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War Rules

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Hello! Welcome to Wars, starting with the first mechanic of the new system, Casus Bellis and War-points. All Casus Bellis starting on Saturday the 13th of April at 7:00am PST will count towards the war-points system. All Casus Bellis before this date won’t be considered.


To give a quick easy rundown, this functions like the former CB system with a few tweaks. CBs will grant a nation a set amount of “War Points” to allocate towards the various “War Goals” or objectives within a conflict. These range from things like nation leader removal to eventual conquest, balanced in a way to encourage conflicts between nations that are not absolute.


There are two types of wars with this new system, Justified and Offensive Wars.


Justified Wars are essentially wars that require three separate CBs themselves to achieve, which basically open up the potential of the war system to be limitless in what you can do in a conflict.


Offensive Wars are ways nations can attack others without trying to ‘fish’ for CBs or the OOC restrictions that are carried with our current system. There is a strict limitation of what you can actually perform in these offensive wars and is there to hopefully phase in the idea of mutual respect and civility when embroiled in conflict.

Casus Bellis


Demands (5 War Points x 2)

This CB allows for Nation X to demand a tile influence, land influence, or resources of Nation Y. If the demand is refused, it allows for the demanding nation to gain a Subjugation CB against Nation Y


A Forum Post or an RP declaration made by the Leadership of the Nation is required to prove a demand.

This does not include the capital.

Resources are defined as (Materials, Minas etc.)


The amount demanded must be within reason, if a dispute arises verifying the legitimacy of the claims, a verdict will be made by Moderation Staff.


(This CB can be only claimed twice in the 60 day period. Further subjugation/demands cannot be enforced through this CB. You cannot replace subjugation demands until they expire from 60 days from initial claim)


Attack on Leadership (10 War Points x 2)

If the Leadership of Nation Y is attacked by Nation X, and they have reason to believe this was organised by Nation X. They are granted the ‘Assault on Leadership’ CB.

(This expires every 60 days)


This only will apply if the said leadership are not doing unjustifiable acts upon the territory they were attacked in. (Such as committing crimes or harassing others that are not part of their nation).


If the PRO is attacked on their land or neutral territory, where they are NOT committing villainous acts. Then Warpoints are doubled.


Leadership is defined as PRO, RO or Military Leadership or anyone designated as such on a forum post.


Rewards 10 War points. (Maximum of 20)


Aiding an Enemy (15 War Points)

Nation X believes there is probable cause that Nation Y is offering assistance to their enemies through materials, weapons, manpower, military assistance, or anything that will benefit them.

(Expires 60 days after first declaration of assistance)


This includes support for coup d'etats through items mentioned below


Rivalry / Grudge (5 x 5)

Nation X declares a rivalry upon Nation Y. These can be done through official declarations on the forums or in racial systems. (Book of Grudges). These include denouncements and other actions that would deem the said nations as enemies.

(Denouncements, unless specified will only last 60 days. Raids will be valid for 60 days after they finish)


Rivalries must be reciprocated, otherwise these denouncements hold no ground if a party does not take offence to them.


Also if Nation Y has organised aggressive claims or raids towards Nation X. The defender of the raids are granted 5 war points per raid held against the said nation.


Denouncements are further defined as declaring or proclaiming negative connotations, such as declaring heirs to a house or throne illegitimate or slandering political officials/leadership. This is heavily subjective and will require a verdict from the Moderation Team.


Rewards 5 War Points Per Claim. (Forum post verifying intent of Rivalry/Declaration.)


Rewards 5 War Points Per Raid. (Must be recorded with specific times and provided to the moderation team for verification)



Retribution - (Specified Below)

Retribution is a CB granted to an opposing faction which has lost a war recently, or by an outside faction allied to the losers before the war. The Retribution CB requires for some harsh payment or outcome made in the war lost.


