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  1. THE PALATIAL OFFICE OF THE IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD As penned by the courtiers of the Palatial Office, and issued and confirmed by HER GRACE, Mariya Angelika de Sarkozy -=- REFORMED FRAMEWORK For too long, the courts of Oren have lacked the vibrancy of empires old. They have been left to grow barren, halls no longer filled with the bustling of servants, courtiers and noble folk alike. It is in this sentiment that Her Grace, the Duchess of Adria has brought such concerns before the Council of State, and it is by their combined wishes that the Palatial Office of the Imperial Household is created. The system shall be outlined as follows: The Palatial Office of the IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD Her Ladyship, Helaine Katherina of the House of de Sarkozy, Grand Lady of the Imperial Household The OFFICE OF THE IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD serves as the primary council of event planning within the Holy Orenian Empire, as well as maintaining the integrity of court staffing and management. It shall be comprised of the servantry, artisan population, scrivenery, event administration- as well as those serving as wards to various members of the court. The Office is managed and overseen by her Ladyship, the Grand Lady of the Imperial Household It comprises of the following divisions: Event Administrates Event Administrates are the direct committee responsible for aiding the High Lady in holding large scale events. These may range from weddings, balls, festivals, feasts, tourneys and the likes. Scriveners Those who prove to possess strong writing and literary capabilities shall be inducted into the ranks of the Scriveners. They shall be tasked with scribing various courtly letters and documents upon their Lord/Lady’s wishes. This division also includes History Keepers- those who specifically seek to record and document historical moments of past and present. In such, they shall update the Imperial archives. Artisans Artisans of the court are responsible for breeding the cultural elegance that comes alongside the disciplines of the arts. They will serve as both personal entertainers to the court, as well as being granted resources to further their own personal capabilities and endeavours. A broad position, encompassing poets, musicians, playwrights, painters, magicians, jesters, animal tamers- as well as any other artistic avenues an individual may pursue. The High Lady of the Imperial Household, Helaine Katherina de Sarkozy Governesses Governesses are those individuals whomst aid in the raising and education of the children of the courts. The Royal Governess shall be tasked with the care of the Imperial Children, and those who are junior governesses will serve under her, aiding in her various endeavours- as well as acting as governess to the Orenian youth residing within the palace. Servants Servants shall act as the main staff within the confines of the Imperial Palace, charged with serving the Imperial Royalty first and foremost, as well as the various nobility stationed within court. The Servantry shall be comprised of butlers, chefs, handmaidens, housekeepers and stable boys- all overseen by the Head Servant. Ladies in Waiting Ladies in Waiting serve as the personal attendants to Her Grace, as well as other highborn ladies of the court. Their duties shall range from the organisational support within their Mistresses’ own endeavours, as well as seeing to her correct care and aid- acting as a confidant and trusted individual. Ladies in Waiting shall be bestowed additional educational and monetary privileges, should they prove to excel within their duties. They are managed by the Head Lady-In-Waiting of the court. Privileges granted to those employed within the Imperial courts: = Individuals holding a recognised position within the Imperial Court shall be granted HALVED housing taxes, provided that they remain active in their duties. = Mina payment shall be granted with proof of work, operating on an individualised basis dependent on the drive, quality and activity of the work. = Highly positioned staff will be granted residence within the Imperial Palace. = Those employed shall be given adequate etiquette and courtly mannerisms training. -=- APPLICATION FORMAT You may follow the format in a post below, and we will reach out to you. Otherwise, seek us out in RP! [Ivory & Eryane] IN NOMINE DEI HER GRACE, Mariya Angelika de Sarkozy nee Barbanov, Duchess-Consort of Adria, Princess-Royal of Reza HER LADYSHIP, Helaine Katherina of the House of de Sarkozy, Grand Lady of the Office of the Imperial Household HIS EXCELLENCY, Peter Faust de Vitus, the Secretary of the Interior, Lord of Vitzburg, Admiral of the Fleet and First Sea Lord of the Holy Orenian Empire
