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Braving the Blizzard: A Healing Lesson

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[!] A flurry of seabirds make their way across Atlas, bearing missives sealed with the sigil of Aegrothond’s Institute of Healing.


To whom it may concern,


A blizzard swirls across the land, threatening the lives of all Descendant races. People of the southern kingdoms suffered first, and they continue to suffer the most-- destroyed crops, freezing children, and citizens dying of afflictions caused by the intense cold. As the Healer on High for Aegrothond’s Institute of Healing, I welcome all who are able to attend to the warmer lands of the north, where a lesson will be held on treating these afflictions. You need no prior healing experience, all that is asked is that you bring note taking supplies so that you might share this knowledge with your neighbours and kinsmen. No man, woman, or child need suffer unnecessarily from frostbite or exposure, with learned healers able to tend to them.


This lesson will be held in the Library of Dragur (please see the enclosed pamphlet for directions). All attendees are asked to respect the space which the Library’s Caretakers have so graciously lent to the Institute; it is a place of learning and serenity, not bloodshed. I hope to see many new faces there, as well as the familiar faces of existing acolytes. The opportunity to enrol at the Institute of Healing will also be available to all attendees.


With warmest regards,

Illynora Aureon Sylvaeri,

Healer on High for Aegrothond’s Institute of Healing



Saturday 9th February at 7pm EST, in the Library of Dragur. Please be respectful, any shenanigans means that players miss out on the opportunity to learn some roleplay skills that will (hopefully) be applicable because of the state of Atlas right now.


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[!] Bjor would rub his dirty fat forest dwarf hands together as he would mumble excited “ow boh et es lesson  toime.”

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