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Elementalism Guide

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Elementalism Guide

By: Tom_Whiteman





            Hey elementalists, as most of you may know I wrote a small summary of our magic way back in 3.0. I looked back on it today, noticing how terrible my grammar was and how hard it was to fully understand what I was saying. So I created summary 2.0, so that you starters can get a better grasp on our beautiful, beautiful magic. I'll be adding in some roleplaying guides later, and if you have any questions or suggestions PLEASE post them below in the comments. Au revoir, and happy reading.





            An elementalist is a shaman whom establishes pacts with elemental based spirits. A pact would be defined as the shaman doing a specific action or ritual for said spirit. Example: Zogrocka makes a pact with an earth-based elemental spirit, he must collect a pebble daily to maintain his established pact with said spirit. Pacts can differ based on the power of the spirit. So if Zogrocka was talking with a much more powerful spirit his pact may have been to collect ten pebbles daily, rather than a single pebble; in this case, he was conversing with an extremely weak spirit, who gave him a rather simple pact. Keep in mind, elementalists can only converse within the elemental plane, they do not have the ability to go to the ancestral plane in a snap. However, if an elementalist was to be a lutauman, then it would be possible for them to change realms; however, this would require them to "leave" the elemental plane back to their mortal plane, then "go" to the ancestral plane.


The Elements


            There are a vast amount of elements within the mortal world, some still yet to be discovered. It is said, "Whatever He (Krug) touched became confined to one element." This, sadly, is just a creation story amongst Orcs. The creator was the one who truly created elements, and Apohet was the one whom created the spirit realm and all spirits within.


There are four main elements,







There are two secondary elements,





There are two tertiary elements,





There are two quaternary elements,





There are two quinary elements,





Finally, there are two senary elements,





            Only the main and secondary elements have been accessible to modern elementalists, but Krug and his shaman-kin were able to alter the fabric of both space and time. Everything beyond the secondary elements remains a mystery, inaccessible by the most powerful of elementalists.


Elementalists and The Elemental Plane


            Elementalists are required to find the means to disconnect their spirit from their mortal body, and will it into the elemental plane (which resides in the spirit realm). A common tactic for doing this is to use cactus green, a drug produced from harvesting cacti and drying its innards out. Smoking cactus green achieves a slight lucid state within the spirit realm, in this case, the elemental plane. To get a more lucid connection to the elemental plane, you must find a much more powerful hallucinative drug, or obtain the ability to fall into a rhythmic trance via slow drum beat and accompanied by some hallucinogenics. Once reaching the elemental plane, you can begin forming your pacts with elemental spirits.


Elementalists and Altering Elements


            As most may know, elementalists have the keen ability to alter elements. This is what separates an elementalist from a void evocationist (whom create elements via the void). A common misconception with others is that elementalists have the ability to heat up/cool down elements, this is false! Elementalists can only alter/bend what is present and what condition it is in. So if one was to have a cup of water, they would be incapable of taking that cup of water and making it boil, nor make it freeze into an ice shard; what they can do is take that water and move it however freely they want.

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Guide is so dank +1

Very well written and informative. 

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