  2. COMMUNITY TEAM UPDATE LOG SEPTEMBER 2019 INTRODUCTION Hello again! Back yet again with another monthly update log. This month has seen a lot of changes for the CT team, primarily working with last month’s large influx of new members, and taking another look into our policies and training. Though there has undeniably been some bumps along the way- our team is finally settled and really progressing in a lot of different areas. If you’re not aware of the CT’s policies, have a read here: =lhttps://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179092-community-staff-information-policies/= THIS MONTH’S DIRECTION Focus Groups As a team this month, we’ve poured a lot of our time and energy into establishing a few key focus groups for the team. These have primarily been the source of our teams energy, other than applications. Our focus groups, include the WIKI, NPD, TUTORIAL ISLAND, EVENTS & MEDIA. These are each headed by a particular manager, with LotsOfMuffins taking care of both Media & Events. We’ve made lots of progress on these- and will detail more of those specifics later on. SEPTEMBER DATA Overview Our team has been busy at work with applications this month. We saw a total of 267 apps handled, with 186 new players welcomed onto LOTC. Our accepted/denied ratio stands at a really, really good number right now- with almost every ¾ applications being accepted, and almost ¼ of them on the first attempt. A few months into our new application format- we’re still seeing great acceptance rates, even with a slightly more difficult process. Accepted/Denied Ratios Race Specific Data Another aspect in which we’ve started collecting data on is the locations in which New Players are commonly being guided to, through our guidance and monk system. TEAM DATA Application Team Data Other Team Data Quota King/Queen This month’s Quota Queen goes to one of our new members- Language! Throughout September, Language personally handled 45 applications, earning them Quota Queen. [[ @Language ]] Followed closely behind by Katarama and LadyCarolina! MEMBER ALTERATIONS - Aquaquean stepped down from the Community Team - Damo stepped down from the Community Team - Evonpire stepped down from the Community Team - Kursion23 stepped down from the Community Team PROJECT UPDATES WIKI - Ivory I recently took charge of the Wiki team in the later part of this month, and so far we’ve already made some great progress on the various pages. Particularly, we’ve put all of the nation’s various settlement guides into an organised wiki- which we will hopefully be able to link to newer players to further help them find a suitable nation to settle in. Our team often has a ‘weekly goal’, be that of a particular page or category of pages. COMMUNITY EVENTS - LotsOfMuffins The community events team has been working towards creating a large-scale scavenger hunt with fantastic prizes available. In addition, we are continuing to plan and host Battle of the Arts, which you’ll be able to see our next post for soon! Lastly, earlier in the month, you might have seen our feedback form collecting ideas for future community events. We’ve compiled these and are currently working towards planning more awesome events for you guys! TUTORIALS- MamaBearJade With the new month, we are approaching making things more accessible not only to new players but also old. We have split a group to work on Tutorial Island, and another to work on guides. We intend to create information that is not only accurate but also informative for all. Keep an eye out for more information on our work. OCTOBER’S DIRECTION Monks & Nation Connections As we roll into October, our team is going to be heavily focusing on a particular aspect of aiding new players- monks & nation connections. We recognise that there have been a few issues associated with this, so our goal is to further communication between nation leaders, ourselves, and new players. Through looking into different ideas of ways we can open particular channels in the NPD, as well as reworking our monk system- this month will be full of nation guidance trial & error to settle on monk policies that are the best option for the staff, players, and nation leaders. Until next time!
  3. Community is currently NOT ACCEPTING STAFF APPLICATIONS until further notice! COMMUNITY TEAM MONTHLY UPDATE LOG- AUGUST 2019 Introduction Hello! Here we are, back again for yet another update log. The CT have been up to loads this month- undergoing a lot of internal team restructuring, as well as our outlook on Focus Groups & projects. A couple of members have sadly left us, but we’ve got a bunch of new and wonderful faces who’ve joined the team in their stead. From Applications, a new NPD, wiki rewrite work, the Creative Cafe, Battle of the arts- we’ve been up to lots. -=- If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what the community team is, you can read more info about the Community Team’s policies [Here] Community Team Roster Monthly Application Data I’m going to do this update a little differently this time, bear with me. AUGUST’S APPLICATIONS: JULY - AUGUST COMPARISONS: Accepted Applications & Denied/Accepted Ratios: 309 - 234 29.8 / 70.2 - 29.3 / 70.7 Timezones: AMERICA: 73.1 - 64.1 EUROPE: 23.3 - 32 OCEANIA: 3.6 - 3.9 Racial % Distributions: HUMANS: 52.5 - 60.9 ELVES: 29.5 - 28.7 DWARVES: 11.8 - 7 ORCS: 5.5 - 2.5 HALFLINGS: 0.7 - 0.9 Subrace % Distributions: ORC: 76.5 - 66.7 GOBLIN: 23.5 - 33.3 HIGH ELF: 25.6 - 25.8 WOOD ELF: 33.3 - 25.8 SNOW ELF: 11.1 - 21.2 DARK ELF: 23.3 - 18.2 ELF UNSPECIFIED: 6.7 - 9.1 CAVE DWARF: 11.1 - 18.8 MOUNTAIN DWARF: 22.2 - 37.5 FOREST DWARF: 25 - 12.5 DWARF UNSPECIFIED: 41.7 - 31.3 Monthly Team Data This Month we have an Application Queen! I’d like to congratulate @LotsOfMuffins for making Queen of Apps for August! Member Alterations + Katarama - accepted into the Community Team + Armajesty- accepted into the Community Team + TwistedFries- accepted into the Community Team + LadyCarolina- accepted into the Community Team + 1_Language_1- accepted into the Community Team + Kursion - accepted into the Community Team + Bluee - accepted into the Content Creator Team - SaltyOlog - removed from the Community Team- - MrMineLoveDude - stepped down from the Community Team- - Bickando - stepped down from the Community Team- - Ducklingator - stepped down from the Community Team- Projects of July: Community Events: {Ivoryyy_} This month we have been planning a few Community Events, if you’ve noticed in the News tab we’ve been testing the Battle of The Arts which we’re going to be changing to a bi-monthly project. More recently we held the Creative Cafe where players showcase talents, both of these events have ended in success which now we’re going to strive to do more in-game content. Some things to look forward too would be the upcoming Scavenger Hunt which we’ll be first testing the new Scavenger Plugin developed by @Wrynn and concept idea @Jenny_Bobbs to assist in future holiday events. Wiki Rework: {Lukaratias} This month the Wiki Project Group has been moving along in its effort to design and create new HUB pages for the wiki to improve navigation. On top of this, a few of our members have seen keeping certain culture groups and history pages up to date, especially in such areas where are lacking players who seek to do so. NPD: {Tahmas} Asuh dudes. This month we successfully rolled out the new New Player Discord as promised during the last update log. We've included the Tailor's Guild and combined the Nation and Charter support into an easy to use system that better helps us communicate and manage both new and old players throughout the discord. The new, more automated, and clean system better helps us to keep track of new players and keep on top of everything. Throughout this month we've also been looking into ways that we can better engage with Settlement Leaders to better lead and integrate players into the most appropriate community for them based on their character and needs. For this upcoming month, I'm going to be working closely with both the NPD Focus Group and the Settlement Leaders to better identify the problems with our Guidance and Integration system. I'm wanting to hold a meeting with both the Community Team, and the Settlement Leaders to try and isolate the problems with the way we currently handle things and how best we can proceed with improving them. Already, we've been looking into ways that we can involve Charters in this system alongside Nations, as they are often neglected and may often serve as more viable placements for New Players, in the beginning, depending on varying factors. Thank you and see you next month! Special thanks to the wonderful Jenny_Bobbs and Katarama for helping with this forum post!
  4. OF BEARS ONCE MORE [--] “My dear sister- In war, family can mean nothing. Yet it is the binding of who we are, and means everything in the same” -=- Anabel Lisette Cascadia wandered out toward the balcony from her Avalain palace bedroom, her hands tightly held together in front of her. The approaching winds seemed to tell a tale of their own, a cold chill moving toward the city from the lands of the north. She looked up, her eyes narrowing at the overcast sky. The city skyline was as much of a sight behold as any other, wooden rooftops laden with the ever thin layer of snow. Past the houses and buildings, she could see the faint telling of the frozen sea- its beauty and purpose rendered to nothing by the ventures of the winter. “Ser Graham!” A raven haired youth bounded across the cyrilsburg streets, her eyes heavy with yet another sleepless night set upon her books. She looked up to the guard captain, bright blue eyes widened in a spree of excited curiosity. Clearing her throat, the child straightened her shoulders- her more official appearance “When the old Kingdom of Courland was betrayed- who was it by? Who opened the gates to allow the enemy in?” Alike to any other five year old, she could barely contain herself. If even the marshal could not best her knowledge of the wars of past, who could? Time had begun to rear its face upon the woman. Though barely past forty summers, the stress of sleepless