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The Blessing of The Trickster

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Want to throw a big thanks to @Ilikefooddude for helping me out with this roleplay, it was a lot of fun! The RP has been condensed down quite a bit, but the general flow of the RP is all here!




The Connection

Not a sound but the crackling of the familiar fire was present within the Mali’Ker’s blarg; the city also seemingly rather silent. He sauntered over towards the chair in his living room and began to stuff his favourite cactus green into the bowl of his pipe, then soon turning it alight from the flames flickering in front of him. Smoke began to fill the air and bellow up towards the cave’s ceiling, rolling like clouds within the bright sky, and Tedyn began to relax; sinking down into the chair. A slight nervousness ticked onto the ‘Ker’s face, even though the green had softened every other muscle within his body, something still seemed to be off... yet he continued anyways.


Image result for fireplace concept art


Tedyn soon began his usual him, followed by the tapping of his foot into the carpets below him, his voice nothing but an unrecognisable whisper – simply a mad man’s whisper. Yet as the time passed and as the smoke grew, his eyes reddened and the hum grew louder, higher, forming into a chant. “Has'izg lûplat pukhl'û lat Zaagiir'an Lur'ob.” He called out, his voice beginning to flow along to the rhythm and the beat that had been drummed up by his foot tapping idly on the ground. Although his voice already rather loud it seemed to grow and grow.  “Nargzabizg lnûrl'al lat'ghaara agh brus'lab brog agh ghûlum.” Once again he said, the guttural and rasping language running from his tongue like a bloodied nose.  “Durbûrz Zaagiir'an Lur'ob, gaakh pukhl'ishi Stargûsh'Stroh!” He continued, his chant now a bright howl within the silence of his home.


Not before long however the chant seemed to die... the ‘Ker too; his body falling limp and his eyes growing weak. Had he fallen asleep? No... He was still awake of course, however this time just not within the mortal realm. He had soon ventured to the Stargush’Stroh.


The Journey


Related image


Tedyn’s eyes shot open, although he was no longer by the comforting fire in his home and no longer in the safety of his chair. Suddenly he was pushed aside as he tried to raise to his feet, streams of people rushing past him as he’d find himself within a crowded street, the Elf seeming unusually out of place. Soon he’d begin to drift with the current of hulking and much larger Uruks that swayed from side to side, passing eachother like grains of sand sliding over one another. As the Elf strode forward, in search of the Trickster he felt a clasp at his neck, pulling him upwards and lifting him onto a cart he hadn’t seemed to have noticed! “Hrm!?” A grunt rather quickly escalated from him as he’d wonder where he had been taken.


He now found himself sitting on a cart, led by two oxen and driven by a much larger Uruk who was holding the reins. “Lat iz a long way frum Groth’Ztroh, Bhraf” He’d comment to Tedyn, shortly after pulling him up to sit beside himself. Tedyn began to converse the with Uruk, yet was seemingly still confused as to where he was heading. “Nub.. mi’z peepin for duh Trikkztur uv Lur.” He replied, and was greeted with a hearty grin in response. Perhaps Tedyn didn’t notice it at first, but he was being treated like a child not knowing the way, yet still eager to go ahead. “Ged lozzt!” The might Uruk called out as he snapped on the reins to which he held, suddenly the Oxen raising their leisurely pace to a sprint! Without anything to hold onto the Elf tumbled from the cart back down onto the streets, the cobbles bashing into his fragile body; most likely leaving a few bruises.


To passerbys only confusion could be seen on the Elf’s face, still struggling to figure out where he had ended up and where he was going... Yet he decided to take the Uruk’s advice, to ‘get lost’. With no real direction and no real sense of where he was meant to be, Tedyn began to pick streets at random to walk down, each new street offering a myriad of smells and sights, all rushing to him to deliver an overwhelming sum of the senses. The characters that lined each of the streets became even more unusual too; gradually becoming shiftier and more unwelcoming.


After a series of confusing turns and twists Tedyn finally came to a more bare street, less people, less to see and less noise. Yet it seemed off... a few figures bumped into him as he made his way further down the street, likely looking for something to steal from him. Yet he trodded on, with a voice soon calling out to him from above; a fe-uruk stretching out of her window – “Wub iz lat peepin for?” she called down to him. “Duh Trikkztur uv Lur... haz lat peep’d ‘im?” Tedyn replied to her, yet he was only given back a simply point of her hand further down into the street, and so he followed.


Yet soon he came to a dead end in the street, nothing but a rather old well and the sound of someone approaching behind him. “Thurztee?” The voice called out to him, the Elf soon turning around to see who it was. Upon turning he noticed that the voice that seemed to have been far away was now up close, an old Gobo standing right infront of him; probably the first person he had seen here that he was actually taller than. The Gobo and the Elf began to talk, Tedyn once again asking if he she had seen The Trickster of Lur. “Duh Trikkztur kan’nub be found, Bhraf. How duz lat expect tu find zum’azh dat iz gruked fur nub bein found?” She simply replied, giving the ‘Ker some food for thought... yet he still seemed confused as to what she was getting at.


”Lat kannub zearch for duh Trikkztur... bekuz he kannub be found. If lat zurchez for ‘im, lat will’nub find ‘im.” She’d muse, giving the young shaman some insight into what he was looking for. “Tu find azh whu iz gruked for nub bein’ found... lat zhuldnub zurch for ‘im, agh lat will peep ‘im. Now... ged lozzt.” She added, with her words now making more sense to Tedyn. After much more conversation, he thanked her for her words, trailing himself back into the city, yet this time he wasn’t searching for anything in particular. He simply enjoyed the sights that the city had to offer, and let the tide of people take him wherever it so wished; this time the ‘Ker not sticking out so much... and simply looking like a part of the crowd. Yet abruptly as he followed with the tide, an Uruk shoved into him, soon apologising and with the blink of his eyes he realised he was now back within the comfort of his home.


The Blessing 

Tedyn once again woke within his blarg, now standing in-front of the fire that he had fallen asleep to. Almost instinctively however he took a step closer to it and as he did it seemed he had slipped into another’s skin. He trailed his eyes downwards to take a look at his arms, the once ashen colour of his skin now turned to a vibrant green; than of an orc’s skin. Only when he realised that the trickster could truly not be searched for, was he ready for the blessing. The Elf soon slumping back into his chair and resting his weary muscles from his trip to the Stargush’Stroh.


Thanks for reading ?

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wtf How do you write so much...

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