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The Blessing of Strength

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The Blessing of Strength

OOC Info: This post is simply a detailed account of my character’s  expedition into the Stargush’Stroh to seek blessing from the ancestral spirit Rax. The roleplay itself happened over 4-5 hours and there is a lot to read, so I’ve split it up into several sections, feel free to read if it you like – it was certainly fun to roleplay out. I’d like to give a shout out to @DarkSainthood for roleplaying the spirits for me, without her this wouldn’t have been possible! Also terribly sorry if it’s horrible grammar... It’s 9:30am and I haven’t slept yet lmao.


The Connection



Tedyn saunters over towards the fire in his blarg. His eyes seeming rather well rested as they would gaze upon the various tongues of the flames licking the open air. He'd soon take a seat in front of the fire, getting comfy into the chair before he'd pull out a small wooden pipe from the bag attached to his side. Tedyn continues to pull out various herbs and weeds before settling on a few, crumbling them up within his ashen fingers and pushing them down into the bowl of the pipe.


He'd toss his head from side to side as he'd try to get the right blend of substances within the bowl. The elf soon then packs what was left over back into his bag and gently sets it down by the side of his seat. He'd lift himself up from his comfortable position to let the contents of his wooden pipe catch on fire from the open flames in front of him letting them begin to cinder just a little before he'd quickly remove it from the heat.


He once again gets himself comfy within the seat. almost sinking into it as he'd begin to relax himself. the wooden pipe being draw up towards his mouth as he'd wrap his lips around the tail end. drawing in a large suction of air, the embers in the bowl beginning to glow brighter and dance with fervor. Tedgn begins to hum gently into himself as he'd carefully and quite peacefully watch the flames curl into the air in front of him, his eyes gradually becoming more glazed over than their usual look.


His hum would begin quite low. and quite unrecognisable to be anything at that, “Rax nargzab-izg hon-lat. Larg-pukhl-gugsh  mi agh lat-ri. Mi hon-ûr lat stargûsh'stroh-ishi. Rax bugd-mi lat!”


Yet soon Ker's hum had almost grown loud enough to be heard as faint whispers. “Rax nargzab-izg hon-lat. Larg-pukhl-gugsh  mi agh lat-ri. Mi hon-ûr lat stargûsh'stroh-ishi. Rax bugd-mi lat!” His foot beginning to tap idly along with the rhythm of his hum within the carpets nestled by his feet.


The ker would gradually take small breaths from his pipe in between each iteration of his verse. his body being able to almost loosen and become visibly calmer; and in between each breath the hum now turning into a chant. growing louder and louder. “Rax nargzab-izg hon-lat. Larg-pukhl-gugsh  mi agh lat-ri. Mi hon-ûr lat stargûsh'stroh-ishi. Rax bugd-mi lat!” He’d call out.


The ker's words now beginning to turn into a loud guttural chant. his foot loudly beating into the carpets, keeping him in rhythm and in beat. "Rax nargzab-izg hon-lat. Larg-pukhl-gugsh  mi agh lat-ri. Mi hon-ûr lat stargûsh'stroh-ishi. Rax bugd-mi lat!” His chant echoing off of the walls of his blarg. and probably almost being able to be heard outside in the much larger cave.


Soon Tedyn's eyes began to drift closed slowly. his chant returning to the almost whisper-like hum it was before. His body falling limp within the chair as his hand holding the pipe drops, the pipe falling in tandem onto the carpet below. The Elf now seeming to have fallen entirely unconscious, lays limp within the chair, only the crackling of the fire being able to be heard within the blarg.





The Stargush’Stroh



Suddenly, a gentle breeze washes across Tedyn's face, bringing with it the scent of dew in the morning; as his eyes open he sees a great field of grass sparsely dotted with twisted trees, their roots frozen in writhing loops.  Tedgn groans slightly as he finds himself awaken within the field. He'd take in a deep breath before pushing himself to his feet. His senses coming back to him rather quickly as he'd already be somewhat acquainted with the familiar haze that surrounded him upon entry. He'd rub his eyes gently before taking a glance around himself.