nights and panicked days took their toll. Thin strands of grey lay intertwined upon her raven tressees, skin thinning and blanched. A ghost of the woman she once was. A fleeting remnant of the princess, the Queen. Sickly and sad she’d begun to waste away, each day a thread holding her grasp upon life, falling. The sky darkened, and she retreated to the confines of her room once again. She walked, paying little attention to the world around her- lost within thought. It was only once she heard the smash of glass that she returned once again, her conscience realising the portrait she had picked up, only to let fall from her hands to the ground. Even beneath the fractured frame, she could make out it’s depiction- the vividly familiar face of grey eyed man beside her. That girl was older now, her gowns heavier, hair longer. Though they sat delicately tied up upon her head, no longer left to knot and fly in the wind as they used to. The crowds of the Curonian court milled about, taking their seats for yet another series of petitions and crown requests. With her arms neatly folded, she smiled- her gaze catching the one person who mattered in this moment. The prince cleared his throat, standing up. “King Wilhelm, I ask permission of yourself and your house to wed Anabel Devereux, Princess Royal of Curonia” Nothing short of a grin crossed each of their features Her father drummed his fingers along the arm of his throne, a simple nod offered to the young dragon “Permission granted, young Romulus” The noises of the court seemed to fade to little more than the subdued whispers of the gossiping courtiers, each with their gaze set upon the King. Anabel, eyes alight with a newfound hope- a joy, her future seeming one of happiness and prosperity. Wilhelm’s attention crossed to his daughter beside him “I am proud of you, Anabel, and always will be” And so beautifully painted alongside them, the three figures she would hold dear to her heart forevermore. Godfrey stood beside her, the teenage boy’s height matching her own. He bore that same smile she’d grown to know all too well- a smile taken too soon from the world. Resent, was all she felt. Bitter hatred that politics and pride had driven him likely to an all too early grave. In front of them stood the twins. Achilius, barely seven, his tousled hair a reminder of days spent running the length of Helena. He mirrored a smirk, the same his father had donned all those years ago. They were uncannily similar, twins born of different eras. Next to him stood Laurentina, her truest pride and joy. Anabel’s hand rest upon the raven-haired youth’s shoulder, met by the child’s own. She held her chin raised, tiara so tidely nestled upon her head. A girl born to royalty, yes, but she soared in the boundaries of her titles all the same. She held her daughter’s hand, the pair making their way into the gates of Helena. A wave of nausea overcame her. Bodies, everywhere. The woman’s grip upon the child only tightened, striding forward through the dust and fallen stone. The people milled around her, falling into a blur of rush and panic. Some worked together, heaving unresponsive men onto makeshift stretchers, their heads glistening with sweat as they carried them off to what they could call a hospital. Her eyes fell upon a family, huddled by the broken remnants of a wall. They held each other, muffling their sobs within the folds of another’s clothes. She could determine a mother, comforting her three children. In their hands they grasped the dirtied hat of a legionnaire. “Laurentina” She began, casting her eyes away. The child looked up to her mother, widened eyes set within a mix of pure shock and pain. From her bag she retrieved a jewel adorned, golden cross of Lorraine- one given to her in protection at the dawn of the war. She placed it within the child’s palm. “For them” She pointed to the grieving family, ushering her forward “We must do as we can, we must help those who are left behind. They are the ones who’ve paid the ultimate price- and GOD shall bless them so” She took a hand to brush away the glass, picking up the now frayed painting. Her fingers traced each figure, eyes welling with tears of bitter longing. They should have had more time. Oh how fate loved to make for a tragic tale. As she sat down upon her bed once more, it was this painting that she held onto. Dismissing her servants with a flick of her wrist, she pulled the silk blankets over her. Minutes faded to hours, hours to days- still, she remained there. She remained there when the winters left them, and spring returned. Trays of food grew scarcer, words fewer. Her rattled breaths began to slow, one by one. And finally, upon the 14th of Owyn’s Flame, 1731- the Devereux breathed her last. Anabel Lisette Devereux 9th of Tobias' Bounty 1691- 14th of Owyn’s Flame 1731
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  6. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSea5RPmRXafYB1DP6F2qw_e4w8ZVIjffjRJH96dsG2442aCdA/viewform?usp=sf_link


