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The Chancellor's Report, 1734

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The Chancellor’s Report, 1734




Issued and Confirmed by the Lord Palatine, Ser Konrad Stafyr

28th of Tobia’s Bounty, 1734 | 21st of Joma and Umund, ES 287



Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik,


I bid the good subjects of this great Kingdom a fine day as I issue my second Chancellors’ Report to the realm, a customary practice which has been undertaken by generations of palatines to inform the public as to the Government’s initiatives over the past Saint’s Week.


The first year of this new Government has been a strong one, there is no doubt about that. However, I cannot acredit these successes to being brought about by myself alone. For instance, under the leadership of my wife, the Maer of Reza, the governments of the city and the greater realm have successfully hosted a grand, royally-sanctioned masquerade for both the citizens of the realm and for our neighbors. I owe the success of this celebration to her and to the many patriotic volunteers that have sought to assist us in this endeavor, and I would like to voice my full-throated support for the Maer in favor of her upcoming re-election campaign to serve the Royal City of Reza for a third term.


Speaking of which, the Government would like to announce that it has decided to call for a long overdue election for the positions of the Maership of Reza and of the Royal Aldermen of the realm. An announcement shall be made within the next Saint’s Day or so regarding the hosting of these elections, along with instructions as to how one might apply to stand for one of these offices.


I would also like to announce to the public that I shall be stepping down from the position of Councilor Paramount and Lord Speaker of the Royal Duma following the conclusion of the next Duma sitting. It brings me great pain to have to abandon the position which I have filled for more than a decade, but the consolidation of the positions of the Lord Speaker and the Lord Palatine cannot be made into precedent. Therefore, I am announcing the elevation of Sigmar Baruch, the Count of Ayr, to the position of Lord Speaker of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. The position of Lord Kastellan shall remain unfilled until such a time as His Majesty sees fit to name a new one. A new Leader of the Opposition for the Feudalist Benches of the Royal Duma has also been named, this being Karl Vyronov, the Duke of Carnatia. The Government wishes both of these men the best it entrusts them to protect a great legislative tradition which has stood firm for nearly half a century.


Finally, the Government has taken action to end the closure of the Alimar Memorial Library. An emergency sum of 2000 minae has been allotted from the treasury to reopen this important public institution, and an additional donation of an extra 1000 minae has been provided by His Majesty to the library from his tournament winnings. While this Government would normally seek to obtain such funds through parliamentary procedure, I cannot stand by in good conscience while the children of our great realm grow up without the stories that make us what we are, or the knowledge that sharpens our wits to make us wiser. As Palatine, I will not let the people suffer over squabbles that many of our citizens simply care nothing for.


This Government’s agenda shall be pursued with a much greater intensity in the coming days as the Palatine begins his tour of the realm. I shall do my duty to ensure good governance of this kingdom and see that all the promises of this office are upheld. The word of a man should be his bond, and so I too am bound by my word.




His Excellency, Ser Konrad Arthur Stafyr, Lord Palatine of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Councilor Paramount and Lord Speaker of the Royal Duma, Knight of the Haensenic Realm

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