He’d seem to be near a quaint village around 100 metres away to the west, and a lone hut around 50 metres to his east. There seems to be nothing to the north and the south, other than harsh mountains and the faintest outline of a citadel. "Hrm.." The elf grumbled as he looked around his surroundings. He'd peer over towards the village nearby before turning to face the lone hut. Giving himself a brief nod he'd begin to set out. walking towards the hut. his hands running along each blade of grass as he'd tred through the field.


Eventually, Tedyn arrived at the hut, no door, just a ragged scrap of crimson fabric hiding any inhabitants. The crackling sound of a low fire echoes around the hut, and the smoky scent of roasting meat hangs heavy in the air. The elf raised his eyebrow as he'd approach the hut. He'd take a few glances around the house before raising his nose to gently sniff the air, his ear flickering within the wind to try and catch any sounds from within. His feet began to bring him closer to the fabric hung in the door wag. "Do you mind if I enter?" He'd call out. presuming someone was within the hut due to the smell and not wanting to enter without an invitation.


A deep, intimidating grunt emanates from the hut, it’s probably an affirmation. Tedyn gritted his teeth before pushing out his hand to move the drape to one side. He’d roam into the hut to take into view what was going on inside. As tedyn entered he saw a monstrous, hulking figure sitting hunched over across the room, his back to the ‘ker as he tends to his fireplace. A slab of meat larger than your average human sits about the flickering flames, supported by iron spikes on either side. The uruk doesn’t seem to move, nor welcome Tedyn.


“Rax?” He’d call out, his eyes locked onto the uruk. The elf began to slowly make his way over towards the Uurk, his ruby gaze flicking between the fireplace and the back of the Uruk’s head. “I’m Tedyn.” The elf now standing relatively close to the uruk. “‘I’ve come to ask for your blessing.”


The uruk’s ears twitch visibly at that. With a  deep sonorous sigh and the creak of old bones he turns to face Tedyn. His features are weathered and married by a multitude of scars, a bushy but trimmed black beard complimented by an almost blood-red topknot, the sides of his dusky green head shaved free of hair. “... Come back when lat are ztronger.” He says simply, eyes roving over Tedyn’s frame.


Tedyn’s eyes narrowed at the Uruk’s words, the elf obviously slightly offended by them as he’d clench his teeth. “How do you perceive me?” He’d mutter, his eyes returning the same scanning look that Rax gave to him. “I’m sure I’m not as tall or as built as the usual Uruks who come asking for your blessing.” He’d shake his head from side to side at that, “But I can promise you, I can handle myself just as much as them; even better.” He’d add.


Rax snorts at that. The canorous sound fills the room, almost low-pitched enough to shake Tedyn’s bones. “Mi have lived for centuries, agh all who come for my blessing are not worthy at azht. Do lat think lat can klomp mi, az lat are right now?”


Tedyn almost seemed to be caught off guard by Rax’s noise, his eyes widening as he’d briefly take a few steps back. The elf beginning to take a few deep breaths in before he’d speak once again. “Tales are told of your great prowess in battle Rax. A warrior as great as yourself surely knows that strength in battle does not come from muscle alone. It is a sum of agility, strength and tact summed.” His eyes once again giving Rax a scan up and down. “Although I may not be as physically strong, I am certainly worthy.” His final comment spoken loud.


”Mrm.” The great uruk rumbled; he shifts to the edge of his chair and stands slowly, ponderously eyeing Tedyn with faint amusement. He takes a few short strides over to the ‘Ker, towering above him as he comes to a half. “ … “ The uruk falling silent as he’d gaze down at the ker. “Klomp mu dezcendantz in the village. There are gakh of them. Come back when lat have done zo.”


Tedyn takes a brief gulp of air as the large uruk strides towards him. His crimson gaze staring up towards Rax as he’d speak. “So it shall be done.” He’d respond. It was clear that Tedyn tried to keep his voice as clam as possible, yet Rax still stirred some nervousness within the ‘Ker. Son he’d give the uruk a brief nod before pacing out of the hut. He pulled back the red drape and slowly began to make his way through the tall grass field, over towards the nearby village.


Rax simply grinned as Tedyn spoke, bearing his impressive tusks! Time goes on, and the Elf eventually made his way to the village. There’s bustling life here; a traditional uruk encampment, with a multitude of orcs scurry around here and there. Three large bone sculptures sit around the edge of the camp, with blood-red banners hanging from iron rings at the tips of the sculptures. The orcs seem to pay him no heed.


