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  1. DarkSainthood

    Enough is Enough.

    So uh... Yeah slightly biased against orcs there. Should've maybe talked to everyone beforehand, but too late now. Anyway... I've seen a lot of GMs come and go. Lots of staff of all kinds. Things have kinda deteriorated; I feel worried about what I say in Discord, in case it offends. Even me PMing someone could be used against me, and I feel that's slightly wrong. Banter and insults are common on the internet, and it can't ever be avoided. Might as well learn to live with it.
  2. DarkSainthood

    [Server] Chromie Ban Appeal

    Welp. I sodding hate commenting on the forums, but I'd like to throw in my piece. I've had several interactions with Chromie. The first time he was doing somewhat memey roleplay, but did ask us if it was alright to continue after the first emote. The talks I've had with him in private have been pleasant; I feel it's a shame he fell in with a bad crowd of people and was negatively influenced by them. However, it seems that he's paid attention to more sensible folk and upped his game now, moving to a group that knows what RP is. While his ban is for hacking I've come to the conclusion that it was, in agreement with draja, done to impress or fit in with the bad crowd. Would be nice to see it shortened, so he can go back to improving himself. tl'dr: kid makes dumb mistake to impress goons, is good guy really.
  3. DarkSainthood

    The NEW Mos Le'Harmless Cantina

    Arveia, sitting in her room with blackjack and hookahs, hears of the tavern. "I didn't want to go anyway."
  4. DarkSainthood

    [MA] RalphGiezer

    10/10 would vouch I'm going to teach again.
  5. idiot

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      don't be jelly of the FABULOUS purple name bucko

  6. nice forum background pic =^)

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      I was gunna make a witty current events joke but then I remembered I'm better than you and don't drag out long political rampages on status updates so I decided not to

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  7. day 2

    nvm north america is awful britain isn't so bad in comparison



  8. day 1 without you

    harder than i thought...

    watched this video to keep me going

    ******* savages

  9. DarkSainthood

    [✓] Guild Charter: The Convocation

    Gili, everyone's favourite lady dwarf, hurriedly signs upon being threatened to be used as an armrest.
  10. i dont now how this happened but, for some reason, it copy pasted my old definitions...

    I'm not even lying, ill tell you what a legitametely wrote: 


    Roleplaying is taking another person's (normally fictional) point of view, and controlling their actions and emotions, as well as responses.

     Metagaming is distorting or breaking the rules of the server in such a way that it assists either you or another person, where you found out the information regarding this ahead of time outside of roleplay.

    Power-emoting is pushing/forcing an action onto another player without their consent, without circumstances that would permit such an action, or over-emoting in one action. For example, "Blake stabs Michael in the chest and Michael bleeds out and dies in 5 second."

    This is what I wrote, I actually have no idea how that copy pasted.

    I was able to retrieve this because I wrote my entire document on Word, and I saved it, so I was able to look back. So, this is actually what I wrote.


    1. DarkSainthood


      I have sent you a private message regarding this matter. Please check your inbox.

  11. DarkSainthood

    KBR's LT App

    Nice guy, knows his stuff and works his butt off when he has to do something. +1
  12. DarkSainthood

    hellfiazz's LT re-app

    Sausage is a good lad. +1
  13. DarkSainthood

    [✓] Forge of the Soul

    In Search of Enlightenment With a grunt the shaman of old, Shagarath, sits down into his tent. Rubbing his temples with aged digits. “Err….. diz am nub’hozh…” he utters. The orc groans, allowing the occurred events to sink in. “Ah Rekz haz left hiz zeat… agh anothar haz taken hiz plaze… zimpleh.. ‘Takun’ iet.. Bai Klomp… Diz waz nebur zuppoz’d tu happun.” Determined, the Orc comes to a stand; with his staff in hand, and hood covering his aged face, the elder sets out. “Nurena… wi muzt blah.” He spoke, arriving at the large turtle shell home belonging to the High Shamaness. “Mi gruk dah tik haz kome…Dah tik tu ekzekute aur plan.” The plump fe-uruk smirks. “Huw zo?” She speaks, taking his words as if they were a joke. “Am lat nub komfturbul en latz blarg anehmure?” She crosses her arms, her kub moving behind her to see what’s up. Shagarath then flials. “A falze rekz haz rizen… dah lawz zimpleh ignured… anargy am upon uz… mi feer fur ah waagh wifin Krugmar. Iet am tik, nauw.” The Fe-Uruk then understood, nodding with a more concerned look. “Mi peep… Mi zhall alurt dah othur Motzhamz, agh wi zhall konfur…” Later that night, a small caravan of donkeys, muyakelg and orcs left the Warnation of Krugmar. A gathering of shamans and followers of the spirits. Ones that devoted themselves to those beyond them, instead of false leaders and anarchy. Last in the line is the old shaman, Shagarath. Idly he stands there, scanning the horizon. In the distance he spots the plumes of smoke rising from orcish forges. “Wi zhall returhn....” He mutters to himself. "Ufur-Ilzgûl, Lûp-Ilzgûl!" All that wish to devote themselves to the spirits, and swear loyalty to the order may come. Do not fear to leave behind what is behind. Be not afraid of being called whitewash. For the Spirits don’t Judge. For the Spirits touch All. What is the name of your guild, group, or organization: Angathûl - Forge of the Soul What is the purpose of your guild (if sensitive, this can be withheld and then privately shared with whomever is handling the charter): Preservation and Spread of the Shamanic Faith, Dealing with Spiritual affairs in all of Axios. What plot size are you interested in: Small (70x70) What tile are you interested in: C7 - The Isle of Ceru If your tile is currently owned by a nation, do you have that nation's leader's approval: N/A Signatures (players should sign their persona/character name and their MC name): Shagarath - Hedgehug Gijaak - Smawton Nurena’Yar - DarkSainthood Burbur - KBR Kulgarok - DivineJustice