use will result in addiction. Addicts are prone to having injuries about themselves without knowing, as they are usually numb. They are also prone to being unable to take things seriously. Laughing Gas (T2, rare) Alchemist’s note: A concentrated version of the numbing mist, it serves as a hilarious crowd control option. Recipe: Base: Diddyfunkle Oil Reduction x4 Silence x2 Aether: Chaos x2 By doubling the amount of each symbol used, and utilizing Aether: Chaos instead of mundane chaos, one may create a combative version of this brew. This concentrated concoction may only be utilized in its gaseous form. Upon its container being opened or broken, the mist within it would expand in a near invisible cloud of up to a 3 by 3 cube. All those caught within its range would be subject to all mental effects and some physical effects, unless utilizing adequate preventative measures. The mental effects would remain more or less the same. Though feelings of anger and hostility are eased, they are not erased. They may only be eased within logical reason. (Ex, if someone under the influence of such is attacked, they are more than able to get angry and retaliate. The same applies to those currently being attacked. At most, they may attack back as if it was all a joke. This is up to the player affected.) The physical effects are somewhat decreased, as those affected are not hindered in their ability to move around or fight. If anything, it proved to be a boon for those under its effects, as they would not be able to feel pain. That being said, it is a double edged sword. For example, potentially having little to no fear in a fight, but also the potential to not even notice severe bleeding. All effects last for three emotes upon breathing in the gas. On the fourth emote, those under its influence would be able to spend an emote to shake off the effects. (Ie, if the character seeks to fight it, they may successfully do so on the fourth emote.) Spectral Skin (T3, Common) Alchemist’s notes: A concoction created to make it easier for doctors to assess internal damage! Recipe: Base: Bone marrow (any animal) Light x1 Separation x2 Clarity x3 Bring bone marrow/lard to a boil, and add light symbols. Allow the mixture to cool completely, before adding in the separation and clarity symbols. Gently stir until fully dissolved. At this point, the mixture should have taken a milky-white color. Optionally, this tincture may be mixed with Beeswax to create a topical cream. Effects: If utilizing bone marrow, the resulting brew would be akin to a serum, allowing it to be injected on the sight of the break. Within the next two emotes, the surrounding skin and flesh would take on a translucent state, all flesh, veins, tendons etc becoming see through. This by no means is invisibility. If utilizing lard as the base, the resulting concoction would have the texture of a lotion or paste. This version of the brew would allow for an easier application, though not as potent. Topical skin would become translucent, but the flesh and muscle beneath would not. That being said, it served as a useful tool when examining for damaged tendons, muscles, or simply to demonstrate to medical students the anatomy of flesh without having to resort to dissection. It would also allow for internal damage or bleeding to be seen. (Ex, applying to the torso or stomach could allow for seeing if there is any damage present to internal organs.) Special thanks to @Moonish_Imp, @Lockages, and @esotericas for their advice! And thank you to @Greehnfor the joke that ended up inspiring this entire thing. Changelog: Specified that Spectral skin may only be used on flesh, and may not be used to expose/reveal genetalia. Laughing gas range reduced to 3x3 square. Specified learning and ST signage
  12. -*- Sylvian Alchemy -*- Welcoming Spring by Bailie -*- The Sylvian Dreams -*- At the intersection of otherworldly being and alchemical knowledge, sometimes strange results can come afoot. Many fae alchemists will find their nights filled with blurred dreams of the Eternal Forest, spritely parties, and wild things. Many alchemists also find themselves fantasizing about alchemical creations specific to their existence, such as an epiphyte cure, permanent pain relief, or corruption cures. While most of these dreams are utter nonsense, a few can produce true results. Redlines No information about the Eternal Forest itself can be gleaned from these visions. Any details are incredibly blurred and hard to remember, as if through the lens of a wild animal. What they do see is still greatly diminished and mixed in with scenes of more earthly nature. Cannot even see the faint glimpses of the forest outside areas of great natural or druidic energy, unless the fae in question is a tier 5 druid. Epiphytes and tree lords that have held a valid CA and a valid Alchemy Fa for more than two ooc weeks are able to self teach all alchemic recipes through dreams, including rare ones. Tree lords must have their minds allowed its full freedom to obtain these recipes. A character may only learn one recipe per ooc week this way. The sylvian dream aesthetics are optional outside dreams that yield these recipes. Fae Ichor Signs Aether/Water Symbols Growth 2x Life 4x Poison 2x Appearance Varies heavily between sources, though it is usually some kind of sap, blood, or other seemingly natural internal fluid. Location Within the veins of epiphytes, tree lords, sprites, and other fae or demifae. Harvesting A single measure can be drawn from an open wound or other entrance into the circulatory system of the fae’s body safely. Two more can be drawn from the heart or liver, or comparable sources, except from sprites. Raw Effects Freshly acquired fae ichor can be transfused into the bodies of other fae to subvert blood loss in a similar fashion to descendant blood. It also contains genus, varying from source to source of the ichor. All reagents must be gathered through roleplay. Blood drawn from event fae can yield more or less fae ichor at ET discretion. Blood transfusions with fae ichor can only be done with comparable entities (tree lords to tree lords, demi fae to demi fae, true fae to true fae.) Three measures of fae ichor can be acquired from a soul tree or fae plant safely, and up to six if the flora is killed. Tree Lords and Epiphytes are never willing to undergo this process however (even by their own hands), and will treat it as a deadly attack against their plant. All genus from fae ichor is lost after 3 ooc hours or a narrative day (whichever comes first) of the removal or death of the source (whichever comes first.) Genus is intrinsic to blood magic and cannot be identified or used without specific lore. Must be signed by a player with a valid CA or by an ET if harvested outside of the crafting session. The description of the item created must include the type of creature it was sourced from, if harvested outside of the crafting session. -*- Potions -*- Glib Tongue Tier 1: Common Moments of weakness, especially just after the transformation of an epiphyte or tree lord husk, are common among those who walk the line between words. Many earthly fae are inspired to replicate the trickster grace of their true eternal cousins. Spring’s Touch Tier 1: Common The wondrous dreams of an unreal world leave a sense of mundanity to the material world that most cannot itch. Worldly fae find themselves driven to make the world around them more akin to the Eternal Forest, which they might only glimpse, altering the aesthetic qualities of plants or even themselves. Eventide Lure Tier 2: Common Alchemists attuned to the hunter’s side of nature find their humanoid bodies inadequate for chasing down the prey they easily follow in dreams. And so many will find themselves inspired towards creations which draw in prey like insects to a flytrap. It is not surprising that the lure is often stored in the horns of creatures previously hunted down. Babbling Brew Tier 3: Common [ST] Perhaps as a harmless prank or a vicious trap against descendant kind, dreams of deepest night can often inspire alchemists with a creation that can wrench cohesion from within a group. Smoldering Light Tier 2: Rare For those fae who choose to walk natural land, alchemic means make for a useful way to mark territory from others. These creations have the unintended effect of marking targets when used correctly, making it hard for them to hide in even the darkest conditions. Nymph Dust Tier 3: Rare A futile attempt to mimic the natural wonders of flight will still yield some result, as the classical ability to alter the weight of objects is readily available to fae alchemists. Dryad’s Skin Tier 3: Rare [ST] Some epiphytes possess the intuition to glean their cursed nature, and those with the means might find a way to replicate it so others may experience their vulnerability. Purpose (OOC) Potionmaking and fairies have a lot of overlap in media, including Lord of the Craft itself, with all of the rare reagents sprites and epiphytes can produce. So essentially I wanted some potions which fill this gap that are also easily available to the kind of player that would want the theme around them the most (and keep the potions from being unable to be stuck in just one or two communities on the server.) The durations, rarities, and signatures are all based on what I personally thought seemed fair based on other potion effects, but if anything needs to be tweaked or removed entirely, I am totally willing to do it. Credits Citations