Tedyn strode into the centre of the camp, his eyes flicking towards the sculptures as he’d take note of each. After having a long look around the camp he’d firmly plant himself into the soil, holding his ground. “Your father, Rax, has tasked me with klomping three of you.” He’d shout, calling out to the uruks that inhabited the camp. He’d pause for a brief moment, checking to see if he’d caught the attention of the orcs. “Who wishes to klomp for their father?”





The Beast



The Elf’s ballsy move definitely grabbed their attention. The orcs stop in a mexican wave, the ripple of immobility spreading swiftly outwards. A deep booming laugh splits the silence, from near one of the bone sculptures. “HA! For one zo zmall, lat have gutz!” A true beast of an orc strides forwards, clad in naught but a loincloth. His upper arm looks wider than Tedyn’s head, and his thighs could crush a watermelon with a light squeeze, it seems.


Tedyn’s body could almost be seen visibly shaken as the uruk approaches him, the poor elf’s size; a peanut in comparison to the orc. He’d for a brief moment regret what he’d gotten himself into as he’d examine the uruk. “Do you wish to klomp me?” He’d call out, his voice now wavering more than when he was in the company of Rax. The great orc’s face broke out into a beaming smile, and he nods! “Do latz worzt, little azh!” He booms, taking large strides towards the elf as the other orcs move outwards to form a ring around the pair.


Tedyn’s eyes widen as the large uruk agrees to the klomp. The elf half hoping that the uruk would have refused and a much smaller uruk would instead take his place. He’d stretch out his arms and interlock his fingers to deliver a large cracking sound, booming into the ear’s of the uruks that had surrounded the pair. “Let’s go then.” He’d murmur, his voice faint and quiet as he’d try to focus on the fight ahead.


“Hoho!” The great beast roars! He bumps his fists together, and lunges! Probably aiming to simply smash his fist into Tedyn’s face. Tedyn grunts before quickly striding to the side to avoid the uruk’s attack. He’d try and use the slowness of the beast to his advantage as he’d almost begin to circle around the uruk, maintaining his footing “Come and get me.” He’d seem to have gained some confidence after the first swing and seeing how slow the uruk was.


Seeing as how the uruk had to take about five paces to reach Tedyn, it’s no wonder he missed. He stumbles forwards from the force of his swing, almost topping **** over arse into the crowd but somehow recovering. He booms out another loud laugh, eyes twinkling as he eyes the cocky Mali’Ker. Bringing his fist back he almost dances over towards Tedyn, and draws his fist back for another slow swing, leaving his gut and side open.


Tedyn’s jaw grits at the opportunity, his eyes widening as he’d lower himself down towards the ground to avoid the swing, then soon bobbing back up to deliver a punch into the Uruk’s side. After delivering so he’d strut behind the uruk to try and remain safe from any further retaliations. The uruk then let out a faint ‘oof’ as Tedyn smacked him right in the ribs! His fist goes sailing past the elf, and pounds int the ground, bouncing back from the force of the punch. The uruk uses that momentum to swing blindly behind him, swaying on is feet in a very unstable movement, once again leaving himself open.


Tedyn opportunistically began to try and evade the blind swings by the hefty uruk. He’d take his chances when he got them and ball his hand into a tight fist, sending his own agile momentum into the uruk’s sides once again, delivering all of his strength relentlessly with each punch. “Where is that bravado now?!” He’d call out to the uruk as each punch would land upon him, trying to make the uruk more reckless with his taunt.


The uruk growled at the taunt, hunching over slightly to protect his now rather delicate sides. He then swings one surprisingly swift hand out to try and delivery a fast and rough blow to the Elf’s shoulder! The uruk’s swing catching the top of Tedyn’s shoulder, sending him leaping back, just from the Uruk’s pure strength alone. Tedyn, almost knocked back into the wall of uruks that surrounded the duo, pushed himself to his feet once again, trying to shrug off the blow to his shoulder. Although Tedyn’s gaze, already beaming red, could almost be seen to become darker as his bloodlust and will to win grew.


