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  1. idiot

    1. DarkSainthood


      don't be jelly of the FABULOUS purple name bucko

  2. Thanhium - Gucko, ft Ggt & Blago

    what is this cringe af **** clogging up the sooc channel gtfo no rep for you
  3. get on we're being raided

  4. nice forum background pic =^)

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    2. DarkSainthood


      I was gunna make a witty current events joke but then I remembered I'm better than you and don't drag out long political rampages on status updates so I decided not to

    3. Space
    4. DarkSainthood
  5. day 2

    nvm north america is awful britain isn't so bad in comparison



  6. day 1 without you

    harder than i thought...

    watched this video to keep me going

    ******* savages

  7. [✓] Guild Charter: The Convocation

    Gili, everyone's favourite lady dwarf, hurriedly signs upon being threatened to be used as an armrest.
  8. i dont now how this happened but, for some reason, it copy pasted my old definitions...

    I'm not even lying, ill tell you what a legitametely wrote: 


    Roleplaying is taking another person's (normally fictional) point of view, and controlling their actions and emotions, as well as responses.

     Metagaming is distorting or breaking the rules of the server in such a way that it assists either you or another person, where you found out the information regarding this ahead of time outside of roleplay.

    Power-emoting is pushing/forcing an action onto another player without their consent, without circumstances that would permit such an action, or over-emoting in one action. For example, "Blake stabs Michael in the chest and Michael bleeds out and dies in 5 second."

    This is what I wrote, I actually have no idea how that copy pasted.

    I was able to retrieve this because I wrote my entire document on Word, and I saved it, so I was able to look back. So, this is actually what I wrote.


    1. DarkSainthood


      I have sent you a private message regarding this matter. Please check your inbox.

  9. [✗] Lord of the Craft Application

    This application has been denied. Moved to the Denied Applications forum.
  10. [✗] Lord of the Craft Application

    --- Denied --- Your application has been denied. This is your second offence for plagiarism on your definitions, and so you are banned from applying for one week. Please post another app in one weeks time from this denial. PM me if you need any assistance in writing your app.
  11. [✗] My Application

    This application has been denied. Moved to the Denied Applications forum.
  12. [✗] My Application

    --- Denied --- Your Application has unfortunately been denied for the following reasons: - Incorrect format used! Please follow this guide, and fill out the whole form: You can re apply in 24 Hours from the time of this denial.
  13. [✗] _Granlund_ Whitelist Application

    This application has been denied. Moved to the Denied Applications forum.
  14. [✗] _Granlund_ Whitelist Application

    --- Denied --- Your application has been denied for the following reasons: - Applicant failed to wait 24 hours. Please reapply in 24 hours from the time of this denial.