  13. For many a century I have been one who has hoarded alchemical knowledge and the esoteric understandings of the world that have been passed to me by my masters and those before them. An oath taken to those now long dead to not show such teachings into the light of day for the common layman to understand. Yet now the basic knowledge of alchemy has been spread to the wide reaches, many have unfinished and unnurtured knowledge that has been left to rot. Many simply see alchemy as a small tool for creating potions of convenience or pseudo enchantments without the use of magic through herbs. This is not the essence of the art that reaches into the depths of the earth, into the coldest seas and highest mountains. I search for those interested in the true art- the two paths I offer unto you who seek the knowledge of the world are Human and machine. The power to create life in two very different ways- I seek two students for either study. If you believe this to be you then attach your letters to this missive with a way to contact you and I shall see to it that some are chosen. Though I ask for one simple question to be answered. Why do you wish for such knowledge? There is no right or wrong, simply my curiosity. I sincerely hope that some will heed my call- but if by chance none do, than I shall not simply choose from the dregs. Even if you are the only one to seek this knowledge, does not mean you shall acquire it. A pleasure to all, Cain Thelin
  14. Lector Turnfield's Trade Alchemy Idle hands are Iblees' playthings! CREDIT Thank you for your consultation: @Titanium430 @Norgeth @Battle Unit [T2] Mason’s Malleable [Open] Background Developed by Lector Trevor Turnfield for the Lectorate Science Faire in an effort to improve the lives of artisans and tradesmen alike after the suggestion came up in conversation with Lector Mathurin and BAR-L, the Lectorate’s labor automaton. Recipe Base: Aqua Vitae Water | Grace x 1 Water | Lethargy x2 Mundane | Strength x3 Creation The concoction must be both made and kept at a tepid temperature (no greater than 79* F) or else it will lose Its potency, water symbols must be added first and earth symbols must be added last. Effects This murky blue liquid has the rather unique property that any stone (barring ST-signed materials/ores) or gemstone can be completely submerged in and soaked within a vat of this material over the course of a narrative day, when removed from the liquid they will be malleable as artist’s clay, capable of being sculpted and shaped into pottery, statues, jewelry, bricks, et cetera with relative ease. After being given six narrative hours in a non-humid place to dry the material will lose its prior malleability and return to Its natural rigid state. Gemstones can also be fused together to create larger versions of the gemstone or combine them into multi-colored gemstones, mundane ores such as gold and iron can also be utilized by Mason's Malleable. Redlines: This cannot be used to topple or weaken stone defenses, walls, or structures. The entirety of the stone must be submerged into the fluid so you cannot just apply it liberally upon a structure to weaken it. Though gemstones can be combined they cannot be fit into regular stone interiors, merely added as surface décor; this is to prevent people claiming they have diamond-rod reinforced walls incapable of being broken down by any means. Bars of gemstones such as diamonds will shatter with force comparable to that which it takes to break open steel; rendering diamond/gemstone bars mechanically representable by Iron bars and follow the same OOC rules and regulations as regular iron gates/bars. One brew of this lasts for twenty-four OOC hours, enabling projects involving gemstone work to be done over the course of one narrative month before the liquid within would need to be replaced; losing potency after 1 human-sized object or 2 halfing-sized objects, or 4 bust-sized objects, or 8 statuette sized objects is created with it. This is not meant to replace transfiguration’s ability to mold and shape objects, it only works on stone and is specifically meant for sculptures, bricks, statues, jewelry and so forth to be made with greater ease.
  15. ALCHEMICAL FISHING Brews to help with FISHING! Name of potion: [T1] Minute Meats Brief Description: A salt that when sprinkled onto the meat of animals would begin to cook the meat. The salt takes the appearance of red sand. There is no noticeable taste produced from the heat salt. Recipe: N/A (base) Mundane: Swiftness x1 Mundane: Heat x2 Earth: Connection x1 Fire: Balance x2 Process: Begin by grounding up the Swiftness and Balance symbols into a fine powder. Once grounded thoroughly, add Connection to the powder. Mix until the powder becomes more granular. Pour the heat salt into a container that is able to be sealed. Effect: Sprinkling on fish or other animal meats would cause the meat to begin to cook. The heat from the salts is not enough to start a fire, but would be able to cook the meat thoroughly. Over the course of [2] emote the salts would be able to cook a whole fish or a slab of meat.[1 emote to apply and heat up, 1 emote to finish cooking.] The salts begin to react as they touch the raw meats and heat up nearly instantly. As the salt heat heats up the meat would begin to cook until the salts dissolve into the meat which would indicate that the meat was thoroughly cooked. The salt would have to be sprinkled somewhat evenly on the meat to cook thoroughly. Redlines: Name of Potion: [T2] Fisher’s Lure Brief Description: A concoction inspired by the desire to be able to catch more fish. This potion takes the appearance of grounded fish. The smell of the concoction is akin to that of a fish market. Recipe: Chum / Grounded Fish (Base) Mundane: Strength x2 Mundane: Courage x1 Mundane: Peace x1 Mundane: Endurance x1 Process: Mix thoroughly the Water Strength into the Chum within a container. The Courage, Peace, and Endurance symbols can then be added to the Chum. Once these symbols are added, begin to mix the chum to dissolve the symbols. Cork the container to seal the alchemical concoction. The potion would begin to reek of fish becoming stronger the more it is mixed, until finished. Effect: When in contact with water the potion would affect nearby fish luring them to the bait. This area of effect would be 5 meter radius. Fish would calmly swim to the bait and ignore other fish that were also lured in. This potion would last until the chum has been consumed. Redlines: Name of Potion: [T3] Lucid Waters Brief Description: A potion that allows one to peer into the depths of water much further and better than what could normally be seen. The mixture is similar in color to that of ivory, whilst also looking viscous. Recipe: Fish Oil (Base) Mundane: Clarity x4 Mundane: Light x2 Water: Endurance x3 Process: Bring the fish oil to a boil and begin adding and stirring the Clarity and Light symbols. Then add the Water Endurance to the mixture and stir until the solution turns into a viscous ivory colored mixture. Effect: Once poured onto eyes a lens would form on the surface of the eye after a few moments. The user would be able to peer into murky waters. The murkiness of water caused by small debris would be less apparent making the waters appear clearer. From the surface the potion would allow sight for up to 8 meters in water. This effect lasts up to 2 narrative hours. If applied to a lens the sight would be reduced to 4 meters in water but for a more permanent effect. Redlines:
