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Graced be those that walk the stars; for curiosity is as infinite as the sun’s rays.” - Old Savoyard Proverb.





Klaus -- in all his life -- wanted to explore and make. Ever since he was a child he wanted to know; he wanted to understand the world and see new and exciting things. Though, life was tough and the poor, gentle soul endured many hardships and even though it hurt and twisted him in more ways than one; he endured, surviving through grit. He grew stronger from those hardships, even if they left him feeling distant and never at home, save for the loving embrace of his better half. He began a ritual, citing an incantation while under a salt drawn sigil. It burned away through ancient words, and as did parts of his body; consumed by arcane fire. There was no pain, though he could feel his heart drum and roar like a thousand aeldinic cannons. He was excited, so to say; and though he once traveled from place to place -- the prospect of voyaging through the cosmos was an intriguing development.


The ritual was completed, and his body was devoured by the arcane energy, thrown out of this existence and to another. It was all so sudden, it felt like he moved faster than a pack of cheetahs, and admittedly, Klaus was dizzy, nauseous by what happened. When he recovered, the alchemist had the strength to look around, and what beauty did he see.




It rivaled the beauty of that clockwork, efficient realm. It was planes and cliffs, littered with beautiful crystal growths that gleamed with the blue sky and beat with the sun. He took a moment to take in its sights, taking out his book as he sketched and documented the notable surroundings -- a goal to record the places he had been to, and perhaps publish books, detailing the planes and their entireties -- from the smaller crystal beds cradled by the soil and rock, to the massive mountains that touched the sky. He found and sampled crystalline flowers, and even took from the massive crystal beds. He could feel the crystal vibrate with energy in his hand, though in a hum -- it called, as though asking to be planted back. He deposited these samples into respective containers, putting soil and rock as a base for these things. There was much more to explore, and he knew that he could come back another time, as the book that gave the planeswalker this power explained. He drew in the dirt to create the same sigil, and recited the words. The soil seemed to revert as he continued the arcane chant, his body consumed by the ethereal flame, only to be transported into another plane.




That dizzying sensation of running in incomprehensible speeds waned as he started to grow used to it. While still feeling a bit sick after this shunt, it was faster to recover. What he saw before him was a place of rock and growth, it was littered by strange obelisks of some nature. He walked the place, though wary to touch the obelisks. It was strange, for he eventually reached an edge, and peered down to find what seemed to be a bottomless sky, and floating islands. This was of endless skies and floating isles; and he found more through these obelisks, which depicted man and the endless skies. He found a strange one, marked by time and written with even stranger writings. It depicted a dragon, and a great rider that would command it -- it spoke of something sealed in rock. When he set his hand on the etched rock, he could feel his hand press deep into the stone; a light seeped through the many cracks of the pillar, and the obelisk fell apart.


Within was a smaller draconid, formed of some metal and organic material. Its curious gem stone eyes inclined itself to Klaus, and it spoke in a language he could not understand, though its posture told him that it was safe to get on. When he mounted, it took hours to get used to the beast, commanding it to walk via tough vine reins, and to fly through a similar method. Eventually, he felt confident to fly this thing. He took to the skies, and the feeling was amazing; the wind running through his face, the adrenaline and excite his heart pumped. He ventured the place, and was able to document more and more. Those obelisks, as he discovered, littered each island, and held many valuables within, odd trinkets and ore; as well as knowledge of a bygone era, somehow embedded into the minds of who indulge them. He ventured through islands of ancient ruins, and encountered many a creature and flora; all to be recorded into the tome. Eventually, he would find a sprawling network of islands, interlinked by bridges and cities; there was intelligent life here.


He was able to approach this sprawling city, and while first ordered to come down through flying boats, and insistent guards who spoke a language familiar to that which the obelisks taught him, he came to land. The denizens there, humanoid with pale blue skin, varying white and blonde hairs, and greyish eyes were surprised by Klaus’ presence. He was a foreign entity after all, one who dressed differently than them, and one who had this great artificial thing with him. He was questioned by higher authority, and with the aid of the obelisks and translators, the old tongue he learned helped him transition into the language of these people. They let him stay, rather -- they welcome him doing so, and with that; he was able to document this city and its people: Kog’furakt, or ‘Sky’s Cradle’, home to the Talvodre. There were surely more cities, and more of these people; he was more and more curious, and learned of their ancient history. That those obelisks were left by an older generation, when the islands were once together in a super continent, split apart by their God’s design in the form of time. The man made a name of himself as an explorer, and made a home with these people, offering his own insights on matters, both mechanical and logically. He stayed a long time, though his time was soon to conclude; he had asked colleagues he made to watch the beast that allowed him travel, and reasoned that he would be gone for quite some time. With his goodbye, he once again traveled the stars, making his own path.


He kept on with the travels; he found a world of massive caves and tunnels, a place similar to his homeworld, albeit far more mystical, but he eventually found himself covered in water. He gagged and screamed, feeling it course into his respirator, but when it filled him, he didn’t feel like he was drowning. It felt like thick air; whatever this plane was -- it was a world of water, a world where one can walk the ocean depths. And so he did, seeing the varying sea life and barnacle clad structures, teeming with underwater growth. He did the same as before, documenting and understanding -- thankfully his book could withstand the water. After hours and hours -- he could not tell, for time was difficult to deduce, only by the shifting color of the coral could he get an idea. His time was up here, he felt -- he could return another time need be, and with the samples he acquired; the traveler tore open the cosmos to travel once more, this time to home.


He was shunt back into his room, his outfit dripping with water, and he had to take a minute to adjust to the air. Gripping his stomach, he’d heave as he observed his surroundings, finding that time didn’t really change. As he understood, through questioning those onboard, and the device he left behind to record how long he was gone; it was only for a day. It was interesting really, the fact time was different depending on where one went. It was something he would make note of in his next travels; and who knows? Those travels might be sooner than expected, for there are more paths to carve from the stars.




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