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Arcas Easter Egg Hunt

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Event is now closed. All eggs & prizes have been claimed!




[!] The word would spread of seven special eggs hidden across this very land. The Cloud Temple Monks recite these rhymes, giving hints to where the eggs may lie.




Across the lands, seven eggs lay,

Bound in easter- dare I say.


The first will be where monks reside,

Pink and red, side by side.


The second by the home of men,

Where flowers line the hilltop zen.


In sandy bays, the third will lie

By Sutican shores, a boat made dry


A fourth will sit within Dwarves’ sight,
Over yonder, the trees alight


Above the flames the fifth egg lay

Nature burns and wastes away

The sixth far off, it takes a row

A boiling pot within the snow


The seventh, so gold- on route to green

Left in ruin, stone be seen


So go, young soul- seek place anew

For mina waits the lucky few!




@Ivoryyy_ for writing the majority of the rhymes & Event Planning!

@rwko for the beautiful art!






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god those banners are beautiful @rwko 

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