  16. LECTOR ALCHEMY PACK II KEEP FIGHTING AGAINST EVIL! CREDIT @Islamadon @Shady Tales @Wowj @venstreni [T1] HANGOVER CURE [OPEN] BACKGROUND Based upon an anecdotal Oyashiman hangover cure, Lector Oijin developed this remedy to act as a quick reliever for young Novitiates and Lectors who frequently engage in solitary/celebratory drinking. The intent was to enable these men to perform their duties with energetic clarity the following day. RECIPE BASE: Maple Syrup Mundane | Clarity x2 Mundane | Heat x1 Mundane | Grace x1 EFFECTS When added to water and sipped slowly this golden brown concoction will cause its consumer to feel mildly warmer while also alleviating a variety of symptoms associated with hangovers over the duration of twenty narrative minutes. These symptoms include dehydration, headaches, fatigue, gastrointestinal irritation and inflammation of the body. NOTE: If consumed without the addition of water, this recipe may lead to further dehydration and body aches. REDLINES Hangover Cure must be consumed with water to receive its benefits without consequences. Hangover Cure is incapable of acting as a meal supplement or a substitute for proper nutrition. Hangover Cure will not act as a source of heat when consumed. Hangover Cure, albeit relieving a body of fatigue, will not boost bodily energy nor restore exhausted individuals to peak potential. Hangover Cure will not alleviate magically induced fatigue. Does NOT require an ST signature. [T1] INSTA-PATCH [OPEN] BACKGROUND Developed by Explorator engineers to aid in the mending of leaking Automatons, this sticky paste was soon discovered to have use in other repairs. Have a hole in your bucket? A crack in your ship’s hull? A draft from your window? A simple application of Insta-Patch will do the trick! RECIPE BASE: Honey Mundane | Rigidity x1 Mundane | Curtailment x1 Mundane | Lethargy x1 EFFECTS Taking the appearance of a dull paste-like substance, Insta-Patch can be applied to a surface in order to fill potential cracks or punctures. The paste will harden and create an air-tight seal [1] emote following application, provided that it is exposed to air. The strength of the dried paste is roughly equivalent to that of a tanned leather; it is durable, but prone to lacerations and punctures. The substance can be removed via tearing or the use of aqua vitae and other alcoholic substances. RED LINES Insta-Patch cannot be used as a throwable potion akin to Tanglefoot. The paste would remain congealed. Insta-Patch cannot be used for long term medical treatment. The paste interferes with the healing of wounds and leaves it prone to infection. This said, it may temporarily stifle surface level bleeding. Insta-Patch cannot be used to suffocate another person by forceful ingestion; the fluids of the throat/stomach would keep it moist enough to not harden. Insta-Patch, if applied over a surface, can be pried off akin to wax. Alcohol will also dissolve the substance. Insta-Patch lacks the durability to keep objects stuck together. Insta-Patch can only provide one application per bottle. Does NOT require an ST signature. [T2] CARTILAGE BRACER [OPEN] BACKGROUND Designed by Lector Isaac who sought to remedy the flaccidness in the ears of one his Elven friends, Cartilage Bracer was discovered to strengthen all forms of cartilage. Through clinical testing, this potion proved useful in asserting the firmness of a boxer's nose and in protecting elven ears from being snipped away by preying angry knights. RECIPE BASE: Bone Broth Mundane | Rigidity x3 Mundane | Endurance x2 Mundane | Connection x2 Mundane | Order x1 EFFECTS When consumed, this light-blue potion would grant enhanced durability and strength [comparable to iron] to cartilage portions of the body for the duration of two narrative hours. Though the flesh itself is prone to laceration and burning, the cartilage itself would find itself acting akin to a strip of metal. Sharpened objects are unable to cut through the affected cartilage, albeit a heavy metal hammer or blunt object may find success in denting/crushing it. REDLINES Cartilage Bracer only grants enhanced strength to areas of the body that rely on cartilage. Cartilage Bracer is unable to reinforce one's throat or bodily joints. Cartilage Bracer does not increase the weight of cartilage. Cartilage Bracer does not grant the ability to make actual knife-ears or noses; it simply hardens the cartilage. Sharpening will not work. Cartilage Bracer makes cartilage able to withstand sharp objects, albeit surface level flesh remains vulnerable to damage. Hardened cartilage may still be bludgeoned by heavy metallic or similarly dense objects such as hammers, maces, clubs, etc. Fists and gauntlets do not meet this requirement. Does NOT require an ST signature. [T2] SCENT MASK [OPEN] BACKGROUND Formulated by the Lector Inquisitorium, this recipe initially sought to bolster the effectiveness of the mundane methods at hiding one’s scent. In clinical trials against monstrosities, it was discovered that adding this substance to mud or other masks was entirely unnecessary as the oil itself masked the scent of man plenty. RECIPE BASE: Lard Mundane | Blindness x2 Mundane | Endurance x2 Mundane | Impediment x1 Mundane | Dark x1 EFFECTS When this murky oil is applied to a person or object, the subject’s scent would dissipate to a neutral aroma similar to the surrounding environment. Beasts (monstrous and natural) and Descendents would find themselves incapable of discerning the scent of the affected entity. When contact is made with water, however, this oil would run loose and the scent would be freed once more. REDLINES Scent Mask renders applied surfaces scentless for the duration of the encounter or RP session. Scent Mask CANNOT be treated onto alchemical filters. Scent Mask will stain the applied object with a murky brown hue until washed away by water. This, in theory, will warn people from unknowingly consuming affected foods. Scent Mask cannot be applied to liquids or gaseous substances. Scent Mask will fail if an ample amount of water is applied to it; casual sweat and crying is not enough to overpower the oil. Extensive sweating, rain, bleeding, water spells, water splashes, etc. will. Does NOT require an ST signature. [T3] EPISTLE SMOG [RARE] BACKGROUND Concocted as a means to aid the Lectorate in crowd control during the infamous Culling of Mort’on, this Explorator brewed vapor seeks to corral wily civilians and potential hostiles. Having been employed to great success by the Owyn’s March Cohort, this recipe found its way to the Third Mission of Almaris by virtue of the Grand Explorator. Its name derives from the Scroll of Spirit’s “Epistles” whereby Owyn admonished the members of Harren’s court and forced them to repent. RECIPE BASE: Onion Juice Air | Chaos x2 Mundane | Death x2 Mundane | Poison x2 Mundane | Rage x3 EFFECTS When shattered and exposed to air, this yellow-hued gaseous concoction would expand rapidly and encompass a 3x3x3 area before expanding to a 5x5x5 area the following emote. Lasting a total of [3] emotes, those within the affected area will find themselves beginning to cough wildly whilst having their vision obscured by tears. This causes aim and focus to deteriorate significantly, leaving those within vulnerable to attacks should they not vacate the affected area. This would disrupt the charging of spells [enchants excluded], the aiming of munitions and effective swordplay. This vapor can be dispersed via air displacement or alchemical filters. It is noted that this gas will cease to obstruct the breathing and eyesight of afflicted individuals should they leave its area of effect. REDLINES Epistle Smog is not fatal under any circumstance. Epistle Smog will disrupt the charging of spells [excluding enchants], the accurate aiming of projectiles and the skill of swordsmen. In essence, one cannot “power through” the sensation to cough and tear up unless they move out of the way or have adequate counters. Unobstructed breathing and eyesight will immediately return to those who leave the area of effect. Alchemical filters, goggles, face masks, and other biological counters [ex. Tawkin Mutations/Siliti] can provide adequate protection from the gas. Epistle Smog can be diffused by means of air displacement [air evocation, etc.] or alchemical air purifiers. This potion is considered “Rare” knowledge and must be learned through roleplay. Requires an ST Signature. [T3] ORGAN MENDER [OPEN] BACKGROUND Developed in response to numerous botched medical procedures, the titular Organ Mender was designed to aid in stabilizing internal injuries without providing unnecessary risk to patients. RECIPE BASE: Mandragora Oil Mundane | Life x2 Mundane | Impediment x3 Mundane | Swiftness x2 Mundane | Order x2 EFFECTS When consumed, this elixir will begin to cauterize and mend minor internal damage that may afflict the body one emote following consumption. The consumer will find themselves being rendered unconscious and left in an incapacitated state for the duration of [1] OOC day on the provision that they suffer from internal injuries. It is noted that although this potion aids in stabilizing internal injuries, this potion will not aid in the repair of vital organs such as the heart or unstabilized lungs. REDLINES Organ Mender will not aid in the repair of vital organs such as Lungs [unless stabilized] or the Heart. Organ Mender will render the patient incapacitated, but conscious, for the duration of 1 OOC day. Organ Mender cannot be forcefully fed to a patient to induce incapacitation unless they suffer from internal injuries. Organ Mender will not aid in the mending of large gaps and/or sizeable holes in the body nor will it repair shredded and removed innards; it is effective in mending puncture wounds and deep lacerations. Does NOT require an ST signature. CHANGELOG: Insta-Patch's durability has been clarified as being similar to that of tanned leather. Insta-Patch has been clarified to provide 1 application per bottle. Cartilage Bracer redline added which clarifies that it will not strengthen the throat or joints in the consumer's body. Cartilage Bracer duration lowered to 2 narrative hours. Epistle Smog duration has been lowered to [4] emotes. Epistle Smog has been clarified as not affecting those who leave its area of effect. Hydrophobic Oil has been removed. Strength Serum has been removed.
