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Raid Rules

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Raid Rules

The raid rules follow the community guidelines.



An attack on a settlement by more than one player is known as a raid. If all parties agree (defenders and attackers) then they may establish their own rules for a raid and fast travel use.

Lawless Raiding

Killing, robbing, or causing chaos. A maximum of 2 - 4 players may participate in such a raid. The raiding party must begin fighting within 30 minutes of arriving. A raid may last up to 1 hour, then you must leave. In times of war, these are considered war raids and may have up to 12 players.

Lawful Raiding

This type of raid requires moderator approval and bypasses raid cooldowns. Lawful raids must occur within 12 hours of provocation.


Rescuing an individual or defending a settlement by raiding the settlement of the attackers. A maximum of 2 - 12 players may participate in such a raid. If rescuing, the raiders have 2 hours to do so, and if TNT and ladders are necessary they may be used. The raiding party must begin fighting within 30 minutes of arriving. A raid may last up to 2 hours, then you must leave.

Raid Cooldowns

You may not attack a settlement for 2 days following a raid. If the settlement is defended successfully they may increase this cooldown to 5 days.

General Rules

Placing or breaking blocks during a raid is prohibited. During a raid cooldown, you may not camp the edge of a territory or block entry to it (AKA “raid-baiting”). This includes camping roads leading to a Fast Travel. If you have no cooldown, you may camp for 1 hour at most per day without raiding. When raiding, you may use fast-travels between islands (such as boats) but may not use player-owned fast-travels on land (such as carts). A maximum of 3 raiders may initiate up to 3 attempts of lockpicking/thievery.

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