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  1. DarkSainthood

    The Role of Yar Clan

    The Role of Yar Clan Fire crackling was the only sound that echoed around the Yar clan hall. A solitary female Orc wandered around the back of the impressive bone fireplace, surrounded by spiritual tomes, and sits herself down to meditate on the white and black carpeted floor. From within a small bag, made with the hide of some beast of the wild, she pulled out a handful of a dried out green substance. Holding it gently between her fingers she slowly drops it into the end of a smooth bone pipe and lights it up, taking a puff of the pipe she leans back against a wooden chair; she allows the sensation of the drug to slowly take effect, expediting this by taking several long drags in quick succession. She relaxes, focusing on that oft-visited realm, muttering vague chants under her breath as she reaches out to it. As her mind clouds over, she slowly finds herself waking up in an altogether different place. The aroma of food washes over her as she awakes in the realm of Glutros, the food all very much fresh and cooked to perfection, the finest found anywhere on Atlas. Towards the head of the endless table lies a serpent, which was as fat as a snake could be fat. The snake stirred, body coiled around a large pile of treasure. Gold, gemstones, silver and all sorts of shiny glass beads, all protected by the scaly spirit. “Ah, it’s you,” Glutros hissed, his eyes shining brighter than any of the treasure underneath him. “What bringsss you to me? You’ve lossst weight again...” he spat, clearly not meaning it as a compliment. “Mi was hoping lat could blah mi wub to do. Mi bruddas are klomping agh mi nub gruk which side to klomp with.” She made her point simply and eloquently, bowing her head respectfully to the spirit to which she was closest. The light in the spirits eyes dimmed a little, clearly finding her reason for visiting a bore. “That’ss all you came to asssk? Why bother fighting at all? Fight for whichever ssside you want, and then have a glorious feassst in my name, and sssacrifice the best grub to me, and any more treasure you find too. My hoard iss ssstarting to dull.” With that, the serpents eyes closed, and the world went black once more, and she woke up back in her clan hall. Awakening from her vision, Nurena’Yar swears under her breath. She makes a mental note to prepare some kind of sacrifice to Glutros, but she was in no mood to do it immediately, the trip to the spirit realm having taxed her. Letting out a long yawn she gets cosy on the carpet and closes her eyes once more, this time intending only to get some much needed rest. “Whu lat?” asked a snake, slithering along the floor of the clan hall. She opened her eyes and blinked; perhaps she had overdone the cactus green… “Whu lat?” asked another snake, this one seemingly gliding along the ceiling as if it was nothing. Nurena rubbed her eyes and looked around, this time only seeing one snake, slithering away from her and round to the fireplace. “Whu lat?” it asked her as it slithered off. Tired of this, Nurena leapt up and made a grab for the snake, somehow not quite managing to capture it despite her attempt to tackle the serpent. “The snakes asked lat a question, kub,” an old Uruk murmured, picking up the snake like it was nothing and tucking it into a pocket hastily. “Bub...bubpopo, is that lat?” she stammered, quickly rising to her feet. “Nurena? Mi need better snakes, they should have recognised lat,” he placed a hand on her shoulder. “How are lat, mi kub? Lat peeps troubled.” She looked around, not seeing any signs of snakes, and then faces her ancestor once more. “Mi am. Nub only by the fact lat has snakes, but also by this clan waagh.” Yar contemplates this for a moment, and then shakes his head. “Lat should nub worry about such things. Lats path is clear; lat must trust in lats brudda. That is the way of Yar.” She looked startled; she hadn’t even told him what the war was about, let alone that she wasn’t sure which side to fight for. “Bubpopo… How did lat gruk wub mi was going to blah to lat about?” she asked. “Agh wub does lat mean? They are all mi bruddas.” Yar shook his head solemnly. “Mi gruk, because mi am nub real, kub. Mi am just here to tell lat to trust in lats bruddas.” She blinked at him, confused, however as her eyes re-opened she found herself alone, and not by the fire at all, but back at the carpeted library of the Yar clan hall, she had been sleeping. “Zkah… Trust mi brudda? It must mean Nazark… Mi have grukked him for a long tik, agh he is a fellow zhomo. Mi must tell the others. The Yarz are going to wagh alongside the Gorkils.”
  2. What is your Minecraft Account Name? DarkSainthood Do you have a Discord account? Leonie#4343 How long have you played on LotC? Just over 5 years. How many hours per day/week are you available? Currently? All day during weekdays. Sometimes weekends. What lore do you hold the most experience with? Pretty clued up on Shamanism, thanks to about 3 years of experience and talking to a broad plethora of shamans and shaman enthusiasts. Do you have a solid grasp on the existing lore of our server? Would you be comfortable moderating it in-game? Yeah, I have knowledge of a fair amount of the lore on the server. And y'know, anything I don't know, I can easily read up on it. Pretty damn fine with moderating it in-game. Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past I was AT for a month or so, a really long time ago. I did some apps and stuff, quit the team and the server because of real life issues. Have you ever receive a Magical Blacklist, if so, please link it Nope.
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  4. DarkSainthood