  17. LECTOR ALCHEMY PACK FIGHT AGAINST EVIL! CREDIT @Letharian @breeni @Titanium430 @Abeam @venstreni @TheBull [T1] SMELLING SALTS [OPEN] BACKGROUND Due to the chaotic nature of combat and crime, Lector Medics deemed it necessary to develop a streamline substance which could aid in the expedient revival of those who were made unconscious via poor circumstance. After all, no one should sleep on the job. RECIPE Base: N/A Earth | Curtailment x1 Mundane | Chaos x2 Mundane | Rage x1 CREATION Mix the “Mundane | Chaos” and the “Mundane | Rage” symbols until they render a coarse powder. Infuse the “Earth | Curtailment” symbols in a vial of Distilled Water. Combine the coarse powder and infused water in a shallow dish; mix thoroughly. Allow the liquid to soak and evaporate over the course of a narrative day. Collect in a vial, paper parchment or container of choice. EFFECTS This substance is salt-like in texture and possesses the ability to revive an individual who is unconscious a single emote after application. These smelling salts are able to do such via their sharp and pungent odor which forces the body to initiate a physical response. It is noted that this substance is unable to revive those suffering from a coma, severe head trauma or magical effects. REDLINES Smelling Salts CANNOT revive someone who is in a coma. Smelling Salts CANNOT revive someone who suffers from severe head injury. Smelling Salts CANNOT revive someone who is induced via magic. Smelling Salts CAN revive someone who is affected by Knock-Out Potions. [T2] FLAMING SALVE [OPEN] BACKGROUND It is written that the Exalted Owyn possessed a holy blade of flame which facilitated the purge of the most holy cities of Edel. For centuries, crusaders have sought to mimic their prophet and thus the alchemists of the Lectorate devised a viscous and volatile salve which enables a method of ignition for both war and utility. RECIPE BASE: Bee’s Wax Fire | Heat x3 Fire | Burning x3 Fire | Rage x2 Mundane | Instability x1 CREATION Heat Bee's Wax on a low heat until malleable; do NOT let it boil. Add the "Fire | Heat", "Fire | Burning", and "Fire | Rage" symbols and mix thoroughly. Once cooled, add the "Mundane | Instability" symbol and mix thoroughly. Add completed salve to a container of the Alchemist's choice. EFFECTS When applied to a weapon or object, friction will cause this viscous salve to burst into flame for the duration of [4] emotes or until its fuel has burnt away. As a result, Flaming Salve has found use in the sparking of camp fires, stage performance and within crusader aesthetics. It is noted that this salve does not burn as hot as other alchemical sources of heat; however, it can render first degree burns, warp metals after repeated usage and spread flame akin to a torch. REDLINES Sufficient friction can be obtained by firmly sliding or grinding the salve onto a surface. Mundane Steel will warp after a single application. Daemon Steel will warp after three applications. Medium and High Density Boomsteel will NOT warp. Flaming Salve is only capable of inflicting first degree burns if weaponized. The flame produced is akin to a torch, thus it will effect creatures weak to fire in the same capacity as a lit torch would. Flaming Salve is unable to cauterize wounds. [T2] ST. AMYAS’ DRAUGHT [RARE] BACKGROUND Conceptualized by Lector Medics due to the need to stave off blight inflicted by Ratiki Rot-Steel and Azhl Anemia, St. Amyas’ Draught seeks to aid the consumer’s body in the fight against infections. RECIPE BASE: Gislocinovi Juice Mundane | Reduction x4 Mundane | Purity x2 Mundane | Life x2 Mundane | Impediment x2 EFFECTS Possessing a base of Gislocinovi Juice, this remedy utilizes the antiseptic potential of Gislocinovi. As a result, those who consume St. Amyas’ Draught would find themselves curbing infection and Azhl Anemia following [5] emotes or thirty narrative minutes, the effectiveness of which is dependent on the severity of the wound or illness. Cleaning wounds remains advisable in order to prevent future infectious flare ups. Side effects may include dizziness and disorientation. REDLINES Wounds require proper medical treatment in order to prevent future flare up. St. Amyas’ Draught is unable to destroy pathogens. When recovering from Azhl Anemia, a day’s worth of bed rest is recommended for optimal effect. St. Amyas’ Draught cannot cure those with chronic Azhl Anemia. St. Amyas’ Draught will make the consumer feel dizzy and disorientated for approximately twenty narrative minutes. [T2] ST. ROBERT’S STOMACH [OPEN] BACKGROUND Initially developed by Lector Alchemists seeking to combat poor Hyspian cooking, this elixir sought to aid its consumer in acquiring an iron stomach for dinner hour. Soon after its creation, Lector Medics found use in the elixir to soothe stomach pains and nausea. RECIPE BASE: Distilled Water Mundane | Impediment x3 Mundane | Peace x3 Mundane | Endurance x2 Ground Charcoal EFFECTS When consumed, one can stomach practically anything for the duration of one narrative hour. As a result, one may find themselves able to consume a stupendous amount of liquor, rancid meals or certain items one might wish to smuggle. Medical practitioners may find use in this elixir as a stomach soother. It is noted, however, that though the body will not reject inedible objects, its stomach and internal organs can still be damaged by them. REDLINES The “Iron Stomach'' is figurative and not literal. Substances containing magical effects wrought by culimancy, enchantments or spells still apply if consumed. Substances containing alchemical, narcotic or alcoholic effects still apply if consumed. Inedible objects retain the ability to damage one’s internal organs, i.e. knives, metal shards, lava, poison, etc. An individual cannot consume more than their stomach can hold. [T3] ST. FELDER’S VITALITY [ST] [RARE] BACKGROUND The result of experimentation by the Lectorate, Saint Felder’s Vitality was intended to provide a counter against nefarious fear magicks and general cowardice. Lector Alchemists believed that such a counter would be a form of liquid courage which possessed an inebriating effect that would allow the consumer to power through fear. However, upon development, it became evident that the tincture possessed unexpected side effects. RECIPE BASE: Blood Lotus Broth Mundane | Rage x3 Mundane | Strength x3 Mundane | Courage x2 Mundane | Endurance x2 EFFECTS When consumed, the user will become highly hostile while exhibiting a shift in their skin tone to a bright red hue. The consumer will discover their fear subsiding and succumbing to wroth as they invariably begin to express their hatred for their paranoias for the duration of one narrative hour or [10] emotes. As a result, Saint Felder’s Vitality, though temporarily nulling fear, causes its consumer to become highly irritable, prone to outbursts and will deprive them of the ability to act with common sense or strategic thinking. The consumption of more than one Saint Felder's Vitality per encounter will strain the heart and result in cardiac arrest. REDLINES Natural cowardice, fear magicks and sensible caution are made null when consumed. The consumer’s flesh will shift to a bright red hue for the duration of 1 narrative hour. Those with darker complexions may simply appear as if they have a fever. The impulsivity and anger caused by the potion would cause the consumer to act first and think later; one would be unable to think strategically, act with common sense or possess an adequate sense of danger. Outbursts include vocal disrespect, physical lashings out, and anger-fueled ramblings. Cardiac Arrest cannot be induced via forced consumption; it is the result of constant strain over time rather than an increased heart rate. Heart Calmer cannot negate this effect. DOES NOT provide berserker strength or enhanced physicality. Requires ST signature. [T3] HOUND’S HOWL [ST] [RARE] BACKGROUND Inspired by the numerous encounters with a particular spectral foe and their trusted amulet, Lector Alchemists sought to replicate the effects of an accursed hex without the use of devilry. RECIPE Base: Aqua Vitae Air | Sound x3 Mundane | Fear x2 Mundane | Chaos x2 Mundane | Curtailment x2 EFFECTS When released, this black-hued and gaseous substance would disperse in a 3x3x3 area and emit an ear-piercing howl which would last for [1] emote. This high-pitched noise would effectively disorient those within its radius for who lack ear protection for the duration of one emote and will disrupt focus based connection to charge spells. The noise can be mitigated via the use of ear plugs or by simply covering one’s ears. REDLINES The thrower, if within the 3x3x3 radius, is affected by the noise as well. The gaseous substance, and noise, can be dispersed via adequate mundane or magical air displacement. Disorientation implies a fight-or-flight response, a physical stun OR a natural predisposition to covering one’s ears. Ultimately up to the player being affected. Disrupting the charging of spells is inapplicable to enchantments. The noise can be mitigated by protecting one’s ears; one can cover their ears prior to the gas being released. Requires ST