This can only be used for 90 days after the war is declared over

Conquer (30 War Points)

Plunder (20 War Points)

Pillage (10 War Points)

Humiliate (0 War Points)



Betrayal -  (Specified Below)

This CB is granted when Nation X breaks the pacts of Nation Y before the said dates listed. These have certain severities attached to them and can only grant the total of 30 War Points in total.

Alliance Breaks (20)

Peace Treaties (30)

Trade Agreements (10)

Defensive Pacts (20)

These pact-breaks must be acted upon in 90 days or the betrayal CB becomes invalid.


Border Friction:  (5 - 30 Points)

If Nation X and Nation Y share a border, border conflicts may occur.

(Border Conflicts are valid for 60 days)


The Attacking Nation will only get 5 War Points from every Border Conflict, while the Defending Nation will gain 10 War Points.


(Border Conflicts are defined as raids against a bordering settlement. These can be either organised or lawless)


Example: If Nation X attacks Nation Y two times, Nation X will get 10 Points and Nation Y will get 20 War Points. However, if Nation Y then goes on the assault and attacks Nation X two times, Nation Y will gain 10 War Points and Nation X will gain 20 War Points. In the end they will both have 30 War Points on both sides in total.

Subject to change



Subjugated: (Special)

If Nation Y is subjugated by Nation X in any context, Vassal, Tributary, etc, they earn the ‘Subjugated’ CB.


Rewards Independence as a Wargoal.


Claims: (15 - 30 War Points)

A previously owned tile that is currently in possession of Nation Y, that once belonged to Nation X.

This CB would have no expiry date.

Claims must be documented or shown on the forums via a forum post.

This includes but is not limited to claims to land, marriages, heirs to thrones, landed titles, etc.

Alternatively, if a close relative of a Nation Leader wishes to declare their intent for the throne then they may get claimant CB due to a blood claim.

This claim passes down family members.


This CB also counts for an heir being usurped or someone having their titles stolen.


Rewards 15 - 30 War Points depending on the size of the claim.

(15 - Marriage Claim)

(20 - Bloodline Claim)

(30 - Direct Claim)


Stolen Heritage - (25 War Points)

If Nation Y has a Relic or an item of grand importance held by Nation X, that originally belonged to Nation Y, then Nation Y earns the ‘Stolen Heritage’ CB.

Further defining what a ‘Relic’ or ‘item of grand importance’ is. These items that are extremely valued by a Nation, for example, the Hammer of Urguan, Sword of Horen, the Ashwood Tree, Crown of Urguan, etc. A verdict may be given by the Moderation Team if there are disputes over the value of an item.

Any relic or item of grand importance should be submitted on the forums via the upcoming relics form, and then signed by the ST for authenticity.

Example: Nation X sponsored a group to steal Nation Y's item.

This includes obtaining it through any illegitimate means or through the auction house.

If a person resides in Nation X with the item, and Nation Y refuses to help retrieve the item, this CB can be granted against Nation Y.

Once a warclaim post is made with this CB, the relic cannot be moved from its location.

If need be, Mods will have a specially locked chests to prevent the movement of the item.

If the said nation attempts to “Evict” the chest and relic to try and gain possession of it, this CB is lost.


Rebellion  (Special)

If Nation X declares independence from Nation Y, Nation Y earns the ‘Rebellion’ CB against Nation X.

The Rebellion CB grants an automatic Conquer/Vassalise Wargoal for Nation Y if they do not allow such a split. With allowing for a justified war cost to be purchased for such.

This must be acted on in 60 days, or the rebelling vassal is granted independence automatically.


Coup D’etat (Special)

This Casus Bellis is a special one for the fact that it does not require two nations to enforce. Nation X being the overlord can be challenged by the “Pretender” for their throne if they have (RO Majority) supporting their faction.


This will be an auto-siege of the capital, where the attackers will be placed in the lower/front of the city. Defenders will have a minute then it’ll operate as a hybrid siege/skirm.


