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Bug Report - vanishing books

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**MC Names of all involved**



This only happened once, I put two books into a bookshelf and the books just vanished. They were not in the bookshelf nor in my inventory, I relogged to check if it would fix the problem but it did not. I did /modreq and they told me to make a bug report here. 

**Date of occurance**
10 PM GMT+1 May 21st 2019

**In game specifications**
I was playing my Hou-Zi: Hsieh-Hépíng. Location: 224 42 206

**Steps to Reproduce**
1. ((Have a mediocre internet connection?))
2. Place a sign on a bookshelf that’s /lock
3. Put (two) books in said bookshelf
4. Be confused because said books vanished

**Expected Behavior**
the books should appear in the bookshelf and be readable.

**Actual Behavior**
The books vanished

**Additional Information**
I don’t know what else to tell you, have been placing books in shelves for the past few hours and had no problems

**Error Message**

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Without an idea on how to reproduce the bug, it's incredibly difficult to fix. I'll leave this open in case someone can provide more information.

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