signature. [T3] TACTICAL GREASER [ST] [OPEN] BACKGROUND Inspired by the tales of Holy Ser Rosencrantz and his scented oils, the Lectorate of Owyn sought to replicate such a lubricant with the addition of further utility. RECIPE BASE: Melted Butter Water | Growth x2 Mundane | Instability x3 Mundane | Agility x3 Mundane | Chaos x2 EFFECTS When applied to one’s flesh or attire, Tactical Greaser would cause the applied surface to become drastically more greasy; this enables one to become highly slippery and difficult to grapple. In addition, this oil can be used to aid in the squeezing between objects or tight spaces provided that one can realistically fit. Depending on the surface and when thrown at the ground, this potion can be used as a greaser to potentially slip opponents in a 3x3 area for the duration of [3] Emotes. The user is warned that moving swiftly may result in them slipping. REDLINES The substance is NOT flammable. Moving at a pace swifter than walking will result in the user slipping unless on adequate terrain (see below). Cannot be used to escape handcuffs, adequate bindings or nets. Cannot be used for FTB scenarios - get your mind out of the gutter. Applied surfaces can be neutralized with the application of water OR dirt, sand or shavings. Tanglefoot is UNABLE to overpower the lubricating effects of the oil if applied prior; the goo would slide off. Cockatrice Breath is ABLE to overpower the lubricating effects of the oil. Arctic Mists is ABLE to freeze the oil. The greaser is ineffective on DIRT, CARPET, GRAVEL or SAND as the oil will be absorbed and/or covered by dust and rocks. The greaser is effective on HARD SURFACES or GRASS. Requires ST signature. EDIT: Reduced ST. AMYAS' DRAUGHT "Mundane | Purity" symbols from 4 to 2. Reduced HOUND'S HOWL "Air | Sound" symbols from 6 to 3. Replaced FELDER'S VITALITY "Mundane | Vigour" symbols with x2 "Mundane | Endurance" symbols. Replaced FLAMING SALVE "Mundane | Burning" and "Mundane | Rage" prefixes with "Fire". Added FLAMING SALVE creation process. Renamed ROSENCRANTZ'S PRIDE to "TACTICAL GREASER" Changed SMELLING SALT'S "Mundane | Chaos x1" to "Earth | Chaos x1" 11/17/21 Added ST recommendations. - Water cannot dehydrate individuals or be applied in a spot more than once ... cannot make a river. - [10] emote duration added to FELDER'S VITALITY; Cardiac Arrest occurs upon second WILLING consumption. Clarified the anger effects. - [5] emote duration added for ST. AMYAS' DRAUGHT to take effect. Azhl Anemia recovery the same as Alabaster Leaf cure. - HOUND'S HOWL confirmed to actively disrupt focus based spell charging. Disorientation lasts for [1] emote. - SMELLING SALTS take effect the emote following application. Sign discrepancy fixed. - FLAMING SALVE possesses the potency of a torch. Medium-High Boomsteel warp immunity added. - ROSENCRANTZ'S PRIDE slip clause added. - Added ST signature requirements to redlines.
  18. Potions not listed under the restricted section are all considered public knowledge and is usable by anyone with the alchemy feat. Lore: OOC: Warmth Potion Mermaid Skin Potion Bottled Charm Gelatinous Salve Amberguard Elixir Hunter's Venom Change Log:
  19. 'Colliery Components' are reagents made to be mined & obtained via Vanilla and/or 'Vortex' mining. No significant effects nor properties can be noted form either of the four, and only serve to give ease-of-access in creating less-costly potions and concoctions. Brews like 'Blast Potion' require things that it seems the newer Lore Writer(s) didn't exactly think about - for example, currently, the only way to create Blast Potions is through getting Azdrazi Scales, and there's likely many other nigh-impossible recipes that make utilizing this lore difficult and bothersome to roleplay. Netherrack Oceanic Coral Mycelium Prismarine Crystals Cotton ArmoredGhost had the idea to make this lore after pointing out the Blast Potion reagent inconsistency! He also had the idea to make Netherrack a reagent, as as well as Cotton. TreeSmoothie (That's me!) wrote the lores & purposes for the reagents and the submission.
  20. Skinforging is essentially, the combination of two recipes from Alteration Alchemy and Warforging. A mixture of rare recipes not often shared amongst alchemists, now to put together into one to create an all new effect. This concoction of recipes allows for the effects of warforging, which usually only apply to metal, to permanently apply to the flesh using the alteration recipe for the skin. The effects are permanent, though.. Never to be reversed again, except temporarily with a skin potion. Skinforging was discovered by the alchemist named Leniandir Lorenthus, in the 2nd age, Year 23. While searching for a way to incorporate more fantastical effects for inks and make-ups, she was presented with the alteration recipes that spurred on several weeks worth of research. By the end of these weeks of research, holed up in her underground home, she'd emerged safely with sparkling and twinkling stars now embedded in her skin, vials in hand triumphantly. - Skinforging is Rare alchemy, meaning only those who have been taught it may learn it. - In order to learn this recipe, the character must already know Warforging, and Alteration Alchemy - Those who only know specific warforged variations can still learn this recipe if they also know alteration alchemy, but can only use the warforged variants they know. - All glowing effects of any potions from Skinforging are just barely lit enough to be seen in Dim -> Dark lighting, but do not light anything around them. The effects can be noticeable in Bright lighting as a gentle glow, but essentially, they cannot ever be used as a lightsource that could provide any advantage in the dark. - All recipes under Skinforging are Tier 3 alchemy. =============================================================================== Recipe and Creation: Full Body Alteration Alchemy Skin Potion + Warforged Potion [Variant of choice] With an added: 2x Endurance 1x Connection 1x Rigidity + metal dust, as fine as possible For mixing the recipe which will become the bath used to treat one's entire body, a specific set of steps need to be followed. Firstly, the alchemist will need to prepare the Skin Potion, using a cutting or sample of skin from the person who is going to be treated. When it is fully prepared, go ahead and dump it into the container that the person will bathe in. Secondly, while the skin potion is resting in the container, the alchemist will begin to prepare the variant of Warforging recipe they intend to apply to the person. It will be prepared separately, and 2 extra counts of Endurance will be added [all variants] to the potion while it is being heated. Then, the alchemist will take a metal dust, any mundane metal and as fine as possible, and disperse it into the potion, so the effects will have something to activate with. Now, while the warforging potion is still boiling hot, and as quickly as possible after having added the metal dust, add 1 count of connection, and then combine the boiling warforged potion with the Skin potion in the container. Then as they are mixed together, add 1 count of Rigidity. This process will be the same, regardless of the variant of warforged potion the alchemist chooses to use. However, the effects that each variant cause are different. The resulting sensation caused by each transformation of the skin is also quite different between each variant. The Variants, Their Effects, and How it Feels: Full Body Full Body potion Redlines: - Any and all variations of the full body application are 100% permanent. They can never be reversed. If the skin is cut, scarred, burned, etc. then the area will scar over with a dulled or darkened version of the potion's effects, not with normal skin. - Alteration Alchemy skin potions can temporarily work on the effects of skinforging, but this reversal is not permanent and follows all the redlines of the Skin Potion. - Skinforging cannot be used to permanently change the tone of one's skin, the person that the potion is being applied to must be the one the skin sample was taken from. All of the effects of skinforging variants are not so 'thick' or full covering that it would completely cover the skin, it is more like a decoration of it. - Full Body skinforging will not affect the eyes as long as they remained closed, if the person opens their eyes in the skinforged bath, they will go permanently blind as this version of the potion is too volatile for the iris and pupil, and will irrevocably damage the inner parts by penetrating the cornea and entering through the pupil. =============================================================================== Recipe and Creation: Tattoo Ink Recipe: Alteration Alchemy Skin Potion + Warforged Potion [Variant of choice] With an added: 2x Endurance 1x Connection 1x Rigidity + Metal dust, as fine as possible For mixing the recipe which will become a single use vial of tattoo ink, a specific set of steps need to be followed. Firstly, the alchemist will need to prepare the Skin Potion, using a cutting or sample of skin from any descendant. When the sample of skin is added, mix in two counts