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A Celebration, A Memorial, A Coronation

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[!] A series of penned missives were available to Arcas – as for the public, to the cities of Fenn, Urguan, Vira’ker, and peculiarly the Silver City might these parchments be found. Similar fliers were sent in private.




(Above, an illustration depicting the newly wrought ships, at night.)


A series of events are scheduled for the following months, listed as follows:


A Celebration

Fëanor Sylvaeri, having reached the age of 100 this previous year, will hold a more private celebration to commemorate the event. Friend and family of Aegrothond are welcome to attend, as well as any smith or gemcutter that may exist in Arcas. A drinking contest may ensue.


To mark the event, a series of statues shall be examined in memory of the late Grand Prince Aelthir Tundrak and the High Prince Avurak Syllar. Constructed in a fashion befitting the sea-faring Almenodrim, the priests of Wyrvun and the Primarch Da’kir and his companions are welcome to attend – and offer advice to the memorial sites, as to pay respects to Wyrvun and the Ancestors respectively.


To conclude the event, the boats shall be christened, to be prepared for the next month’s events.


This will take place at this Elven Day (July 26, 2019 at 10PM EST).

Private invitations include: The Ascended, Damien, and various others – regardless of race.


A Memorial




The following Elven Day, the memorial sites shall be opened to the public, and a beach-side celebration and feast shall commence. This shall also be a pre-emptive celebration for the coronation which will take place later that Elven Day – to formally crown Delmira Sylvaeri as High Princess, alongside the current High Prince. All are welcome, if they are able to keep peace.


Additionally, opportunity will present itself to those seeking to make peace or otherwise politically approach Aegrothond.


This will take place the following Elven Day (July 27, 2019 at 4PM EST) at -520 280 behind Aegrothond. Take the Korvassa road.

Private Invitations Include: The Freeblades, The Syllar, Tundrak, Sylric, Annungilben, Starbreaker


A Coronation

A private ceremony, welcoming the Under-Realm, Fenn, Vira’ker and family and friends of the Almenodrim, will see Delmira Sylvaeri crowned formally. This will take place later in the month.


This will take place later that Elven Day (July 27, 2019 likely past 11PM EST).



If an invitation may have been forgotten, PM me. Please keep responses relevant to the topic – permitted you be able to even see these flyers.


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