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Men of the Drink

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The Tavern Charge

14th of the Grand Harvest, 1737



The men of Ruswick search the forest for stragglers, 1737




A day would not go by without blood being shed on the badlands. The small hamlet would see more than its fair share of battle—and this day was no different. One report would send the men preparing in the tavern. Hannibal would stand on the walls, and a kind passerby had relayed the location of a Haelun’orian war party; a mounted scout sent by Hannibal tracked their movements. In an act no short of genius, he had hidden the men inside the tavern, to wait for Hannibal’s call to charge. Soon thereafter, the banners of the Silver State hung in the air, whilst Hannibal alone opposed the seventeen strong host from the walls. 


The elves came in disarray, a perfect situation for Hannibal. As they fired upon him, he jumped behind the wall and began banging on his shield. Upon hearing the signal, the mighty host of seventeen charged forth from the tavern, and Hannibal would immediately open the gate, letting loose the horde of eager men unto the roads. Taken by utter surprise, they had perceived the Ruswickian force of seventeen to be much larger, as the Haelun’orians melted underneath the charge. Many of the elves had ran in fear without even a swing of their sword. 


The men of Ruswick would regroup within the city, unknowing that Dante of House Rük was single handedly fighting off a force of regrouped high elves. Realizing that one of their own was not with them, they immediately marched down the road in search of their man. But as they came into view, the band of high elves were kept at bay by only Dante. However, much like earlier, they would run upon seeing the charging men. Despite their best efforts, the steps of the silver city had been stained with red. One even fled behind doors, but a few Ruswickians were hot on their heels and summarily executed them in a few seconds short of their freedom.

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Zenith Veritas would read the paper and laugh “Those High elf children had no clue what they were walking into!”


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