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Thesis on our History

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Thesis on Our History


History is something that all men and women should cherish and learn from. Our history is filled with disaster, fortitude, greatness and sorrow, things we should all take heed of. Sadly it seems to only be the scholars who learn from our past, we continuously repeat past mistakes without a second thought. I often recall myself visiting libraries, learning about our church's history and the great lives our blessed saints had lived. There were great men and women in our past that we should all learn from and try to behave like to better ourselves as canonists. Humanity's history is not something that ought to be shunned but should be stocked in all libraries of the realm, something all men and women should know about, lest we be doomed to repeat our mistakes. It is important that we learn from our mistakes, be it the mistakes of those before us or our own. Humanity will never progress if we are stuck in the same vicious cycle, repeating the same mistakes time and time again. I look at our history and find that our people are trapped in a vicious cycle of kingdom, formation of an empire, rebellion or war, empire breaks apart, kingdom, formation of an empire and so on and so on. It is important that in order to bring peace to our people that we stop this never-ending cycle.


The holy scrolls teaches us about one of humanity's greatest betrayers, Saul. Saul began as a simple man in Horen’s camp however lusted for power and riches. Once Horen had left the camp on his tabernacle, leaving his wife, Julia, in charge he sought out Iblees in order to obtain his desires. Julia recalled Horen’s warning and cast Iblees out from the camp. Iblees, instead, disguised Saul with the skin and clothes of Horen and he entered the camp to sow inequity and heresy amongst GOD’s people. When Horen returned from his tabernacle he found his camp wrought with death and desecration. Saul’s body amongst those he sought to pull away from GOD’s light. This, I believe, is one of humanity's greatest lessons, we must resist the temptations and pull of Iblees. We must not allow those who conspire, plot and dissent into the homes of our people for history has taught us it will result in damnation and conflict.


Brother Boniface

22nd of Harren’s Folly 1742


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Dietrich van Jungingen sighs as he reads the document. “The longer I live, the longer I believe this to be simply a fair dream, as sad as that conclusion may be. If only, good man, if only...” He picks up his tattered notebook and, in what would be an act of shameless advertisement if any would’ve been present, he flips the pages until he reaches the poem he wrote on the topic...


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