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  1. There’s a few things that need to be addressed, this post is so good for that, and thank you. the reasoning given by pun and fireheart for the ruling is as follows: First and foremost, as told by pun- the ruling comes down to the fact that incorrect information / lack of information was presented to the attacking team surrounding what needed to be captured More minorly: -The apparent situation with drfate -The hacking with qSwizz -The lobby pugsy These are all valid. The one thing that needs to be noticed is that none of these are the defenders in the wrong. Server glitches, staff incompetence and attacker pugsies/hacking is not in the wrong from the defenders. Now, look at the nature of this warclaim. The stakes are much higher for the defenders as opposed to the attackers. The attackers only have something to gain, however the defenders have everything to lose- being their tile and city. If this were a field battle with no extreme and immediate consequences, I could understand and somewhat agree with it being done. But it is not, and the stakes are higher than ever. With this redo, it is Renatus that are negatively affected, not Oren. Oren only get another chance of success, and will not lose anything should they fail. We however have our whole tile put onto the line once again, and should we be unsuccessful, we will lose a lot. You are punishing a playerbase for the faults of your staff incompetence, the server glitching, and the other side hacking. If this goes ahead, it is setting a dangerous precedent for the wars to come in the future. Please see reason, and call this off
  2. this was a status update but this thread’s a more fitting place I’ve never been one to whine about staff decisions, but things surrounding this war have been so heavily one sided that it has become very frustrating. I can understand disallowing both forts (They were very ugly), but the timing has been ridiculous. The first fort was built, GM approved and finished ingame- only to be told it needed edits. Fair, it was edited. Then we were told it couldn’t be used at all. A day later, it becomes a siege of Helena- Alright, we’ll prepare for it. A GM manager observes the whole time, and only once it is finished- No, you can’t use it and it’ll all be reverted. Further than that, It’s been new rules causing some of these changes. To change the rules mid war, causing a huge disrupt in already well-underway preparations, should never happen. Will we have rules being added mid-way through a raid, and applied to said raid? I’m hesitant to flat out claim it as bias, but these issues surrounding the war have definitely been handled with a lot of unprofessionalism and incompetence. One side has been heavily thrown around with what can/cannot be allowed, whilst the other has ultimately benefitted. Every war has things that get messy, and complaints of favouring one side- however this time an entire playerbase has so blatantly been targeted that it does not boil down to Renatus’ circumstantial opinion or previous staff prejudices, like defending parties in wars before have.
  3. ”Let no more Curonian blood be spilt, for each fallen man is a bitter reminder of the fate that befalls those who refuse to see the light”
  4. ”If only they had’ve seen the light, joined the rightful empire- their deaths may have been spared” Anabel places the missive down upon the table in front of her ”No war comes without sacrifice- those who’ve broken Curonia will reap the consequences”
  5. Mariya smiles for her friend- going to seek out Kaz in plans to defeat the evil dragon they fought once before!
  6. o7, super great person and will be missed! have a good one bluee
  7. Standing by the fountain of the Imperial Palace, Anabel Horen reads the missive, her mind casting back to one particular moment. She remembers when a woman whomst she so duly respected, shrouded by family conflict and division. The woman had told her but one thing- to protect her own union faithfully. When placed in strife, faced with a choice between lineage and blood, she knew her place rested with her children. No matter what she shall be called, rebel or pawn alike- she’d done as any mother should. Surely, oh surely- her people could not demean a mother’s love. For she had seen it all. Anabel had wept in the arms of her people. She had laughed and cried in their presence, sharing in each moment of grief or happiness. Yet her Aeldin-hailing brother had deposed another’s birthright. The people of Curonia had fought themselves, broken their own unity. Insult to injury, fuel to the fire. This ‘family’ had so truly sought tear her apart. For they drew first blood in their betrayal Perhaps the real lost sheep is Curonia itself. No longer in the Golden age of her late father, they wander and scramble at each turn- morals abandoned in search of power. When Curon was a mere Duchy, she was there. When her younger siblings saw court for the first time, she was there. When Curon met Adria in the field of battle, she was there. When a crown was placed atop of Wilhelm’s head, she was there. Can their leader of now, her dear brother, say the same?
  8. Anabel, unlike many, found much difficulty in sharing in the passions surrounding such a denouncement. The Curonian born princess resented that it had fallen to such an action, but alas- she knew it necessary. She recalls a sombre moment, her mother throwing herself into the flames in a moment of grief- yet only stony coldness returned from that of her elder sibling. “When brother turned on brother, man against neighbour- Curonia was lost. The community that was once prized so dearly fell divided within that courtroom. Wilhelm and Evelyn took to the Seven Skies before they would live in such a world, and I can only hope that someday, I’ll see them again. For when I do, I’ll have naught to say but one thing-” The woman let out a small sigh “I’m sorry”
  9. The Union of Pertinax and Alstion Scribed by THEIR IMPERIAL HIGHNESSES, Anabel Horen and Maria Horen [!] A depiction of the union between Godfrey III and his promised, Princess Adeline Horen [circa 1715] To the citizens of THE IMPERIUM RENATUS, Amidst the ongoing strife within our lands, incited by the Josephite rebellion, we still find much importance in retaining our culture and adherence to the teachings of GOD. It is in his holy name that the House of HOREN does cordially extend an invitation to the long awaited union of our Emperor Godfrey III and Her Imperial Highness, Adeline Margaret of Alstion. The lackluster rebellion that is that of Joseph Marna has not, and will not, deter the denizens of Renatus from the merriment that such a joyous occasion brings. Let us drink and celebrate in light of a union blessed by GOD, for in the times of disarray we so vehemently experience as of present, it is our humanity we must retain. Immediately following the ceremony within the Cathedral of Helena, a tourney and festival of a grandiose nature will be held. All those who have declared fealty to His Imperial Majesty are welcome to enjoy themselves. Our armies will so righteously safeguard the livelihoods of attendants. Should those of the Josephite rebellion rear their treacherous faces, they will meet a swift demise. Ave Godfrey. Ave Imperium-Renatus. Signed, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Godfrey III of the House of Horen, Emperor of the Imperium Renatus, King of Renatus, Marna, Haense, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia and Kaz’Ulrah, Prince of Ves, Duke of the Crownlands, Adria, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Adeline Margaret of the House of Horen, Princess of the Imperium-Renatus
  10. Having lost the entirety of two parents in one day, Anabel takes to her chambers within the imperial palace, content to her own solitude.
  11. Anabel, knowing her father to be only one of loyalty, of faith and good will, smiles lightly upward at the seven skies. She was proud to be the daughter of such a man, and only wished the world allowed them more time.
  12. Anabel smiles the suns smile
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