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Server Rules

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Server Guidelines


●      Use common sense. You are responsible for helping build a serious roleplay environment. If you doubt you are doing the right thing, ask a moderator.


●      Respect your fellow players. Write constructively, and in good-spirit of our community. You must behave civilly.


●      The staff is here to help. We volunteer ourselves to this community out of love and a desire to see it succeed. If you have issues with any of us please contact an administrator or the corresponding team’s director.


●     Purposely exploiting or manipulating the rules in an attempt to use them to your own advantage and achieve the outcome the rule is designed to prevent is strictly against the rules.


●     Please keep in mind that roleplay is a double-edged sword. You are expected both to provide interactive roleplay in situations that are unfavorable to others and in situations that are unfavorable for you or your character for the good of the game.


Server Rules


Player Rules

§1.1     Do not modshop. A moderator’s verdict is final and if you wish to contest it contact the corresponding team director or a manager.

§1.2     Do not cyberbully, troll, or harass players in any way.

○      This includes interactions on Discord, Skype, Teamspeak,  etc.

§1.3     Do not share private or identifiable information about other players.

○      This is commonly referred to as ‘doxxing.’

§1.4     Do not use other player’s skins without approval, even if edited.

○      This is considered plagiarism.

§1.5     Do not share your Minecraft account. Any action taken on it is your responsibility.

§1.6     Do not abuse glitches/exploits. Report any glitch/exploit you find immediately here.

§1.7     Do not reveal any exploit or glitch to the general playerbase.

§1.8     Do not use hacked clients that grant you an advantage or cheat in any way.

§1.9     Do not use auto-clickers or mouse/keyboard features to that effect or radar.

§1.10     Do not use alternate accounts to avoid punishments such as bans and blacklists.

§1.11     Do not interact with your own characters on your alt account and vice-versa.

§1.12     Unlocked chests may be taken from freely.

§1.13     Do not grief other players builds or land-scar the map through poor building or terraforming.

§1.14     Do not make underground farms of any kind unless approved through the means of lore.

§1.15     Do not construct “instant” death traps.

○      “Instant” death traps are traps put in place to kill a player without interaction.

§1.16     Extensive usage of buttons on fortifications is not allowed.

○      You may not place buttons to block raiders for laddering.

○      Some buttons are okay; but raiders must have at least two viable paths leading up with ladders into the settlement. Funneling the raiders into one spot with use of buttons is okay.

§1.17     Do not plagiarize other people’s work. This includes, but is not limited to: Art, lore, writing, builds, and characters.

Chat Rules

§2.1     Do not use chat channels for anything else than their intended purpose.

§2.2     Do not advertise other Minecraft servers in public chat or through private messages on LoTC.

§2.3     Do not use racial slurs or behave antagonistically in out of character chat channels.

§2.4     Do not participate in conversation regarding inappropriate topics outside of /debate channel in game.

○      Such as sexual, racial, political or religious topics.

Roleplay Rules

§3.1     Always remain in character while in roleplay chat channels.

§3.2     Your roleplay must coincide with the server’s lore. Exclude real-world lore or lore from other games.

§3.3     Do not troll or meme in roleplay.

§3.4     Do not plagiarize people from history or characters from media.

○      Taking inspiration from the real world is fine, although plagiarism is not.

§3.5     Do not participate in, or encourage metagaming or powergaming.

§3.6     Sexually explicit or graphic roleplay is forbidden. You must ‘fade-to-black’.

○      Fading to black, or more commonly known as an FTB is an emote in which the screen ‘fades out.’ Prior to a graphic scene, you are expected to emote the screen ‘fading out.’ This is so no graphic roleplay takes place on the server. Sexually explicit would be anything relating to sexual matters.

§3.7     Sexual encounters are not permitted with characters under the age of 18.

§3.8     Brothels, prostitution, rape, beastiality and necrophilia is prohibited.

§3.9     Wherever you are mechanically, is where your roleplay character is.

○      Your inventory is not OOC, and you may not roleplay items that you do not currently possess in your inventory.

§3.10     To send a note to another player (more commonly known as sending a bird), both the person who sends the bird and the recipient of the bird are expected to emote three times.

○      It takes three emotes to send a bird, and three emotes to receive a bird.

