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  1. Yes, was very aware that this might step on a few toes so I tried to keep it super specific, and add that it’s definitely NOT a druid spell. Same with the identify one! Glad you liked it overall though!
  2. Housemagery Basic Outline Non-voidal, non-deity, requires no pacts, just simple wholesome mana usage like the Creator intended. Can be attributed to any deity figure and taught as such, but overall the power to do so utilises the internal abilities of all sentient beings with a mana pool. As this magic uses nothing but the user’s own natural power, it is unlikely that any jealous deities would take offense to it, leaving it open to even the most restricted of faithful descendents and users of magic. It is also open to those with lesser souls, providing they have their own innate source of mana. Housemagery as a whole takes up one magic slot, whether you use Domestic, Culimancy, or both. Please specify on your MA whether you are taking only one of the subtypes or both. Self-Teaching Guide Culimancy and Domestic both use the same system, and are covered together. Although it is aimed at being a starter magic for newer players to dive into, it can help produce quality RP for players of all levels of ability. The basics of housemagery can be learned from a book or a tutor, which will guide you through the meditation of connection and how to cast your first spells. An MA must be submitted documenting such. The first instances of Housemagery will be taught in a dungeon to help it spread. A Quick Note on Auras As per accepted lore on auras, they can take many forms and colours. Please follow this lore, and incorporate it into your mana sparks as you see fit. Mana sparks as described in this lore will fit your aura colour and aesthetic. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/157899-%E2%9C%93-magic-in-general-expanding-auras/ This is also a good and useful read. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/151276-%E2%9C%93-the-states-of-mana/ Domestic Core An almost entirely non-combat magic that allows the user to manipulate objects around the house and garden and while exploring. Spells are learned as the housemage progresses. Connection Should a person wish to pick up Domestic housemagery, they are able to do so through a tutor or finding a book outlining how to connect. While it is possible to self-teach this, learning will go far smoother with the guidance of a tutor, as the search for one’s inner magic can be a struggle. Abilities Combat Home Defense More a panic spell than anything, a housemage can send their home into a frenzy. Brooms and mops may batter intruders, while larger objects such as chairs or tables will attempt to push a person towards the entrance to the house. This may also be used to smack a belligerent friend or family member if they misbehave. T2 - May move two different objects at once, though may not direct them manually. Cannot move knives or other sharp objects. Requires three emotes of connection, and may be channelled for up to four emotes. T3 - May move three different objects at once, though may not direct them manually. Cannot move knives or other sharp objects. Requires two emotes of connection, and may be channelled for up to five emotes. T4 - May move four different objects at once, though may not direct them manually. Any sharp objects will not attempt to stab or cut the target, but may smack them with a flat edge or hang threateningly in the air. Requires two emotes of connection, and may be channelled for up to six emotes. T5 - May move five different objects at once, though may not direct them manually. Any sharp objects will not attempt to stab or cut the target, but may smack them with a flat edge or hang threateningly in the air. Requires one emote of connection, and may be channelled for up to eight emotes. Redlines Cannot kill or mortally wound someone. At worst, they will be mildly bruised. Once a person leaves the house, the objects will not follow. Tables won’t ram people and crush them, but may trap them against a wall briefly for one emote. Their arms will never be trapped by this, and they can fight back if attacked. Cannot be used outside, or in homes the caster is not welcome in. Non-Combat Mana Burst - T2 A housemage may send a small burst of completely harmless mana sparks from their fingertips. This is often the first spell they learn, as it is incredibly basic. Redlines Mana sparks cannot hurt anyone ever. This is not electricity or anything like that. Just a harmless shower of pretty colours to flash your aura. Fresh Breeze - T2 A housemage may influence the air in front of them to blow gently, easily clearing dry dirt from a person’s face or dust and cobwebs from a surface. Redlines No forcing poisonous air or anything like that into peoples’ lungs. No suffocating people, or harming them at all. Perfume - T2 A housemage may pull mana from themselves and swirl it around their clothes and skin to create pleasant or awful scents. They may use this on another person, or on a fabric object. Non-permeable objects cannot gain this effect. Redlines No suffocating someone with perfume. Illuminate - T2 A housemage may manipulate their mana and focus it in one hand, forming a flickering ball of light no brighter than a torch. The housemage may not hold anything in this hand or cast any other spells while this spell is active, or it will end. It is not bright enough to blind someone. This can be the same colour and form as the housemage’s aura. Redlines No blinding people. No casting while this is active. Blossom - T3 Helps singular plants revitalise, sending wilted and withered flowers bursting into blossom in an explosion of aura-coloured mana sparks. Redlines This does not give you druidic powers. The mana sparks cannot harm anyone. Only one small flowering plant can have this effect at a time. Catch Spark - T3 A housemage may twist the mana within their fingers to bring forth a flame on a wick with a loud clicking sound. This may be used on candles, torches, or lanterns. This cannot be used for malicious means. Redlines No usage of fire maliciously; this includes people and structures. As it says above in the very short description, this can only be used on candles, torches, or lanterns. Living Tools - T3 A housemage may direct their mana into an object along with a wish, allowing that object to perform a very simple task. Some examples are brooms and mops that are able to independently clean floors, dishrags that can wash plates or cutlery which levitate themselves, or clothes that scrub themselves and hang up to dry. All tools, upon completing their task, put themselves away. Redlines Living tools may not be used to harm an individual or perform malicious tasks. This can only be used in the housemage’s home, or in homes where they have permission from the homeowner to do so. Living Dolls - T3 A housemage may pull forth a large sum of mana to imbue a small object, such as a plush toy, with “life”. While these may be of any shape, they are limited to one block