Can only be done through special circumstances at the cost of an Offensive War


Outcome will be transferring PRO to the Coup Leader and having the ability to execute the leader (PK enforced). Defender inherits such and has the ability to execute the leader of the Rebellion (PK enforced)


“Coup Operation” -

So with coups, participants will be restricted to those on the region when the warclaim goes up. Then forms will be distributed.

Siege Equipment will be available, but restricted to only explosive charges and siege ladders. There will be only 5 units available for purchase.

To successfully win the coup, defenders will either be driven out or the offensive party has occupied the seat of power which will be designated by the defending party.



Two War Styles


Justified Wars


(War Point Cap = 80)

Price - 15,000 Minas

Must provide a minimum of three CB’s to be eligible.


Independant Charters

Price - (Depending on Tiers)

Tier 3 - 10,000

Tier 2 - 7,500

Tier 1 - 5,000


Two CB’s needed to be eligible


Three wargoals available, all others unobtainable.

Conquest, Vassalise and Plunder.

If the said charter has actively made attempts of aggression towards the nation. Then the Conquest/Vassalise Wargoals are halved. (40/35 respectively).

This only applies to charters against nations. Charter v Charter are placed under the same availability as Nation v Nation



Price - 5,000


One CB needed to be eligible.

If a freebuild makes active acts of aggression towards a nation, the Conquest/Vassalise war-goal is quartered. (20/15)


If a freebuild makes active acts of aggression towards a charter, the Conquest/Vassalise war-goal is halved. (40/35)


Freebuild v Freebuild is subject to same costs.


Offensive Wars

(Only against nations)

Price - 30,000 Minas

Only certain wargoals are available for these wars, they are below. You still must satisfy the requirements of the special wargoals through any respective CB.

(Plunder, Pillage, Independance/Coup)



This is the objective behind the reasoning for the war, a Nation may only act within their allowed wargoal(s) for any actions taken on a tile. To select a Wargoal you must have a sufficient amount of War Points to use that Wargoal in the Warclaim.

Conquer -  (80 War Points) -  (Justified War Only) -(Admin Approval Required )

This is very simple, Any tiles with claims to Nation X are rewarded to the victor. Any tiles without claims once belonging to Nation Y are returned to Nation Y.


The new PRO of Nation X must notify Moderation Management if they wish to raze and/or salt any settlement within a conquered tile.


To ensure the conquer war-goal, the invading force must occupy the defending forces Capital through the usual steps. Where a field battle is made to establish a field camp and then a successful siege is made afterwards


Vassalize -  (70 War Points) (Justified War Only)

Defeated Nation Y may be vassalized by Nation X. Any treaties Nation Y had signed or alliances they were apart of, will be voided without consequence.


The conquered nation will be required to provide assistance to their overlord through reasonable monetary payments, material payments, manpower for their armies, or military assistance as requested.

This can only be requested by Nation X every 2 weeks.

If refused by Nation Y, a conquer Wargoal is automatically granted to Nation X.

The conquering nation will be required to provide room for the vassal to function as an RP hub

Moderator oversight may be requested for what a reasonable amount is.

Region Owners will not change with this Wargoal.


Plunder - (30 War Points) OFFENSIVE

Nation Y can Plunder Nation X for a set total of 30,000 minas and 50% of their ‘national’ storage. (This is defined as house storage, and palace storage within the walls of the area. Mass movement of items pre-pillage is not allowed) (Will be changed to an increased Mina Demand if the plugin/addition is not created in time. Raised to 45k if so.)

This Plunder period will last 1 IRL hour after the war is ended and the Capital is occupied. Where players can move items and otherwise do damage towards buildings (This must be overseen by a moderator and done through roleplay).

70% of buildings must be left intact, with the destruction of two “Major” buildings allowed. (Cathedrals, town halls, etc.)


If the Plundered Nation cannot pay the 30,000 minas sum, then they are unable to declare wars or make pacts until it is paid. This is represented as the nation being too unstable to function.