§3.11     When you die, you do not remember how you died, or the events leading up to your death.

○      Referencing the Monks reviving your character before your character is killed will be considered a suicide. Doing this will result in the forceful pk of your character.

            Persona Rules

§3.12     You can not be forced to permanently kill your character by another player without your consent.

○      By agreeing to a Staff PK clause you consent to your character being permanently killed.

○     You may create clauses with other players, but these will not be staff enforced. 

§3.13     If you permanently kill your character, you have 7 days to reverse your decision.

○      Unless by suicide or a lore enforced PK clause. See next rule for clarification.

§3.14     Death by suicide is non-reversible, unless specific lore states otherwise.

○      This includes suicidal intentions. Accidental suicide does not count; for example unknowingly drinking a toxin would not mean you have to PK. Abusing this exception may result in a PK forced by the administration. 

§3.15     Permanently killing a character can be enforced by administration, with or without consent.

§3.16     Information on your persona card must match your character.

            Capture Roleplay

§3.17     A player may only be held against their will for up to 3 hours of roleplay.

§3.18     A noble or leader, can be held up to 5 hours of roleplay.

§3.19     You can not be held captive for over 15 minutes without sufficient roleplay.

○      Sufficient roleplay must be interactive and have effort put into it.

        Breaking & Entering

§3.20     Locked doors, signs or trap doors may be lock picked by using the /lockpick (or /smash,  /breakdown, /break, /door) command. For more information refer to this post.

○      If for some reason the plugin is not working correctly, you may make a modreq asking for a moderator’s assistance to break down a door.

○      You must emote for each attempt to pick the lock, any roll below 5 fails the session.

○      You get a maximum of three attempts per lockpick/break and you have a total of up to nine attempts, if a moderator is overseeing and you are not using the lockpicking plugin.

○         Wood door — roll 17+ (10+ with a lockpick)

○         Iron door — roll 19+(15+ with a lockpick)

○         Locked sign — roll 17+ (10+ with a lockpick)

○         Glass / Window —roll 12+

§3.21    Locked chests, armor stands, and item frames may only be stolen from during a heist.

§3.22     You may not place blocks or make use of LWC during RP conflicts.

○      You may use doors, but you may not lock doors.

§3.23     Although killing other players livestock is allowed, you must leave two of each animal alive.

○      You are not allowed to circumvent the rules to kill livestock.

Region & Nation Rules

§4.1     A leadership figure may only take up to 10% of the nation’s storage when they leave.

○      Moderator supervision is required for specific items that cannot be divided.

§4.2     A region owner must be notified 3 days prior to region removal.

§4.3     A parent region owner must notify a sub-region owner 7 days prior to region removal.

§4.4     Primary region owner, region owner majority or parent region owner permission is needed to change region ownership.

§4.5     A player must be notified 3 days before house or region eviction.

○      Only a PRO, RO, or steward of the region may place down eviction notices.

○      The steward needs proof of stewardry.

○      Region owners may give other players permission to place down the signs on their behalf.

§4.6     Primary region owners must be the active roleplay leader of their nation.

○      If overthrown or voted out by their established government they must release their PRO status to the new active roleplay leader of the nation.

General Combat Rules

§5.1     Parties must decide before combat if it will be emote-combat or mechanics-combat.

○      Once this is decided parties for both sides are locked in; unless both sides agree.

§5.2     If more than 10 players are fighting, then it defaults to mechanics-combat.

○      Unless all members agree to roleplay combat.

§5.3     For mechanics-combat, all involved players must choose an appropriate /status.

§5.4     If an agreement cannot be made between emote, and mechanics-combat, the defending party chooses.

○      Guards choose the type of combat if a law has been broken.

○      Laws must be clearly documented on the forums, and the other party must be notified of their law breaking prior to guard default.

○      Otherwise, the defending party is classified as the first to be intentionally provoked.

§5.5     The type of combat can not change unless it is a unanimous decision.

○      Unless there is more than ten people involved in combat. If this is the case; mechanics-combat may be enforced.

§5.6     You can not enter a combat-prohibited area during combat, such as Cloud Temple.

○      You may not run through these areas during combat, either.

§5.7     You may not use soulstones to escape combat.