in height and cannot be used in combat. These living dolls are much like any animal and cannot speak, but they will follow commands given by the housemage and have a natural fondness for their owner, tending to fuss over them. They can be ordered to keep a house clean, provide a playmate for a child, or any number of mundane tasks. It takes a lot of practise to create these, and will always leave the housemage feeling drained and fatigued for 15 minutes after casting. The living dolls are given an aura-coloured mark in a subtle place, such as below a foot, that acts as a lock for the mana that inhabits their bodies. While the living doll can theoretically go on forever, destroying this mark will cause the spell to end and the mana to dissipate. Redlines Cannot be used in combat. Cannot speak. Can only give body language cues, such as nodding, shaking their head, etc.. Limited to one block in height maximum. No murderbears; cannot be used maliciously. Encourage Open/Closed - T4 A housemage may find themselves in sticky situations at times, and so the ability to focus their mana into forcibly opening or closing something can come in handy. Whether it’s a jar that just won’t open or a pesky jail cell that you definitely have no reason to be in, this spell can help you out without needing to lower yourself to learning how to pick locks. Housemages may also lock a door or object closed, using mana to seal it. Doors and such use normal rule-abiding rolls. This is not a quick fix for perfect escapes, it is an RP reason for why your character can escape despite not being a petty criminal. Locking a door with magic is an RP reason for using the lock command when your character may not have access to an RP locking mechanism. Redlines This does not give you permission to abuse any rules to do with lockpicking or locking. Follow server rules and rolls at all times. Letter Delivery - T4 A housemage may carry with them any manner of small bird-like creation with wings, and animate it with a spark of mana to deliver a letter. It is able to find a person at the city in which they live, as this is the “address” that the housemage gives it. It cannot find anyone if they are outside of this city, unless the sender knows the approximate location of the person. These creations can be made of any material but must have a way of flying, such as a small, hollow, winged dragon made of metal. When the housemage wishes to imbue one of these objects with the power of delivering letters, they may apply a spark of mana to it. This mana forms an aura-coloured mark on the forehead or back, and when needed must be pressed upon. This drains a small fraction of mana from the user, regardless of whether they are a mage or not, and may cause non-mages to feel slightly drained or fatigued. When not actively flying and delivering a letter, the object is not animated. Redlines Cannot inflict harm. These use normal bird rules. 3 emotes to send, 3 emotes to receive. Secret Note - T5 A housemage can imbue their writing implement with mana, causing the words it writes to glow briefly before fading. When the writer or another housemage desires to read the message, they may reactivate the mana and illuminate the text. Good for mama’s secret recipes. Use of mana around the writing, including that of other types of magic, causes the writing to briefly flicker. Redlines Do not metagame the location of invisible writing. Identify Organic Object - T5 A housemage can send a flicker of mana into an organic object such as a plant or tree to gather information. It then returns to the housemage, and reveals only the following. This cannot be used to metagame the name of an organic object. All information is processed in a sensory manner, meaning that the housemage is able to physically taste, feel, and see all processed information. Whether it is edible or not. It will not notify the mage of the presence of poisons. If edible, what it will taste like. If inedible, it will show it as overpoweringly bitter. What stage of life it is at. What climate it prefers to live in. No specific information can be gathered; only the biome is available. Its texture. Redlines This does not give you druidic powers. This is basic information only. It will not tell you whether a plant only grows under certain trees, or any other specific conditions it might need to grow. While the housemage can taste whatever they send the spark into, anything poisonous will not poison them. This is more mental than physical. This cannot be used on alchemical creations, or in any situation where the organic object has been mixed in with other things. Furthermore, it cannot be used to determine what has gone into something as a way of metagaming recipes. Culimancy Core An entirely non-combat cooking magic based around enhancement and manipulation of ingredients, to enhance the RP experience of both the consumer and the chef. It requires prior knowledge of cooking to be remotely effective. Someone who is so unskilled as to burn boiled eggs is probably not a good candidate. Emotes for different actions may be combined into a single long emote, so the kitchen is not full of one-line spam. Overall Redlines No killing people with food, ever. Requires knowledge of cooking to perform this magic, as it does not grant an innate ability to cook. Georgina sighs, wiping her brow with a delicate lace handkerchief. As head chef for a noble household, she has her work cut out for her; banquets seem almost daily with the new influx of trade agreements and diplomatic meetings. Regardless of the stress she is under she has managed to outperform her peers for many years thanks to her skills in culimancy, easing the burden of preparation. She gazes down at the long table heaving with dishes; steaming roasts of all kinds, crusted with salt and enhanced herbs, delicate bowls of vegetables expertly sliced into floral shapes, spice-infused soups, and the pièce de résistance, a fantastical chocolate and sugar cookie dragon that takes pride of place in the centre of the table, standing almost as tall as a man. Many hours of hard work and extensive preparation along with a full company of chefs were required for this centrepiece, exquisitely detailed with both dark and light chocolate. The deluge of nobles enter, chatting amongst themselves as Georgina swishes back into the kitchens to prepare for tomorrow’s feast... Connection An aspiring culimancer may at any time pick up this magic and self-teach it after finding a book or tutor, though the help of a more experienced culimancer would be a good idea. While it is recommended that the user be an already accomplished chef, this is not mandatory; such skills may be self-taught or learned from an experienced chef alongside the meditative reach into one’s inner self. Once the novice culimancer has begun training, they will need to focus their thoughts inwards in a state of concentration. It may take several months before they are able to even briefly touch upon their innate mana pool, and they may find that doing so leaves them fatigued and frustrated. This