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  1. Ivoryyy_

    The Huntsmen

    An old vizmak smiles from the seven skies
  2. Ivoryyy_

    Adrian Union of 1708

    Niccoletta screams
  3. Ivoryyy_

    Curonic Prints, Second Edition

    Anabel doesn’t believe this propoganda about the the knight she titled herself, Graham!
  4. Ivoryyy_

    On the Topic of E-Girls and Lavender

    lavender helps you sleep, I love it
  5. Ivoryyy_

    -= The Crow Flies =-

    Liliana looks down from the seven skies, flickers of horror filling her mind as she looked at the familiar two. The man who stood beside her and her husband, a man she regarded as a friend, and the raven-haired girl who she came upon in the library, spouting facts and language far beyond her years. She welcomes Elizaveta into the seven skies with open arms. Amalie Ruthern hears wind of the Queen’s tragic death, the sickly woman taking a moment to mutter a silent prayer for her sister-in-law.
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    Changed Status to Denied
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    Your application has been: The 24 hours is up, however you may reapply immediately. Please make the above changes before you do so
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    Changed Status to Denied
  9. Ivoryyy_


    Changed Status to Under Review Your application has been: Please find a better hobby.
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    Changed Status to Pending
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    Hello there! At this time your application has been placed on, Ø Your Metagaming & Powergaming definitions are incorrect. Please edit these with the correct information. You can click the links I have provided to see the relevant wiki pages. Ø Your biography is too short. You should aim for 3-5 sentences at minimum, however to establish a character fit for roleplay we suggest at least a paragraph. You character also cannot be made from asexual reproduction, as this is not in our lore. The current IGN year is 1706, please adjust your characters year of birth accordingly. Ø Your biography is lacking the one required lore reference. This could be a city name in which your character was born/lives in, a religion in which they follow, or a world event they witnessed and/or remember. You can find these pieces of lore on the Wiki. Ø Your character description must detail the physical appearance of your persona. (Skin tone, hair colour, eye colour, height etc.) Ø Your interesting facts need to include at least one negative trait. This could be a physical and/or mental weakness, a fear, anything really! Some of them also don’t fit our lore. Ø Your skin does not quite fit the lore for your character and/or the medieval theme of the server. Please edit or change this, and also feel free to use a skin from our Skin Archive Your application was good, however there are just a few issues that need editing. Once you have corrected these issues, please message me here on the forums or through my discord (Ivory#8860) The Wiki has lots of important lore information, as well as the metagaming and powergaming definitions, please refer to this when making changes. You can also join our New Player Discord – Where you can ask questions to our Community team, and meet other server players. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out!
  12. Ivoryyy_


    Changed Status to Accepted
  13. Ivoryyy_


    Changed Status to Under Review Congratulations! Your application has been: Please keep in mind that Belvitz no longer exists due to us migrating from Atlas to Arcas. It still makes sense for your character to be born there, however the city is no longer! You can visit the new capital of Adria however, Ves. On behalf of the server and Community members I’d like to welcome you to LOTC! As soon as this is posted, you should be whitelisted onto the server. Contact me or make an /creq if there’s any issues with whitelisting or similar. Feel free to browse the Wiki, and you can also join our New Player Discord, which is a wonderful place where you can ask questions to our Community team,meet other server players and learn about new roleplay opportunities for all character races! The new player discord is a great help in getting you situated into our server. I hope you enjoy your time on the server, and if you ever have any questions or need help please feel free to contact me here on the forums, through my discord (Ivory#8860) or by /msg Ivoryyy_ in-game. You can also /creq on the server to place a ticket if you require assistance from any of us Community Team members. Happy roleplaying!
  14. Ivoryyy_

    Crows Funeral

    Little Mariya Barbanov struggles to comprehend her mother’s passing, being told sorrows and well-wishes by all around her, yet not understanding the truth in what had happened. She sits alone on her bed, grappling with the fact that her much loved mother won’t be back to tuck her in another night. Anabel Devereux hears the news upon a missive delivered to her room by bird, the young teenager seen to remain within the confines of her Imperial Palace room for the rest of the day. She sorrowfully reminisces upon the fond memories shared with Valera, from Haenseni snowball fights as young children, to the day of her royal wedding.