○      If you have been out of combat for ten minutes, you may use your soulstone safely.

§5.8     Villainous activity or combat near or in cloud-temple is prohibited.

§5.9     Using horses or pets to jump over 3 block or higher walls is prohibited.

§5.10     You may not return to the area your character died in until 30 minutes has passed and the current conflict is over. Rejoining PvP after dying is prohibited. You may not return to spectate.

§5.11     If you wish to spectate a fight, you must have your status set to recording or spectating before countdown is commenced.

§5.12     Soulbound items may not be taken from your character.

§5.13     Use of enderchests or /trash during roleplay or PVP is not allowed.

§5.14     For regular chests in combat, you may extract items, but you may not insert items.

○      For example, grabbing some more food or arrows from a chest is perfectly fine, but dumping your inventory before you die is not.

§5.15     If more than three people enter a city with the intent to disrupt/cause trouble, it classifies as a raid.

§5.16     Three emotes are needed to alert offline players of raiders. After the three emotes take place, you may rally from discord.

§5.17     Combat enchantments that give you an advantage in mechanics-combat are strictly forbidden.

Mechanics-combat Rules

§6.1     Sufficient roleplay is required for mechanics-combat.

○      Halting is not sufficient roleplay, the attacker must be close to the person and make an emote, trying to stop them.

○      An example of a sufficient emote for this purpose can be found here.

§6.2     You must ensure before a /countdown begins that the leaders of both sides have declared that their party is ready for mechanics-combat.

§6.3     A player who runs during the countdown may be downed and killed and cannot fight back until the countdown is completed.

○      However the pursuing party may fight before the countdown finishes if the fleeing party runs during countdown.

§6.4     No one may join mid mechanics combat.

§6.5     If you are downed, you may only /d20 if the victor states you may.

○      Using the /d20 command to escape capture is counted as suicide and will result in a PK.

§6.6     Lava and water buckets, flint & steel and boat-glitching is disallowed during combat.

○      However fishing rods are allowed.

§6.7     You may not place blocks during PvP. You may also not lock doors/trapdoors/signs while in combat.

§6.8     If no combat (hits, damage, or otherwise) takes place for ten minutes then the conflict is over.

Roleplay-combat Rules

§7.1     If someone runs mechanically from sufficient roleplay, they may be downed. The runner may not fight back.

○      Sufficient roleplay being one or more detailed emotes.

○      After being downed the person left standing can either revive and continue roleplay, or execute them.

§7.2     If you are killed in roleplay, you must /d20 unless the victor decides otherwise.

○      If the person who kills you asks you to /d20, it is not counted as a suicide.

Game-Team Policies

§8.1     If a situation arises where a GM was not present to handle it you may file a player report against the other party if rules were broken.

§8.2     Fly is not granted to players unless they are a media contributor and using it for the purpose of creating content.

§8.3     You may modreq to have your rp item repaired in durability.

○      The cost of doing so is 2,000 Mina per item.

§8.4     Players are not allowed to ask another GM about a verdict already made by another GM. Such actions are considered modshopping and will result in the player being punished.

○      If you have an issue with how a GM handled a situation contact a GM Manager or the GM Director.

§8.5     GMs do not revive players that died from legitimate causes such as fall damage or drowning. GMs do however revive players that died due to bugs such as suffocation from teleportation.

§8.6     GMs will never moderator approve items for players. You must have LT or ET sign your items for approval.

§8.7     GMs will do self-requested bans which may be lifted by contacting any GM.

§8.8     Players may modreq to obtain the head of a player they killed with the consent of that player.

§8.9     GMs will not approve Aether prefixes that impersonate staff teams or other players.

§8.10     GMs will not broadcast for player ran events, contact an ET if you need an event bc.

§8.11     You may modreq to have a GM place barrier blocks with the purpose of it being used as a decoration. GMs will not place barrier blocks that give you a mechanical advantage.

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-=Rule Update=-


Type: Change to current rule


Details: (green is the new addition to current rule 3.11)

§3.11     When you die, you do not remember how you died, or the events leading up to your death.

○      Referencing the Monks reviving your character before your character is killed will be considered a suicide. Doing this will result in the forceful pk of your character.

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