can be considered meditation, akin to using an inner limb that has never been tested nor exercised. As the culimancer progresses through the tiers they find that tapping into this internal mana pool becomes easier over time, until they have no trouble in performing tasks. Gorog, apprentice to the Grubgoth of Krugmar, grumbles as his master sends a slap across the top of Gorog’s bald green head again. After many hours he has still only managed to make the spoon flap aggressively within the steaming pot, sending the Grubgoth’s trademark Elf Ear Soup splattering across the already filthy kitchen. “Wazte zoup, will lat? How am mi goin’ to feed da boyz if lat keep flappin’ da zpoon like a krazed jabbernack?” he growls, shoving Gorog out of the way. He touches the spoon, sending a dash of bright mana flickering through it as he mutters a prayer to Glutros. At once the spoon behaves itself, stirring the pot in a mild fashion. Gorog sighs, and decides to have a crack at animating the knife to chop the mighty wildebeest donated by the hunters of Lur. What could possibly go wrong? Tiers T1 - The student chef cannot use abilities, and instead requires intense studying of flavours, seasoning, and practise of internal focus. T2 - The apprentice chef is now able to use abilities, to the degree specified. They require three emotes of channeling to do even the simplest of ability. T3 - The journeyman chef is now able to choose a specialisation and imbue their first tool. In these early days, it may be changed at any time before they hit T4. The student does not require someone to teach them the specialisation; they may pursue it themselves. They require two emotes of channeling per ability. T4 - The learned chef is now able to perform a wider range of feats. They require one emote of channeling per ability. T5 - A true master chef is capable of the most impressive feats of culimancy. They may choose an additional specialisation and subsequent tool. They require one emote of channeling to perform two simultaneous abilities. Abilities TL;DR Perfection - Providing they apply tender loving care to their dishes, culimancers can produce near-perfection on a plate. Those who specialise in a specific form of culimancy take this a step further, creating dishes that even the most stone-hearted of food critics will adore, depending on their personal tastes. Enhancement - A learned chef can utilise enhanced herbs as bases for many foods. Different herbs can attain different mild effects based on their combinations. Manipulation - The ability to move and prepare ingredients with ease. Conjurement - Create something spectacular from a set of ingredients. Cannot create something larger than the sum of its parts. Evocation - A culimancer is able to imbue their dishes with a trace of magic that pulls forth happy memories associated with that dish. For obvious reasons, this usually works best for dishes that people have had before in situations that made them feel happy. Specialisation - At T3 and T5, the culimancer is able to choose one specialisation from a short list, and can imbue a tool with mana. When they choose the specialisation they must contact a member of the ST who will update their MA. Abilities Expanded Manipulation At T2 the culimancer gains a grasp on extending their mana to animate objects to perform simple tasks for them such as chopping vegetables, stirring pots, and maintaining the temperature of foods. Temperature control can be used to keep ice products and hot meals steady before serving. It can also be used to keep the temperature of an oven or stove steady when making products such as jams that require a certain temperature. T2 - Allows manipulation of one object. The prepared products are of an adequate quality, though those with an eye for food will easily notice the unevenness of the cuts. Able to chop small fruit and vegetables such as carrots, apples, lemons, peppers, etc.. Unable to remove waste products such as rinds and seeds. Cannot maintain the temperature of foods. T3 - Allows manipulation of one object. The prepared products are good, and are mostly the desired size. Able to chop medium sized meats, fruits, and vegetables such as the average steak, aubergines, yellow melons, etc.. Able to poorly remove waste products such as rinds and seeds. Can roughly maintain the temperature of foods, with a margin of error. T4 - Allows manipulation of up to two different objects at once. The prepared products are near-perfect, and none but the most finicky of diners will notice any imperfections. Able to chop most things, providing they are not larger than a single block. Able to mostly remove waste products such as rinds and seeds. Can maintain the temperature of foods. T5 - Allows manipulation of up to three different objects at once. The prepared products are perfect, bearing no imperfections or wonkily sized chunks. Able to chop all manner of products. Able to perfectly remove waste products such as rinds and seeds. Can maintain the temperature of foods. Specialisation+ - Allows manipulation of up to three different objects at once. The prepared products are perfect, bearing no imperfections or wonkily sized chunks. Able to chop all manner of products. Able to perfectly remove waste products such as rinds and seeds. Can maintain the temperature of foods. Can only be used for the chosen specialisation. Culimancers at T3 onwards can also apply a variety of changes to finished dishes, such as; Heat: Spiciness or mildness. Texture: Smooth, lumpy, chewy, stringy, pretty much anything you want. Flavour: Improved or trashed. Your choice. Redlines Food is never harmful. Doesn’t make food so good that someone dies because why? Basically don’t kill or hurt anyone or chop living people up or things like that. Manipulation done with your chosen specialisation tool is 1 tier above your current tier with all other tools. This cannot exceed T5. Use common sense when applying changes to food. Don’t make meat the consistency of water, or make vegetables as hard as a lump of wood, or add high spiciness to foods that don’t even contain any spice at all. Enhancement A mortar and pestle, for enhancing herbs There are some specific herbs and spices that may be enhanced to have specific magical properties, which are imbued into the food they are used to create. All others are grouped by their flavour profile. These evoke emotions in whoever eats the final creation, but cannot overwhelm them to the point that this is all they feel. It may provide temporary relief to those suffering, or work as a boost to those desiring a certain outcome. While the use of these herbs in cooking can provide enjoyable effects, they will only be able to give those effects while the food is no more than 30 IRL minutes old. However, an experienced Culimancer can prepare small packages of enhanced seasoning that can be added to meals by others. These packages last for one IRL week before they lose their potency. These meals can be highly sought after by those who seek comfort through food. For example, a leader may desire a boost of