(Can only be done to a Nation once every 3 months)



Pillage (15 War Points) OFFENSIVE + JUSTIFIED

Nation Y can Pillage Nation X for a set total of 15,000 minas and 25% of their ‘national’ storage. (This is defined as house storage, and palace storage within the walls of the area. Mass movement of items pre-pillage is not allowed) (Will be changed to an increased Mina Demand if the plugin/addition is not created in time. Raised to 30k if so.)

This Plunder period will last 30 IRL minutes after the war is ended and the Capital is occupied. Where players can move items and otherwise do damage towards buildings. (This must be overseen by a moderator and done through roleplay).

80% of buildings must be left intact, with the destruction of one “Major” building allowed. (Cathedrals, town halls, etc.)

Lockpick rules apply for breaking doors

If the Pillaged Nation cannot pay the 15,000 minas sum, then they are unable to declare wars or make pacts until it is paid. This is represented as the nation being too unstable to function.

(Can only be done to a Nation once a month)


Humiliation (40 War Points) - Justified

When a Nation is humiliated, they lose the ability to make any pacts or alliances for 2 IRL months,

This War Goal also granted the capture of the NL upon a successful siege, where the opposing faction can either choose to (Maim, Humiliate or Remove Claims) with mostly irreversible effects. (Monk healing cannot be employed, must use RP means to repair maim and limb damage)

A Nation can only be humiliated by a faction every three months.

(Requires the Rivalry CB)


Leadership Capture - (20 War Points) - Offensive + Justified

- Nation Y will capture the NL of Nation X, additional leadership captures and people who are ROs will require a /roll 20, 16 and higher is a capture.

This War-goal can be achieved through either Field Battles or Sieges. A successful Siege will grant NL control to the opposing faction, and a successful Field Battle will allow for a roll system to capture the NL if they took part in the war claim.

(Roll 15+ to capture, under 15 they escape)



Stop Atrocities - (Justified / Special) - 40 War Points

If Nation X has committed crimes against descendant kind and/or has been tyrannical in their mannerisms. Then Nation Y is able to interfere with such. This is a special war-goal which must be proven with RP proof to the moderators to show that this is legitimate.

The Goal of this is to allow for nations to intervene on others which are doing acts against the descendants which may be deemed truly tyrannical.

(Genocide, Inciting the end of the world etc.)

This war-goal will be completed when a Nation’s capital is occupied, or if their leader is captured. This Wargoal inherits the rules of the Leadership Capture rule. They are then given to the winning nation to be dealt with however and such acts are forcefully stopped. (NL are expected to PK from such swift justice)


Retribution - (Justified) (20 War Points)

The reclamation of one’s original land. No additional land can be acquired during this time. This must be outlined through claims and land lost originally to warclaims.

This CANNOT be used for existing claims, if you were not the original owner of that land.


Independence -  (Special)

A vassal of Nation Y may openly rebel to fight for independence. All nation Y must do is reclaim at least one tile for victory. They must hold this tile for at least 30 days or remain victorious from two sieges.


Requires the “Subjugated” CB

Period of 14 days, for Nation Y to act on this. Otherwise the nation earns their independence.


Coup D’etat (Special)

Wargoal is only achievable with the Coup CB. The attacking Coup faction will siege the Nation Tile with RO majority, winning this siege will grant the faction head PRO and then the previous PRO will be held to a PK clause, where the other party can do whatever they wish. The same applies to the Defending Nation, since of the inheritance of wargoals in wars.

This is a special case wargoal and will never be available outside of the Coup D’etat CB.



The War Overview

A few guidelines will function in place of the former tile system.


Wars will now start with a field battle which will set the progression and momentum of the war. These are the steps that will be needed to do as such.


Two Field Battles in a row won

One Field Battle won at the Capital Tile

One Siege won at the Capital Tile


Naval systems of war will be allowed in the form of field battles. With the capabilities of Minecraft, these will exclusively be skirmishes between a few boats and will be compromised within a body of water. These adhere to the same system of the land progression, naval battles will not be exempt from fortifications if they are on a coastline. To establish a siege from a coastline, a landing battle will be simulated and used as the “Field Battle” portion of establishing a camp.