“Hah!” The uruk bellows, grinning merrily at the look on Tedyn’s face. “Lat have zome fith left in lat, mi peep!” He seemed to be more impressed than anything else, clearly enjoying the fight. It’s all a game to him, one accepted by all the honourable dead in the realm. He meanders slowly towards the elf, fists raised tight to his chest in a defensive pose.


Tedyn emits a slight ‘tsk’ sound as the uruk begins to approach him once again. He’d have to re-think his strategy if he were to win a klomp against an uruk of this size. His ears began to twitch as he’d use the brief moments before the uruk caught up to him to formulate a plan. Soon a toothy grin curls into the Ker’s mouth as he’d figure it out.


The uruk closes in, and sends a quick light jab towards Tedyn’s face, although there was probably time to realise what he was trying to do. “If you want to beat me, you’ll have to catch me.” He’d call to the uruk, quickly darting off before the jab could reach him. He’d begin to run around the uruk in circles, serving taunts from all angles to get the orc’s attention, hoping to make him rather dizzy from the constant turning.


The uruk does indeed spin to win! As he grows slightly light-headed he gets an incredibly cunning idea, and sticks his foot out, trying to trip Tedyn up however the far more agile elf is easily able to hop over the Uruk’s foot. Tedyn continues to quickly dart around the uruk, trying to make him dizzier and dizzier before swiftly sending a kick to one of the uruk’s legs, hoping to knock the already unbalanced uruk to the floor.


The uruk gets a fat KO as Tedyn smacks into his leg: flopping down onto his arse, with the resounding boom being able to be heard from miles away. “Oof…” The ururk mumbles, grinning inanely as he blearly tries to focus his vision on Tedyn, “Hozh klomp, little azh….” He can’t help but form a smirk on his lis as he’d watch the towering uruk bellow towards the ground. His own ribcage bobbing up and down with a quaint laughter before he’d bend down to reach a hand out to the uruk, “You were certainly an honourable opponent.” He’d say, offering the uruk a hand up.


“Ha!” He chortles as he accepts Tedyn’s help and climbs back to his feet, “Lat’m zertainly quick!” He gives the elf a rather rough part on the shoulder as congratulation on his victory.



The Child



Tedyn’Yar nods to the uruk as he’d stride off, taking a few moments to recover his breath before he returns himself into the middle of the ring of orcs that had surrounded him. “Your father asked for me to klomp three of you.” His eyes scanning the face of every uruk in the wall, “That means two more.” He’d utter, his grey hand stretching out to hold two fingers up to the orcs.


“Mhm!” Comes a voice from behind Tedyn, as a relatively young uruk steps forwards. He can’t have been more than 20, judging from his lithe frame similar to the elf’s “Ug there, albai!”


Tedyn quickly turns on his feet to greet the second contender. He’d offer the uruk a hearty smile, the frame and build of this once not giving him near as much anxiety as the last had. “Do you wish to klomp?” His ear flickering as he’d await the orc’s response.


“Yub!” the uruk chirps, beaming cheerfully at the elf with visible excitement. “Mi’z never klomped an albai before!”


“I’ll be your first then!” He’d exclaim, the hearty smile growing as he’d look to the uruk. Tedyn would then make some room for the elf to join the circle, leaving the two facing each-other on opposite ends. “I’ll go easy on you, don’t worry.” He’d jest, a brief snort of laughter following.


“Ha, nub worry about that!” The young orc huffs, bringing his fists up and sliding one foot backwards sightly “Mi amnub az zlow az mi big brudda!” Tedyn nodded  to the orc, taking heed of his words before he’d raise his fists upto his side, staying light on his feet as he did before. He’d soon lunge out to try and deliver a blow to the orc’s side, as quick as he could.


“Oof!” The orc huffs as Tedyn deals a glancing blow. He counters with a quick punch with his right fist towards Tedyn’s chest, waiting for any potential blocking before lashing out with his left fist to try and sucker punch the ‘Ker.


Tedyn recoils at his punch to the young orc, however doing so left him defenseless and the orc was easily able to swing in for a sucker punch. A loud clattering sound coming from Tedyn as the orc’s fist thrusts into his gut. He’d take a few steps backwards to try and put some distance between him and the orc. The young orc grings lopsidedly at the ‘ker, and bounces on the balls of his feet a few times, not chasing “C’mon albai! Keep it up!”