resolve and inner strength before making a speech to the people, while a person suffering from a bout of sadness may request a boost of happiness and contentment. All herbs have the ability to be enhanced to help with very minor illnesses. These illnesses include indigestion and other minor digestive issues, headaches, generic body aches, and minor colds and flus. These are symptom aids rather than cures, and do not speed recovery. T2 - One enhanced seasoning may be combined in a single dish, and only one effect can be drawn from it. Dishes containing enhanced herbs and spices may feed up to five people. Limited to two enhanced dishes per day. May create one package of enhanced seasoning every two IRL days. T3 - One enhanced seasoning may be combined in a single dish, and one effect can be drawn from each seasoning. Dishes containing enhanced herbs and spices may feed up to ten people. Limited to four enhanced dishes per day. May create one package of enhanced seasoning every IRL day. T4 - Three enhanced seasonings may be combined in a single dish, and one effect can be drawn from each seasoning. Dishes containing enhanced herbs and spices may feed up to fifteen people. Limited to six enhanced dishes per day. May create two packages of enhanced seasoning every IRL day. T5 - Four enhanced seasonings may be combined in a single dish, and one effect can be drawn from each seasoning. Dishes containing enhanced herbs and spices may feed up to twenty people. Limited to eight enhanced dishes per day. May create three packages of enhanced seasoning every IRL day. Specialisation+ - Four enhanced seasonings may be combined in a single dish of their specialisation, and may have a maximum total of six effects. Dishes of their specialisation containing enhanced herbs and spices may feed up to twenty five people. May create an unlimited amount of enhanced dishes per day, if they are covered by the specialisation. May create three packages of enhanced seasoning every IRL day. Can only be used for the chosen specialisation. Redlines Seasonings enhanced with healing ability cannot close wounds, mend broken bones, or help with serious agonising pain. These are like herbal remedies in general; only mildly useful, and usually psychological. While you can technically eat a package of enhanced seasoning as-is, it only applies effects once combined with ingredients and made into a dish. The week’s hunt had been a resounding success. For the small encampment of wood elves, nothing beat the first hot meal after days of slogging it out in the wilds. Arenya, their herbmaster and provisioner, had been working through the day tending to her pantry, sorting through the large array of dried herbs and spices. Only the best mixture could go onto the large deer the lads had hunted, and so she readied her mortar and pestle. She tips in a generous amount of small salt rocks and dried black peppercorns, carefully grinding them down into naught but a fine dust before adding a few dried rosemary leaves. ‘For protection, energy, and comfort’ she thinks to herself, a faint smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as she draws deep from her inner mana reserves, sending a flicker down her hand into the mortar. She grinds the mixture together, whispering a prayer to the Aspects along with her thanks before setting it aside. Her hands clap together as she eyes the large hunk of venison, readying herself for a long evening of cooking and feasting. Seasonings The list of seasonings, and their possible effects. Rosemary - Inner strength, comfort, zest for life. Basil - Peace of mind, sense of freedom, healthiness. Peppercorns - Energetic, protectiveness, boldness. Cumin - Confidence, strength of mind, resolve. Turmeric - May draw from any effects. Cinnamon - Comfort, happiness, calmness. Ginger - Boldness, zest for life, positivity. Allspice - Positivity, resolve, protectiveness. Aniseed - Happiness, comfort, healthiness. Salt - May draw from any effects. Thyme - Inner strength, peace of mind, healthiness. Garlic - May draw from any effects. Mint - Zest for life, healthiness, sense of freedom. Vanilla - Clarity of mind, calmness, purity. For seasonings not listed, there are flavour profiles: Spicy: Boldness, sense of freedom, energetic. Bitter: confidence, protectiveness, calmness. Sweet: Comfort, peace of mind, happiness. Citrus: Healthiness, zest for life, positivity. Salty:Inner resolve, purity, healthiness. Sour: Clarity of mind, energetic, Inner strength. Umami: Boldness, inner strength, resolve. Meanings Inner strength - The affected person feels greater belief in their own ideas, morals, and decisions. Comfort - The affected person feels comfortable and safe, so long as the situation allows such. Zest for life - The affected person feels a renewed vigour and enthusiasm. Peace of mind - The affected person feels a relief from any worries that may trouble them. Sense of freedom - The affected person realises their ability to do anything they want, culture permitting. Healthiness - The affected person feels a relief from any sense of malaise or illness. This does not cure illnesses, nor does it provide physical relief from symptoms. It is a state of mind. Energetic - The affected person feels energised, as though they could run a mile. Does not actually grant the ability to run a mile. Resolve - The affected person feels a strength in their resolve, reinforcing their own determination. Boldness - The affected person feels more determined to take actions that they desire to do but may not have the courage for. Positivity - The affected person almost radiates positive energy and optimism, as though nothing could get them down. Purity - The affected person feels a desire to continue to strive for their idea of purity, whatever that may mean to them personally. An orc may feel purity is in their urge to fight, whereas a zealous human may feel prayer is their purity. Protectiveness - The affected person feels motivated to protect the things important in their life, such as their family, friends, or nation. Happiness - The affected person feels happier, and more at ease with life. Calmness - The affected person feels at ease and unburdened by troubles or panic. Confidence - The affected person feels more confident in themselves, their beliefs, and their choices in life thus far, providing they don’t regret them. Redlines No amount of magic food can cause someone to behave in a way that they normally would not. For example, eating something that applies Comfort will not make them feel safe if they are being attacked. These effects have no physical attributes; it is all mental. Do not force effects on people. Inform them OOCly of what you have imbued the food with, and let them decide. Perfection As a culimancer hits T3 they discover that should any of their meals have even a hint of mana usage, such as using Manipulation to prepare part of it, it is of higher quality than it would have been without any input. This is a passive ability that requires no channeling, and is always active without needing to be channeled. Use this