    -Please use this if you’re interested in skin commissions, I’ve finally found a nice way to organise it so I stop forgetting lmfao

  7. Heyo! It’s that time of year again! Get ready for our third Creative Cafe, where you get to show off your talents, whatever they may be, ranging from art, singing, builds, skins, and more! There will be prizes as well as random raffles, so be sure to attend, even if it’s just to watch and listen! If you have any questions, this event is being held by our fantastic community events team: @Tigergiri, @MaybeDamo, @Evonpire @SoulReapingWolf, @chaosgamer, @Jenny_Bobbs, @MeteorDragon, @Salty, and @LotsOfMuffins . To participate, please leave a comment with the below sign-up format! Information Date: Saturday, August 31st, 2019 Time: 6 PM CST / 7 PM EST Location: Creative Cafe Channel Discord: https://discord.gg/YSwqGQn Sign-Up Format Mcname: Talent: Thanks to @Defy and @rwko for the featured graphics!
  8. Thanks everyone who partook in the auction! I certainly had fun watching the final 30 second cat fight.


    Winners are as follows (I will contact you)


    GENERIC NOBLE: Blanch – 6100

    BABY BLUE: Language – 2200

    PURPLE GOWN: Rayna – 1600

    RUSSIAN RED: Tarren – 4000

    ROYAL BLUE: Tarren – 3500

    RED FUR: Flawy – 2200

    GOLD, BLACK & RED: Benelux – 1900

    FEATHERED HAT: Hyperion – 3200

    ALEX STYLE ARMOUR: Flamb – 2000

    PLATE ARMOUR: Kanadensare – 1300

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  9. I timed this to the second and hit post on the dot. gg fellas this was fun
  10. CLOSED I will go through and contact all winners shortly. Thank you for bidding- I sure had a lot of fun
  11. Bidding will close at 10AM est sharp 😄
  12. IVORY’S SKIN AUCTION Alright hi. Basically, I’ve got a load of skins that I’m wanting to sell. A couple are old ones of mine that I no longer use, and a few are brand new. So, I figured that I’d just forum auction them all off for mina. Essentially, after 24 hours I’ll be accepting the highest mina price commented for each skin. If a person fails to respond to my PM within a day, I’ll pass it on to the next person. I’m also willing do so some tiny edits if you need (Putting heads on etc.) If this idea actually works, I might do it more often! Seems like a good way of selling off skins. BID FORMAT: Discord: Skin/s and bid/s (List separately if multiple): Please make a NEW comment if you wish to raise your bid. People making edits to prior comments will end up wayyy too confusing. Bidding starts at 700 mina. SKINS
  13. THE DUCAL TERRITORY OF ADRIA Settlement Guide -+- Overview Situated within the northern regions of Arcas, the Ducal Territory of Adria serves as the primary seat of the House of Sarkozic. As a vassal state to the Holy Orenian Empire, the city stands between the reaches of the Imperial City of Helena, and the Haeseni capital of Reza. -+- A Brief History of the Duchy of Adria Boasting a rich culture rooted in highlander tradition, Adria originates from one of the four major regions of the historic Kingdom of Oren. It was first formed in 1510 by Franz Vladovic from the eastern counties of Oren after years of consolidation by the de Montfort family. Vailor’s city of Belrus served as the first capital of the Duchy, later falling to the hand of Augustus d’Amaury during the Duke’s War. Adria was reestablished once again upon the shores of Atlas, with the formation of the city of Belvitz under John