Tedyn lets out a few brief ripples of laughter, mixed in with coughing, at the uruk’s comment. He’d inhale a deep breath of air before focusing his gaze onto the uruk. “Come at me then.” The elf would mutter, clearly making the first move against a force of agility comparing to his was the wrong move.


The orc merely snickers and takes a few short hops forewards, and attempts to do the same move again: his right fist shoots towards Tedyn’s jaw, though this time his left hand moves outstretched and tried to grab at whatever part of Tedyn he connects with first, though the movement is at shoulder-height.


Tedyn patiently awaiting for the incoming attack was able to see it coming. He’d narrowly doge the hit to the jaw, yet still becoming clasped at by the uruk,he’d suddenly jolt at the feeling before trying to clasp the uruk’s left arm in his own hands and bend it in a multitude of unnatural ways with his entire strength.


The orc loses his grip slightly and awkwardly twists to save himself from a broken arm; his right hand comes over to grab at Tedyn’s shoulder and attempts to push him back, to unbalance him. Although the orc himself is also quite clearly unbalanced from the twisting and turning.


Tedyn is easily shoved back from the push, yet with that he’d try to whip his right leg around to trip up the uruk as he’d be shoved back. “Much easier to trip!” He’ chuckle, the ker’s eyes beginning to blaze once again.


The orc topples sideways, but springs his left hand out to grab at Tedyn’s side? Leg? Something!.


In the commotion Tedyn is unknowingly pulled to the floor by the end of his robes. The ker almost beginning to fall atop of the uruk that he had already put to the ground. “Gotcha!” The ururk huffs excitedly, a faint tinge of bloodlust rising up in him. The pain in his side from falling grows as he tried to latch onto Tedyn’s leg and drag the elf towards him.


“Urg!” Tedyn gutters in frustration as his leg was clasped onto. The sound of his robes scratching the earth would screech into the ears of the orcs present as he’d be dragged by the uruk. The Elf had become too invested in the klomp to lose now. He’d tighten his core and reach over to clasp at the orc’s arm that had been dragging him. He’d attempt to pull the orc by the arm in a sudden jolt, aiming to deliver the uruk a swift headbutt as his head moved along with the tug of his arm.


The uruk’s arm is easily grabbed and in retaliation he wiggles around awkwardly, trying to sit up, which only helps Tedyn give him a Glasgow kiss. Dazed but growing increasingly frustrated the orc attempts to jerk his arm back, swinging out his free arm blindly in the general area of Tedyn’s lovely face.


The orc’s free arm easily collides with Tedyn’s jaw, the Ker’s face swinging violently to the side as blood, colour matching his eyes, splatters out onto the ground beside him. Tedyn took in a deep snort of air before using his free leg to kick straight up into the orc’s face. Tedyn’s own face displaying the bloodlust that the sparring orc’s displayed.


Thanks to good ol’ bloodlust, the orc doesn’t even attempt to dodge; he takes the punch like a man! He continues be swinging his hand back once again, probably backhanding poor Tedyn across the cheek if all goes well.

Tedyn’s pristine ashen cheek is easily backhanded, his face swinging violently once more, but this time in the other direction! More blood splatters to the side and begins to trickle down his lips. As the two seemed to be in a heated back and forth fight of bloodlust, Tedyn returned the favour by using the same leg as before to kick up into the uruk’s face once more!


The orc’s nose cracks audibly, and a thin stream of blood begins to flow from it. Throwing all caution to the wind he attempts to launch himself at Tedyn, trying to rain down multiple blows against the ‘Ker’s lovely head.


Tedyn tries to raise both of his arms to defend himself against the blows. He’d still take some beating though and try to outlast the orc’s flurry of attacks before trying to deliver a final punch to the side of the uruk’s head. His fist now covered in his own blood and his foot dripping with the uruk’s.


The orc grunts quietly as Tedyn connects with his temple, his jaw gritting as his flurry of punches slows considerably. He raises his hands up in the air and grins down at Tedyn; it’s clear he has no intention of attacking further. “Lat klomp hozhly, albai!”


Tedyn’s bloodied and battered face lights up with a brief smile as he’d look up at the Uruk, “And you too.” He’d say with a strained voice, his arm raising to wipe the blood from his mouth with his sleeve. “Very well…” He’d add, almost afraid to admit that had had nearly lost the fight. Although Tedyn hasn’t technically won either, he was satisfied for its end.


