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Elven Origins: Dark Elves

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1 hour ago, Jistuma said:

Just like I can summarize the current dark elf lore into 2 paragraphs, so could it. History lore doesn't have to be extensive imo, just like you don't need to know the full details on what happened in ww2 to know what happened, why and how. Though I only responded because I found it weird that you hadn't read the old lore.


I liked the old lore, but in the context on what was suppose to happen. When I knew that almost nothing was built into the map, most of the lore I liked became useless and without context in the game.

Yeah it doesnt have to be extensive but it should be for any respectable world-building lore-revolving fantasy world lol

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Admins have given their stamp of approval, lore is accepted. Only mild concern raised is that the feral son not be played on a whim.

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