as an incentive to put that little bit of extra ‘oomph’ and effort into your fabulous cooking emotes. In a small high elven house on the edge of the city, a cup of tea brewed. This was no ordinary tea, though. Precise and loving care had been put into the growth of the tea leaves, picked by hand and gently brewed at the optimal temperature to create a sweet beverage with silk- soft notes of rose and apple. Laethon was, as always, pleased with the results. Since his year-long tutelage under the mysterious wandering chef, his proficiency in the culinary arts had come forth in leaps and bounds. His slender hands slipped around the smooth ceramic mug, raising it to his lips to take a brief and refined sip, tastebuds almost dancing with joy at the rich and varied flavours that washed over his palate. He smiled; a genuine and peaceful expression washing over his features as the troubles of the day faded fast. Redlines Don’t force this effect on people. PM them and inform them of what may happen when they eat it, and let them decide how to RP it out. Requires OOC consent. Conjurement A chocolate sculpture of a dragon The ability to swirl mashed potato into dramatic and impressive shapes has long been thought to be a myth; but no longer! A Culimancer may twist their more freeform dishes into static shapes and sculptures for dramatic effect, perfect for that planned fancy banquet. There are almost no limitations to what form food can take, providing it is able to maintain its shape. You may not make statues from liquids. Soft solids such as mashed potato can be whipped into most forms, but will collapse if they defy gravity. Solids such as chocolate can be any shape providing it is structurally sound. For those less inclined to be fancy, Conjurement can also be simply used to mix a salad or combine ingredients together swiftly. T4 - May create small and basic shapes such as circles/spheres, squares/cubes, triangles/pyramids, etc. T5 - May create more fanciful shapes, but lacks perfect detail. Specialisation+ - May create truly impressive shapes with detail. Can only be used for the chosen specialisation. Redlines Shouldn’t have to be said but like… No food guillotines or anything else that can be used to kill people. Evocation A master culimancer is able to send a small pinch of mana into their dishes, filling it with good intent and well-wishes. With the first bite the diner is whisked away in a flood of pleasant memories, hopefully giving them a sense of peacefulness and nostalgic joy. This only really has any effect on dishes that the diner had during positive moments of their life, such as a beloved parent’s cooking, or a meal made by a close friend or spouse. T5: Imbues a finished meal with well-wishes and a pinch of mana, which allows the diner to retrieve old pleasant memories. Can affect a soup or stew or other bulk meals, but only affects up to ten people. Redlines Do not force someone to feel these effects. PM them with the information that their dish has been enhanced in this way, and let them choose how to RP it. Cannot be used to render someone unconscious. Gerald, notable town miser and all-round embodiment of the stereotypical grouchy old man, had allowed his precious daughter to finally coax him out of the house for a meal. After much begging and pleading of nonsense along the lines of ‘You haven’t left the house in a year!’ and ‘It’s your granddaughter’s wedding party!’, he had finally succumbed and begrudgingly agreed. Glowering around the packed restaurant, he regarded the overly happy diners with contempt. ‘Darn kids, dragging me around.’ he thought to himself, rolling his eyes. ‘Back in my day, we respected our elders!’ He had ordered the plainest thing on the menu; a beef stew with fluffy dumplings. It didn’t take long before the food inevitably arrived, and he let out a ‘harrumph!’ at it. It was a simple stew, nothing fancy; chunks of beef with carrots and onion half-floated in the thick gravy, its surface only broken by the delicate golden-white dumplings dotted with herbs. The grumpy grandfather dipped his spoon into the bowl, and raised a meagre amount to his mouth. At the first chomp came a brief flicker of recognition, and his mind filled in the blanks. In a foggy memory his mother stood at the stove, humming an old tune he hadn’t heard in years. The thick scent of homemade stock hung in the air, with subtle notes of sweet carrot and stewed meats. He recalled being at the rough wooden table of their tiny house as a young lad, safe and warm with a full belly every night and no adult worries to trouble himself over. Gerald laid down his spoon and, under the expectant gaze of his family, smiled his first smile in weeks. Ah, sweet memories... Specialisations and Tools At T3 a culimancer may choose a specialisation to master. This should be focused on until they hit T5, at which point they surpass the jack-of-all-trades culimancers and those of a different specialisation. This should be added to their MA once chosen. Some specialisations may cross over. The tools that Culimancers use are highly personal objects. Whether freshly made or worn down from years of use, they gain a single helpful aspect to aid the culimancer in their art. A T5 culimancer may only have two tools, one for each of their specialisations. Tools can only be used by the culimancer who imbued them, as it requires their specific mana to activate. Tools may be imbued with a hefty dose of mana from the culimancer, manifesting as an aura-coloured emblem somewhere on the surface of the object. This can be any shape or size, but once set cannot be changed. They are required to channel for three emotes while whispering their wishes and desires to the object. Soup Specialisation Covers soups, stews, sauces, gravy, most anything that has a liquid base. A simple iron pot is the tool for this specialisation, and it has the ability to shrink down to a portable size for on-the-go cooking. The pot can also speed up the cooking process, creating delectable soup in a mere four emotes. Solid Specialisation Covers a wide range of products, including all meats (fish, poultry, and red meat) rice, grains, vegetables, fruit, and pulses. A knife is the preferred tool for this specialisation, and its blade is so sharp it cuts through even the toughest meat or vegetable like it was butter. The knife will not work against living beings, as it is a tool purely for the culinary arts. Juice Specialisation Covers basically any drink, including fruit/veg juices, alcohol, teas, and flavoured waters. Fancy tricks are the hallmark of many a bartender, and this metal mixology cup is no stranger to magic. The Juice Specialist Culimancer may incorporate the cup into their work, sending flickers of mana into the cup and sending it soaring in a dazzling flash of showmanship. Liquids within this cup never spill, unless the culimancer wishes them to. The sound of cheering and general high spirits bounces around the dwarf city, emanating from the tavern. Tilo grumbled, shaking back his auburn mane of hair as he traipsed into the popular