“Heh… Mi reckon that waz a tie.” The ururk huffs, staggering to his feet and offering one hand down to Tedyn to help him up.


Tedyn clasps onto the ururk’s hand with his own, pulling himself up onto his feet. “I agree.” His worried expression fading, “It was an honour to klomp with you.” He’d murmur, his legs then carrying him back into the middle of the ring. Tedyn looked around himself at all of the orc spectators and uttered the words. “Your father asked me to klomp three of you… that means once more.” He’d repeat just like before, stretching out his hand to hold up only one digit this time. However on this repetition the elf knew the last two had taken a toll on him. His lips dripped with blood and bruises began to slowly fade into existence where they had not been before. He wondered if he would even be able to last another one.





The Victor



The orc retreats, scurrying over to some other young looking orcs and exchanging excited whispers with them about the fight! The third challenger steps forward; a tall, and slender fe-uruk, adorned in furs and teeth, most likely from hunts. “Throm’ka.” She intones, her face passive as she studies Tedyn’s condition.


Tedyn slowly turns to face the fe-uruk. “Throm’ka.” He’d respond, his head bowing slightly at the uruk, offering her the same respect she had offered him. “Would you like to klomp me?” Teydn’s words seemed sturdy and fierce, yet his body told another story. To most of the orcs, in the middle of the ring was a beaten and torn elf who didn’t look like he could take any more beatings.


“Yub.” She says simply, with the same passive look. “Lat can rezt, or lat can loze. The choize iz latz.”


Tedyn tosses the idea the uruk brought to him in his head for a few brief moments. “I was told to klomp three, and so I shall.” He’d mutter the similar words again before getting ready into a limp fighting pose. He’d snort in a deep breath of air as he’d prepare himself for the klomp.


The feuruk grins at him, rather maliciously it’d seem. She takes a few strides up to him to close the distance, and raises her hands up to her chest defensively. It doesn’t seem like she’s going to strike first…


Tedyn vacantly stares up at the uruk as she stands steadfast, he didn’t quite have the mental capacity at this time to think through a good strategy. He’d attempt to lunge forward at the orc with his right fist whilst using his left to defend himself. The punch however nowhere near as powerful as it had been in previous fights.


The elf is much slower than before, yet due to the close range the feuruk doesn’t quite have time to dodge. She blocks instead with the back of her left arm, grimacing at the jolting thud it sends up to her shoulder. She reacts by bringing her knee up, hoping his momentum is enough to bring his abdomen down to meet it.


Tedyn quickly clashed into the feuruks knee; as quick as he’d lunged out at her. A guttural sound belched out from him as his organic inside of his torso mashed up together. He’d seem to be growing wearier and wearier as he’d return both of his arms back up to rest by his face, stumbling back from the jab whilst doing so.


“Lat are zlow.” She rumble quietly, as she takes a short step towards him. “Lat can alwayz zurrender; just blah if lat do.” She punctuates her sentence with a quick jab with her left fist towards his jaw, hoping to catch him off-guard.


Tedyn doesn’t seem to notice the jab en route with his jaw. He’d seem to be distracted by the orc’s words as his jaw is once again collided into. This time a slight ‘click’ was heard as the feuruks fist met with his jaw, surely something had went wrong there! He’d stumble further back. “No surrendering… the klomp mist finish.” He’d utter, his voice tinged to the click of his jaw slightly as he’d speak through bloodied lips. The feuruk merely exhales a breathy laugh through her nose, and aims another left-handed jab at his shoulder.


Tedyn’s already battered shoulder from the first klomp collided with the feuruks left jab. It send the poor elf to the ground and it looked like the elf had no ability to pull himself back up from the ground. His eyes hazy and weary as he’d try to push himself up.


The feuruk’s hand swoops down and she attempts to drag him to his feet! “Ztand, agh klomp mi, lazt mi flat lat.” She commands in an imperious tone, very deliberately leaving herself open.


Tedyn pulls himself back to his feet with the aid of the feuruk, he’d grit his teeth at her words before using the last of his strength to try and deliver a respectable blow to the orc’s temple.