of Impediment afterwards, this will cancel out the part of the potion which is meant to change the coloration of the skin but will leave the transformative properties alive. Set this mixture to the side. Secondly, while the skin potion is set aside, the alchemist will begin to prepare the variant of Warforging recipe they intend to apply to the person. It will be prepared separately, and 2 extra counts of Endurance will be added [all variants] to the potion while it is being heated. Now, while the warforging potion is still boiling hot, add 1 count of connection, and then combine the boiling warforged potion with the Skin potion you had set to the side. Then as they are mixed together, add 1 count of Rigidity, and put this concoction over high heat with no cover. Allow this to boil down somewhat, until it is the consistency of ink. Once it has reached this consistency, allow it to cool, and store it in a glass container. The potion is too volatile to be stored in anything such as stone, clay or wood, and will react with any metal containers, so glass is required. When the alchemist, or tattoo artist, is ready to use the vial of ink they will need to add in a metal dust [as fine as possible] to the ink in order to activate it. There should be enough dust to cause the majority of the vial to activate, but not so much that its viscosity rises. When it is activated, the artist will have roughly 30 narrative minutes to apply the ink to someone's skin, after which its activation period will have ended and any remaining ink will be useless. What is applied to skin in those 30 minutes will take on the effects of the potion. This process will be the same, regardless of the variant of warforged potion the alchemist chooses to use. However, the effects that each variant cause are different. The resulting sensation caused by each transformation of the skin is also quite different between each variant. The Variants, Their Effects, and How it Feels: Tattoo Ink Tattoo Ink Redlines: - The vial of tattoo ink will remain deactivated, without metal dust, until it is used and will be a 1 use per item potion. - When activated, the artist will have 30 narrative minutes to apply it as a tattoo before any remaining ink is useless and will be thrown away. - Tattoo Ink can only be applied to the sclera of the eyes, the artist will need to be extremely careful and only apply 1-2 drops of the activated ink to the far edge of the open eye, away from the Iris. The ink will color the sclera, but if it gets into the iris the ink can penetrate the cornea and destroy the inner workings of that eye, rendering it blind. - The tattoo ink can still be applied to skin that has already been skinforged, as long as the variants are different. I.E., someone who skinforged their entire body with the Starforged variant, could get a tattoo with Lightforged Ink. - The tattoos are just as permanent as the full body transformation, if damaged, scarred or otherwise injured the skin can scar over just like normal, with a dulled or darkened version of the effects of the variant used. =============================================================================== credits to keefy, timber & ohdeerlord for helping Nozoa wrote Alteration Alchemy
  21. -A Mitzuul Alchemical Lottery!- [!] Exotic birds carry the flyer to various receivers, who are meant to publicly spread the news as well. Aside of that, they are also publicly delivered in public areas, mostly within Iron Accord territories. [!] Recently, the alchemist Rha'kir can be seen preparing instruments and herbal plants around his home. It is evident, he is preparing to soon teach a class of new alchemists. However, this privilege was supposed to be only allowed for inhabitants of the Mitzuul Grove. Though, due to discussions with a friend, one spot in this upcoming class shall be handed out to an individual by the help of lady luck! By buying a ticket to enter this lottery, you will have a chance to be placed into the upcoming class and be taught Alchemy! May luck be on your side, as the rest of the class is already filled up! One ticket is 15 mina! If you buy a ticket, your name shall be entered in the lottery. You are able to buy more tickets and your name shall be entered several times, equivalent to the amount of tickets you bought. ! You are only allowed to buy 3 tickets max ! If you do not win, then this lottery won’t be for nothing! Every ticket will be worth a 20% discount on 1 alchemy potion/powder commissioned by Rha'kir. Every ticket is worth 20% separately and discounts cannot be stacked, and neither can the discounts be used on entire batches of potions, it's a 20% discount per 1 unit. Signed, OOC: You will be given a RP ticket item by me in roleplay which can be used for the 20% discount after the lottery has ended. The lottery will end 14/5 (14 May, 4 PM ESt, Friday). This is due to me using the remainder of this week to study for exams. I shall contact whoever wins and publicly announce the winner on the end of this thread that day. Classes might start a little slow because of exams but it will gain track quickly when they are over because I have vacation afterward :D Thought this could be fun You can either enter by commenting on the thread with the following format, or if you for some reason cannot comment on here, send it through DM's to chaos#7283 IGN: Roleplay name: Discord tag: Amount of tickets:
  22. Hey, looking to do something similar to JustMeMorgan, to try and see what forms of Alchemy need to be boosted, and how active each form is. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Q9VCP18yPpbV4JXArx4FWk8t_iPaEqX76iZ3ef8j840/edit
  23. The Witch's Supply Stop Our Current Stock: Alabaster Leaf - 3 minas - These beautiful white leaves are great for making dye or paint once they’ve been crushed. Athin - 5 minas - Difficult for us to obtain yet worth the risk, this algae is used to make small materials flame resistant. Blissfoil - 2 minas - This small collection of blue flowers is a must have for every medic thanks to the pain relieving properties. Blood Lotus - 3 minas - Each rusty-red vine is guaranteed to be packed with nutrients! Clutcher's Straw - 3 minas - A pitch-black root with ends sharp as a knife. Please do not try to actually use this product as a knife, nor is eating it recommended. Crimson Vase - 5 minas - A large, crimson flower that is pleasantly warm to the touch. Handle with care as any rip will rid the petals of their warmth instantly. Crouching Feather - 5 minas - A rare find as this flower only blooms at night. Even rarer if the night is windy or a gatherer sneezes. Drake's Tail - 5 minas - An elegant herb with long, sharp thorns. Careful when handling as the thorns carry a fever-inducing poison. Dwarf's Pumpkin - 3 minas - While these orange leaves might look appealing they unfortunately carry an atrocious smell. We recommend customers bring along a perfumed scarf for the walk home or their own jars. Elf's Hair Vine - 5 minas - Icy white vines complemented with small blossoms that often remind one of an elf’s long hair. The fragile flowers merely adding to their stunning beauty. Flametongue Root - 3 minas - These roots have a bright rusty color and are hot to the touch. Wearing gloves is advised to avoid having the powdery spores getting onto your skin. Frost Vine - 3 minas - A small, blue vine that prefers to grow in long spirals. A cold feeling comes from any form of the herb so it is often used for burns or as an alternative to Blissfoil. Goblin's Ivy - 2 minas - This brownish-green vine is known for clinging to any structure and growing back like a weed when cut down. Halfling's Grass - 3 minas - This grass has a rather strong, heavy odor that’s oddly calming. The root is rather chewy for those who wish for an alternative to smoking. Larihei's Fingers - 3 minas - Smooth roots that are quite inconvenient to gather in the colder months. Despite the texture it’s a bit tough to chew. Mandragora - 3 minas - Shaped like a turnip this plant is both highly valued yet also highly dangerous to harvesters who aren’t careful. Metzli's Tangle - 3 minas - A sturdy root that likes to form coils. Saffvil - 3 minas - No animals nor people are harmed in the gathering of this green grass. Serpent's Stalk - 3 minas - Being poisonous to some insects, yet harmless towards people and animals, makes these emerald shoots quite beloved by gardeners and the general public. Tippen's Roots - 3 minas - Although foul smelling the yellow roots of Tippen are priceless for their medicinal properties. Rotten Flesh - 3 minas - Contrary to the name this jerky is free of rot. Made purely from animal flesh and a very juicy snack. Custom Orders! Wanting a certain herb but we don’t have as many as you were hoping to get? Feel free to leave a note (post here) and we will personally go out to collect more! However to ensure that we're not robbed or attacked the additional herbs will be simply placed into our shop stock and a notice sent to you. Located in Cythral, capital of Veris. 6 Verisian Square (X: 1235 Z: 3009) We are not responsible for any injuries or incidents created by our herbs once they leave our possession. No refunds.