Sarkozic. Encompassing the lands surrounding the Baltas River and the ‘Whispering Crossroads’, the area quickly fell in favor with merchants, craftsmen, and laborers alike due to the easy access to waterways and frequently patrolled roads. The Sarkozic bloodline remained the sovereign head of the Duchy up until the death of the controversial Duke Josip ‘The Mad’, which in turn would inspire the restoration of the House of Carrion to the throne. Josip I ‘The Mad’, Duke of Adria The Duchy would remain under Carrion rule up until the forced abdication of Duke Paul II, the title then being passed onward to the King of Haense, Marius II. Many believed this change to be one of a positive nature, however King Marius proved to care little for the population of Adria, instead favouring the hand of Emperor Antonius I. Dubbed as ‘The Meek’, his allowance of the harassment and slaughter of Adrian people eventually lead to the forsaking of the Adrian title and the Burning of Ves in 1710. From there onward, the city was taken ahold by Alfred Myre, never again to be the seat of Adria. Following the conclusion of the War of the Two Emperors and the succession crisis post Godfrey’s reign, the title was granted to Duke Josip’s legitimized bastard son, Adrian I. Peak times Adria has a population varying in time zones, however tends to be most active within the EST and GMT evening hours. On a typical day, these range from 4pm to 9pm EST, though can fluctuate on a number of factors. Event times in Adria are catered to the majority preference. -+- -The House of Sarkozic- The House of Sarkozic is the twice ruling family of Adria, headed by whomever sits upon the throne of the Duchy. Duke of Adria The Duke of Adria acts as the sovereign body of the Adrian government, holding absolute power in all affairs of the Duchy. Until the later establishment of an elective Duma, the Duchy shall follow the laws of primogeniture succession. The Current Duke is His Grace, Adrian I of the House of Sarkozic, Duke of Adria, Baron of Renzfeld Location Adria is located within the close region of the major human cities, situated along the Helena-Reza road. If following the northern CT route, it can be reached within a short four to five minute run. [-305, -1411] The Crow’s Council The Crow’s Council serves as the primary governance and advisory to the reigning Duke. The council historically consisted almost solely of landed noble lords, however in more recent times has allowed esteemed citizens a place amongst the noble executive. The Ducal Order of St Emma https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/185133-the-order-of-st-emma/ The Ducal Order of St Emma is the main military force of the Duchy of Adria. Originally established under Duke John I Sarkozic, the Order prospered as an exclusive knightly order of nobles. It was not until the reign of Josip I Sarkozic that the military became one centralised force, acting as the Duke’s personal bannermen. -+- List of Players to Assist His Grace, Adrian Sarkozic [[Icarnus]] - Duke of Adria Her Royal Highness, Mariya Sarkozic [[Ivoryyy_]] - Duchess of Adria His Excellency, Joseph Nicéphore [[Monkeypoacher]] - Lord Chancellor of Adria His Excellency, Peter Sarkozic [[Beamon4]] - High Steward of Adria His Excellency, Tybis de Ruyter [[Capace]] - Officer of the Order of St Emma His Excellency, Leonard de Ruyter [[Joenaj]] - Officer of the Order of St Emma
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