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This missive would find its way across the Silver City,  a few pinned to the noticeboard and the rest in mailboxes 

It would simply read


You all forgot. With one blink, it was gone from your mind. Do none of you feel remorse? Do none of you feel empathy?  You ignore the ones hurting, call them ‘ata, and for what? Grieving a friend? Disgusting. You call her a coward for what she did, but do you ever think about your actions? How you suppress people’s opinions to the point where they forget they even have a mind of their own, all because you are scared of the mere possibility of change? ‘Health and Progress’ is a smokescreen. You are slowly regressing, Larihei would be disappointed. She would take one look at the monsters you have become and spit.


Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya

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