  24. ~<(Chorus Fruit)>~ The fruit of the taint --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Physiology Chorus plants are the result of a rose bush slowly being tainted, infecting the plant like a parasite and changing its appearance and shape. The stalks of the rose bush turn a shade of purple and are engorged, enlarged, and spread wildly if given enough room like a small tree, shooting upwards more so then out. The plant will start out like a small stump of a plant and slowly produce bud like roses. After some time, the buds will begin to grow from the stalks of the plant, and will eventually bloom and spread out spores, in hopes that the life of the infection continues to infect new plants or for taint to continually spread out. The rose’s take on a purple hue like the taint and grow white or purple stalks from the middle. Once the spores are released from the flowers, the buds tend to stay there and become engorged much like the plant itself, almost rounding out and take on a shape that of a peach. The Chorus Plant doesn't have any particular smell until the flowers from the stalk blossom, releasing this horrid smell of a decaying corpse. The engorged flowers that result from blossoming flowers tend to keep the smell within them until they are either cut, distilled for alchemical purposes, or begin to rot. Spread of Chorus Plants Chorus plants spread by releasing spores from blossomed flowers,utilizing the wind and the projected speed of the blossoming flower to travel, tainting the land they land upon and slowly draining it dry, leaving the earth devoid of all nutrition. The plant slowly begins to grow due to all the nutrition sucked from the earth,and utilizes the photosynthesis of the rose bush to grow in size. Chorus Plant spores that are not able to get enough nutrition from the land they settle upon begin to rot and instead taint the land. If the fruit from the plant continues to stay upon it, the fruit will eventually fall off and rot, tainting the land that the fruit lays upon. Contact with the plant If one was to get close enough to the plant, they should be careful and wear a mask over their mouth and nose to protect themselves from inhaling any spores that could be left behind or being spread currently by the plant. If an individual were to get any spores within their system, the spores would rest within their lungs and slowly spread taint, turning their lungs black and shrivelled, slowly draining the life out of the individual's body from the inside out over time. Initial signs of infection would be coughing and tingle in their throat, no visible markers of infection at all. A couple days later, if the person is untreated, the infected would have trouble breathing, an excessive need for nutrition ( Food and water), and would have limited speech. At this stage, their throat would be a shade of dark purple, sometimes changing the color of the skin around the neck to a purplish hue. Their breath would smell horrid to those around them, but not to the individual themselves. If the individual is still infected within a week, they are drained of all their fluids and become a blackened drained husk of themselves, smelling that of a rotting chorus fruit. At the end of the individual’s life, they take in a final breath and exhale, marking their death but also sending out a large amount of spores, in hopes to infect another host or plant life to spread taint or the infection itself. Cure The plant itself can be removed with any means previously for curing blight upon a land (Blight healing, etc.) An infected individual could be cured if they are cured before the stage of their throat becoming completely purple (If an individual has been infected for 4 days, they cannot be cured by any means). Any magic that is able to purge taint within an individual would easily cure the infection. A potential cure via alchemy could be made, given the alchemist is proficient enough to produce such a cure. A practiced and knowledgeable alchemist could make a brew that could reverse the effect in a matter of days, compared to the cure of magic which would take a matter of minutes. Uses It could be speculated that if one was to able to get a flower of such a plant and consume it, the individual would become sick with nausea and excessive vomiting, along with dehydration as the flower would attempt to drain the individual of all its fluids. It could also be speculated that if the flower was brought into the right hands, it could be distilled down into a poison that could cause the same effects, if not amplified to the point where the person who is infected with the poison would share the same effects as eating the flower, but would have less of a chance of survival, due to its distilled state. If one was to mix this poison with other herbs, the resulting poison would be deadly to those who come in contact with it. Only those who are skilled enough in the arts of alchemy would know what poisons could be made with this fruit. MC Mechanics -Potential new herb for alchemy to be used for RP purposes, as well as for cures for alchemy -A meaning for the Chorus Plants and Chorus Fruit for being around, as well as means for the spread of taint -Removal of the teleportation mechanic, seeing as that is not the focus of the lore (Thanks for LordBobby123 for help)
  25. The Draught of Incite “All you need is but a little… spark, to light your soul back up.” [ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/144322-the-darkhollow-the-yoresigil/ ] Note: This lore has been updated via: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/160255-update-the-draught-of-incite/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/169122-draught-amendment-proposal/ It will be merged into one piece soon. For now, make sure you read the update followed by the amendment as it alters how the draught functions. To Know True life is a dream which most undead covet, whether they hail from the Gods or the godless. They, who shamble across the earth as husks, are they true subjects of suffering; Men cannot compare in what they may come to know, for it is the undead who fall into death, only to go beyond it. What waits on the other side of demise is either what path the Soul Stream sets the spirits of Men upon, or a second, more rude awakening; and to be awakened from a sleep which should not be disturbed malforms the soul, denying those who suffer such a fate afterlife. But to live again… that means something. It’s all that some undead have; all that gives them hope. And rightfully so. To regain warmth and flesh and the mythical “Flame of Life” again is a drive for many undead, so desperate to undo their affliction. No magic known has conceived the ability to give unto the undead life again; neither arts from the Gods or the godless, whom both share due cause of many unliving specimens. There are many who suffered the path of reclaiming the Flame of Life, from the first of the Necromancers, the Old Lords, to the one said to be responsible for what is known as “Further Alchemy” and the horrors which it spawns this day. These wretched Men, in all of their darkness, saw the merit in giving undead life again. Whether they were undead themselves or only scratched the surface of what they endured, they all knew it needed some kind of… reprieve. They always relied on one side. It was either the light or the dark that would solve it, yet they did not realize both sides were but pieces to the puzzle. There lies that shattered miracles within the souls of undead Men, the Darkhollow, which is understood by little, and its former form known of by practically known. The Yoresigil, which was once cited by the Ashkeeper Abdiel as the “source of warm life”, is what drives mortals to exist as they do. Without it, their Lifeforce would be astray, and they would be imperfect and astray from the image of their lost, unspoken Creator. In its reanimated form, which breathes ash and exudes only remnant embers instead of the warmth of fire, the Darkhollow exists to erode and punish undead. Where the Yoresigil acted to moderate, the Darkhollow drains and breaks the unliving down until they are mindless husks, craving for the reprieve of Lifeforce, or whatever their madness leads them to desire. It is through the undead known as Liches and Darkstalkers that the Darkhollow is truly embodied, for they naturally gain the power of lifedrain, and tear from the living and all that flourishes their Lifeforces so their soul does not crack and drive them into a madness. Undead, without sustenance, soon become the serpent which gnaws its own tail. To become whole again, Men must peer beyond the machinations of the Gods and the godless, and take from both sides the very core of what drives them. They must look to the art which communes with the very plane they stand upon, Alchemy; they must rip from what lives which drives them to breathe and die, Mortality; and they must pull from the Gods which allows them to last through aeons, Immortality. “The undead are of Men as you are, young moth. They live, and fight, and die… … and it is their persistence of life which frightens our kind. But the nature of their existence is beyond what we can see. The spirit hidden within the shell of an undead is marked by a force which has long since lost its flame… so we must kindle it again, so they may come to know warmth a second time.” - Old Lord Dhurzumkal To Gather “We must rip away the nature of both sides, you see. It allows us to shape the mimicry…” The regents of the Draught of Incite demand that both the essences of Mortality and Immortality be bound to one concoction, one binding which reforms the flesh of undead, yet does not make it defiant to time and the corporeal nature which communes with a mortal coil. To obtain the essence of Mortality, one must merely look to Lifeforce itself in all of its untouchable abundance. What is desired is such a concentrated amount that it takes material shape; something that can usually be found as what houses the souls of Liches and Darkstalkers. If one is not willing to sacrifice that which keeps a fellow undead operable for the sake of regaining their flesh, they must seek a master Necromancer and ask from them a coveted Lifeforce Gem - mortal essences confined to the shape of a dark crystal. The second reagent is much more daunting. To find a physical embodiment of a God, an Immortal, is folly; they are incorporeal by their very nature, and dwell realms which do not bend to the laws of the World of Men. Yet, upon the very same plane, they have embedded seeds of their being which has adhered to these