establishment. Roars of laughter drift over from the bar, where the flashy bartender sends his metal mixing cup up high with a burst of silvery gold sparks, the overpoweringly strong vodka within holding steady. The cup twirls round and round like a firework, and the bartender sends a splash of cloudy apple juice upwards from a bottle to rest easily within it, not spilling a single drop. One chunky hand raises high to catch the metal cup, shaking it enthusiastically before sending the liquid soaring through the air to deftly land in each of his patrons' mugs. The group howl with enthusiasm as the bartender smirks. “I oughta get wunna them…”, Tilo thinks to himself, as he lights his pipe and settles in for another night of classic dwarf merriment. Dough Specialisation Covers any and all baked goods, including pastries, pies (but not pie fillings), breads, pastas, and cakes. May cross over with the Sweet Specialisation. A decorative (and portable) wooden box is the tool for this specialisation, through the months of focus and training the culimancer can influence the box to act as a portable oven or boiling pot for dough products. The box takes four emotes to bake a product to perfection, sending out an enticing and comforting scent as it does so. Sweet Specialisation Covers most anything sweet, and may cross over with the Dough Specialisation. Includes chocolate, cookies, gelatin, sweets, and cakes. Any sweets based culimancer worth their weight in sugary goodness is known for their whisk, so it’s no surprise this is the tool for them. The whisk is able to animate itself and swiftly beat together the most ornery of ingredients, and makes a smooth batter, icing, ganache, etc. in two emotes. In addition to this, it can also decorate sweets without intervention from the culimancer! As all specialisations have the same tier guide, they are written once here to avoid a whole lot of copy/pasting and rereading. T3 - For ingredients that fall under their specialisation, they may cast at T4 instead of T3. When using their specialisation tool, they may use one less emote than otherwise required. Capped at one emote minimum. They may clear out some impurities in their ingredients, such as making alcohol a little purer or vegetables a little fresher. T4 - For ingredients that fall under their specialisation, they may cast at T5 instead of T4. When using their specialisation tool, they may use one less emote than otherwise required. Capped at one emote minimum. They may clear out most impurities in their ingredients, such as tough gristle in meat or bubbles in dough. T5 - May create an unlimited amount of enhanced dishes per day, if they are covered by the specialisation. Capped at the usual T5 one emote cast. They may clear out almost all impurities in their ingredients. Soup has perfectly harmonised flavours, meat and vegetables are succulent and tender, alcohol and juices are clear with crisp bite and sweetness, doughs are perfectly and evenly risen, and sweet treats have an impeccable balance between depth of flavour and melt-in-the-mouth goodness. Redlines Do not swap specialisation after it has been written on your MA. You cannot use the tools of other culimancers, as it is unique to each person. Tools cannot be used for malicious purposes. ((I wanted to do spoilers and make it look nice and stuff but the forums decided to put a gigantic white wall where the spoilers were so screw that)) I forgot to add some credits for the good people of LotC so: Archipegelo for being nice Sorcerio (Pund) for inspiring me and letting me use his spells Haunter3 for giving me good ideas Frott for being a nitpicking bawbag Zadie and Whimsy and others for proofreading Rift for telling me to make this a priority project All the players, new and old, for being the kind of people who deserve this
  3. The Spirits Greater Elementals The first six spirits are the only ones able to be contacted; the last eight cannot be pacted with, spoken to, or interacted with in any way. Skathach - Spirit of fire, depicted as a burning wolf. Akathro - Spirit of water, depicted as a half woman half fish. Bregthar - Spirit of earth, depicted as an aged stone behemoth. Fiarza - Spirit of air, depicted as an agile woman adorned in feathers, able to shift shape into any flying animal. Kulthark - Spirit of metal, depicted as a hollow suit of armor that can shift shape into a variety of forms. Neizdark - Spirit of storm, depicted as a mass of thundering clouds that can take on any shape. Binazdar - Spirit of Light, depicted as a bright white cat, the brother of Radzanib. Radzanib - Spirit of Dark, depicted as a jet black cat, the brother of Binazdar. Fanzra - Spirit of Chaos, depicted as a hydra that never ceases to move its heads, the brother of Andrif. Andrif - Spirit of Order, depicted as an aged and calm dragon, the brother of Fanzra. Ringat - Spirit of Life, depicted as a white wolf, brother of Tagnir, they are always seen chasing each others tails. Tagnir - Spirit of Death, depicted as a black wolf, brother of Ringat, they are always seen chasing each others tails. Omnizan - Spirit of Space, depicted as a red snake, intertwined with its partner Sandru. Also take the form of a colossus wielding a shield made of the universe. Sandru - Spirit of Time, depicted as a blue snake, intertwined with its partner Omnizan. Also takes the form of a colossus wielding a staff made of all time. Immortal Spirits The Immortal Spirits each reside in their own portion of the spirit realm, and cannot interact with other spirits or deities. Each portion contains a Greater Immortal, and a multitude of Lesser Immortals. Greaters Votar - Spirit of the hunt Appears as a giant half-wolf-half-stag with a bloodied snout. Governs the art of hunting and is often praised by offering tribute in the form of hunting trophies. Freygoth – Spirit of the wild, animal instinct, and beasts Appears as any natural creature. Enrohk - Spirit of bloodlust, savagery, and war Appears as a berserker covered in blood. Vulka - Spirit of warfare, strategy, and siegecraft Appears as a woman made of bronze that is always preparing for war. Jevex - Spirit of order, hard work, and self-sacrifice Appears as a humanoid composed of interlocking gears. Enemy of Shezept. Shezept - Spirit of revenge, plots, and stealth Appearing as a woman with the lower body of a snake. It rewards those that tell it their darkest plots and secrets. Has a fascination for personal vendettas. Ixli - Spirit of forbidden knowledge, truth, and judgement Appearing as a giant staring eye. It provides knowledge at the cost of sanity. Ogrol - Spirit of despair, sapped strength, and entrapment Appears as a large cage full of writhing bodies. It attempts to lock all who summon him away in its prison. Kor - Spirit of the dead Appears as a cloaked man with a bony open hand and a lantern. Unique in that he has a method of being outside the Immortal Plane in order to guide the souls of the departed to the Ancestral Plane. He is the gatekeeper of Stargûsh’Stroh. Ankrus - Spirit of the sea, marine life, and sea-faring Appears as a