    Leonie’s Pixel Art Shop

    Leonie’s Pixel Art Shop Salutations, fellow roleplayers! Get ready for some nostalgic pixel art drawings, to drag you back to the good ol' days of the early 2000s. I've been doing private commissions for some time now, and have decided to open up to the wider public. Examples are in the spoiler below. I reckon I can do most any character, but be aware the level of detail is unlikely to be fantastic, considering they're 64x64 images. My prices are: £5 for a still image (Thanks to @Anty for the skin and inspiration!) £10 for animated They take approximately 3 days each depending on the contents. More complex pieces will take longer, naturally. I only have eight slots available, which puts me at almost a month's worth of work, but feel free to add me on Discord at Leonie#4343 if you want to see how things are coming along. Queue: 1. Zadie 2. Bebbz 3. Vlad 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Fill this thing out and comment if ya want one. IGN: Character skin/previous art: Detailed description of background and/or actions performed by your character: Examples in this spoiler!
  5. DarkSainthood

    [✗] [Server] Chromie Ban Appeal

    Welp. I sodding hate commenting on the forums, but I'd like to throw in my piece. I've had several interactions with Chromie. The first time he was doing somewhat memey roleplay, but did ask us if it was alright to continue after the first emote. The talks I've had with him in private have been pleasant; I feel it's a shame he fell in with a bad crowd of people and was negatively influenced by them. However, it seems that he's paid attention to more sensible folk and upped his game now, moving to a group that knows what RP is. While his ban is for hacking I've come to the conclusion that it was, in agreement with draja, done to impress or fit in with the bad crowd. Would be nice to see it shortened, so he can go back to improving himself. tl'dr: kid makes dumb mistake to impress goons, is good guy really.
  6. DarkSainthood

    The NEW Mos Le'Harmless Cantina

    Arveia, sitting in her room with blackjack and hookahs, hears of the tavern. "I didn't want to go anyway."
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      don't be jelly of the FABULOUS purple name bucko

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      I was gunna make a witty current events joke but then I remembered I'm better than you and don't drag out long political rampages on status updates so I decided not to

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  9. day 2

    nvm north america is awful britain isn't so bad in comparison



  10. day 1 without you

    harder than i thought...

    watched this video to keep me going

    ******* savages

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    [✓] Guild Charter: The Convocation

    Gili, everyone's favourite lady dwarf, hurriedly signs upon being threatened to be used as an armrest.
  12. i dont now how this happened but, for some reason, it copy pasted my old definitions...

    I'm not even lying, ill tell you what a legitametely wrote: 


    Roleplaying is taking another person's (normally fictional) point of view, and controlling their actions and emotions, as well as responses.

     Metagaming is distorting or breaking the rules of the server in such a way that it assists either you or another person, where you found out the information regarding this ahead of time outside of roleplay.

    Power-emoting is pushing/forcing an action onto another player without their consent, without circumstances that would permit such an action, or over-emoting in one action. For example, "Blake stabs Michael in the chest and Michael bleeds out and dies in 5 second."

    This is what I wrote, I actually have no idea how that copy pasted.

    I was able to retrieve this because I wrote my entire document on Word, and I saved it, so I was able to look back. So, this is actually what I wrote.


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      I have sent you a private message regarding this matter. Please check your inbox.

  13. DarkSainthood

    KBR's LT App

    Nice guy, knows his stuff and works his butt off when he has to do something. +1