laws without losing the everlasting of those who planted them. Those who are beyond mere connections to the Aengudaemons, such as deific entities that carry ichor or “gold blood” in their veins, must be found and robbed of their essence if not given it without resistance (a rarity, given the circumstances). There are other alternatives which demand more strain and struggle in order to obtain the embodiment of Immortality. It is said Dragonkin blood carries within it the vestiges of their great Father, Dragur, and thus contain the secret to great power and a lasting self. Such a resource works just as well as the gore of Godly slaves. The binding agent which forces both the light and dark of these two mediums is what runs through Men themselves - flesh. It is the flesh and blood and matter of mortals which carries the warmth of the Yoresigil and the Lifeforces which filter through it according to natural law. Without direction and cast astray, both light and dark, especially together, may be purposeless and cold. But with the remnant fire of the flesh to guide it together, it mixes into a substance which defies the Curse of the Undead, and brings unto them a second chance at life. But alas… It is a mimicry. To Create In order to fashion the Draught of Incite, one must first be skilled in Alchemy, and have atleast an introductory involvement in the field known as Further Alchemy. Both the concentrated modicum of Lifeforce and the essence of Immortality must have been obtained within the same year as the creation of the Draught, lest the process fails. The crystal must be shattered, and then ground into a black dust before being poured into a mortar, and then the gold blood must follow. If a third foreign component is added during this, the already unstable mixture begins to become erratic, and may combust before the Alchemist. This could result in violent death. Should one be patient and careful, mingling these two aspects of existence will produce a bizarre, almost ethereal substance of glowing gray shade. It is calm and lingers like ectoplasm, however, this shall not last long, for the worldly forces which define both Mortality and Immortality will soon take notice to this affronting binding and cause the concoction to once again explode. This is why fresh flesh or blood of a mortal must be added -- it acts as the binding agent and establishes a “familiarity” between these embodiments of the cosm. The decoction soon adopts the crimson hues of the lifeblood of Men, and retains the unearthly glow which it formed a time before. The Draught of Incite is created through these methods. To Become It is only the undead, either Godly or godless, who may imbibe this potion and feel its effect. The living react to it like a poison and an acid in the veins; it invades their enfleshed systems and confuses them, causing organs to fail, blood to turn to ash, and skin to crumble. Death is imminent once one among Men drinks the Draught. But the opposite shall transpire for undead worthy enough to get their hands upon the Draught. The skinless Darkstalkers and Liches, who had lost the warmth of their coil after it decayed away amid the passing ages, would find the visage of their past life embedded still in their soul awaken -- and painfully regrow upon them. Sinew, muscle, vein and skin and organs would all take shape as the Draught communes with their spirit and gifts to them the Flame of Life, kindling the Darkhollow upon their soul and returning it the fire which once made it bright. This is one example upon many -- many undead may drink this, may wash themselves in the Draught, and rise again as true Men. But they must know to find caution in defeat; for when their new flesh is torn asunder, they shall awaken as the undead once more, and would have forged the Draught for nothing. To Be Though many undead are able to use this potion to become clasped in skin and warmth once more, if not for a temporary time, there are certain restrictions and guidelines which each undead must follow, lest they are unraveled and made dead again. Darkstalkers The Darkstalkers of Xion are affected by the Draught similarly to Liches, in which they reform into living beings at the cost of retaining the nature of their undead design. Darkstalkers are known as the “perfect” soldier, for within their bodies carry the strength of honed humans and, without flesh, they can carry on through battle without so much as a flinch in the face of normal steel falling upon them. As “Incited Darkstalkers”, they find themselves with flesh again and inclined to reach the peak of mortal strength, yet are still unable to cast magic. Their Curse of Undeath looms over them like a persistent shadow and refuses to fade, for Incited Darkstalkers must continue to drain to keep sane and functioning, lest their flesh falls away and they die, only to awaken as they were in the beginning. Liches Like Darkstalkers, Liches are capable of reforming into “mortal” beings by imbibing the Draught. They regain their flesh and blood, yet like all Men brought into this world, they once more gain the weaknesses of the arcane and suffer what pains mana exhaustion brings. They are cursed to remain thin and almost frail, much like they were as undead, and even by abandoning magical arts are afflicted with an inability to gain proper muscle mass. Liches are cursed with the hunger to feed on Lifeforce like Darkstalkers, but decay brought by ignorance of this is slower, albeit more painful. Dreadknights Incited Dreadknights can breathe once again, if not for a few details which they peculiarly share with their Paleknight kin. As the Draught communes with their souls, Dreadknights reform on the inside of their armor - and because the runes which bind their spirit to it cannot be broken by the Draught, they are cursed with the inability to remove a majority of their armor and must be forced to choose what they must lug around on themselves, lest their runes break and they are unraveled. Like Darkstalkers, Dreadknights cannot use magic as the Incited, and must use their martial prowess in order to protect their coveted and reclaimed Flame of Life. Paleknights The spectral nature of Paleknights does not clash with the nature of the Draught of Incite, but rather embraces it much like other corporeal undead do. The ectoplasm within the stone-plated frame of Paleknights is given the warmth of life, and like Dreadknights they reform inside their armor. As their being is designed around inhabiting their unusual stone cages, Paleknights are rebirthed as naturally strong mortal beings in order to handle the weight forced upon them. Some pieces of armor may be removed from their body, but substantial amounts must remain - such as an entire plated sleeve and gauntlet or the sabatons and greaves. Gravens Gravens are like Morghuul in a way where the Draught is able to commune with their Soul Shadow, but are lesser on account of containing a false spirit. Their ectoplasm reforms into flesh and blood and veins and bones and their bodies are remade as they were in life, yet with no soul, Gravens are unable to reproduce, and with the purpose of their existence tied to their “duties”, they are still driven to commit to them but with the pains of mortality to get in the way. Morghuuul Morghuul are granted life by the Draught, if only to become an even more convincing shell of what they once were. With their Soul Shadow bringing to them convoluted mental agonies and scattered thoughts, Incited Morghuul are able to embrace the life they lost, if not as lesser Men. They also cannot reproduce alongside having to endure the afflictions of the mind, shaping them into outcasts of mortal society. Like Liches and Darkstalkers, they are still cursed with a slow inner-decay, and thus must cannibalize upon the living in order to keep themselves healthy and sustained. Wraiths As adherents of Mordring, the Draught convenes upon the undying Dragaar’s powers and meddling with the inherent nature of the new-age Wraiths. Instead of reassembling into living creatures once again, they instead are “contained” within enfleshed bodies much like how Wights may possess the living, and thus act as they are if they were husks. Their black scar remains upon them, but they can come to truly feel alive once more without the degradation of magic intervening upon what martial skill they bear. Mordring is able to detect this infringement of form, however, and may seek these Incited Wraiths out so he may destroy the coil they have regained. Concluding Details There are guidelines which each Incited Undead must follow in accordance of what they are in undeath. These details are listed here, and behave in a general fashion, applying to all undead who turn Incited. - Most weaknesses which the listed undead share, such as an aversion to gold and holy magic, no longer work upon them once they are Incited, as the flesh they wear is living and rejuvenated. The only exception is Ascended magic, which is able to detect blights upon the soul of the victim and thus damage them regardless of form. - By reclaiming the flesh, Incited Undead also reclaim its weaknesses. Though some are inclined to reach the peak of performance, only because no other alternatives are viable, pain and suffering are reintroduced to them and thus they may die as all other mortals can. - Once an Incited Undead is killed as any other mortal Man can be, they awaken as their old selves once again. They are forced to either carry on as they are, or struggle to find another Draught. - All resistances brought on by forms of undeath are nullified by becoming Incited. As most of these resistances are from lacking flesh in the first place, gaining it once more reintroduces them. - A Draught of Incite can only be created by an approved Further Alchemist. - A Draught of Incite is not a regenerative concoction, so if it’s used to try to heal wounds, it will act as though it is acid to living flesh, and only worsen the condition of the victim. - An undead cannot have a stock of Draughts of Incite, they may only have one at a time for when they wish to turn, and can only obtain or have one made for them until they are undead once more. - Each ingredient has a limit on how long it's "fresh". Whereas the Lifeforce Gem has no limit, the blood or ichor of an Aengulic being only lasts a week after collection, and the mortal flesh or blood needed to complete the Draught must only be one day old. If there is error in these time limits, the creation of the potion may result in some kind of violent combustion.
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