aquatic woman wielding a trident. Said to bless ships of honour in their oversea journey, though is without mercy for ships that dare defy its will. Arwa - Spirit of fertility, harvest, and farming Appears as a plump female made of hay. Anyhuluz - Spirit of destruction, malicious intent, and internal strife Appears as a warrior covered in open wounds. Akezo – Spirit of health, vitality, and healing Appears as a winged serpent surrounded by a blue aura. Paxahru - Spirit of arrogance and stupidity Appears as a boasting fool. Ublulhar - Spirit of hope and new beginnings Appears as an entling bursting from the ground. Ghorza - Spirit of travel, movement, commerce, and fortune both bad and good Appears as an old traveller with a walking stick, with various fetishes attached. Rolfizh - Spirit of murder, the clandestine, and poison Appears as a dagger-bearing figure made of shadow. Trokorl - Spirit of engineering, machinery and construction Appears as a pile of building materials and metal that can take any shape. Luara - Spirit of the moon Appears as a pale white wolf. Kezt - Spirit of honour and bravery Appears as a bright silver hoplite. Ramakhet - Spirit of the desert, barren lands, and sand. It is never seen and therefore is only represented by its name. Sworn to scour the world of all life at the end of time. Krathol - Spirit of pain, suffering and starvation Appears as a skeletal vulture, endlessly picking at its bones. Gazigash - Spirit of blood, bones, and flesh Appears as a woman made of blood adorned with bone jewellery. Veist - Spirit of illusion, tricks, and thievery Appears as a faceless man with a thousand arms. Glutros - The spirit of greed and obesity Appears as a large serpent coiled around a pile of gold and treasure. Thulezia - Spirit of lust, pleasure, and beauty Appearing as a succubus-like creature who shifts between male, female, or both. Will attempt to lure all who summon it into temptation and seduction. If it succeeds it will entrap them. Isuz - Spirit of love, caring, and tranquility Appearing as an Aengul that brings warmth to every beating heart. Kinul - Spirit of disease, pestilence, and failure Appears as a wailing man with limbs constantly growing then falling off due to necrosis. Urin - Spirit of weather, seasons, and climate Appearing as a raven that changes colour and temperament with the seasons. Kesaroth - Spirit of envy, hatred, and jealousy Appears as a golden bull. Leyd - Spirit of dominance and physical strength Appears as a strong man with burned off skin and blackened flesh. Scorthuz - Spirit of cleansing, purity and purging Appears as a watery mass that takes many forms. Aztran - Spirit of the sun, stars, and the ethereal Appears as a deep purple and orange Qing Long. Theruz - Spirit of intelligence and learning Appears as a wise old teacher. Sibling of Betharuz. Betharuz -Spirit of alcohol, cactus green and celebration Appearing as a jovial young man, in direct contrast to his sibling, Theruz. Velkumezt - Spirit of cities, settlements, and the law Appearing as a giant carrying a hammer. With a single smash he can erect a city around him. Gentharuz - Spirit of smithing, smelting, industry and forging Appearing as a huge swirl of matter in the shape of a man’s torso, hammering a cosmic anvil. Ikuras - Spirit of fear and insanity Appears as a dark void with tendrils creeping out. Often likes to pretend it is a daemon. Brimztra - Spirit of creativity, art, and music Appears as a blank page that fills and empties itself with words, music notes, and art. Drelthok - Spirit of sleeping and dreams Appears as a drowsy bear. Eathruz - Spirit of dawn and dusk Appears as a red woman able to transform into a fury red hawk. Kotrestruu - Spirit of memory and the recording of knowledge Appears as a wizened old man made up of scripture. Is known to carry a vial that acts as a canister of memories taken from mortals. Letrothak -Spirit of hindsight, warnings, and excuses Appears as a small man with a head completely covered in eyes. Xaakt - Spirit of rebellion Appears as a ghastly figure that can take on any form it wants. Etna - Spirit of melancholy and depression Appears as a sluggish six-legged donkey. Âmul – Spirit of wisdom and foresight Appears as a robed figure bearing two carved tablets with ever-changing words on them. One bears the wisdom of elders, the other bears warnings of the future. Dazkur - Spirit of protection and loyalty Appears as a large man in steel armor, carrying nothing but a shield. Notable Lessers Laklul - Spirit of swamps and swamp life Lesser under Freygoth. Appears as a large pale yellow toad-like creature. Jezdurka - Spirit of lesser dragonkin (dragons, drakes, wyverns, etc) Lesser under Freygoth. Appears as a red and white dragon. Levaz - Spirit of slaves and slavery Lesser under Leyd. Appears as a man with robes made of chains with a train of slaves following. Zagbal - Spirit of jungles and the wildlife native to it. Lesser under Freygoth. Appears as a gorilla with a crocodile's head. Eques - Lesser Immortal Spirit of Dignity and Gallantry under Kezt Appears as a mysterious figure dressed in clad iron armor. Kaas - Lesser Immortal Spirit of reconnaissance, stealth, and secrecy, under Vulka Appears as a purple-scaled python. Kaa contrasts to Shezept, as the intentions of Shezept are for personal vengeance, whereas the actions that Kaa oversees are for the purposes of warfare and the taking of bad actions for the greater good. Greater Ancestral Spirits While all Ancestral spirits are able to be contacted, the less known are not listed here as it includes all ancient deceased worshippers of the spirits. This list is for the truly ancient orcs of eons past, and can be added to with other long-dead orcs of Krug’s era. Krug - The first and greatest Shaman. Due to his greatness in life, he is an exceptionally powerful ancestral. Lur - Said to be the greatest hunter in history. Rax - Said to be the greatest warrior of all time. Gorkil - Known as a great military strategist and tactician. His firstborn son, Angbad, created the Gorkil clan. Braduk - Famed as a great chieftain. Dom - Said to be an exceptional shaman, second only to Krug. Ugluk - Third born kub of Gorkil, renowned as a great warrior. Azog - Said to be the greatest smith in history. Third son of Gorkil. Kurak - Also known as the wolf of Lur. Tor - Also known as the Fist of Lur, renown for his calm, collective intellect and physical strength. Trickster - Trickster of Lur, he was renowned for his subterfuge. His skills at deception and diversion were so great his identity was unknown. Bralkor - The Axe of Lur, known for his great resistance to physical damage. Jarkun - The Sword of Lur, known for strength combined with dexterity and speed. Yar - Descended from Dom (though this is not recorded), known for his great wisdom and spirituality. Yaggo - Sometimes called the greatest rider of all time. Dregort - The greatest boat builder and captain to have ever lived, legend holds his mother was Ankrus herself. Grumbag - Known in life as a great builder, he is the patron of all Yazgars. Vargo - Known for being a great alchemist. Notable Lesser Ancestral Spirits This list is for all notable spirit worshippers who have done enough to get them noticed on the ancestral plane. Good leaders of communities are more likely to be listed here, if their deeds are impressive enough. These ancestral spirits have the ability to offer their blessing or imbue their curse to those who visit them, and must be RPd (or have permission to be RPd by) the original player. Kharak [Smawton] - An exceptional Orcish Rex who created the world's greatest ever tribute to a Spirit in the form of the Orgonic plague. Known for his exceptional spirituality and leadership. Phaedrus [CosmicWhaleShark] - Liberator of the Wood Elves, and first Elven Rex of the War Uzg as well as a great shaman. Renowned for his honour, wisdom, integrity and tenacity. Khel [Baconthief] - One of the greatest mali'ker to live, he lifted his people out from the abyss. He is renowned for his frightful ferocity paired with a cunning mind. Arganos [FactCore] - A superb party goer and thrower, and a maestro in the art of entertainment and celebration. Renowned for his skill in acrobatics and many musical instruments, a true patron of Betharuz. Jiub [Sky] - An immense figure who founded the Div'cruan. Known for his strength, honour, and bravery. Delilah [Decolamb] - A matriarchal figure to the dark elves during the time of Thales and early Athera, her love and care brought many dark elves into the fold and gave them purpose. Grubgoth Wud [Grubgoth_Wud] - A notoriously savage olog of a tremendous height and weight, and an uncannily skillful chef. Notably Grubgoth of the War Uzg under a myriad of Rexes, and Keshig under the plague-bringer Kharak’Raguk. For a brief period, he commanded his own clan of ologs. Skalp’Raguk [Minagobbler] - A red-skinned orc who rose to Rexdom at the tender age of 12, and united his brothers through a long, popular, and successful Rexdom. His final act of devotion to his people was to take his own life via an explosive vest in the Dwarven throne room, along with that of several dwarves in an act of retribution.
  4. They are native to savannah biomes, so yeah they’re around those areas
  5. https://i.gyazo.com/ff19145cb362a6b496493866c5df62a6.mp4 -1 pls pm me and offer reimbursement for the eye surgery I need after the egregious usage of spoilers
  6. The Arcasian Emperor Tortoise (Finally rehashed and resubmitted with extra clarifications) (source for art: https://deepskystudios.com/project/portland-concept-art-production-design-services/ ) Brief summary, habitat, and origins A species of large tortoise native to the savannas of Arcas. Totally mundane origins. May be found on future islands. Temperament The Arcasian Emperor Tortoise is generally docile, but defensive in temperament. More-or-less what you’d expect of a tortoise. It will not attack in combat, but is likely to retreat inside its shell if attacked. The only time it will deliberately lash out at a person is if they shove their arm inside the shell and close to the tortoise’s head. Their bite is not strong enough to sever an arm, but may cause severe pain and broken bones. Description Herbivorous and generally not aggressive, the Arcasian Emperor Tortoise’s first response to danger is to retreat into its iron-hard shell. Should this fail, the Emperor Tortoise possesses a set of powerful jaws, ideal for chomping on the hands of fools who refuse to respect the sanctity of its protective home. In general, however, this tortoise is docile, with the exception of competing males forced to share territory. In such cases, the males can become aggressive toward each other and even attack one another, sometimes resulting in serious injury. Commonly, one will even try to flip the other over on its back and leave it there to die of thirst and starvation. As a tortoise, the Emperor Tortoise is long-lived and grows throughout its life. Living to a maximum of 500 years, the Emperor has plenty of time to reach awe-inspiring sizes. Most adults grow to be roughly six blocks long and four blocks wide with a height of 3 blocks, though the maximum size they may reach is 4 blocks high, eight blocks long, and five blocks wide. This size can only be achieved by a tortoise kept in captivity and over the age of 300. At its largest size, the strong and stout Arcasian Emperor Tortoise is capable of carrying up to three people at a time, including their belongings. A common method of determining the age of these tortoises is by judging their size and the abundance of scars upon their shells; many male tortoises will engage in fights over territory, and may inflict scars upon each other’s shells and limbs. Tortoises are represented by a build. In the wild a tortoise may not be sexually mature or capable of producing fertile eggs until 15 to 20 years of age. In captivity, should one seek to keep them captive for whatever reason, sexual maturity can be achieved from approximately 8 or 10 years of age. The Emperor Tortoise is not difficult to keep, although strongly dislikes being kept in a small area. It will ram fences and walls if it is not given enough space to roam and graze. An ideal compound would be ten times as big as the length of its shell. Their coloration varies between shades of gray, brown, or beige. Their diet consists mainly of grass and bushes, though the largest of them have been known to crane their necks into the trees, even chomping down whole branches at times. In addition to their usual diet, they also commonly swallow stones to aid in digestion. As all tortoises, the Arcasian Emperor is extremely slow, moving at a steady, even gate across its arid home. The females tend to lay and bury large clutches of eggs, many of which are likely to fall prey to various predators. Their natural predators include wild dogs, badgers, and occasionally wild pigs which at times dig up their tasty eggs. Wolf packs and other large pack predators, from time to time, manage to take down the more average-sized adults. Those which make it to the more colossal sizes tend to be too large for anything short of proper monsters. Red Lines They’re slow. Like, painfully slow. They’re not combative/aggressive, though they are defensive. Cannot sever extremities despite IRL tortoises being able to. Will not attack to defend anyone or anything except itself, and even then only when someone shoves their hand up against its head while it is hiding. Can’t swim. General tortoise limitations. No fighting on top of tortoises. Get off the damn shell.
  7. Minecraft IGN: DarkSainthood Discord Username: Leonie#4343 Link to example(s) of past work:
  8. Press F to pay respects to baby turtles. F
  9. Len breathes the faintest sigh of relief upon hearing from others that her once-tormentor has passed.
  10. I mean if someone is stupid enough to put their leg near a very slow tortoise’s mouth they deserve to have a leg broken imo
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    A Map of Arcas

    Absolutely beautiful my dude, good job! ?
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