The feururk seems rather surprised by his aggressive choice of target, and flinches backwards at the dizzying blow. She shakes her head and responds with a blow of her own, sending her right hand out and attempting to grab his left hand to squeeze it; seeming as if she was wanting to break his hand.


Tedyn tries to regain his focus, pulling on the very depths of his strength that he has left he’d aim to turn the tables on the feuruk. With his left hand occupied by her right, he’d use his own right arm to force a decently strong blow into her right forearm, hoping to cause some damage, if any.


The feuruk sucks in a shaky breath between her teeth as his fist thunders against her forearm, and she lets go of his hand! Her instincts force her left hand out in a backhanded slap aimed at Tedyn’s cheek as she hunches over slightly to form a defence against his blows.


Tedyn clenches his jaw as the back of the feuruk’s hand collides with his already beaten cheek. He’d spit out another splatter of blood before turning to look up at the feuruk, “You win.” He’d mutter, blood frothing through his teeth as he’d mutter the words. “Any further and I think I’d die.”


“Mm.” She hums, faltering for a moment before straightening up. “In that caze, we are done here.” She simply turns and leaves without any further comment, mixing in with the crowd as it disperses, to leave Tedyn probably feeling quite alone.


“It was an honour to klomp with you.” He’d call out to the feururk as she’d walk away. He’d turn to the side and spit out the remaining blood that had pooled within his mouth before turning to look off in the direction that he had came. He’d peer over towards the blood splatters on the ground, worrying that his loss in the final klomp would not please Rax, yet he sauntered his way slowly back to the hut.



The Way Home



Slowly, painfully and at a snail’s pace, poor Tedyn finally reaches Rax’s hut once more! He’d now outside, sunning himself on the grass with his eyes closed and the giant skewered slab of meat beside him.


Tedyn moved towards Rax, his body clearly bloodied and bruised yet he’d look up at Rax and utter words through his beaten jaw. “I’ve returned, after klomping with three of your descendants.” Blood seeming to spill from his mouth as he’d speak.


“Hrm?” The elder grunts, cracking open one eye to check Tedyn out. “Lap peep like zkah. Zo wub did lat learn?”


Tedyn spits out another clot of blood to his side, then turning back to Rax, the question seeming to have a rather obvious answer after his battles. “Well firstly I learned that strength truly isn’t the only factor when it comes to fighting.” He’d seem to move to take a chair beside the hulking uruk, almost falling into it as if he’d lost ability to control his legs. “Secondly, I learned not to underestimate my opponent.” He’d then point to the pools of blood coming from his lips, “And thirdly I learned that a fighter needs rest, as nobody can fight forever.” He’d grumble, motioning towards the bruises and tears across his skin.


“Mrm. Agh do lat gruk how lat gruk lat area  hozh warrior?” Rax asks, closing his eye once more and placing his arms outwards above his head, both hands tucked against the back of his neck.


“How?” The elf questioned, Tedyn’s curiosity piqued now as his gaze intently rested on Rax.


“When lat gruk that klomping iz nub juzt for the zake of klomping, lat are a warrior. When lat gruk that klomping iz a zkill to hone agh pactize, lat are a hozh warrior. A bubhozh warrior grukz that life itzelf iz a klomp, agh that Krug gave uz thiz gift.” The old uruk grumbles, sighing a sigh that stretched across millenia. “Thank about that, agh come agh blah with mi again later. Perhaps an offering iz in order, or a zhrine.”


Tedyn ponders Rax’s speech for a small period of time, the rustling of the grass nearby in the wind the only sound to be heard as he’d do so. “Wise words Rax.” He’d state before pushing himself off of the seat he had taken residence in. “When I return I shall construct you a shrine in the goi.”


“Hozh” is all the uruk replied, falling into a contemplative silence, simply listening to the breeze as it whistles past.


Tedyn gives Rax a brief nod of his head before he’d close his eyes, seeming to slowly become more and more transparent as the seconds passed, then vanishing from sight entirely!


In due time, the ‘Ker that had slumped within the chair in his blarg would begin to stir. “Hrmm?” He’d grumble, the flickering of the flames infront of him reminding him of where he was, and the call of his slave, Lulgolug letting him finally lay the spirit walk to an end.





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