“Attrition System” -

If the “Invading” faction loses a battle, they will take a penalty of (5,000 minas) as punishment for losing a planned engagement.


The invading faction is determined by whose side the engagement is leading to.



Wars “formally” end when either both Nation Leaders have signed a treaty constituting a stalemate or a surrender post with terms that they can agree upon.


If any of the factions occupy the Capital tile of the opposing faction.

(Both sides inherit wargoals and can enforce them as they see fit)


Siege - Siege Camp - Field Battle #2 - Field Battle #1 - (Starting Point) - Field Battle #1 - Field Battle #2 - Siege Camp - Siege



Nation fortifications must be spaced at minimum 100 blocks from each Capital city OR other fort. These fortifications will require the siege process and be included within the battle path.


Fortifications must be RP friendly and presentable, it cannot include insta-kill or unescapable traps. Each fortification will be paid for every two field battles. All external fortifications will cost an extra 2000 minas per two field battles to simulate wartime upkeep.


If a fortification is 200 blocks away from a road, it will be valid as an extra siege target to progress to the capital if able. This allows for chokepoints and tactical placement from nations if they wish.


Fortifications are ONLY allowed with NATIONS. Charters and Freebuilds do not have enough “owned” land to successfully build such things.


Also, if a Nation has not built a fortification prior, the set up of a “temporary” fortification is allowed for a base price of 10,000 minas. This will allow them to place a fortification near their tile, even if charter limitations would not normally allow as such. This will be dismantled after the war and will be a temporary inclusion until the lands allocated through tiles are rectified.


Battle Path

Simulating from the previous system, nation leaders will provide a general pathway of where their armies will traverse. Any fortifications or allied settlements will be considered with this and add to the progression of the war.


(Dependant Charters will count as an extra siege step if included within the battle path. Same goes for any large settlement consisting of over 50x50 blocks in size.)


Each manned fortification will require a siege to move past. Armies cannot “move” through mountainpasses and other inaccessible areas in their pathing. Field battles will be scheduled in areas which make sense within the warpath and will reflect the battle after the conflict is over.


If able, the battle path will follow the general direction of roads. Otherwise it will be subject to realistic movement.




If both factions wish for it, a zone of conflict and PvP can be established with the consent of both parties. These Warzones hold no impact within wars, they simply allow for the ability of the warring factions to PvP and otherwise interact with each other outside of raids and warclaims. If both factions wish for conditions or more formal benefits introduced to the warzone, they must discuss it with the relevant moderators. If these requests are not too absurd, they will be approved and allowed for the warzone to have such an impact.

(These rely on a co-operative system, if one of the factions disagrees then this will not be usable and if the warzones becomes toxic and becomes a hindrance to roleplay it will be removed)




Will be discussed in the Siege Engine Document of proper process and equipment. Using standard method of equipment you purchase and then the siege happens. Invaders must drive out the defenders from the city of gain control of majority.


War end

A war will end if one of the conditions below are met

A treaty is made by both factions declaring the wars end

The fulfillment of all wargoals

The dissolution of one of the warring factions


If the Wargoals are fulfilled, they are able to enforce the conditions of the said wargoal, otherwise all repercussions from treaties will not be enforced OOC’ly. This will grant the faction who has not broken the treaty a “Betrayal” CB.

With RP treaties made to end a war, you cannot ask for the complete subjugation of a nation without fulfilling the Vassalise/Conquest wargoal. Otherwise anything else is allowed for the other nation which is ‘reasonable’.

(Asking for a lump sum of minas which is unobtainable is not reasonable, placing a debt system upon a nation though, is.)


No calculator is provided or a pen and piece of paper.

Credit to @ScreamingDingo for final drafting and revisions.

[Link to application]


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